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A new montage shows just how much some people on Fox News disliked the U.S. women’s World Cup-winning national soccer team.

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Hey Huff Post who owns you? Why repeat this shit. Just. Why? I hate em so what ? I dont have to give to shits about there politics. This Fox opinion host has very dominant masculine facial features. Shame on Fox news. They should at least try to muster enough national pride to support their womens soccer team and be happy that they won.

'If you want to talk about injustice, let's talk about women in china'. what a clown. She is american and not chinese Why doesn’t HuffPost and others refer to Ingram and her ilk as Fox Entertainment instead of Fox News? These people dump their opinions not facts. Real women don’t care or listen to IngrahamAngle only trump’s ducksickers watch this nonsense

Ingraham is just jealous because Rapinoe can do her job better than she can but the reverse is not true. This from the vile, bile Queen of Fox! Somebody call them a waaaambulance. DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica WalkAwayFromDemocrats2020

HuffPost is now a part of OathYahooNews Yep and pedogate was a conspiracy too, but look at all the arrests. YahooNews The best thing about the MSM is what they are talking about often shows the next shoe that is about to drop. It just never follows the story they are telling. The previously unreported role of Russian intelligence in creating and fostering one of the most insidious conspiracy theories to arise out of the 2016 eating contest is disclosed in “Conspiracyland,” a podcast by YahooNews

They aren't upset that they won. They are upset over the fact that the captain of the US team is showing no appreciation of the country at all. And, politics has entered the field. They're pointing out now that Americans aren't celebrating together for this win due to this. Stupid. I don't necessarily agree with some of Rapinoe's personal views, but she has the right to hold whatever opinion she wants. Like MOST media today, Fox news needs to start reporting actual news, not their freaking opinions.

Clearly the FCC needs an equal access regulation And I love that Rapinoe et al wouldn’t be caught dead watching Fox. Why in world does everything have to go back to the President! You people need to get a life! That’s why everything that you publish looks like fake news it’s a shame when enquiring minds magazine is more believable than all of the Let’s get him gang! You are failing the people.

I noticed how eager the young man on the panel was to discredit these young women and how the women on the panel went right along with it. R u all that enomoured by the the liar, bully, racist in the WH that u would condemn these women for standing tall for decency and principles I personally cannot stand this woman on fox who by no means respresents any woman I know.

mPinoe asserts her 1st amendment right to protest peacefully and says she doesn’t want to go to the White House. And these guys can’t shut up about her. Meanwhile millions are overjoyed about the victory. We can separate sports from politics. These guys can’t. Must be a closet gay persons. They dislike them because sports and politics are not a good mix! Just ask ESPN!

HuffPost is now a part of OathCan't be. Aren't cockatoos supposed to be intelligent? 🎼 TROLL , BABY TROLL 🎸 Funny and appropriate 😂

Pretty sure nobody 'dissliked' the U.S. winning the cup.... Probably had something to do with the way they decided to represent this great country. LiberalsHateAmerica Really? They have a problem with a team representing the US winning a world championship and wanting equal pay. Are they all from medical times?

What a bunch of numbnuts.... but then... it’s Fox... a “conservative” base channel that bought into Married with Children, The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad... go figure!! I noticed how eager the young man on the panel was to discredit these young women and how the women went right along with it. R u all that enomoured by the the liar, bully, racist in the WH that u would condemn these women for standing tall for decency and principles?

FOX ANTI-AMERICAN !!! How truly small minded u people r. You couldn’t give these young women their moment of glory, could u? Yes these young women r using this platform to spread the idea that America can be better than it now is.They r role models 4 my son and daughter.I thank them for their courage Laura, the Stepford wife

How can they dislike an anti-American team that behaves like out-of-control maniacs. And to the lady making so much noise cannot force people to love her. Some will love and some won’t! That’s life Fox has never freaked out on anything it’s a very stable network with incredible ratings and millions of viewers you can’t change that!😁😁😁

HuffPost is now a part of OathShe doesn’t have bad taste! Barbara who?

