Amid Insults and Interruptions, Sanders Absorbs Burst of Attacks in Debate

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Elizabeth Warren tried to counter Bernie Sanders by casting herself as the more accomplished progressive in Tuesday's Democratic debate

2020 Election, Primaries


Elizabeth Warren tried to counter Bernie Sanders by casting herself as the more accomplished progressive in Tuesday's Democratic debate

In a messy Democratic forum, Bernie Sanders , the emerging front-runner, faced his most serious test so far. Michael R. Bloomberg also drew withering criticism.

Updated 11:37 p.m. ET CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Democratic presidential candidates delivered a barrage of criticism against their party’s emerging front-runner, Senator Bernie Sanders, at a debate on Tuesday night, casting him as a divisive figure with unrealistic ideas, even as they continued to batter the billionaire centrist Michael R. Bloomberg for his extreme wealth, his record on policing and his alleged behavior toward women. Mr. Sanders, in his first debate since a smashing victory in the Nevada caucuses last weekend, cut a combative but perhaps not a commanding figure, firmly defending his left-wing agenda on subjects like health care and foreign policy against attacks from all sides. The forum plunged repeatedly into an unsightly spectacle of flailing hands and raised voices, and even outright chaos, with candidates talking over one another and the moderators struggling and failing at times to direct an orderly argument. But Mr. Sanders said little that seemed intended to ease the concerns of Democrats who do not share his views or who worry that they could be politically damaging to the party, and the debate underscored a set of vulnerabilities that are likely to shadow him for as long as the race lasts, and perhaps into the general election. In one striking exchange, Mr. Sanders addressed his record of praising some accomplishments of the Castro government in Cuba by intensifying his denunciations of past American foreign policy, invoking what he called malign intervention in countries like Chile and Iran. Mr. Sanders had highly skeptical Democrats sharing the stage in Charleston, some of them fighting fiercely for political survival. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is counting on South Carolina to resuscitate his presidential candidacy, challenged Mr. Sanders on his comments about Cuba and his opposition to certain forms of gun control in an insistent performance that reflected the urgent stakes for his campaign. Mr. Biden’s determined focus on South Carolina was apparent from the early moments of the debate. He vowed to win the state outright; delivered a lengthy attack on Tom Steyer, a billionaire investor who has spent freely there to woo black voters away from Mr. Biden; and, in the final minutes of the forum, abruptly pledged to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. And when Mr. Sanders invoked former President Barack Obama, arguing that he had gone no further in praising the Cuban system than Mr. Obama did during a visit there, Mr. Biden took issue with that characterization and indicated he had discussed it recently with Mr. Obama himself. Indeed, Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama spoke on Tuesday before the debate, a person briefed on the conversation said. “I never say anything about my private conversations with him,” Mr. Biden said. “But the fact of the matter is, he, in fact, does not, did not, has never embraced an authoritarian regime and does not now.” For the first time, Mr. Sanders, a Vermont liberal, also drew pointed criticism from his fellow progressive, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts: After spending 14 months as a candidate avoiding direct confrontation with Mr. Sanders, Ms. Warren opened the debate by questioning his record of policy achievements and presenting herself as a candidate who shared his ideas but “would make a better president.” But it was not clear by the end of the debate that any one opponent stood apart from the pack as the most successful rival to Mr. Sanders, and time is running short for anyone to do so. If Mr. Biden is counting on a surge of support from black voters in South Carolina this weekend to propel him back into contention nationally, the rest of the pack has an even less certain path forward. They are charting a coast-to-coast scramble for delegates that has left once-surging candidates, like former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, falling back on a range of guerrilla tactics to stay competitive. Image Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., right, invoked the 2015 massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston to confront Senator Bernie Sanders for his mixed record on guns. Credit... Erin Schaff/The New York Times It was Mr. Sanders who came in for the roughest night: Mr. Buttigieg warned that nominating Mr. Sanders would not only cost Democrats their chance to capture the White House, but also jeopardize their majority in the House and their chance of taking the Senate. Pointing to the congressional Democrats elected in 2018, Mr. Buttigieg told Mr. Sanders, “They are running away from your platform as fast as they possibly can.” Mr. Bloomberg joined in, saying of Mr. Sanders: “Can anybody in this room imagine moderate Republicans going over and voting for him?” As he has done throughout the campaign, Mr. Sanders dismissed the warning about his ability to win over moderates by pivoting to what he views as a strength: his largely untested ambition to drive up voter turnout among constituencies that already lean toward the Democratic Party. “If you want to beat Trump,” he said, “what you’re going to need is an unprecedented grass-roots movement of black and white and Latino, Native American and Asian, people who are standing up and fighting for justice.” Mr. Biden, fighting for survival in the state on which he has staked his candidacy, delivered perhaps the most searing critique of Mr. Sanders, invoking the 2015 massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church here in Charleston to confront Mr. Sanders for his mixed record on guns. “Nine people shot dead by a white supremacist,” Mr. Biden said, then rebuked