Historian Asks Where Trump Library Should Be, Twitter Users Have Ideas

Suggestions include Palm Beach, the Hague, Four Seasons Landscaping and Randy Quaid's beard.

11/25/2020 12:58:00 AM

Suggestions include Palm Beach, the Hague, Four Seasons Landscaping and Randy Quaid's beard.

Suggestions include Palm Beach, the Hague, Four Seasons Landscaping and Randy Quaid's beard.

Traditionally, when presidents leave office, they use their newfound free time to build a library to house their papers and other artifacts.Althoughhasn’t announced plans to build his library, presidential historian Michael Beschloss decided to ask Twitter followers where it should go.

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Any suggestions for location of a Trump Presidential library? Read more: HuffPost »

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His resort in Palm Beach Moscow! I can think of a facility in Cuba which would house the whole tRump clan. Guantánamo Bay can secure the most dangerous crime family in the history of the USA! Treason sort of wraps of the charge for the whole clan. A few coloring books is all they would need. KeepAmericaSafe

No library for him, he has nothing of value Prison library What would trump display in his library? Golf clubs? Wherever it is they will have to be comic books with small words I don’t think he knows how to read In the toilet of the US Senate. Tweeter library at Mar largo 🤷‍♀️ In what world would he 1st deserve a library named after him. Second he couldn't even read briefings and or had the attention dedicated to understanding things. Doesn't he have enough buildings named after him?

A library doesn’t make a lot of sense for a president who can barely read. Atop the twin towers. Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary needs a prison library. If we are being honest, why should we build a library for an impeached, one term failure who broke America and DOESN’T EVEN READ!? Trump and library - pretty close to an oxymoron.

Wherever it goes if at all, dont let the drumpf organize crime be in change of the project, if u remember the beautiful wall in the south border. Who cares? I just want him to pay instead of the tax paying public Atlantic City? A golf course near you? Trump library is virtual, no written material, no building no Trump. He doesn’t read anyway.

Library or whorehouse? Moscow! Federal Prison library.😎 TDUMP Presidential library? Moscow!!! Where else. If he’s going to be there it will have to be in a New York State penal facility. Should be a club house on one of his golf courses Somewhere in Russia or North Korea I hope. Plaster of big picture of Stormy Daniels there. He loves prostitutes. He ain’t no president therefore he should have no “Presidential library.” He doesn’t even read and he was never Presidential. Feel me America🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

He will sell one on his golf courses to the library and make money on the deal..... why, cuz he is obsessed with making💰💰💰💰💰 for himself. In Russia somewhere close to his boy! Atlantis - the real one. GITMO, ALCATRAZ.... Just make the gift shop the entire library and call it quits. A Trump library will probably just have picture books

What would be in this library? Thousands of unsold copies of The Art of the Deal? Inside a closet in the WH. So, all future Presidents are reminded what a horrible period in our history these 4 years have been. Jajajaja. At Tweeter headquarters! Jajajaja All I know is where he SHOULDN’T be. The United States Of AMERICA!🇺🇸

One book doesn't need that much space. Should be on a thumb drive—room for thousands of tweets. 🤣😂 Trump theme park on Alcatraz Island. Leavenworth. Between his and sons cells A Trump library? What's the point? This guy can't even read! Randy Quaid’s beard?!... Moscow or a federal prison In Siberia heard there’s a lot of open acreage there.

In Russia. The Hall of Shame! On the Moon with his Spaceforce. Another MAKE AMERICA GULLIBLE HAT! Building a library for a man known to not read a damn thing. He’ll probably just ask for the money instead. Make it small. Just put in it the things Trump read. By a dump I’m sure there’s a landfill somewhere that would have enough cardboard to make one!

Put it round the corner. First and foremost, Donald needs to be able to read and to act presidential during the presidency before having a presidential library named after him. A waste of money otherwise! I'm more curious about what's in the library... Trump University and Playboy? Oh, wait, Playboy was critical of Trump, so I guess it will have to be Hustler.

