Hillary Clinton Puts Trump On Notice Over His Coronavirus Drug Advice

'The president needs to stop playing a doctor on TV,' the former first lady and secretary of state warned.

5/23/2020 10:36:00 AM

'The president needs to stop playing a doctor on TV,' the former first lady and secretary of state warned.

'The president needs to stop playing a doctor on TV,' the former first lady and secretary of state warned in her latest criticism of Trump's pandemic res...

In March, as cases soared worldwide, Clinton hit Trump on his favorite social media platform for “turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on.” She also advised Americans not to take medical advice “from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse” and has repeatedly urged people to vote Trump out in November.

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Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis.

Don't fall for it. Don't let your friends and family fall for it.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)A HuffPost Guide To CoronavirusStay up to date withas we cover the COVID-19 pandemic7of relationship advice for couples in quarantine Read more: HuffPost »

She has a damn nerve considering how many people she and Bill have had killed. killery This bitch managed to lose to a tv gameshow host. The ex Secretary of State needs to stop pretending to be a human. You first. Great photo. Congratulations on the post. WE ARE BLOCKING YOU FORTHWITH. Go back to your cave! We don’t need you!

The President of the United States is shaking in His boots! Hillary Clinton has put Him on notice! She shouldn't antagonize the person responsible for pardoning her! I Agree. Dr Donald the Trump killer? Nobody wants to hear from you Hillary, nobody! Yeah, right back at you 'Doctor' Hillary! Telling CNN anchor Paula Zahn in Feb 2002 the air quality at Ground Zero 'Doesn't raise HEALTH HAZARDS' By peddling that blatant LIE to the 9-11 'First Responders' SHE is liable for putting them in early graves!

Who is THIS PERSON? By whose authority does SHE SPEAK? And 2 time LOSER, KNOWN LIAR, KNOWN Criminal! KNOWN HEAVY DRINKER KNOWN HYPOCRITE! WHY DOES the MEDIA TREAT her LIKE SOME SORT of AUTHORITY FIGURE? Is IT PART OF 'THEIR' Propaganda Contract'? GO AWAY. Republican governors used facts, dem governors used BS models. The left’s hero Cuomo handled it the worst.

Trump also needs to stop playing a President on TV and REALLY BE ONE He needs to stop playing a president on tv too !! He has no idea what he’s doing Hillary needs to GO AWAY! Last I heard impersonating a doctor leads to hefty prison time and the president who thinks of himself as a stable genius is not immune to this. Either shut Trump and his lousy pharmaceutical business or jail him.

A NEW NORMAL IN AMERICA - if you lose to someone you are automatically banned from having or voicing an opinion about them, for life. Hillary asking Trump to stop lying about medical advice is like me asking the sun not to set. Never happened! Trump should also stop playing president and resign Looks like Monica’s just given her a orgasm

Says the one who keeps playing public executioner That's great propaganda, but very counter productive. This is one of many reasons why Dems will loose in November. Wish I had your advice when we ran out of toilet paper. It could have been useful...for once. Have a great day...salute a Vet! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 She needs to stop pretending she is President.

Why does this vile human still keep crawling out from under her rock to speak. Do you have no shame? Trump should stop playing a doctor on TV. I'll give you medical advice on twitter said the former first lady. How about we consult doctors and not politicians? I know in today's world anyone famous is an expert on everything but still...

He is not He should also stop playing the POTUS. He’s not very goid at it. Give him a ChinaWhite pill in his Hydrochloraquin pocket sack.and let him trip. Lol I hate that orange fat clown. But seriously, lmao wtf is she gonna do? Write a book about it? Smh “put him on notice” please. You mean like the media and democrats?

Nightmare on Elm Street if the kids thought of or mentioned the name of Freddy Kreuger, it gave him strength. I do NOT mention 'her' , i ignore her, i do not want to give her strength.. or allow her evil to remanifest She deserves to live the rest of her life in Guantanamo Bay Hil is kinda serving here!

Look at her smug demonic face. Quite appropriate picture of what america avoided in 2016. And if anyone can point me to a clip or soundbite of POTUS dispensing medical advice to anyone, I would be grateful. It is important to realize that Hillary is a 2-time POTUS loser and gave our Uranium supplies to Russia. Hardly a friendly or credible voice. And she thinks she is too important to appear in court but has time to post garbage on the internet. Bottom line, Hillary is a sore loser

And Hillary needs to stop pretending she is an authority on anything except crime. BTW, since when is HRC worried about Pres. Trumps health? FACT: She along with the DEMS don't want the drug to work. They want to keep the virus going no matter how many people die. Or what? A warning has to have an “or else” or it’s just blather.

Trump was a doctor in a previous life and his advice on hydrowhatchamacallit comes with weeks of research at Trump University. Hilary who? Hillary needs to stop playing a political expert on TV. People need to just not listen to TV Doctors ffs 😭😬🤦‍♂️ What is so great about America? Please could someone enlighten me, it's like Eastern Europe without the sand, all fearing the sky lord while they shoot one another.

Isn’t she a criminal to though She needs to stop playing someone anyone wants to hear from. Biden and the Democratic party take blacks for granted and second class citizens. They are told vote like this vote like that and they obey they're masters. What a condescending attitude! Where's Obama's voice now? He's hiding..

Surprised to see the former first lady has not put the President on trial! Said the woman more Americans voted for. Coronavirus: In America, we need more prayer not less. Churches, mosques all other sanctuaries should open right now or I override governors - President Donald Trump Is it groundhogday? pic

and Hillary needs to stop playing as if she's relevant. She's not helping OMG: just realised - Trump thinks he’s Dr Drake Ramoray... HillaryClinton It's a tough call between Dr Fauci and Dr Don, but I'm sticking with the former. Lol American politics = reality tv show everyday eh 🤡🍿 HillaryClinton needs to stop playing a human on TV...

Successful SENATOR from New York, Madam Secretary & the rightfully elected President of the United States 🇺🇸 StillWithHer Nobody cares Looks like a bloody hand puppet. 0-2 on becoming POTUS Or what Hillary? epsteinDidntKillHimself SethRich anthonybourdain vincefostet Answers please. Hillary, PLEASE, for the good of the republic, don’t make anymore public statements until AFTER Election Day 2020. I voted for you but you’re too polarizing, and we as a country can’t stand 4 more years (weeks?/days?) of Donald Drumpf.

Envy turns the worst out of People,you can see it on this woman.... So says the still ‘bitter and twisted’ Clinton... Evil witch Could you get a more slappable picture? He’s not. When he speaks about his hair, is he selling hair products? “Medical doctor” Meanwhile she plays the president in her own reality

What a strange headline. You should lead with “HC Trump’s 2016 opponent and former Sos.”

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Trump has 'legal responsibility' to wear coronavirus mask during Ford factory visit, Michigan attorney general saysMichigan’s attorney general said Wednesday that President Trump, who so far has refused to wear a mask, has a “legal responsibility” under state law to wear a mask as a coronavirus precaution when he visits a Ford Motor Co. factory Thursday. Let's see them try to arrest him. He's been impeached, fired a previous AG, and a recent IG - do you really think President Trump cares about his 'legal responsibility' to wear a mask in Michigan? The Law Does Not Apply to Republicans.

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