Mr. Sanders for his past opposition to waiting periods for gun purchasers: “I’m not saying he’s responsible for the nine deaths, but that man would not have been able to get that weapon if the waiting period had been what I suggest.” The former vice president demonstrated more vigor than at many of the previous debates, when he often seemed somnolent. He sprinkled local references into his comments, sought to interject even when he was not called on and complained when he felt he was not given enough time. Mr. Sanders and Mr. Bloomberg both answered their critics somewhat sparingly, choosing a handful of attacks to parry without delivering point-by-point rebuttals. Mr. Sanders acknowledged that he had taken stances on guns in the past that he later came to regret. And he responded forcefully to an attack by Mr. Bloomberg claiming that the Russian government was seeking to buoy Mr. Sanders’s campaign, citing Mr. Bloomberg’s past laudatory remarks about President Xi Jinping of China. Addressing the Russian head of government, Mr. Sanders declared, “Hey Mr. Putin, if I’m president of the United States, trust me, you’re not going to interfere.” Most of all, Mr. Sanders insisted from start to finish that, contrary to the claims of his Democratic critics, his ideas were far from “radical,” and pointed abroad for evidence that even his most ambitious proposal — “Medicare for all” — is a mainstream idea in many other countries. “In one form or another,” Mr. Sanders said of his policies, “they exist in countries all over the world.” Mr. Sanders was also pressed about his comments on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday praising the literacy programs enacted by Fidel Castro in Cuba. Plainly irritated, he said he had denounced all authoritarian governments but repeatedly returned to a broad denunciation of American aggression in Latin America and the Middle East. Mr. Buttigieg used the moment to again raise his claim that Mr. Sanders would be a general election disaster, suggesting that Democratic candidates would be asked why their standard-bearer “is telling people to look at the bright side of the Castro regime.” On display, too, was Ms. Warren’s dual challenge as she fights for national momentum ahead of next week’s Super Tuesday contests: On the one hand, she is plainly eager to keep up a battle against Mr. Bloomberg that has delighted her supporters and reinvigorated her candidacy. At the same time, she must contend, perhaps more urgently, with the fast and formidable rise on the left of Mr. Sanders — a force she tried to counter by casting herself as a more accomplished progressive. She pointed to their shared history of battling Wall Street: “In 2008, we both got our chance,” Ms. Warren said, “but I dug in, I fought the big banks, I built the coalitions and I won.” For the second consecutive debate, Mr. Bloomberg visibly sighed and rolled his eyes as Ms. Warren assailed his variegated political history and demanded fuller disclosure from Mr. Bloomberg’s company about its treatment of women. Mentioning his history of giving large campaign contributions to Republicans, Ms. Warren said, “The core of the Democratic Party will never trust him.” “He has not earned their trust — I will,” Ms. Warren said, noting that Mr. Bloomberg had opposed her own campaign for the Senate in 2012. Mr. Bloomberg tried to pivot away from Ms. Warren’s criticism to make an argument about his own experience, alluding to his role taking over New York City after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. “I have the experience, I have the resources and I have the record,” Mr. Bloomberg said, “and all of the sideshows that the senator wants to bring up have nothing to do with that.” But as in the debate last week, Mr. Bloomberg’s loose phrasing offered Ms. Warren the chance to throw a hard counterpunch: What Mr. Bloomberg called a “sideshow,” she said, involved matters as serious as pregnancy discrimination. Mr. Bloomberg, clearly seeking to recover from his lackluster debate performance, offered a series of well-rehearsed lines to try to demonstrate more aptitude for the medium. Some of them fell flat, including the one about how he was amazed that the other “contestants” all showed up after he had done “such a good job last week.” Mr. Bloomberg is not on the ballot in South Carolina on Saturday, but his strength as a candidate in the Super Tuesday primaries next week may depend in large part on whether he can maintain a solid bloc of support among black voters, or whether African-American voters who have drifted away from Mr. Biden over the past month return to his side in the coming days. Asked directly about his support from black voters, the cornerstone of his coalition and a group that will make up over half of the Democratic electorate on Saturday, Mr. Biden projected confidence. “I will win the African-American vote here in South Carolina,” Mr. Biden said, taking care to note he was not taking their support for granted. “I’m here to ask. I’m here to earn it.” In a sign that Mr. Steyer was making inroads with South Carolina’s black voters, Mr. Biden also took on the billionaire and first-time candidate, noting that Mr. Steyer had invested in private prisons that “hogtied young men.” Stung by the attack, Mr. Steyer said he had sold his stock in private prisons, then sought to highlight Mr. Biden’s support for the hard-line 1990s crime bill. But Mr. Biden interrupted him and tagged him with a new nickname for changing his mind on private prisons: “Tommy Come Lately.” Still, Mr. Bloomberg was clearly the secondary target of the night. Ms. Klobuchar also confronted Mr. Sanders, boring in on him over his expansive policy proposals and the risk they said he would pose. “The math does not add up,” said Ms. Klobuchar, arguing that Mr. Sanders’s agenda amounted to “a bunch of broken promises that sound good on bumper stickers.” When Mr. Sanders was able to defend himself, he cited studies indicating that “Medicare for all will save money.” But before long he was facing more incoming from Mr. Bloomberg, who called the long-term consequences of a Sanders nomination and Trump re-election a “catastrophe.” Jonathan Martin reported from Charleston, and Alexander Burns from New York. Our 2020 Election Guide Read more: The New York Times