How about Mexico City? Maybe on the bottom row of a paperback books rack by the checkout counter at an I-95 truck stop near PBI. In a prison? Trump's library if he deserves one, must be put in the middle of nowhere. Trump doesn't deserve to be honoured in any way. He might have achieved a few good things, but he was not the main architect. And he ended up claiming credit as the originator of the idea.

Can he even read properly? realDonaldTrump talks rubbish and it's rarely in coherent sentences 🤔 much like his fraud claims I have seen zero evidence to support his genius claims either! It the swamp Put it on a trailer park . Gitmo Why bother? He shouldn’t have one. Will not have many books ! Randy Quaid’s beard please, or better stil: in a Federal prison with him

45 LOOKS NASTY & INFECTED with SUMTIN! Kamala Harris (& Biden) et al. DO NOT move into that White House etc for at least 2 months ..after it has been DEEP-CLEANED/FUMIGATED..everything REPLACED. That place is INFECTED with Covid ..and whatever else! DO NOT get close to them! 45 just LOOKS NASTY & INFECTED with SUMTIN ! Kamala Harris ( and Biden) ...DO NOT move into that White House etc for at least 2 months ..after it has been DEEP-CLEANED/FUMIGATED.. curtains , carpets ..everything REPLACED. That place is INFECTED with Covid ..and whatever else!

What library, the dude barely reads mickey mouse Jeffrey Epstein island? Library and Donald Trump should not go hand in hand. McDonalds play land He can’t even read. Why a library? Set it up in Russia one of his favorite places 😂😂😂 Definitely the compost bin at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. It can expand into the sex shop if need be. (The Gallery of Wives).

The moon McDonalds parking lot Wait. He doesn’t even read. Maybe just a porn shop with glory holes Maybe where they found those fraudulent ballots. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Moscow I vote for the adult bookstore He doesn’t appreciate libraries and has obviously never entered one. Why in the world does he have to have a library? If he has to, better put someone else in charge because I’d bet my life he’d cheat and embezzle the funds...

The man can’t even read, so why would he need a library! What has he written? The man can’t even utter a comprehensive sentence! He has the vocabulary of a toddler! If it’s in California they’ll burn it down The FBI evidence storeroom Leavenworth Penitentiary. Lol! How about the Kremlin? Will the books be written in Russian? Will there be binders with blank sheets of papers? Will there be fake covers of magazines like Time or Newsweek?

Mar-a-Largo parking lot Russia In Hell with him. Where oh WHERE should his library be? He knows... Randy quails beard is a must. Haha Doesn’t he need to know how to read to have a library named for him? 🤔 Who's the dumbfk asking all these asinine questions? Huffpo needs to go away. Moscow Obviously a golf course

Not like it’ll have any books in it. How bout Rikers Island Library, he doesn't read, how many books we talking about, 3? He didn’t read so nix the library 😅🤣😂 His library will have all his memorabilia, his hat, books written by him, books about him, every magazine that had his, Putin and Kim’s picture on. He’ll have mobile library to show off wherever he goes.

Trump Tower in Moscow? The Trump library of Alternate Facts would be appropriate at The Hague or Fort Leavenworth. However since Trump and his supporters can’t read it may be more appropriate to build the Trump Memorial Cesspool to make them feel comfortable. Here Did he know how to spell Library? Did he even know the definition of a library?

Since Trump never read a book, his library should be up his ass.... How about putting his library underwater in the middle of the ocean! With so many bankrupted business, he is use to being underwater! He may be looking at jail time, so a prison might be a good idea! What library, don't you have to read something?

How bout Hell? MOSCOW.....he works for them, build an annex for the GOPolitburo too, with a bathroom supplied with McConnell toilet paper, Cruz/Rubio tampons, and Graham douches!! Since Trump's a ONE-TERMER wouldn't a pop-up tent suffice. On the grounds of a Trump club, of course, so he can sell the land at 10x its real value, and then get a cut of the admission fee.

