Biden Says 'Nothing Will Get Done' If Senate Abolishes Filibuster

Not all that much gets done now.

7/22/2021 5:55:00 AM

Not all that much gets done now.

Not all that much gets done now.

” that has been used to block civil rights reform, saying the Senate should get rid of it to advance legislation expanding voting rights.Biden said he agreed that it was a relic of the Jim Crow era, but he still said he believed the filibuster should be preserved because he wanted to convince Republicans to come around and support voting rights legislation.

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“I want to make sure we bring along not just all the Democrats, we bring along Republicans who I know know better. They know better than this,” Biden said. “What I don’t want to do is get wrapped up right now in the argument about whether this is all about the filibuster.”

Republicans, however, aren’t coming around. Every single Senate Republican recentlydebate on the For the People Act, a sweeping piece of voting rights and anti-corruption legislation.In other words, Republicans used the filibuster to block the bill.Biden on the filibuster: "I would go back to that where you have to maintain the floor."

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NEWS ALERT! The country is in total chaos now (Jan 6th)! You cannot get one single Republican to vote on anything. Our only hope is to get rid of the Filibuster so we can get some bills passed. If we don't the economy will get worse and the stock market will crash. I'm so done right now with Democrats.

I'm as frustrated/angry as anyone re voting rights, etc., but analysis like this is ridiculous. Nothing gets done? How abt a tax credit that will greatly reduce child poverty? The ARP? And stop claiming that eliminating the filibuster is costless. It's not, even if it's worth it. That's a ludicrous statement from a man who's given up on actual foundational change.

You are watching the fall of the Democratic Party! Oh Happy Days!! This makes no sense. Kill the filibuster and we only need 51 votes. When the GQP are in charge they drop the filibuster the minute they need to. If the Senate scraps the filibuster, the GOP will just stay home. Their whole party will just stop showing up, preventing quorum, and then still nothing gets done. Personally, I still say drop it like a bad penny, but I can see the concern.

Sad but so true. Nothing we'll get done with him in office. So it's not a surprise he wants to blame his ongoing failure on the first thing that came to his writers mind. Sounds to me like Biden wants it to look like he's trying but is in fact happy to be blocked.

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It's really telling that 'journalists' have to pretend like Biden isn't saying they won't get rid of the filibuster because then the Dems would have to govern in line with their rhetoric which would cause all those donors the Clintons cultivated to go back to the GOP. Be careful what you wish for. If the filibuster goes and Republicans win control of both House and Senate at the mid-terms then what?

Biden’s entire platform was to do literally nothing; He’s a conservative in the truest definition of the term. He’s adored for being nice, but he’s done almost nothing outside of not being Trump Radical change carries with it real dangers.. Guarantee you MoscowMitch will abolish it in a nanosecond if they win back the Senate.

Why are you showing me this? You don’t follow my instructions, believe in all lies about me… Think of it like this would you like it to be gone when republicans retake the house and Senate in 2022 because that's what you risk with the nuclear option. Just let that sink in and maybe use more than one braincell before writing ok pumpkin?

good yall wanted this wtf

Biden: 'Nothing at all will get done' if filibuster abolishedPresident Joe Biden said Wednesday that scrapping the filibuster would “throw the entire Congress into chaos” and that “nothing at all will get done.” Biden’s got to come up with a better rationale than this for not canning the filibuster. What possible way is there to pass anything useful on voting rights as long as the filibuster stands? He’s offering just lip service and it doesn’t even make sense. You wrong Joe. Dont think for a minute McConnell would not scrap the filibuster if it was to his advantage. Dont be a fool Joe. Is it opposite day at the white house or?

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