As COVID-19 Cases Surge, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says He Won't Reinstate Restrictions

The governor said 'social interactions' among younger people -- and not the state's reopening -- was driving the spike.

7/1/2020 3:43:00 AM

The governor said 'social interactions' among younger people -- and not the state's reopening -- was driving the spike.

The Republican governor said 'social interactions' among younger Floridians -- and not the state's reopening -- was driving the spike in coronavirus cases.

have been reported in the state.Amid the spike, Florida officials on Friday barred the sale of alcohol in bars ― and both Miami-Dade and Broward counties shuttered their beaches for the Fourth of July weekend.DeSantis said, however, that the state would otherwise be going ahead with its reopening plans.

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Where did this piece of shit come from. Who Cares! BS. You opened your state too soon too fast and that’s what caused the spike. Idiot. This guy should resign as he is not taking a leadership role in protecting the public who voted him in. Not doing his job!! It's embarrassing he is our Governor And the Governor is wrong. It is Florida’s lack of transparency since the day one. Not following CDC guidelines and the governors mindless devotion to Trump.

His state would be so much better off of he went and sat quietly in a dark corner How do these idiots get elected and what does that say about Florida? miLlEnNiAlS r tHe pRoBlEm So. How were those your people able to socially interact? Where did they do it? It sucks reading comments and realizing most people are a bunch of Karen’s

Hmm? Governor DeSanitize doesn’t think these “social interactions” are taking place in recently reopened businesses or is he lying? denial Craven, lying coward. Those 'social interactions' were precipitated - and encouraged by the reopening. He's as allergic to responsibility as his Fuhrer. are the people of Florida beginning to rethink their vote

DuhSantis Returning Florida to swamp land. 'That's right, Huffington post!' The young and stupid doing what they always do best...'SCREWING THINGS UP!' As in hey guys things are now open so let’s go take out social interactions off FaceTime and time them to the bar now? Somehow DeSantis cannot connect opening bars and clubs where young people congregate are a big of the reason the cases are surging. He has digested too much Drumpfian BS to function as a useful Governor.

Hmm. And those social interactions among younger people were made possible how again? In part, probably right but logic says the problem is way bigger than that. How were the young people able to “interact”? Maybe because things were open. Social interaction? WTF he opens everything up in Florida including beaches & NOW he's surprised kids are 'Social Interacting'? 🤣 How about just stick with (R) line.. it's from new mass testing? 🤣 RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica RepublicansAreKillingUs

Hey DumbSanta, chicken and the egg. When at risk of being exposed as incompetent- blame the young Yesterday, DeSantis and Pence blamed young people for the spike in cases. Know what the EU has while managing to flatten the curve? Young people. Know what they don't have? DeSantis and Trump. Duh- social interactions at opened places...

I live in Florida and this man, a Trump puppet, is responsible and will be responsible for unnecessary deaths here. He will repeat and say the things his boss says .. both of them need to go 😤ASAP !! And he has the science & Numbers to prove that only younger Floridians’ interactions are the cause of the surge? It’s bc if COVIDIOTS like this we will see a resurgence here in the NE that has worked so hard to lower their numbers! We stayed home!

Huh? They must’ve been interacting at closed bars then. The reopening enables the social interaction. Huuuuh! Not stupid! He has to go! DeSantisKillsFlorida Like rioting... 🤔 Desantis will say anything to keep pumping out dead bodies and not closing the state 😼 An incompetent buffoon elected by thwarting the will of the electorate (i.e. corruption) choosing to gaslight the citizens of a state he's supposed to represent rather than offering assistance to alleviate death and suffering.

He is AN IDIOT Thank you Gov Ron DeSantis for giving Boris Johnson his excuse for the days and weeks to come Desantis is a fool. He likes to blame everyone else, just like his mentor Trump, for his irresponsible decisions about opening Florida.. Doesn’t that go hand in hand 🤦🏻‍♀️ I bet diabetes, heart attacks, strokes were counted as part of coronavirus deaths. Its true but they wont tell you. Ask NYGovCuomo about patients he forcefully put in nursing care which infected the elderlies!

They go together! GovRonDeSantis previously blamed migrants & testing for increased cases. I wonder if we could sue this guy for being so incompetent? Tell us again how Florida beat COVID-19. Lol. If they did reopen young people would not be interacting. Oh, they do think we are dumb. Thank you for keeping tabs on the numbers in Florida and for publishing it. This governor is quite irresponsible.

people are people no matter what state they are from. in illinois our governor took a slow conservative approach to the states reopening even to the point of receiving disgusting death threats. so far ill continues to trend down rondesaster Reopening the State isn't Helping. And exactly how do you know what is causing the Spike in Coronavirus Cases. Are you a Scientist like Trump who doesn't know a Damn Thing about what he's Talking About?

Cause.........effect. ⚖️ Well FL, you get the leaders you deserve! This was the same person that didn’t know you could be a-systematic and still pass the virus 🦠 Nah, dude. It’s your continued incompetence that’s killing people in your state. Protests happening consistently in NYC and their numbers continue to go down. Hmm, could it be that protestors are being responsible? And politicians aren’t? Shocking.

