How to change your iPhone's default browser

Your iPhone's browser doesn't need to be set in stone.

10/22/2021 4:30:00 PM

Your iPhone's browser doesn't need to be set in stone.

Apple makes it easy to change your iPhone's default browser.

That's good!Sure, you don't need to set a new browser as your default in order to use it, but if you download another browser on your smartphone it's probably because you want to usethat browser. It's not like you need to delete Safari or anything. Instead, set it aside for a while and get a taste of what else is out there.

Here's how to change your default browser on an iPhone:Download your new preferred browser from the App StoreGo to Settings > Safari > Default Browser AppSelect your new browser of choiceThat's it. It's that easy.SEE ALSO:If for some reason you don't like the change, it just takes seconds to switch back.

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