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Amy McGrath Defeats Charles Booker and Will Face McConnell in Kentucky

Amy McGrath narrowly won Kentucky’s Senate Democratic primary, defeating a progressive rival, Charles Booker, to take on Mitch McConnell in November

6/30/2020 7:26:00 PM

Amy McGrath narrowly won Kentucky ’s Senate Democratic primary, defeating a progressive rival, Charles Booker , to take on Mitch McConnell in November

Ms. McGrath, who raised over $40 million, won the Democratic primary by narrowly holding off a candidate who had harnessed energy from the protests over racial injustice.

Credit...Ryan C. Hermens/Lexington Herald-Leader, via Associated PressByJune 30, 2020,12:18 p.m. ETWASHINGTON — Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot who built a formidable campaign war chest, emerged Tuesday as the Democratic nominee to take on Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, fending off a challenge from the left that highlighted the party’s ideological divisions.

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One week after the primary was conducted,The Associated Press declared Ms. McGrath the winnerafter a campaign that was shaped by the coronavirus pandemic and protests against racial injustice. She narrowly defeated Charles Booker, an African-American state lawmaker who harnessed anger over a pair of fatal shootings by the authorities in Louisville to roar into contention in the final weeks of the campaign.

Ms. McGrath, though, had raised over $40 million by the start of June and built up a sizable advantage even before Primary Day because many voters cast absentee ballots to avoid the polls and the risk of contracting the coronavirus. It was not clear until Tuesday that she had won because a number of Kentucky counties waited to ensure they had counted their many mailed-in ballots before releasing results.

She will face an uphill contest against Mr. McConnell, the Senate majority leader, in a state that President Trump carried by about 30 points four years ago.Mr. Booker, too, would have found a race against Mr. McConnell difficult. In choosing Ms. McGrath, however, Kentucky Democrats are hewing to a careful course, putting forth a well-funded political moderate with military credentials in a red state.

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voter supression MLCzone I’m not terribly confident either one would take down Mitch due to the political demographics of KY. I’m incredibly confident Booker would NOT do it. Here’s hoping Dems help her pull out a victory in Nov. Vote him out! MitchMcConnellMustGO A well deserved victory. Charles has a movement behind him. She has the Dem Party Machine.

realDonaldTrump remains winning with such candidates... Democratic establishment just won reelection for Mcconnell. Long live the one party system. Congratulations to Mitch McConnell for keeping his seat in November. What a disappointment. Yet another conservative Democrat nominee What's that called again when you do the same thing over and over and over expecting a different result? Looking at you, Deomcratic 'leadership'...

Rigged. The DNC got what they wanted: Mitch McConnell to use to continue grifting and fleecing the Vote Blue No Matter Who crowd for the next six years. This country is irredeemably stupid, unendingly corrupt. Voter suppression, works every time 😞 Nytimes calling it pretty much confirms it was rigged.

Now win against Mitch. Routing for you, north of the border. Ditch the botch. Moscow Mitch must go FUCK Progressives will reconsider that Mail in ballot shit now. VoterFraud What's the point to elect a female Joe manchin when she's going to be a DINO?! Lies! This is the most depressing thing I've seen since Bernie got screwed. Good luck Amy, the corporate owned Democrat. Such a farce. Jesus, what a nightmare.

Thanks my times. But it's the people of Kentucky that decide who 'won' the primary...and it wasn't McGrath. lol there goes any shot of beating mitch She’s just another Joe Manchin fraud, a Republican in Democratic sheep’s clothing... a Pro-Kavanaugh Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Corporate Lobby purchased Sell-out

Amy, kick ass and take no prisoners!!!! Disappointing, but people need to still try to get out the vote for her. Damn. I hope the people who were excited for Booker come out and vote. Ugh. Why can’t the Dem party learn from their mistakes?! Wow!! I guess there is appeal in a pro-trump Democrat in Kentucky. Either that or all that voter suppression worked

Wow, this is great news for pro Trump Democrats everywhere. Mitch mcconnell is an 80 year old dinosaur and the biggest trump enabler in the US Wow people are really butthurt about this. I don't understand how anyone thinks McGrath will lose to mich while booker, a progressive black Democrat would win in Kentucky. I feel like Amy has a better chance to beat Mitch.

Gross. Kentucky is a red state anyways. They will shoot themselves in the foot all day. So it doesn’t matter. yeah she’s gonna lose This is straight up bullshit. 😞 Gross. Seriously, f*ck ya'll Karens and Gregs Yay....... Whelp donors just got what they paid for, another win for Mitch and keeping the status quo. I mean this with all my being, FUCK the DNC and other like minded centrists during this unpresidented time of crisis.

Just like Biden all you had to do is hide in your basement and have the Clintonistas steal the inconvenient ballots for you. At this point I want McConnell gone; so Amy it is. She did not win She needs to embrace Booker to build a coalition. It would be hard for a progressive to beat McConnell in Kentucky, but Booker has good ideas and can work together with Amy to finally take down Mitch.