First DeSantis said, all the old people in Florida makes it 'God's Waiting Room.' Now, he says, the problem is with the 25-34 year old age group because you can't control younger people. Lawyer in the military, lawyer in private life, lawyer in politics. Always has an excuse. Grow up GovRonDeSantis your poor leadership is the cause of this and young people will continue to behave this way until you grow a pair and go back to Phase I. Grow up!

The social interactions were in the reopened bars. Pleadthe45th Maybe they should outlaw dancing... He's such a 'puff piece' Lord help us! The twit GovRonDeSantis should know that the 'social interactions' started when Florida started to open up-early. If it had not opened up when it did, there would not have been the spike. Learn and do back to what worked. ananavarro Susan_Hennessey AliVelshi politico

GovRonDeSantis you are as much a fraud as Trump. Don’t speak to us like we’re dumb. You may want to go back to the science on this one Ron. He’s in denial. Thank you for killing us De Santis or it should be De Devil? Alright you Trump wanna be, you opened places for them to congregate, take responsibility for your fucknuckery.

Republicans are pathologically incapable of admitting they’re wrong. That’s “weakness”. “Real men!!!” just keep doubling down until they die. Because they’re completely mutually exclusive, I’m sure. Haha He’s not really wrong! Your numbers shot up the moment you reopened. Lie. The spike will move how and when the corrupt elites, Frankenstein Faulsi and The Gates of HeLl want it to move.

Young people AFTER the reopening? LIES!!!!! Millennials killed a lot of things. Florida is not one of them Hi RonDeSantisFL. I live in West Palm Beach and I can tell you that we have gone from most people wearing masks a few weeks ago to maybe half wearing them at best. THAT is why our state is spiraling out of control. You own this shit. YOU.

Resources for non-propaganda info: PeterRQuinones MonicaPerezShow o_rips freedomactradio EricDJuly CorbettReport HighImpactFlix BenSwann_ larken_rose PeggyHall zerohedge ActivistPost EthicalSkeptic NeputeWellness DrKellyVictory Thanks Sherlock Holmes... How in hell did you get elected , you and you only ordered the reopening. You didn’t even follow the Federal rules during the opening . Except it and correct it . Many lives young and elderly are at risk .

Dude is pathetic Hard to know where the governor gets his information from but it sounds like his next statement may be, take two squirts of Lysol and swallow a light bulb and you’ll be fine! Based on...? Florida can do better. Vote this clown out. I mean...a governor is supposed to protect and serve his/her people&state! Make educated decisions and always learn from mistakes not repeat them!

Is habitual lying hereditary? Idiot RonDeSantisFL such a putz He's murdering people 🤣🤣🤣dems wishing FL deaths would go up but they still minuscule🤣🤣🤣 Maybe his incompetence? I thought this idiot blamed Latinos last week for the spike? He's running out of people to blame..... Those darn young folk!! Always dancing and jiving. Insert old man shaking fist

GovRonDeSantis is more concerned about not being able to have the Republican convention he promised to his buddy Trump than telling it like it is and doing what is right for the people of Florida. We elected him and we will take action when he tries to run again. Step up NOW! First it was Hispanic farm workers and now young people. He’ll put the blame on everyone else but himself. A total failure

Social interactions among younger people is what happened as a result of re-opening, dummy! Uh, what's the difference? And what are you doing about it? Confounding that he can’t see the confound. That and anquifa idiots definitely had nothing to do with the spike This guy? When you blow off the virus and declare it over and pretend like it's nothing at all to worry about like Desantis and Trump do, OF COURSE everyone is going to go out and socially interact. The Republican party is a death cult.

😂😂😂😂🙄 He is a murderer. He has 🩸 on his hand This is the epitome of idiocy. How do these people get elected So it’s not the vomit he made last night but the bottom less drinks he had is the reason for all these stinking smell? Right ! .GovRonDeSantis wallows in every excuse. Maybe it’s time for COVID to exceed his excuse margin. The unfortunate-Floridians will pay the ultimate price for his lack of leadership!

What a dingleberry 😕. If the state hadn’t reopened at the pace it did without mandates young people wouldn’t have been able to “congregate” and become super spreaders. What a tool. who voted for this fucknut? Reopening the state = more social interaction. He refuses to take any responsibility. The reopening allowed young people to gather in greater numbers and more frequently.

This governor has either got his head in the sand up or he is just that much of an idiot. large venues, gyms, beaches, theme parks Being open is not in any Floridians best interest. Does he “ magically” think the positive numbers will decline and just go away! FL Governor is no better than Trump, same theme 'I don't take any responsibility at all.'

How stupid is desantis This guy is a clown. narrow view of the world, governor The heck? Does Florida have a department of public health? Blames the younger crowd 'can't control what they do' & today....does this to control them State reopening= social interactions Both are related. He’s absolutely correct.