EVargasTV These snide remarks are getting old. If you limit it to the books trump has actually read, a small briefcase will do. Sean’s shitter At a nice mental hospital. I was a Duke student when discussion of locating the Nixon library there was happening. One kid streaked across campus in opposition, and that was all it took.

It will depend very much on what his library will contain. 1. “How to...” books 2. Alternative Facts 3. Comics? I dont see him suggesting anything important, so I expect his library will be quite small. In the garbage. jengrimes8 Malignant Narcissist hijacked half of the US population and gaslighted them daily...you have been TRUMPED by a nothing but a conman doing this in NYC Florida and even in Europe. He is not worthy of the highest honor to be our president. Never was. He is a very sick dangerous man

Trump and Library 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Free crayons and sharpens with every admission... Rikers Island, NY St. Peterburg sounds about right. TrumpCorruption He doesn’t read why would he have a library. Just pick some comic books and put them in the same prison trump ends up in ... Good enough. News 📢 On a big 🗑 pile

I thought he doesn't read Did the same people suggest that Obama's library be located in Tripoli, Libya? He shouldn't have a library. He doesn't read! He has plenty of golf courses & properties. That's enough Somewhere in a bunker ? Why would he have a library if he can’t read? Next to the other book he didn't read.

Auschwitz How about a remote desert in California famous for reaching unbearable heat Books Library Reading is not his thing, maybe ‘ the Trump school of hypocrisy’ is a better fit What does he need a library for he does not read Probably will only have 1 book in it. It should just go to mar largo it where he spends all his time anyway.

It should be in a trash heap! Randy Quaid's beard sounds about right. Under a bridge ...somewhere....in.....Russia Pyongyang, North Korea That’s hilarious. If a dumpster is necessary to house his art(ificial)facts, shove it all on his propaganda plane that just sits at LGA. What would be in the library? Doesn't read, doesn't take notes, tears up notes . . .

These past couple of months have been brutal and it shows. This looks like a good place to me! ADX Florence! Maybe he can learn how to speak the English language on top of it! Never Never Land. In Russia .. in Putin’s office Alaska. They love him there...and he'd be closer to Putin. 🤷‍♂️ Russia. EVargasTV I am thinking he will hold out for Moscow....

Rikers....... I’m stuck at library… The man cannot read?!? 🤣 Trumps library should be in a New York sewer Russia. He doesn’t know what a library is why bother...he would want part of the ticket sales to enter anyway No where. Why would we want to remember these four years. Or to even pen it in our history.

Leavenworth Some exhibit showing this is what happens when your father mentally abuses you and your mother doesn’t protect you. The results are horrifying and the rest of the world will suffer. He doesn't deserve library! The man can barely form a sentence. I say we give him a garden, filled with all those confederate statues he's so enamored with! A library what a freaking joke!

The most appropriate place—by far—for Trump’s Library is its own special, authenticated place on Twitter. Golf course in a hood. It should be here.... Red Light District sounds perfect for the trashy books a Trump Library would carry. I don’t think there should be a library for someone who doesn’t read. Better a casino, brothel, prison... in keeping with his character.

a golden port-o-potty filled with stag mags in the lobby of Marr a Loogie Moscow would be a good place Library? Ha ha ga ga ha , oh, your killing me.... 🤣🤣🤣 Stick this 'library' inside a Trump Building gift shop. That's where all the other overpriced cheap stuff with his name on it is catching dust. Moscow

The city dump! If Trump is paying for it, it will never get finished. Build it on a remote island somewhere. Vladivostok would be a great place for the library EVargasTV Randy Quaid’s beard! But...he doesn’t...read. 🤔🙄 No matter where it ends up being, we need to make sure it’s well stocked with Crayons and coloring books.

I didn’t know he could read but I think his library should be at whichever prison he ends up in I think AMERICA should hold an election to see if he should even get that privilege!! Ah, yes. A library dedicated to a man who actively chooses not to read Rikers Island What about the attic of the Obama library? His whole purpose was always to top him.

