F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment and the Coronavirus Bill

Unemployment Benefits, Stimulus, Coronavirus, Covıd-19, Retirement, Irs

All of your questions about the U.S. Senate coronavirus relief bill, answered

Unemployment Benefits, Stimulus


All of your questions about the U.S. Senate coronavirus relief bill, answered

The Senate relief bill would send money to Americans and greatly expand unemployment coverage.

, according to a congressional aide. Self-employed workers would also be eligible for the additional $600 weekly benefit provided by the federal government. What if I’m a part-time worker who lost their job because of a coronavirus reason, but my state doesn’t cover part-time workers. Would I still be eligible? Yes. Part-time workers would be eligible for benefits, but the benefit amount and how long benefits would last depend on your state. They would also be eligible for the additional $600 weekly benefit. What if I’ve been diagnosed with Covid-19 or I need to care for a family member who has? If you’ve been diagnosed, are experiencing symptoms or are seeking a diagnosis — and you’re unemployed, partially unemployed or cannot work as a result — you would be covered. The same goes if you must care for a member of your family or household who has received a diagnosis. What if my child’s school or day care shut down? If you rely on a school, day care or another facility to care for a child, elderly parent or another household member so that you can work — and that facility has been shut down because of coronavirus — you would be eligible. What if I’ve been advised by a health care provider to quarantine myself because of exposure to coronavirus ? And what about broader orders to stay home? People who must self-quarantine would be covered. The legislation also says that individuals who are unable to get to work because of a quarantine imposed as a result of the outbreak would also be eligible. I was about to start a new job and now can’t get there because of an outbreak. You’d be eligible for benefits. You would also be covered if you were immediately laid off from a new job and did not have a sufficient work history to qualify for benefits under normal circumstances. I had to quit my job as a direct result of coronavirus. Would I be eligible to apply for benefits? It depends. Let’s say your employer didn’t lay you off but you had to quit because of a quarantine recommended by a health care provider, or because your child’s day care closed and you’re the primary caregiver. Situations like that are covered. But this provision wasn’t intended to cover people who quit (or want to quit) because they fear that continuing to work puts them at risk of contracting coronavirus, according to congressional aides. My employer shut down my workplace because of coronavirus. Would I be eligible? Yes. If you are unemployed, partially unemployed or unable to work because your employer closed down, you would be covered under the bill. The breadwinner of my household has died as a result of coronavirus. I relied on that person for income, and I’m not working. Would that be covered? Yes. Who would the bill leave out? Workers who are able to work from home, and those receiving paid sick leave or paid family leave would not be covered. New entrants to the work force who cannot find jobs would also be ineligible. How long would the payments last? Many states already provide 26 weeks of benefits, though some states have trimmed that back while others provide a sliding scale tied to unemployment levels. The bill would provide all eligible workers with an additional 13 weeks. So participants in states with 26 weeks would be eligible for a total of 39 weeks. The total amount cannot exceed 39 weeks, but it may be shorter in certain states. The extra $600 payment would last for up to four months, covering weeks of unemployment ending July 31. How long would the broader program last? Expanded coverage would be available to workers who were newly eligible for unemployment benefits for weeks starting on Jan. 27, 2020 and through Dec. 31, 2020. I’m already receiving unemployment benefits. Would I receive any help? Yes. Even if you’re already receiving unemployment benefits for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus, your state-level benefits would still be extended by 13 weeks. You would also receive the extra $600 weekly benefit from the federal government. My unemployment recently ran out — could I sign up again? Yes. If you’ve exhausted your benefits, eligible workers could generally reapply. But how much you would get and for how long would depend on the state where you worked. Everyone would get at least another 13 weeks, along with the extra $600 payment. Would this income disqualify me from any other programs? Maybe. The additional $600 benefit would count as income when determining eligibility for means-tested programs, except for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP. How long would I need to wait for benefits? States have been incentivized to waive the one-week waiting period, but it’s unclear how long it would take to process claims — especially with state offices so strained by a flood of claims. Student Loans has already waived two months of payments and interest for many federal student loan borrowers. Is there a bigger break now with the new bill? Yes. Until Sept. 30, there will be automatic payment suspensions for any student loan held by the federal government. It is hard to contact many of the loan servicers right now, so check your account online in the coming weeks. Once you are logged in, look for the current amount due. There, you should be able to see if the servicer has reset its billing systems so that you are showing no payment due. How do I know if my loan is eligible? If you’ve borrowed money from the federal government — a so-called direct loan — in the past 10 years, you’re definitely eligible. According to the Institute for College Access & Success , 90 percent of loans (in dollar terms) will be eligible. Older Federal Family Educational Loans (F.F.E.L.) that the U.S. Department of Education does not own would not be eligible, nor would Perkins loans, loans from state agencies, or loans from private lenders like Discover, Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. The holders of all those kinds of loans may be offering their own assistance programs. Within a few weeks of the bill becoming law, you are supposed to receive notice indicating what has happened with your federal loans. You can choose to keep paying down your principal if you want. Then, after Aug. 1, you should get multiple notices letting you know about the cessation of the suspension period and that you may be eligible to enroll in an Read more: The New York Times

