Fed-up Instacart shoppers ask customers to delete the app

'We are asking customers to delete the app today...'

9/20/2021 10:37:00 PM

'We are asking customers to delete the app today...'

A group of Instacart shoppers published an open letter with five key demands, and a request for Instacart customers to delete the app.

Specifically, shoppers want Instacart to:Pay shoppers by order, not batch."If we shopped a single order," they write,"the base pay would be $7, but if we shopped three orders at once, the base pay would be $7 for the lot."Re-introduce item commission."[Nearly] every order now pays $7 regardless of the size. A single two item order pays $7, and a triple 50 item order pays $7."

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Reform the rating system, which"unfairly [punishes] shoppers for issues outside their control."Provide occupational death benefits.Raise the default tip to 10 percent, up from the current 5 percent.SEE ALSO:Strikers say Instacart's homemade hand sanitizer efforts are 'abhorrent'

"We are asking customers to delete the app today — because there is only one thing Instacart and its executives and investors care about: money," reads the letter."And we ask that customers refrain from reinstalling the app unless and until Instacart rectifies the genuinely inequitable manner in which it treats its shoppers." headtopics.com

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Once was baited by a $40 pre tip on like 80 items. Instacart allows (or did at the time) the customer to adjust tip for up to 48 hours. So in April of 2020, after being told I was signing up for a $40 tip, I received $2 after the customer adjusted the tip. MIght be more effective if they offered an alternative. Tell us where shoppers are being treated (more) fairly, and I'll gladly switch to that service.

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