Last place but go off I agree. And that's why amyklobuchar should get the hell out of the race and endorse a candidate who has a chance in hell of being elected in November. She’s gangster, Italian mafia status. You from jeursee? Trump is not tearing my Country apart. It's you and those that dislike Trump and want him out of office at any cost to my Country. You are the perps that are causing the problems. Shed off your hatred and work for me and fellow Americans. I'm tired of learning of all the shams.

She is resorting to fear in a last ditch attempt to become relevant. Lively debate is exactly what we need right now. He's Coming For Ur'll. Well she should begin leading by example... The irony is that her staying in with no chance is tearing her party apart. Trump will definitely spend the next four years tearing our country apart: let’s just not have him do it as President.

the status quo has failed us for too long (and that’s both sides of it). while change will be gradual, it doesn’t mean that we can’t shoot our shot and push for real actual change. miss amyklobuchar, JoeBiden, MikeBloomberg, and PeteButtigieg just offer more of the same.

Amid newly solidified front-runner status, Bernie Sanders poised to be top target at debate Bernie Sanders ' competitors have sharpened their attacks on the Vermont senator, questioning his electability in the lead-up to Tuesday night's debate in South Carolina. People with no support arguing about electability. they’ll do anything to stop bro 😄 Stupid nonsense. Ones w electability problems old joe and old mike

What a stupid comment, , she made many clear comments as to her positions, both women were more rational than the hysterical guys Amy and Elizabeth need 2B a little more self-less, quit talking about themselves so much, focus on the ppl, rather than themselves! Either 'on' or 'over' should be deleted from 'boring in on over his expansive policy proposals.' In the second picture, you have three spaces mid-sentence between two words. jmartNYT alexburnsNYT

She would be great. No doubt Weird. I Love Sen A. Klobuchar; always have. I believe in B. Sanders views...always have.. I still love Amy too & think she's make a fine President too. Pres Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar? Who to choose? such fine amazing leaders. Guess with the wealth gap..Bernie Sanders is best.

- Sometimes i forget you guys half endorsed her, what an all time clown move Can anyone name one President who won election because he passed more laws than the opponent? When you run for President, people don't care how many laws you have helped passing. They care if you can steer the country into the right direction.

What is it that you want trump to do for America? Can this confirmed-psycho-who-only-gets-votes-from-white-people gtfo already? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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She said this 20 seconds after attacking Sanders. So... it was more of a 'wtf' moment for me. you guys are such weirdos that seems kinda obvious. who's the president of Mexico again? So lame Cause none of us REAL Democrats want a Socialist Revolution! We know U can't give ppl free daycare, housing, medicare, education!

