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Big dog befriending a butterfly is a lovely feel-good distraction from... everything

8/1/2020 8:16:00 PM

Big dog befriending a butterfly is a lovely feel-good distraction from... everything.

2020-08-01 15:59:20 UTCWe could use a little soothing in the pandemic and boy, did this video of a doberman meeting a butterfly do it for me.This good, large pup, named Titan, seems amused by the delicate yellow butterfly flapping around his head. Does Titan try to chomp the little critter? Sure. But, he doesn't get it, even as the butterfly repeatedly lands on its snout. Seriously, it just keeps coming back for more.

The Weeknd Donates $300,000 to Beirut Explosion Relief Armed people enter offices of Russian-owned company in Minsk amid protests Emails from Sweden's Fauci reveal discussions about now-failed plan to reach 'herd immunity' Read more: Mashable »

Trump privately discussing replacing Defense Secretary Esper after election

President Donald Trump has privately discussed with advisers the possibility of replacing Defense Secretary Mark Esper after the November election following a growing number of differences between them, a source familiar with the internal debate said on Wednesday.


Big brands pulled back on Facebook ad spending across the board - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Of course it will, they are selling people's data for profit. As long as they have millions of stupid people giving them their data for free, they will be just fine. Not using facebook is the only way to get rid of the evil influence of facebook. FB could care less about a few 'woke' global corporations and consumers too. Someone else will fill the void.

This Woman Found A Big, Phallic Surprise On Her New Cutting BoardGeorgia Rogers just wanted a cutting board, but she got so much more from her Amazon purchase. There is no chance in this life or the next that I’m clicking on that She returned the cutting board. Saved you a click. She looks happy with her purchase.

Big Tech – Big Profits, Busiest Week of Earnings Season Wraps Up, Questioning Kodak by Squawk on the StreetSquawkStreet carlquintanilla jimcramer davidfaber Big Tech keeps getting bigger

Stocks rise after Big Tech crushes earnings—Five experts on what the numbers meanAmazon, Google, Apple and Facebook reported better than expected quarterly earnings on Thursday. Five experts break down the company earnings and why they don't see the gains are ending anytime soon. And yet the pay their employees very LITTLE in comparison! Shows they are hypocrites! Monopolistic companies make massive profits while small businesses suffer the consequences of a massive pandemic.

How Running Helped Me Finally Embrace My “Big” Thighs“I’ve come to a place of deep appreciation for my focusing on what my legs can do and have done for me.” 💕 Welcome to the ass kicking thigh club. No amount of dieting or running will shrink your thighs. I’m speaking from experience. Embrace them and know that they will carry you to success. I impart this wisdom on to my teenaged daughter who is a phenomenal athlete! Handsome is as handsome does! God does not delight in the legs of a man Psalm 147:10. But a meek and gentle heart he will not turn away. Give yourself to love the Lord.

People Are Stocking Up on These Earthquake Kits in Case 'The Big One' HitsThese emergency survival kits are a must-have in the event of major storms, fires and power outages too And earthquake is the least of your worries. it’s those communist liberal Democrats you need to worry about