'Scuse me? The 'young people' wouldn't be 'socially interacting' if the state wasn't open. How dumb does he think non-Floridians are? But you! Ummm. Does he think this makes sense? He's not very bright Floridians. You're right. Social interactions at the beach. Governor, nowhere to hide. The governor is a fool.

Cough*bullsh*tCough Just plain Stupid! And where does DiSantis think these young people are socially interacting? Florida CoronavirusPandemic 100000ADay GOPConvention Younger voting people needs to go out and vote to make his life miserable. He takes Bullshit Lessons from his golfing buddy. La Dunce doesn't see the connection between the two? OnlyATrumperCouldBeThatDense

Because you couldn’t anticipate that young people would socialize in bars and restaurants if they were open...special kind of stupid Denial is not the way to solve...anything. Wait. He opened up the state. Who does he think “went” to the “opening” of the state? Typical strategy- I take no responsibility.

What an idiot! To bad he doesn't care about the people that are going to die because he doesn't want to lose revenue. Smfh Can’t fix stupid. Yet another boomer blaming young people... take some responsibility dude. 👎🏼 Whatever idiot I guess a lot of people are going to die. Good lord adding 2+2 is not hard even for the south


Yeah, right Jan. Bullshit What a liar Last week it was farmers and agricultural workers cnut BREAKING NEWS: Gov. “Einstein” DeSantis of Florida declares “Those zany kids can get Covid all they want and it won’t effect their grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, elderly neighbors, customers they serve...” Oh, so the state’s reopening has NOTHING to do with social interactions. Gotcha.

The social interactions amongst young people has been a function of GovRonDeSantis opening too soon, too fast, and being more concerned about scoring points with Daddy 45 than making informed decisions in the best interests of us citizens in FL, so... yeah sure, Jan. You open beaches and where do the young people flock to?

Because everyone knows that Ron doesn’t lie. Hahahahhahahhhahahahahahaha! Wait a minute. Isn’t the states reopening allowing the interaction between younger people RonDeSantisFL ? So let’s all ignore the police protests that sinc up timewise with growth in cases and age range of new cases, shall we? DeSantis is a dope, just like his pal trump.

Lie & deny. DeSantis’ pappy weighs in ... Sick fuck That's right its the sudden stop not the fall that kills you. Hmm I wonder where these young people had so much social interaction 🙄 What is Florida’s economy without a tourism industry? How do you get the tourists back as long as cases in your case continue to rise. Tourists don’t want to hear we aren’t doing anything different.

Let's not forget no beach to late closure, a rush to reopen to get economy up for the Putin puppet promise of the gop convention in jacksonville. He just continues to insult the intelligence of everyone who’s not a Republican. We know republicans don’t believe any kind of intelligence. Yeah... just keep pretending that hundreds of thousands of young people didn’t just flood our nation’s streets with protests and riots, turds. But COVID is woke, apparently.

I was unfortunately just in his POS state and I cantell you it wasn’t the young people. It was everyone giving the finger to safety. Every time I see a picture of him I feel the need to shower. Ugh Yeah, like his mentor POTUS DeSantis claims no responsibility 🤪 Old person here...has he seen how many of my generation are ignoring mask requests and are hanging out social distancing! Um, no. tiredinorlando

Order mask use and wear a damn mask. Do u want to save the economy? Then wear a mask. Liers, liers. The governor of Florida is Learning from Trump. Don’t want to take responsibility for their mistakes. No... Governor... You F up He is singlehandedly KILLING tourism in Florida. WaltDisneyWorld, come and get your boy.

And where are those younger people the places that have opened up! What a moron. What a fool. Did he not decide to reopen the state. Including the Bars and restaurants and clubs that young people enjoy. Had he not open the bars and clubs they wouldn’t be going and social interacting, good Lord

Finally...someone with some balls. Reopening promotes socializing. Anyone blaming anything other than BLM for the rise in cases is deluding themselves. RonDeSantisFL You’re just as stupid as realDonaldTrump It was the “swallowing of calories into my body”, not the eating that made me fat The numbers will blow up his ass.

That would be those under 60 that your blaming? Make masks mandatory it is so simple to fix everything. Oh there is one other thing you can do, resign Criminal negligence. Spring break. Florida. Good times. Brain dead. So it’s now being transmitted via Twitter and Facebook and Instagram...?!?! Does he think we’re stupid? Beaches teeming with people in March helped spread the virus. Closed beaches would have negated that

ditzkoff here’s a layup for you GovRonDeSantis is a true trumpie: the buck always stops with someone else. Meanwhile DeSantis continues to let Floridians die. resigndesantis He just looks stupid Trump Junior He should be sued for negligence Another stable genius Thank good for sanity And how did the interact if not by going to places that were reopened too early What a Moron . Are does he understand and just don’t care?

Wish everyone would quit blaming us younger people. We have a right to party. Two months ago he told Floridians 'Don't worry about coronavirus.' A month ago he told them 'COVID is a Democrat hoax.' Now, his state is circling the drain. And who does he blame? Kids. Wrong, Governor. You are killing your own people. Resign.

The governor is a troglodyte, which is offensive to troglodytes. He really is that dumb!

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