A brand new game is deleting players' loot. This crap shouldn't be so normal.

The status quo is bad and needs to change.

4/12/2021 1:53:00 AM

The status quo is bad and needs to change.

'Outriders' is the latest game to show up on day one with issues that completely break the game. When did this get to be the norm?

Outridersand its troubled launch. By now it's an all-too-familiar story of a brand new release showing up on day one in rough shape. What's a gamer to do in these situations? Unfortunately, the only obvious option is typically"nothing."

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The game, fromBulletstormdeveloper People Can Fly, came out on April 1 with a host of problems trailing it. Glitches left many dealing with repeated crashes. Server issues kept players offline for hours at a time. When they finally did get online, people started to ask, understandably, why such a story-driven and seemingly offline-friendly game required an always-online connection — a question that People Can Fly still hasn't adequately answered, it should be said.

But the biggest issue by far is a nasty technical hiccup that, under certain, not entirely clear circumstances, completely wipes out all the loot players have collected. Worse, the issue seems to be most prevalent among players who have reached the latest stages of the game and who, by extension, have spent the most time playing. headtopics.com

Outridersis an action-RPG that's a bit likeDestinymeetsDiablo. Which is to say, loot — namely, the weapons and armor you pick up along the way — is central to the DNA of this experience. You're meant to amass large piles of stuff, all color-coded by rarity, and then sort through everything in search of the stats and capabilities that best suit the character you're playing and the way you've built out their space magic powers.

No one's clear on exactly what causes the"delete your whole inventory" glitch. It may or may not be tied to the online matchmaking that occurs when you try to play with other people online. That's how it came for me.I was joining a multiplayer"Expedition," the major post-story activity for players to obsess over, and when my Outrider appeared in game he was stripped down to his underoos and his inventory was completely barren. According to Steam, I have 57.8 hours played in

Outriders. Everything picked up during those almost 60 hours was suddenly all gone.R.I.P. all of my sweet, sweet loot.Image: screenshot: people can flyPeople Can Fly was already overwhelmed dealing with all the other technical problems when the inventory glitch started making the rounds, a day or two post-release. When it finally did address the problem, the studio said the only thing it could:

We're sorry and we're working on a fix.Though the same update warned that it wouldn't be a total fix; lower-tier loot is likely lost for good, and worse, the gear that does get restored likely won't have the same stats it dropped at. In a game like this, driven by loot drops and an player efforts to create the most effective character"build," the promise of a semi-restored inventory isn't terribly exciting. This is the kind of game where you might sift through a dozen of the same gun in search of a perfect stat"roll." So reshuffled stats amount to progress lost. headtopics.com

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I'm not here to yell at People Can Fly over this. Yes, the studio bears responsibility for a technically broken game release, but reserve your frustration for the studio executives. Rank-and-file team members who are laboring to get fixes out deserve our appreciation and patience, especially after working through Easter weekend to get

OutridersThat said, weren't we just in this exact spot five months ago? WhenCyberpunk 2077arrived in Dec. 2020, it came, likeOutriders, after a long string of delays and it arrived in unacceptably poor shape, also like Read more: Mashable »

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For me it’s the 2k effect, I play a tonne of 2k, and that game is so incredibly micro transaction heavy and almost constantly broken that any game thats “one of purchase” can be broken to the point of unplayable and I let it go because it didn’t ask for any extra $ like 2k does