61 Passengers On 2 Flights From South Africa To Netherlands Tested Positive For COVID-19

Officials later confirmed that 13 had the omicron variant.

Covıd-19, South Africa

11/28/2021 5:59:00 PM

Officials later confirmed that 13 had the omicron variant.

Officials later confirmed that 13 had the omicron variant.

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How do you get that many in just two flights? Does nobody in South Africa wear masks or get vaccinated?

Omicron variant found in 13 passengers tested at Amsterdam airport Friday, Dutch authorities sayThe US, European Union and other major destinations have moved to block flights from African countries following the discovery of an aggressive mutation of the Covid-19 virus. Follow for the latest news updates. Kak man! Haha they didn’t test positive for the new virus since cool scare tactics Acosta maybe the planes and airports are now the issue?

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The Omicron variant is spreading across Europe with at least 13 cases identified in the NetherlandsAt least 13 people who got tested at Amsterdam Schiphol airport after traveling from South Africa on Friday have tested positive for the Omicron coronavirus variant, Dutch health authorities said on Sunday. Wait, so now the COVID test says which variant you have? I’m call BS! How are they testing for this variant, I wonder 🤔

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