Messy? Dumpster fire This could have been said on this debate. CBS kinda did a poor job with this debate.. I am glad PeteButtigieg made a couple of great points about Bernie.. In my opinion, we don't need 4 more years of the 'good' version of trump. We need fresh, new, and unifying. NEW MUSICAL COMEDY A new musical comedy has debuted on Broadway: 'Bye Bye Biden: This Dog Won't Hunt'. DemDebate Relegalize Marijuana Cannabis Pot

In Obama's 1st 2 years, of his 1st term, Democrats held all 3 branches. Why didn't Democrats fix any and all of their complaints then?

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Bernie rocked it while the other candidates all looked desperate. So much cringe... polls showing Dems ahead of Trump are approval rating polls and only indicate how much less popular each Dem candidate is than the, say, 54 to 46 split. So Bernie, less known, is roughly 5 - 7 pts worse than no candidate, Biden 3-5 pts worse, etc. 1/

Trump wins 40 states against any one of this motley crew. I agree. Where I see Bernie as an effective activist, I see warren as an effective executive. BernieIsTheFrontRunner It didn't work. She is, if you look at her record. Aside from that, I'm sick of crappy moderators & questions, esp the focus on domestic issues. How would candidates repair our strained alliances? Or combat foreign election interference? Deal w Putin's aggression? NK? China? Iran? Nuclear arms?

The only person had a chance to beat trump is Bloomberg and that is a fact, Elizabeth& Amy , Pete have zero chance to get anywhere and they are wasting their time. Biden is making too many mistakes and doesn’t know what he is saying , Sanders policy towards Israel is a good one I still love you Liz but no. There's times where it's hard to even think of you as a progressive anymore. Still my 2 though

'This is different' — El-Erian warns against buying this pullback amid coronavirus fearsDisruptions to earnings and the economy from 'shock' events such as the coronavirus tend to stick around longer than more fundamental downturns, the Allianz chief economic advisor said. Anyone with a brain can understand that 1/8 of the population of the planet in quarantine in the world center of production will result in massive economic disruption for months or even years. Maybe he is short , he got the market wrong to many times before last time before last high when advice to go short or not buy and the market jumped to new high , so please till him stop to manipulate the market . You couldn't buy a pair socks

That's fine only if you stood by wat u beileved in So do I. The Warren from four months ago was progressive. This is Warren-Lite. President Bernie Sanders VP Elizabeth Warren President Bernie Sanders VP Elizabeth Warren President Bernie Sanders VP Elizabeth Warren That’s real funny 😄 Not one person on that stage stood out tonight and shined...Not One. The chaos was very telling. Where was the mediator when you needed one ? One thing for sure... Trumps team can use this debate as a political ad...yes, it was that bad.

She would I agree - why doesn't everyone? She would I would imagine people would do that when running for President.

Nine dead, more than 100 injured in New Delhi clashes amid Trump's visitAt least nine people, including one police officer, have been killed after violent clashes broke out in the Indian capital between hundreds of supporters and opponents of a new law that fast-tracks citizenship for non-Muslim minorities from select countries. Modi is biggest killer of the decade. BJP (RSS) given free hand to kill minorities and Indian army is killing kashmir's in kashmir. Modi_terrorist DelhiRiots CNN is fake news All across India, Modi radicalized Saffron terrorists are assaulting, raping and lynching Muslims with impunity. 200 million Muslims are at genuine risk of being ethnically cleansed!

Agree. Wish the 2 would stop using 'progressive' to describe old notions of humanitarianism. Sanders is right, he's not radical. It's time for Democrats to unite under the humanitarian banner to dump POTUS. HumanitarianDemocrats TheDemocrats ewarren BernieSanders CA_Dem 'Not Him. Me' Doesn't have quite the same ring to it..

BernieSanders is the only solution for American people She’s not wrong. Translation- Make me your running mate and I will get my shot. *tried* Weakest democratic field ive ever seen Progressive - Nazi and Fascism. You have to win an election first lol Good luck to her if she can beat him at the ballot, I'd be really impressed if she did and she would deserve the nom. But right now she is on the verge of losing her home state of MA.

She attacks Bernie and already is backing away from her progressive policies Bernie doesn’t attack her! She’s much better than the rest, but she’s no equivalent to Bernie

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I'm for Bernie, but what else could she or any other candidate say than that they think they'd make the best president? “Tried”? I’d say she was very effective at drawing a clear, if not obvious, distinction between the two of them. And Bernie would be President NOW if Warren didn't play neutral until after Hillary cheated her way to the nomination...

More like Bernie's yapping attack dog She’s definitely more accomplished. CFPB

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