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Global Economic Trouble Is Brewing, and the Trade War Is Only Part of It

A clear signal from the bond market that investors are pessimistic about the economy’s longer-term prospects.


Signs that the problems facing the world economy are more complex and intractable than they might immediately appear

A clear signal from the bond market that investors are pessimistic about the economy’s longer-term prospects.

In a span of less than 24 hours, developments in Washington and Wall Street have sent a vivid message: The world is ambling toward an economic morass of the sort that no mere presidential tweet can fix.

The bond market wasn’t quite so buoyant. While longer-term Treasury yields rose, reflecting more optimism, the increase was slight — and they remained far below their levels of late July.

of market turbulence, the shorthand explanation has been that it is a result of the trade war.

But this is about something more consequential than a 10 percent tariff on iPhones. It’s really about the widening schism between the world’s two largest economies — one that cannot be reversed with a concession on tariffs by the president or with some soybean purchases by the Chinese. This clash is increasingly becoming part of the landscape that every global business must navigate.

And indeed, through the first half of the year, falling business investment was a drag on American economic growth.

But events this month signal that the problems facing the world economy are more complex and intractable than the immediate reaction to President Trump’s trade war de-escalation might suggest. A tactical retreat here and there won’t solve the deeper problems hanging over the world economy.

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There will always be problems in economy, but I think we are doing okay now. Thank God i have nothing to loose 👍 And media like you stirring it further down the gutter by repeating it over and over and over and over and over till it becomes a self forfilling prophesy like the case with previous crisis. Everything for the clicks right.

Nope. Same old Debt Slavery. Can't afford to pay the debt for money we should have created ourselves. Why the hell do we borrow money from a Private Bank when the Constitution gives us only Congress the right to create money? Only Trump could meltdown the global economies. You just can't have trade wars and sanctions on every country in the world without destroying economies. He only looked at US, but we depend on global strength.

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Anything to denigrate Trump?

Markets Are Shaken by New Signs of Global Economic TroubleShares on Wall Street fell sharply after reports showed a slowdown in China and a contraction in Germany, partly reflecting the U.S. trade war’s impact. The market will be back to normal tomorrow, stop Your alarmism fake news ! Oh really I mean do we really need more vehicle as if Americans don't have enough. Our little snow globe we live in is only so big 🤔😂😂😂😂

A worldwide economic crisis combined with the spread of right wing extremism should be fixed early. And media houses orgasming at the prospect of EconomicMeltDown as it would give them many more stories and opportunities to advocate their ill devised sinistral plans This train has been on the same track for a long time. Funny how it only comes up now though.

Global vegetation growth has stalled for the last 20 years and scientists may now know whyThe latest results could have significant implications for our understanding of how the planet will adapt to climate change. Pesticides have destroyed the soil! Likely MAGA-hatters out their with their rakes. The Earth is dying. And we did it.

German Economy Contracts as Global Trade Battle BitesEurope’s largest economy contracted slightly in the second quarter, rekindling fears of a recession and underscoring how the region’s industrial core is suffering from the uncertainty caused by the U.S.-China trade dispute. A cause of concern indeed. EU 🇪🇺 is not poor. Don't buy except what ilo had signed on it Ie were the labour granted to take their wright a citizen movment not governmental then your 🏭 will revive Guess it's time to invade Poland.

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Netflix’s Global Reach Sparks Dubbing Revolution: 'The Public Demands It''Localized' content has traditionally been sneered at, but the streamer is driving a boom thanks to millions spent on a network of voice artists and facilities that translates content into 31 languages.

Global stocks take fright as recession warnings growEuropean stocks fell on Wednesday as Germany's economy went into reverse, r... Kashmir is burning and international concience is sleeping It is due to over inflated stocks. Everyone is buying stocks over what the stocks are actually worth. It will be the next bubble. It has been like this for many years now.

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