You might as well just announce McConnell's re-election right now. Boooo! Very cool Meh, there goes any chances we had for mitch leaving McGrath upsets obstructionist McConnell to become the next senior Senator from KY, and two years later Booker sends Rand Paul home to become the next junior Senator from KY to complete the revolution.

If AmyMcGrathKY DNC leadership had any integrity at all she would have dropped out. She is not qualified. She terrorized & bombed innocent civilians for a living. Same thing McConnell has been doing for decades. Funny how black lives never actually seem to matter to Democrats when it comes to giving them political power.

Congrats Kentucky! You got yourself another 6 years of Mitch McConnell. That old turtle will die in office. AmyMcGrathKY has ZERO chance of defeating an incumbent with as much power as McConnell. Especially if you have the appeal of a rotten banana. AM has to show she learns- invite Booker to private “summit”, emerge with a refresh of candidacy. SM can still claim moderate mantel (ya da ya), redefined as an ally. Many votes were timing -if she can win she can position Booker for Congr and use unique Wh nerdiness promote COC

Now its time to squash Bitch McConnell!! I'm going to laugh so hard when Amy McGrath loses to Mitch McConnell by double digits. No matter how bad the Republican, the Democrats find a way to lose BookerWouldHaveWon against Mitch McConnell This means the turtle gets another term She’s a great candidate for Kentucky and has a very real chance of defeating a very unpopular MoscowMitch

Booker was in the streets marching while Amy was collecting checks from wealthy donors. Super happy!!!! Excellent news!! She’s going to beat McConnell!! She is!!! Kentucky deserves better than MoscowMitch Rigged. Well that sucks Congratz to both Amy and Charles! Let’s kick the Mitch out this November!! The DNC and its corporate donors have spoken. It's time to answer their claim that you have no other choice and punish them. VoteGreen VoteYourValues

Another dem pushing out a progressive. This is a win for the establishment and corporate democrats who are scared of the progressive ideology. Recount It’s simple, they would rather get a white peer into the senate than a black peer no matter their political view. Great news! Bullshit. The DNC cooked the numbers.

She's great. Make her queen. Either are fine. Both are enormous improvements over Moscow Mitch. Shake hands (figuratively) and fight the real enemy. ew That's disappointing. I guess Dems like having McConnel around Hope she learned and moves to the left a bit BettyBuckley HALLELUJAH!!!! Now, time to beat McConnell...

A trump democrat...yay Booker 😭😭😭😭❤️ It's not over yet ya geniuses Congrats AmyMcGrathKY ! Yay!!! Good for her. Dammit Noooooooo 😭😭 Gawddamnit I'm tired of voting for these 'democratic' Republicans. Step down and clear the path for Booker4KY !! This sucks. I don't see her beating the turtle. She's not beating Mitch.... Booker would have had a real shot.

I think in the long run, come election time, she’ll have better odds of beating MoscowMitch Have fun enjoying losing by 15 then AmyMcGrathKY go Amy!!!!! The fact that she narrowly won doesn’t bode well for her chances come November. One step closer to giving the boot to MoscowMitchMcConnell! Congrats to Amy McGrath!

Fuck that. Keeping putting up centrists and keep losing. Ugh. No problem, Charles Booker is set up to defeat Sen Rand Paul on the next go around... Voting out Mitch McConnell is just as important as voting out Donald Trump - this is one of the most important elections in our history & I am confident that Amy McGrath will give Mitch McConnell a run for his money this November.

Damn. Welp. Looks like McConnell is going to win again because the establishment democrats backed an awful candidate. I’m sending every positive wave ur way! Fingers and toes crossed She won't beat Mitch!

Charles Booker, Amy McGrath neck-and-neck in Kentucky Senate Democratic primary raceUPDATE: In the Kentucky Senate Democratic primary race, Booker trails McGrath by a margin of just over 2,400 votes, with 81% of the state's precincts reporting Tuesday morning. I am supporting Amy McGrath! Count was probably rigged

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Kentucky Democrats to learn party's pick to take on Republican Mitch McConnell Kentucky voters will learn on Tuesday which Democrat will challenge Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November: Black progressive Charles Booker , or establishment favorite Amy McGrath. Why the long face Droopy? Gobble gobble turkey neck It is surprising and disappointing to me that so many people think that it would be better to have a black MAN win than a white WOMAN - last time I knew, women are still disadvantaged in a myriad of ways in the public sphere. But may whoever wins beat McConnell in the end.

Charles Booker, Amy McGrath neck-and-neck in Kentucky Senate Democratic primary raceUPDATE: In the Kentucky Senate Democratic primary race, Booker trails McGrath by a margin of just over 2,400 votes, with 81% of the state's precincts reporting Tuesday morning. I am supporting Amy McGrath! Count was probably rigged