If I am still employed full time but they cut my pay in 1/2 - can I qualify for any benefit? What if I have a child that was born in 2020? How do I make sure to receive credit for my newborn when he wasn’t on my 2019 taxes? You are not news. You are leftist advocates. It's extraordinary how the Times is able to provide misleading headlines for even the most mundane articles. Of course this doesn't answer all of my questions about the Senate bill. Would it have killed you to write, 'Some of your questions ...'?

'Military members are excempt'? दुनियाँ भर में आफ़त फैला कर खुद चैन से बैठ गया। यह है दुनियाँ के ख़िलाफ़ china का आर्थिक युद्ध। ChineseVirus19 ChinaLiedPeopleDied It's ridiculous family persons governing America now, like we have the fucking ridiculous Gandhi family persons

Here’s How The Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Will Be CutMost adults will get $1200 No money for college age students! So wrong

Senate unanimously passes massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus that includes checks for AmericansThe economic relief plan for American workers, businesses and hospitals is now expected to be passed by the House on Friday and signed by President Trump. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RodneyE34641593 Not low income retirees who are about ready to go homeless Crumb check for little people, pork for big corporations. Pet projects, raises for crooked politicians. This bill is horrible

'We all are making sacrifices right now': How Americans plan to spend coronavirus stimulus checksFor many in the U.S. who have been laid off, or had their hours drastically reduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a stimulus check from the federal government will go toward paying off essential bills, like rent and utilities, or buying groceries. MakeIt Stock buybacks MakeIt This is stupid who needs to plan how to spend $1200 when u been out of work for 2wks? Not sure where most ppl work but i make more than $600 a wk so im losing money even with the fake Stimuluscheck MakeIt More toilet paper?

Surge in Unemployment Claims Sparks Delayed Checks Amid Coronavirus CrisisAmericans are waiting anxiously for unemployment benefits as state unemployment systems adjust to record levels of claims in the wake of the new coronavirus. ChineseVirus SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi have you seen this? 😡 Let’s go Congress!!! SpeakerPelosi GOPLeader RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer senatemajldr AOC amyklobuchar BernieSanders RepPressley SenWarren SenateDems HouseDemocrats SenateGOP HouseGOP WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump Is anyone in DC listening to Americans?

Coronavirus stimulus checks will come within three weeks, Mnuchin saysTreasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday that people will start getting relief checks within three weeks, as the country reels from the coronavirus pandemic. I don't get a check, not really fair. Day late and a dollar short? How quickly did Boeing get theirs?

Congress likely to send taxpayers $1,200 checks in coronavirus aid. Here's who qualifiesU.S. lawmakers are finalizing a sweeping new $2 trillion stimulus bill that includes checks for individual Americans. Here's how much you may expect to receive to help offset the coronvirus' pinch on your wallet. Big whoop. Congress just gave $500 billion to multi national corporations. They shouldn’t get a dime. Buying back stocks over the last years is criminal and after this more and more of our corporations will consolidate. I dont qualify for that and really dont qualify for a 24 dollar an hour job. I over qualified Thanks for this

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