Chris Cuomo Gives Trump The Cold Truth About His Presidential Legacy

Cuomo said Trump will be remembered as a divisive demagogue “who lied about a pandemic to suit his own interest.”

11/24/2020 5:10:00 PM

Cuomo said Trump will be remembered as a divisive demagogue “who lied about a pandemic to suit his own interest.”

The CNN host said Trump will forever be remembered as a viciously divisive demagogue 'who lied about a pandemic to suit his own interest.'

the transition to his successor’s administration to begin, more than two weeks after the race was called for President-elect Joe Biden.“Lie, defy, deny. That is why he lost,” Cuomo said. “Now get this. He’s worried that this tantrum that has kept us from dealing with a pandemic and our duly elected president-elect ― it may hurt his brand.

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“Know this. This is your brand, Mr. Trump. You will forever be remembered as viciously divisive and a demagogue. A man who lied about a pandemic to suit his own interest.”He also went after Trump’s “cast of fools” ― the Trump legal team and his GOP allies who were silent as he tried to delegitimize a democratic election.

Now that Trump has relaxed his grip on the transition, the nation can get to the real fight for COVID-19 relief, Cuomo said.But he reminded viewers that while it will be critical to hold the new administration accountable to that fight, it’s also important not to become so focused on that need to move forward that “we forget how we got here.”

President Trump will "forever be remembered as viciously divisive and a demagogue. A man who lied about a pandemic, to suit his own interest," saysas the President continues to lie, deny and defy about the election results. Read more: HuffPost »

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Wrong. Absolutely True, he has a horrible legacy. this comes from fredo who lied about having covid due to the fact he was caught out threatening a biker who exposed him. then you have his wife who stated to bathe in bleach to kill the covid virus which will harm you Sounds like the past presidents. Now it’s a problem.

Or a BS artist who simply was way out of his depth, in everything ! And his psycho followers loved and worshipped every second of it! Cuomo’s a quack. Who gives a shit what he says. Anybody that listens to him is delusional. CNN is the most disgusting, bias news you can get, the exact opposite from the truth.

Those who don't follow sheep know the good Trump's done. Trump will be remembered for not being a “Two Time President”, and now he is officially a “Two Time Loser”. Truth. What does this clown have to offer? Baby Cuomo preaches about masks and lockdowns but he doesn't obey what he preaches to others. And if both of you were drowning I’d save POTUS before going back to try and save you.

pathetic Trump will take being called a Demagogue a compliment I listen to Chris Cuomo in the UK... he doesn’t listen to, and talks over guests who don’t agree with him. And this psycho's brother will be remembered for killing thousands in New York State's nursing homes and for praising Trump early on when he got everything he wanted from him and for smearing him when he saw that as precondition for popularity in Democrat party.

He will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever experienced. I think Chris Cuomo will be remembered the exact same way. And his brother will always be the guy that put contagious people in nursing homes, so... And let's not forget the quarter of a million unnecessary deaths... This is true

This guy is the worst, He should do some 'journalism' on his brother, the murderer. Hello pot... Among other things. Fact And, he committed Genocide, killing over 260,000 American Citizens. Sadly that is the legacy his grandchildren and the entire family will carry forever. Literally no one cares what Fredo thinks. Zero credibility. He’s only a “journalist” bc of his brother and he’s hot AF.

Cuomo is full of himself. What did he lie about? You too Chris Ain't that the truth!! Ted Cruz what happened to your prediction last July that all Democratic Governors will stop Talking about covid after the election and all the attention they give!! Coming from a Man who can't even stand by your wife and father you should not open ur mouth

Fake news have been working with corrupt democrats in this massive election fraud! a disgrace to the world Lots of folks starting to head to the 'I didn't vote for trump' side of the room. We see you. This guy is such a meatball Yeah , that was well covered , but now , for the love of life , please all unite to stop the needless deaths there . Regardless of who you voted for !! Then get back to what is less i.important than saving the lives of your fellow citizens. Please !😟😪😪😪😎🇳🇿🙏🙏🙏🙏

Where’s the lie? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Cuomo's brother will be remembered for killing thousands of old people So true. I couldn't have said it better myself. Kind of like his brother