No we don’t dislike them, we love them but not all of them 😁😁😁 WHEN YOU ATTACK A GROUP REPRESENTING THE USA, YOU ATTACK THIS COUNTRY. HYPOCRITE. 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 If someone doesn't agree with them or 45 it's called unamerican. This is what America is, we are American and it's ok to differ. Patriots are not puppets....

They shamed America. Yet people still watch her show more then any fake news station. Should tell u something. People don’t buy the bs like they use to Remember who is working at Fox News. So this makes a lot sense why they are upset, because of the diversity the U S women’s team shows and it proves no matter who you are when you work together anything is possible. Some Fox employees don’t like people who are not like them.

I didn't like them stomping on our flag either! JoshMankiewicz ... It’s the PEOPLE with the PLATFORM and megaphone that need to speak up for all of us that believe in that message too! Not everyone is in the position to make a major impact like the people with that platform. ... These fox women should stay at home and clean and cook and watch the babes. Since thas what they like. Let the women who dont want to stick to societal expectations live how they want. Support each other! wearewomen lifteachother

HuffPost is now a part of OathWhy? Just no... Why?

Hint: it’s not just the Fox people. That's completely unpatriotic. Shame on them It’s amazing that someone you’ve never heard of can get the recognition you guys give her. Just ignore her and let her fade back away! You’re a bunch of tRump syncopathetic Assholes. Why should any woman want to be in the same room with the confessed predator. d tRump has done harm to the rep of the US while these women are world Champions. Their protest is valid. Applaud Them!

USA! USA! USA! some exclusions apply* *Not valid when the winning team includes of strong, politically vocal, lesbians Oh your only suppose to give your option at certain times really than maybe Fox should take lessons. 🤔🙄 They are special little snowflakes. JoshMankiewicz I admit I know nothing about soccer, however, I do know I can’t stand this woman with the purple hair! SO ANNOYING! How about shut up and play soccer! SMH...another crusader.

HuffPost is now a part of Oathd LenKasper So much for being a BIRDIE 😆

No. They do not like the way they are behaving/ listening to one vulgar misguided team member They dislike them because one or more are gay and because they have no desire to meet Trump. I will take the side of a woman speaking truth and has worked so hard to achieve this goal over a lazy, lying, traitor who truly has betrayed our country.

mPinoe is an ungracious winner who turned many people away f on what should be a exciting and proud event. Hope she gets everything she deserves. Ripone was and is disgraceful. If she didn’t like her pay that was signed by her, negotiated by her Union....who’s to blame? Disrespecting our country shouldn’t earn her a dime! Sad! :(

They are terrified that being outspoken to power and empowerment is actually an asset. What does that say about them😱 Not the team, it’s self appointed spokesperson/narcissist Rapinoe who hijacked the event with her politics. Pathetic loud mouths and they call themselves patriots when they use their dirty mouth to soil the accomplishment of a great team of athletes which are recognized and priced internationally

They join Millions of Americans that are sick and tired of privileged people disrespecting our President and Country . I love the critique of Rapinoe from the one Fox commentator: “Try to be a bit more inclusive. You pull people in rather than push people away.” Irony much?

HuffPost is now a part of OathHave you noticed the cost of health care and education? And this is news, we live in a world we're we all have to have what others want, we have to have a new car every year new phone, new clothes etc... Today we have been taught to live in debt. Of course we won't have funds to retire.. realDonaldTrump - make america grate again...

This panel of misfits thinks they are more passionate about the USA than the many athletes that actually speak on behalf of everyday citizens that Faux Entertainment trashes daily...just because they don't believe in Trump. Trump is as fake as the color of his skin. mPinoe The women's team jersey has now become a symbol of disrespect for this Country. It's fine to be passionate about your causes, but that crosses the line for me.

