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Another Man Who Said ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Died in Custody. An Autopsy Calls It Homicide.

Manuel Ellis of Tacoma, Wash., died in part as a result of how he was restrained, according to the medical examiner, who concluded that his death was a homicide.

6/4/2020 2:20:00 PM

An autopsy has found that Manuel Ellis, a black man who died in police custody in March in Tacoma , Washington, was killed as a result of oxygen deprivation and the physical restraint used in his arrest

Manuel Ellis of Tacoma , Wash., died in part as a result of how he was restrained, according to the medical examiner, who concluded that his death was a homicide.

“Mr. Ellis was physically restrained as he continued to be combative,” the Tacoma Police Department said in a statement on Wednesday.Detective Troyer said he did not know all the details of the restraint the officers used — they were not wearing body cameras — but said he did not believe they used a chokehold or a knee on Mr. Ellis’s neck. They rolled him on his side after he called out, “I can’t breathe.”

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“The main reason why he was restrained was so he wouldn’t hurt himself or them,” Detective Troyer said. “As soon as he said he couldn’t breathe, they requested medical aid.”Detective Troyer said the call for aid came four minutes after the officers encountered Mr. Ellis.

Mr. Ellis was still breathing when medical personnel arrived, Detective Troyer said. He was removed from handcuffs while personnel worked on him for about 40 minutes, Detective Troyer said. He was then pronounced dead.Family members said Mr. Ellis was the father of an 11-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter. He was a talented musician at his church. Ms. Carter-Mixon said Mr. Ellis was like a father figure to her boys, coaching them on things like how handle themselves to keep safe in a world of racial injustices.

“My heart literally hurts,” she said. “It’s painful. My brother was my best friend.”On Wednesday night, she and others held a vigil in Tacoma.Brian Giordano, a close friend of Mr. Ellis, said that the two usually spoke several times a day and that Mr. Ellis had videochatted with him two hours before his death. He had been excited about a church service he had attended and proud of how he had played drums during the service, Mr. Giordano recalled.

He said it would be uncharacteristic of Mr. Ellis to act in the violent way described by the police.He was living in a clean-and-sober house and was getting his life back together, he said. “He was always uplifting,” Mr. Giordano said. “He was always on the up-and-up about taking care of people.”

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Just sad, but black people are wrong for protesting to live SpeakforLynn How surprising 🙄🙄🙄🤬 vegix shaunking Whoever reviewed this incident at the time and found no problem with it, need to be sacked as well. brat2381 Welp. Here we go again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Will this shit ever end? ava Well it’s so sad we have to wait for what we already know.

Any names and photos of the racist pigs who did this? Is there video recording of this incident like the officers body cameras? If not don't hold your breath. Their account will stand. Damn! Laurie_Garrett Are the coroners, who clearly are falsifying evidence, going to start getting charged also? Damn Phil, pushing for more racial division...? This starting to look like a call for Marshall Law rather than let's change the system. You want to keep the looting and violence going I guess.... Good work Phil! I didn't follow you so I can see how bad you think police are.

UROCKlive1 Sounds sort of familiar. Got body cam video? MaryFabulous3 If someone is in handcuffs why do they need to be chokeholded? 'They were not wearing body cameras' - I thought body cameras were required for all police officers? So at least 3 on the scene, and no body cameras? No footage from the patrol cars?

Vallmeister Have those officers been charged and arrested for his murder? ☹️☹️☹️ SethAbramson When they gonna catch this 'oxygen deprivation' guy, or his buddy 'physical restraint'? SethAbramson NorahODonnell GayleKing DavidMuir LesterHoltNBC tommychong KingJames JeffreeStar joerogan If you’re going backwards in time to find black ppl who died of asphyxiation while in police custody will you also share non-blacks who were treated the same way? Will you continue the reporting eqiv of push polling to make police brutality a blacklifematters thing & / ppl more

