Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Undercover Law Enforcement At DC Rally That Flopped

Donald Trump Jr.'s posts don't exactly 'back the blue.'

9/19/2021 7:03:00 AM

Donald Trump Jr.'s posts don't exactly 'back the blue.'

Donald Trump Jr.'s posts don't exactly 'back the blue.'

from the event, fearing it was a “trap” by law enforcement to surveil and arrest them.That was apparently the view of Trump Jr. — a supposed law and order enthusiast — who made fun of members of law enforcement in the crowd who weren’t very effectively “undercover.”

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He derided the officers as an “absolute joke ... forced into these bullshit situations to entrap Americans.”Trump Jr. did not seem to recall the real danger facing police officers at the Capitol insurrection Jan. 6 as rioters marauded through the Capitol for hours unfettered. More security precautions were taken this time around at a rightwing event.

His final dig was predictably against President Joe Biden, who he said should have spent as much time “being tough on the Taliban” — the group his dadwith.Fed 1: Definitely not a firearm in my pocket… I’m just happy to see you.Fed 2: America is a top 10 maybe top 20 country… um, I mean America First… yea that’s it… America First!!!

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Is this photo from their infamous prize fight commentary? The Trumps only support officers who'll back Trump in whatever criminality he's planned. Every time someone in military or police knocks the Trumps — Trump criminality or incompetence — the Trumps leap into action and slam those military members or the police who've crossed them.

That man is a 'big joke'! What Jr needs is a 'BLACK AND BLUE' face. What a dope! Y’all are great at what you do but it’s time to have the attitude of “fvck these guys”. No more anything about this family - They need to go away. Can we get some relevant news......smh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ mckeonmk DonaldJTrumpJr is working hard to be just like DonTheCon TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison

hmmmm wasn't the GOP boycotting CocaCola sure looks like a diet coke he is drinking. I seem to recall someone saying only fat people drink diet coke too 🤔 Why would you back a gong show of obvious entrapment. Then again your narrative changes to suit your argument constantly. He only backs the blue when it comes to bad apples that abuse power and are racist. So hypocritical this family

Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Undercover Law Enforcement At DC Rally That FloppedDonald Trump Jr.'s posts don't exactly 'back the blue.'

Hey Jr. remember the Secret Service that protected you over the last 4 1/2 years ?Guess what they are undercover officers as well ! What do you expect? He’s probably afraid he is currently under surveillance by under cover police. Always projection with this family. This is one highly dysfunctional family

Their 'support' was always smoke and mirrors... 'Oh, daddy. I love you! Do you feel my love, daddy? Do you? Love me back, daddy. Love me back! 💕💕💖💕💕 U got so much shit going on with Biden n yet ur hate is directed at an ex president? Have u got nothing else useful to report? Hypocritical lol A diet coke... Surprised!

Fake news

There’s a Clear Throughline From the War on Terror to Donald TrumpTrump took over the mantle of an authoritarian legal framework that started after Sept. 11.

ShutUpAmanda Would you call FBI agents that attempt to entrap innocent people the real blue- the blue that risk their lives to keep society safe? More Huffington Compost! Ewww 🤮 so you do admit there were there lol The Trump’s have no respect for law enforcement— unless they are working for the Trump’s

Can't trust anyone who sucks off a bottle I hadn’t heard his b/s in awhile, I thought he had OD Nobody cares dipshit🖕🏻off. In this photo we see Donny JR looking to Daddy saying ‘ Do you love me now Daddy? I brought you that special extra small bottle of Coke to make your hands look big! Daddy, please love me!’.

Capitol locks down ahead of rally for jailed Trump rioters; Trump voices supportRachel Maddow reports on security measures being put in place by twice-shy Capitol security ahead of a planned rally for January 6th rioters, for whom Donald Trump expressed support and solidarity. maddow They should be treated like peaceful BLM protestors in Portland. Or in front of the WH when Trump was squatting in it. maddow More fear mongering from the MSM. Stay away from DC on 9/18!

good luck On January 6th Trump incited an insurrection to spearhead a long-fomenting seditious conspiracy to upend American rule of law, our Constitution & republic. Get up to speed with this thread.

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Covered in Dog PoopDonald Trump has given a lot of people s***, so someone decided to return the gesture in kind ... with a load of dog poop plastered over his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’m sure he’s absolutely devastated That’s a different type of shit lol 😂 ✝️God loves you so much! Come to him and experience his love for you. Come to him, it ain’t no coincidence that your seeing this :). God wants a relationship with you.✝️

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Capitol Police Warn Of Threats Of Violence At Pro-Donald Trump Rally In Support Of January 6 DefendantsU.S. Capitol police are warning of some threats of violence at a pro-Donald Trump rally planned for Saturday, in which demonstrators plan to express their support for defendants arrested and charged in the January 6 siege on the complex