Library Has the guy ever read a book other than his own? All you need is one shelf somewhere in one of his golf resorts. At the prison of course A bunch of toilets and Iphones? Gold ones, of course. At Four Seasons Total Landscaping. North Korea His library should be Guantanamo Bay.😃 It should be virtual and a part of the Phoenix University online campus system.

Well... seeing as one of its walls is already built, the three adjoining walls of the library could be built on the Mexican side. Another thought! The library should be in the shape of a giant gold toilet. It should be on a far away Island and hopefully he will more there. In a glass case at Trump National.

I’d say the NYC dump. Does NYC still dump trash in the ocean? Because that might be better; off the coast at the bottom of the ocean. For the man who can’t string a sentence or spell ! A library! Why not? Everything else about his legacy is non-sensical too. A Mini-Warehouse space near Mar-a-Lago. Small size. That's all that'll be needed.

UKRAINE Everyone knows the library is in the bathroom. All 'books' will be on toilet paper and used 'read' one volume at a time. HE DOESNT READ! Whatever federal penitentiary he ends up going to after he leaves the white house. Its going to be nothing but an endless loop of his rallies to remind him of his perceived greatness, and what he used to have.

Library? They mean pictures & screen shots of his tweets. In Russia. He did his best work for them The fiction section for sure. Any house of ill repute would work. Disney world ride. Orlando, FL. Wildest trip anyone could take swamp ? I have the 45 library right here - 🖕 7.8 miles south of North Manitou Island in Michigan 45N86W

How about on a very narrow shelf over a toilet somewhere in the White House? In a bathroom that's out-of-the-way. You know the bathroom - it's where everyone goes to poop. Trump does not deserve a Library! In the Florida Swamps Let them rename Riker's Island Prison Library after him. The Kremlin sounds nice. YoureFiredTrump

Ohhh Come on. Is this a JOKE? I would have thought Moscow, but considering how much he reads, maybe Lilliput Let Florida have it. Four season landscaping. Moscow? 🤣 Distributed by Costco in multi-roll packs 💩 Like Trump ever red a book. Get it, huh, huh... Git Mo All he does is tweet, just use a USB stick.

The basement of Mar a Lago. Guantanamo Breitbart News & Proud Boys Library. How many pop up books can fill a library. A toilet for that POS!’ Somewhere in Russia He’s never read a book or been to a library Why start now Rick Schroeder’s garage. the fact that he will even have a library is hard to take; nothing this fool did is worth commemorating; put the stuff in a box and store the box in a basement somewhere - if it really needs to be done at all. Label it 'useless crap'.

Mother Russia We are talking a video library right? If he really wants one he should fund it. You’d never be able to fit his ego in one building anyways. Twitter I think it should be smack dab in the middle of the 18th green at A municipal golf course Did someone offer Hell? Inside of a portable 🚽 Prison Library

That’s an easy one; either Russia or North Korea....... Drive through, with fast food Wherever it goes we know he’ll keep half the donated money. He doesn’t even read! 😡🤬 Wow. Great journalism here. Unbiased and insightful. Honestly we shouldn’t build one. It’s gonna get lit on fire hella times and the books deserve better.

In a shit hole country! Next door to the Kremlin. In Russia ! An Adult book store in Queens, NY Graveyard What about if we put it were the moon don't shine. 'Hades' springs to mind. Fresh Kills Landfill, Staten Island, NY A preschool in hell. Russia Somewhere in a very large swamp in Florida. Trump's library! quite funny, a couple of books and his tweets can fit into a road side garbage bin.

Trash! Are you allowed to have a presidential library in prison. If so Rikers Island could work. He will probably destroy all his papers if there are any. Why does he need a library, and who would believe anything in the library? Trumps liebrary you need a warehouse for it!! Think he should only get a library if he actually gets Mexico to pay for it.

