E-Cigarettes, Justify, Democratic Debate: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know.


Morning briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day

Here’s what you need to know.

Last year, Justify won the Triple Crown, one of the most storied achievements in sports. His owners later sold his breeding rights for $60 million.

and should not have run in the first Triple Crown race, the Kentucky Derby. Instead, the California Horse Racing Board took over a month to confirm test results, then quietly moved to drop the case and change its rules, retroactively clearing the horse.

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Don't we need to know about the dangers of Airplanes taking aim and causing people to die? And here are your 4 am talking points brought to you by the “Enemy of the People.” Fake news at its finest. America is in a civil war. Can i,,breath i,,afford environment you dont even deserve cost living controls i,,tool i,,device year4321 fcc fantasy world applications treatments cache bullet points reality dont remember i,,said freedom not free RedPillSchool chronicle above pay grade BriefTake match

How about outlaw lumberjack beards on baristas while you’re at it. Today is going to be a mess. And it’s only 5:19am c'ho anche il negozio guarda piu' a posto di cosi'

ABC News @ABCWATCH: Pres. Trump makes announcement on e-cigarettes. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! smoke I’d rather live with vapes than machine guns, like the psycho gun fanatics want, right MeghanMcCain? What about guns?

Trump Wants FDA To Ban All Flavored Vaping ProductsPresident Donald Trump announced Wednesday he wants the FDA to consider taking flavored vaping products off the market Why? Vaping doesn’t kill people! People kill people! what about the people accessing them through the illegal markets?People who want to vape flavors are going to find a way to get their hands on flavored vape products, whether banned or not.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders slam Trump over data showing fewer Americans have health insuranceHealth care likely will be a crucial topic in Thursday's Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston. More than 70 million have health insurance but they can't afford to use them. So they really do not have health insurance. By 'Americans', i'm sure they mean illegal immigrants Some people, especially young, healthy people, choose not to have insurance at that point in their lives. After the Obamacare mandate was removed, many decided to stop paying for health insurance because there was no penalty for not having it.

What to watch for in ABC News' Democratic presidential debateThe third Democratic debate, hosted by ABC News and Univision, on Thursday will feature a single night of debate between the top 10 highest polling candidates. Drink every time Biden makes a gaffe. Biden has had decades to fix the govenment, ewarren has many plans and ideas to fix everything! Someone has a plan, and it happens to be a very smart woman! Time has come for change America! Big changes!!

Democratic Debate: Hollywood Will Watch For A Turning Point That Defines 2020 RaceWhen 10 Democratic candidates meet in Houston on Thursday for the next Democratic debate, Hollywood’s base of influential donors and activists will be looking for a turning point —- those breakout …

Bloomberg Takes on Vaping After Giving $1 Billion to Fight TobaccoMichael Bloomberg, who has committed nearly $1 billion to aid anti-tobacco efforts, is now stepping into the campaign to combat vaping, announcing a $160 million push to ban flavored e-cigarettes If only they took the gun epidemic as seriously as vaping. Why politicians are so stupid why they can just Say No more sells of Electric Cigarettes And Flavored oils .people are dying because Of their Incompetent behavior Finally!! YES!! ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS!!

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