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Hillary Clinton, Email

Hillary Clinton Reads Her Emails at Venice Art Show

The former presidential candidate dropped in on an exhibition of the emails that fed a controversy which dogged her 2016 campaign.


Hillary Clinton dropped in on an exhibition in Venice that displayed copies of her emails. The team of curators who put together the exhibition said Clinton’s visit had been a surprise.

The former presidential candidate dropped in on an exhibition of the emails that fed a controversy which dogged her 2016 campaign.

“We were approached very informally by one of the closest friends of Hillary Clinton a few days before her visit,” the curators said. The friend was planning a trip to the Biennale with Mrs. Clinton after she spoke at

In the exhibition, Mr. Goldsmith “makes public for the first time in printed format all the emails which, according to WikiLeaks, were sent from the domain clintonemail.com between 2009 and 2013,” according to

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😟😳😞 chbrkr 😂🤣😂 Perfect come back Hillary. Sad, just sad, or is it happy, sad, & delusional for Hillary, happy for me, & several others. Trump2020 She must have been the only person at that exhibition. Hillary's emails is the last thing people in Venice would care about. Old lady, let it go. Lol Screw Hilary Clinton, her Bill Clinton husband, ALL of the Bush family, and Obozo Barack...the s hittyest people to ever repacent the world.

Is this a good or bad thing? World peace She’s gone loony! No one gives a flyin fuck!

Hillary Clinton reads her emails at Venice art exhibit Hillary Clinton looked through printed copies of her emails and sat at a replica of the Oval Office's Resolute Desk during a visit to an art exhibit in Venice , Italy Omg did she really? Who gives a s?!.....keep dreaming you evil snake. 😴😴😴😴😴

😂😂😂😂 I’ll always love you, HillaryClinton. Really? ... 🙄 Go. Away. What a sad old woman Time for the nice men in the white coats... I'm glad she has a sense of humor about not being President right now. “Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, both White House aides, have since faced scrutiny over their handling of private communications.” “Faced scrutiny”?!? Let’s be accurate: “Did AND DO the same thing they went apoplectic over Hillary doing.”

And HillaryClinton is still NOT president. Thankfully. hill should change locations. maybe she would attract some flies since there is no crowd She still is pantsuit Sheroe

While the World Burned, Hillary Clinton Read Her EmailsSea levels are rising while hurricanes swallow more and more of the Southern seaboard and hemisphere. Each year, swathes of California are incinerated by uncaring flames hungry for this Earth to return to ash and dust. Murderous fascists and neo-Nazis march down quiet suburban streets, while egg-shaped Twitter users call them nice boys and good fathers. Kim Kardashian, once “embarrassingly obsessed with fame,” is a lawyer now because the influencer bubble is bursting (and she doesn’t think her family will survive it.) In the White House, the President of the United States has his hairline spray painted on each time he meets with dictators—or “big fans,” as he refers to such people. An impending recession will likely decimate whatever financial security young people still have. Through all this, Hillary Clinton reads emails. FFS! The woman warned us about Trump and republicans. It is not her job to put the fire out that the media helped ignite. Do better Judging from the comments to this piece on the site, I’m the only person in the world who agrees with you. And I do. 1000%.

Did she bring the 30,000 missing ones? reunited with her emails at last Good lord, is she bored with being absent on 📺? These politicians are so predictable... Trash compactor or forget about the email Oh shit ...I thought these emails were private says HRC if Hillary had responded to email questions w/'Butter Emails' as a sort of conceptual art/midwest pandering/topic deflating response she would have at least flipped Wisconsin. And never explain it, either - just randomly tweet it out, 'Butter Emails!' ok, maybe not but I like it.

UNELECTABLE HEFFER Please keep her in the exhibit. A lifelong Democrat She stopped by on her way to jail. The woman has a sense of humor.

Surprise: Hillary Clinton Did Performance Art at the Venice BiennaleUnfortunately, the materials she had to work with were 'so boring.'

LockHerUp She is a capable leader I support her. Can she please just go away? Out of the USA on 9/11? Lolololol she looks pathetic Someone come get their senile grandmother, she's playing pretend President again. all 33,000 missing ones? Did this exhibit get deleted yet? Hy

Fox News' Sean Hannity mentioned Hillary Clinton on 86 percent of his show's episodes since Trump's inauguration: analysis'I did not expect to discover that he had been talking about her this often,' Matt Gertz of Media Matters for America told Newsweek. 'I'm still stunned by these results.' And she’s not even that relevant 😂 Only 86?

I really wish Hillary would troll the GOP more during 2016 who?

Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana used the N-word in email, records show'BRPD is not the only Louisiana law enforcement agency we have sent public records requests to, nor the only one where we have found officers using slurs,' attorney William Most revealed to Newsweek. A horrifying crime. This is my shocked face... How stupid does o e have to be to write that word in an email?

HuffPost is now a part of OathHair-man got nothing. No one elected Trump save the Russians. And I laugh at how salty those idiots at 'FOX News' keep mentioning a person that long has nothing to do with anything. Such psychos. I remember 10 months into Obama’s presidency they mentioned how they inherited an economy that was near depression & FoxNews says Bush isn’t in office anymore. Such hypocrites. How do ppl take these idiots seriously

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