A Run-In With An Unvaccinated Woman Has Me Rethinking How We Can End The Pandemic

There are more than two camps.

6/4/2021 3:58:00 PM

There are more than two camps.

'The 'I got vaccinated because I believe in science' and 'the vaccine contains a microchip' camps are not the only ones that exist.'

Guest WriterMediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images via Getty Images"There is a whole group of people who genuinely do not understand the danger presented by COVID and the protection that comes with a free vaccination," the author writes.

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After aCOVID-19quarantine that kept me from swimming laps at my gym for 15 months, I returned three weeks ago. Within minutes of getting into the pool, I had a run-in with a 30-something woman when I pointed to a sign saying the lane next to mine should be kept empty during the maskless huffing and puffing that comes with swimming laps.

As the woman pulled herself out of the closed lane, her twisted face told me she was not going to go graciously.“I guess you’re one of those people,” was what I heard as my head dipped below the water on my way to my next lap.I’ve never had the common sense to avoid an argument, so I stopped mid-stroke, turned around, and replied, “My sister’s best friend died of COVID at 38 and that’s a fate I want to avoid ... so, yeah, I’m definitely one of those people!” headtopics.com

She didn’t miss a beat: “I take my vitamins, so I don’t need to worry about COVID.”It’s a sad sign of the times, but my first thought wasas soon as this woman’s swim cap comes off, it’s going to be replaced with a MAGA hat.Over the next several weeks, I’ve encountered the same woman on almost every visit to the pool. Our interaction has been limited to me shooting her condescending looks ― if it’s possible to maintain an air of superiority while waiting for a swim lane at the age of 60, dripping wet, and wearing goggles, a rubber cap, and a swimsuit that refuses to hide a year of lockdown baking.

Then, last week, it happened. While we were each taking a quick break from swimming laps, she started to make her way toward me. I was grateful no one was in the pool with a cellphone to tweet what I anticipated was going to be an embarrassing screaming match between a half-naked former federal prosecutor and a Q-Anon conspiracy theorist with a “COVID’s a hoax” bumper sticker on her pickup truck.

Boy, was I wrong.She began with, “Hi, my name’s Cheryl.” Then, she offered to switch lanes with me because she knew I preferred the lane furthest away from people, due to my concerns about COVID. I thanked Cheryl for her offer and, during our conversation, I asked if she’d been vaccinated.

She hadn’t, for several reasons: She’d heard people were paying a lot of money for the vaccine and she could not afford it; every morning, she drank a green juice elixir that would protect her; she’d made it this long without getting sick; and if she thought about COVID too much, it would “manifest” itself by infecting her. headtopics.com

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I politely debunked Cheryl’s concerns, encouraged her to protect herself by getting vaccinated, and declined the invitation to swim in her lane for fear of the possible COVID cloud that may be hovering above it. But as I left the gym, it occurred to me that the “I got vaccinated because I believe in science” and “

the vaccine contains a microchip”camps are not the only ones that exist. Read more: HuffPost »

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I truly do not understand the “science believers” who don’t trust the vaccine. If you got the vaccine, why are you petrified of a possible “COVID cloud” hanging over the pool I don’t get it….. what EXACTLY do you think will happen if you encounter an unvaccinated person? There are no long-term studies with the COVID19 vaccination and this vaccination is certainly an anomaly amongst every other vaccination. You do you.

So if you want to do the vaccine that’s fine that’s your choice. But I’ll do me and you do you. I don’t need anyone telling me what’s best for me thank you. You stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours. Simple concept Trying to scare us into submission isn’t going to work on us. I’ve decided until the math is wrong and we slip way past the 98-99% survival rate and this vaccine has been proven no long term side effects (which it has not) I promise you no bribe or strong arm tactics will work.

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