Who cares? They’re irrelevant. fauxnoise Laura Ingraham just from topic to topic. It’s as if she just trying to see what sticks. Her show does not have a concise message. So the realization that the true snowflakes have been on Fox along is coming to fruition. Get a life! Blow it out of proportion like you always do huffpost. Wonder how you lefties would survive without conservatives to malign. Never going to happen so you better toughen up.

Wonder how many girls dream every night, wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say to themselves “I want to be a hate filled woman like Lauragh Ingraham and make everyone else as miserable as me.” And how many parents would approve? IngrahamAngle Theyre just afraid that a team with so much diversity and being all female can be the face of America. Which frankly right now they are. They don’t want that. They don’t the red, white, and blue. They want orange. 👎🏼👎🏼

Rightly so! It should be an honor to represent our great country, not an opportunity for an individual to drive a personal narrative. I’m quite sure I don’t agree with her on most issues, but I respect them. Respect your damn country!!! If you can’t, get off the team!!

Just because the women soccer team does not kiss up to Trump, Republicans now think they are the worst thing sports ever produced. Please! Everyone dislikes these disgraceful jerks. Fox News is trash! Wow. That’s patriotic. I guess the issue was not being liked by as many Americans and particularly for the women scream “Clinton n Obama” all day.

And she so bright their anti american and an imberrasment embarrassment I agreed with every FOX comment in that clip. She is a disgrace. More people dislike them that don’t watch Fox. She kneels for the anthem. Refuses to say the anthem. She disprespects the flag by walking on it which I don’t expect huff people to care about but she disrespects the military that fights for her right to play a game. F them.

Such a shame to see Fox News exposing its anti-American side again. Who would they RATHER have seen win the World Cup? Not the USA -- maybe the DSA -- the Disunited States of America? Fox are scared of women with back-bones or anyone of color for that matter that speak up about anything.

Did he say : 60 % of the country voted for Trump LOL No surprise here. We already know they can't stand strong women. HRC, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Pelosi, Maxine Waters to name a few. Let’s call it what it is. Misogynistic and Un-American! FoxNews hates America! Rapinoe just set back the womans soccer Team FACT! When you where that USA flag you do not get to trash th country! If I wheee the coach , she would have sat and never seen the grass! You win great, do your social justice warrior stuff on your own time ! Like any other American

What you cal a tirade, tens of millions call it patriotism! huff post such a freaking joke! 😂💩🤡❄️❄️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️! Rapinoe is nothing but a hollow female Kaepernick! She talks about how important “issues” are to her, yet she will not sit with the POTUS to work on them? Hollow and fake! Fox freaks 🔥 Triggered

It’s hard to like nasty people who dishonor our country. 😂😂😂 Love the commentary from people who have probably never watched an entire match in their lives.....[insert eye roll].

This woman is PMSing all the time They have someone new to hate. They're happy. no class vulgar display of sportsmanship one could only hope that the next time the team gets there payback!shame on the purple headed troll So unpatriotic! Fake Fox News is a Propaganda channel that stokes hate! They hate our world champions women's soccer because?

Boo hoo.. They can't take away or belittle what she did so they attack her. It's her platform, she can say what she wants just like the moron in the wh. Listen if you want, don't if you don't. Nazi Laura says what? They don’t dislike the women’s soccer team winning, they simply think the women acted distasteful! Since when is disrespecting our flag a good thing?

JoshMankiewicz Women excelling at sports ? They didn’t spend Jr high and high school trying to get out of gym class Poor children of FoxNews IngrahamAngle deal with it!

Amazing. In other countries, the USWNT are seen as great ambassadors for thr USA. FoxandFriends FoxNews SourGrapes No, they just don't like a certain member acting like a 2 year old. When US soccer goes broke over all this BS, I will have a laugh and then watch the premier league. Fox and Trump following Turkey propaganda model.