Lexxi_Kitty What would Sen.Tom Cotton have to say about this? You should hire him. And I thought the Coronavirus was an epidemic... Apparently police murdering black men is too. Words matter. You should be ashamed of yourselves You mean killed, get it right and have some integrity 😭😭STOP All KNEE NECKING GEORGE FLOYD, Indigenous, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran,Libya, Serbia,Yugoslavia,Lebanon, Palestine,Bolivia,Chile,Korea,Vietnam,Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela👺👺Famine, Health, Education, Refugee, Planet, JULIAN ASSANGE✊🏻✊🏻

ava There are so many more and still the police who did it are left to roam the streets to do it again! reform dismantlethepoliceunions morewomeningovernment Put this on your Op-Ed page instead of that racist Tom Cotton. metaquest We are not surprised. GeorgeTakei So - are you ready yet to retract that despicable 'Send in the troops' opinion piece by Tom Cotton? How many deaths will it take for you to stop both-siding?!? 🤬

Is it really a coincidence that poor people are having serious problems in liberal cities? Race is being used as a weapon to keep money flowing to liberal leaders that then create these situations to drive even more money their way. “Was killed.” “Physical restraint that was used.” This is an embarrassment.

ABFalecbaldwin Bullshit. Say His Name: ManuelEllis Also tested positive for covid 19, which could had played a role in his death. This only matters now that the charges where raised to murder 2. The case is going to be so much harder to prove. Really wish the DA would had waited, would be terrible if he is freed because of this

Stoking the flames much? March?! Do better. HORROR!!! So strangulation is the most efficiently method to kill a black man, the unofficial white cop manual would suggest. GeorgeTakei The police didn’t suffocate to death this white guy who committed rape (& found guilty) when they were arresting him, but COLORED PEOPLE are suffocated to DEATH for presumed crimes...both men were well beyond drunk & high as a kite (assumed)...RealCandaceO, do you get it?

The American militia movement, a breeding ground for hate, is pulling in cops on Facebook RoArquette Who knew? I attended his vigil last night. It was a big crowd, very peaceful, well organized, with an amazing performance by a Native American group to conclude the event. Glad I went. COPID19 GeorgeTakei So, he was murdered, New York Times. It's, unfortunately, a perfectly acceptable word in this case

GeorgeTakei There are accurate data and factual information available just from the number of deaths due to law enforcement for the year 2019… I suggest you go and look at some of the statistics. You inflate and misrepresent data and information to support your narrative! Phil_Lewis_ And that is why it is time to hit these racist crooked officers right where it hurts... take they pension and lock them up. It is the only way to stop them from using accessive force which often leads to killing our black men.

Another man committing a crime, on meth with a bad heart and resisting again more like it. Cut the garbage, poor actions caused this not racism. are you think soooooooo😩 Phil_Lewis_ GovInslee I can not breathe, but I can plunder and destroy. So much hatred for the police will multiply more crime, everyone has their eyes on the police and they will not be able to do their job well for fear, perhaps they want an insecure country? idiots

While youre digging thru files to fuel unrest, how about digging for all the injustices to white, Chinese and Indians. By not mentioning, u act like they dont exist. true journalism reports on all races not just ones to sensationalize. SHAME ON U latimes maggieNYT NYGovCuomo GeorgeTakei This had better be for real!!

Maybe we get Tom Cotton to write an Op-Ed on his thoughts about this..🤔 Why is the new york time's making this about racism? It's about bad law enforcement tactics and bad policies. Also where was the democratic party and the media last year the year before that or 4 years ago? This is about the election!

Great! Now do Epstein How long until the op Ed telling us why this was okay? You know, so we hear both sides. GeorgeTakei CNN I work in mental health, where physical restraining is almost a daily occurrence. Have these Police Depts not been taught what excited delirium and postural hypertension is? It's restraining 101.

Demgirl50 Police erupt in violence nationwide. GeorgeTakei Great research and tweet . Let’s keep the riots going ? Garbage GeorgeTakei NoJusticeNoPeace It’s sad that ppl have to die before anything is being done ✅ 💔 RandPaul Senator, we need anti lynching legislation. Please support the bill. NoJusticeNoPeace

I can't breathe with Trump... Keep stoking nyt you’re almost t November Surprise surprise he was on meth and fighting the cops beforehand lmao Let’s stoke more flames New York Times. NYT how about telling the world that every police station that have deaths are all Democrats States and have been for years ...tell that side of your corrupted media

No body cameras👎, cameras defend the actions of the officer, and also hold them accountable, we need evidence not accounts that prove biased, evidence 👍✌️🇺🇸 bicycleman0402 How many will die till the end? Six billion? Fuel that fire. GeorgeTakei Another city run by libs. What's up with these democrat controlled police forces?