Here it is! The ENTIRE library including a card catalog, dictionary and thesaurus... McDonald’s or kfc ! Russia obviously. Put it at the end of his wall that Mexico never paid for. Rikers Island is the only place it should be. In the play-corner of a McDonalds in Puerto Rico. It should be some place equal to his reading level... like a daycare for toddlers!!!

The parking lot of four seasons landscaping No where but Moscow Moscow Trumps library should be alongside him in a prison 🤬🤬 A Trump library will only need to be a small room. Suggested locations for Trump Library! He doesn't deserve a dam thing but a swift kick in the pine nuts !!! In the basement of maralago

Let it be mobile... Amazing, the Trump Deranged lefties almost have a sense of humour. Leavenworth in his cell, that way he can visit it whenever he chooses. Rikers. Anywhere outside the United States! He doesn't deserve one. Besides, he wouldn't be able to read anything in it anyway! I was thinking one of the state prisons or a state mental institute

I've a much better idea for where Trump’s so-called presidential library (an oxymoron perhaps), should be located-how about at the Kremlin in Moscow, next to Vlad's library. ProjectLincoln SteveSchmidtSES gtconway3d TheRickWilson itsJeffTiedrich robreiner Jon_Reiner Moscow Quads beard is my vote.

For there to be a Presidential library there needs to be something to put in it...The Trump legacy or the lack thereof makes a library for Trump moot I shudder to think what would be in a Trump presidential library Spawn of Satan No. The Kremlin. There was a New Yorker cartoon of an empty, dusty book case with a cellphone and tweets. Perfect. It could fit almost anywhere. Most likely in the corner of a gun shop.

Hart’s Island NY Any bathroom at any 7-11 in Texas The tram from the parking lot to the library How about in one his bankrupt casinos? Magical land of Kraken. Trump doesn't deserve any building named after him. Moscow ! Alcatraz The dump Another monument to his ginormous ego; not something the Nation needs, wants or will benefit from.

Right here: It does not need to be big as it will only contain The Art of the Deal and the Bible (his two favorite books). I really think a Federal Prison would be very nice.......seems that he'll be spending so time there.... Library? chump doesn't read. Don’t waste the money. At the New York zoo. Comic books don’t belong in a library.

A post office box, I couldn’t imagine there would be a lot of books in it NO TRUMP LIBRARY On the campus of Trump University Don’t forget the bottom of a garbage can. What will be in it? I mean he's done nothing. realDonaldTrump Library? Why? Who is Randy Quaid? Liberty University would gladly have it. Stormy Daniel's hometown!

It should be in a bathroom at a 7-11 Playboy mansion On next missile to the moon of the Space Force. EVargasTV I vote Four season landscaping. Where is more appropriate than next to sex shop? James Wood's backyard Rikers Island. We don’t need a library of LIES !!! The Mar-a-Lago Children’s Coloring Book store.

New documents being delivered at the Trump library Gutter I am thinking Portland OR would be a perfect spot for his library? What’s going in it besides a maga hat? He doesn’t read, hasn’t written anything and his ‘artifacts’ well 😂 A landfill anywhere U.S.A In a toilet somewhere. Four Seasons seems appropriate.

Bookmobile... he's going to need a new job soon anyway.. PLEASE, stop giving T***p any oxygen by talking about his library or anything else to do with that worthless human being. Jan 21,2020 Donald Trump will face: Charges for negligent MANSLAUGHTER! SADITION!!!! FRAUD!! MONEY LAUNDERING, INSURANCE FRAUD...and he is still named as CO-CONSPIATOR 1 in the Stormy Daniels case.- Michael Cowen gets his revenge!!!......Let's go Jan 20,2021

SAN QUENTIN!!!!! Disney’s fantasy land! Bottom of the sea. What's the point, he doesn't read. Where else, Moscow, Siberia ... Rikers Great journalism! Moscow ADX Florence Supermax One corner of a federal prison so he can check coloring books out ... This looks good to me. In hell