Womp, womp! Not the entire team - mPinoe. She is unpatriotic & classless. Inserting political opinions into absolutely everything has grown tiresome and offensive. Elitist athletes (and Hollywood) don't get that there's another half of the country have opinions that matter too FoxNews I don't know who said this, but America first...unless we are being led by a lesbian with pink hair! These people are beyond ridiculous.

Fox Is not news . It's nonsense

Shocker! If you are not white, rich, or male, then chances are you will not hear the end of it I disliked it too. Make America great again only applies to those who fall in line with American mediocrity. Fox News commentators do NOT CARE about US. All about their Trump cult. Why are these awful people on tv

Not nearly as much as I dislike Ingraham, Hannity, Carlson, etc... And given the ratings of fox compares to other networks I guess you could say most cable viewers Ingraham is handsome. Any Advertiser sponsoring Fox News is complicit with this narrative. Just like Huff Post hates President

Put most of Americans in that montage. They are a disgrace and won’t be remembered for their soccer. Sad. No you are wrong.. They loved the US team winning, just not certain people disrespecting the flag, the anthem and the country! get your facts straight HP Disgusting support of Trump over anything else.Why is Trump their hobby?Much better things to follow out there.🤢

Fox News and the conservatives that watch it don’t like strong women they can’t control JoshMankiewicz Laura, really. They don't dislike the team they just disapprove of some team members making the sport about themselves, their politics, and their agenda instead of the game! Like when we go to a concert we could care less about the performers agenda we came for the show!

That’s the same face I make when I see Laura on tv Fox/repubs don’t like women. Still not as much as you leftists have come to hate the POTUS Neither version of hate does😗 anything productive. 👏👏👏👏 to team USA. 🏆🏆🇺🇸🇺🇸. Love them. Tremendous athletes.

He said “Why don’t we just fire her” 🤣🤣🤣“ Fox News is so upset ... like they want to grab em by the pu^*% and throw them. Girls are making them boo hoo! These people really do t get it or they just love there pay checks And the entire team is living rent free right inside their narrow fucking heads. And I love it.

It doesn’t help that they stomped on the flag immediately after winning. You’d think they’d want the win but they are against the United States OWN soccer team. 🤦‍♀️ bizarro world. Some big egos in the USA Women's soccer team. Just the mouthy privileged ones 'FREAKING'! LMAO. HuffPuff= Fake News Depository.

Bunch of ungratefuls Lotsa hubris Borderline sociopath for Megan Not watching anymore and dont care One we will read about doping..... Methinks

I’m sure it has nothing to do with purple heads behavior And they're right. Once Rapnine took on stole the event/championship from her team for her own selfish political motives we no longer cared. Still don't. 😖👶 Rapinoe 2020😸 Why does Fox News always equates disagreeing with Trump with hating America? Should we also have called Fox News host back then unAmericsn when they were disparaging Obama?

So what? What's it to you? You all hate America anyway. Now you talk national pride? Cant have it both ways. This 'victory' means zip. 30 years ago 99% of Americans would have condemned her anti patriotism. Reminds me of 1968 Democrat convention riots that worked out so well and elected Nixon. History tends to repeat itself.

Small minded, short-sighted people usually have difficulty with change. Rapinoe represents the new American, lilting just below the surface of generation Z, itching to come out and change the world... Wackos! WTF?! Fox Sports and entertainment divisions make the money-are mainstream.

Fox News, a bigotted abomination of a TV Channel I think millions around the world do not like their conduct.. HAHAHAHA It's the freak with the big mouth and ugly hair. FoxNews has one ☝️ job. To make your life miserable, so that you stay tuned in. We live in the age of the politics of misinformation. “It doesn’t matter if it’s true. I just said it. And the customer will believe it. Because I just said it.” -My Sleazy Fmr. Car Sales Manager