So no moral equivalence. JAMES BENNETT'S defense of TOM COTTON's First class seat platform by the Nytimes is sickening, devious and abhorrent. Classic attempts to disguise inherent deep seated racism, bigotry and hate. James Bennett of is a disgrace to humanity. As a NYT writer I absolutely stand in opposition to that Tom Cotton 'editorial,'' she wrote. 'We are well served by robust and ideologically diverse public discourse that includes radical, liberal, and conservative voices.' Pleaseeeeee

Thank you for inciting more violence LoveNotHate HopeOverFear ...The way of physical strain should be removed.. Oh my God. These criminal and murder Nazi policemen again? Unbelievable. The USA does not have any ethical authority to blame other dictatorships like North Korea or Venezuela yashar Captain Dorn Died Gunshot During Riot stealing Television

EliotHiggins 💚✊ We need to fight to abolish police at this point. GeorgeTakei Why did the Asian cop just stand there and do nothing? Omg another many more? How many black soldiers died from fake WMD stories Who has been arrested? 😞 How come you all never report on the people of other races who the police kill like this ?

David Dorns life mattered. Too bad his life didn't matter to everyone It's almost like it's a systemic issue that's been rooted in the authorities for a long time now! Oh great try to stir up more people are so low Omicidio di Stato He died from the Corona Virus Arrest season So you are telling us it's a structural and systematic issue? We didn't know...

So still going to keep that ‘on the art of killing black people in the name of fascism’ piece. V cool and great. You speak from both sides of your mouth, to both sides of the country Washington last I checked is a blue state. Notice anything about police violence?

LGBTQ community calls for justice after black trans man shot and killed by policeWhat about DavidDorn ? Ok what about the eight black men that were shot in Baltimore a few hours ago on Sunday morning? Stop with the niche and go for the gold!!!!!!!

DC Man Rahul Dubey Shelters 70 Protesters In His Home from Cops“He deserves everything he wants in this life and more” said one of the men who took shelter in Dubey’s home (via toofab) TooFab Sounds an awful lot like when the forward thinking Germans sheltered the Jews from persecution. TooFab Sound like a slavery story. TooFab Peaceful protestors

Man speaks out after opening home to DC protesters overnightAndrea Mitchell is joined by Rahul Dubey, who opened his door to shelter protesters overnight after they were corralled by police officers and pepper sprayed on a DC street. Dubey describes scenes of 'absolute mayhem and horror' on the streets that prompted him to give protesters 'sanctuary' overnight. TERRIBLE 'At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids. '

Prosecutors delay case against man who drove into crowdThe case against a man who drove his semitrailer into a crowd of protesters on a closed Minneapolis freeway has been delayed pending further investigation, prosecutors said Tuesday. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement Tuesday that the case against the man has been deferred and that Should have never been jailed in the first place.. Their is no justice anymore is fucking sad! String. Him. Up.

George Floyd's son speaks at memorial: 'No man or woman should be without their fathers' George Floyd 's son, Quincy Mason Floyd, and family Attorney Ben Crump visit the site of George Floyd 's death in Minneapolis. “Quincy...had long been estranged from his father. He said he last saw George Floyd when he was 4 or 5 years old. 'I didn't recognize who it was until mom called and told me. She said, 'Do you know who that guy was?' I said no,' he said. 'She said, 'That's your father.''” are you gonna skip over the fact he forgot his script?

Man Shelters Over 70 Protesters Fleeing Arrest in His Washington HomeRahul Dubey opened his Washington, D.C., home on Monday to more than 70 protesters who were trying to avoid arrest for being breaking curfew. 'I don’t think what I did was anything special,” he said. “If it is, we have a ton of work to do in this country.” Did he have enough toilet paper and was everyone social distancing? When is this gonna end! Will it end! I know this is serious! But if USA collapse now, it will be collapse of entire world! Still there are few years before starting the BRICKS bank Take down racist SenTomCotton and his opinion piece in the