KEEP ON HUFFING; HUFFING POST Deservedly so. Fox is not alone. Disrespect the flag, disrespect our anthem, and you will feel our contempt. Yes real Americans can't stand to see others who hate America so much. Want to play for this country and take the money that TRUMP help them earn Why does the women’s team exist How did it come to be that we even have a women’s team to begin with? What country or people’s could have provided such a safe and tolerant place for a team like this to flourish?..I’ll give you some time to think. facts politics KNOWLEDGE

Why would anybody with the true relationship with God dislike anybody who's seeking truth what does that say for you. Fox breeds hatred. Who knew Fox news was unAmerican?🙄 That team is a national embarrassment. What was to like. All the had habits of the men's game very little of the skills. ....because they stuck a gigantic, globally proclaimed, epically touted FINGER in the eye of the moron in the WH. Soooo, guessing fox nitwork is having a giant wadding of knickers around the studio!! Ha!!

Maybe Fox News is just anti-sports? They are NOT alone. She’s a show boater....unlike Fox really despises freedom of speech DropFox FoxIsNotNews FOXisRascist

Racist organization Now do MSNBC and police... 😂🤣 No it shows how FoxNews works to divide Americans! She's playing to her audience (of one) - BenedictDonald To them it’s no longer the United States of America - it’s the Empire of Trump. laura, why do you hate so much, why Ain’t just Foxnews that was rooting against an ungrateful team that was trashing it’s own country on a world stage .

No we don’t dislike the fact that they won. We dislike the dislike the disrespectful, immature, and idiotic things they say and do. Stop lying to your readers Not exactly sure what your definition of “freaking out” is mmfa. Funny how FoxNews ratings are skyrocketing. Perhaps this “freaking out” is actually them stating views that the majority of Americans feel. And it’s not the team people dislike; it’s the disrespect of mPinoe

Who ever that is the make up is ugly. That top is best on entertainer than a anchor. Jealousy I'd ugly the soccer team are achieving things beside raping and harrasasment fox is about destroying what can be. Human. Let’s see, the women’s soccer team doesn’t want to go to the White House & associate their laudable achievement with a self confessed sexual predator who has been credibly accused of rape. Who would want to have their achievement diminished by Trump?

Because making America great is, well, not to be taken literally ⚽️🌈🗽🇺🇸 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Fox the FAKE news station of the fake president who really F$!KING CAREs i don't Biased...just like Trump smh Not the team just the angry ego maniac. If a black male acted like her the-media would have lost it.

Hating the US women’s team is just another example of how the conservative party are anti-women Hilarious watching the quickly thrown together parade in NY for this loser team. So many huge TRUMP 2020 flags. Noted how low their ratings were for the final - something like 43% lower than last final KAG2020

Advertisers, sponsors, product makers, should pull their money from shows such as LauraIngraham, LouDobbs, SeanHannity JeaninePirro, TuckerCarlson, FoxandFriends. people should Boycott each and every product shown on these shows.

MISOGYNY DESCRIBES REPUBLI-CONS PERFECTLY.!! The belief system that women’s proper role is inferior to men’s. But support for Trump has, in many ways, been a proxy for a range of beliefs and feelings about politics and society, including racist and misogynistic beliefs.!! How sad that these people do not understand that loving one’s country does not mean blindly accepting its shortcomings- but instead fighting to change inequality and alleviate suffering in this country to the extent that one is able? Dissent is patriotic.

Pro athletes epitomize 'self-made'. Neither race, money nor nepotism will get them placement, which is very anti-Republican. Good ole Flox News the fair and balance station. God bless his station. Perhaps they should not act like complete flogs. It's a man/girl who thinks she knows more than we, who do not kick a ball for a living and can get away with grandstanding, masquerading as speech. There was no debate here; the man/girl was acting her beliefs, and that is poor form.

Click bait Fox and trump wanted them to lose how can you support a national team that does not support the country? Trump's 2020 slogan: 'You're either with us or with the soccer mums'

More people afraid of girls...seems to be a trend. Who cares..they suck Disliked the mixing of politics and sports. I am paying for sports not your opinion. Play now....

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