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27 best Guy Fieri tweets of 2020, so far

At least we have @GuyFieri

7/5/2020 2:40:00 AM

At least we have GuyFieri

Guy continues to bring his own original flavor to Twitter.

2020-07-03 14:00:00 UTCLogging on in 2020 feels a little like staring straight into the hot blaze of a giant flaming dumpster fire. But noteverythingonline is bad.It can be tough to scroll through social media these days without succumbing to a deep sense of dread, so we're once again here to remind you that Guy Fieri's Twitter account exists and can offer you a little comfort and comic relief when the world feels overwhelming.

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Fieri has spent a good chunk of 2020helping restaurant workers who were financially impacted by the coronavirus, but he and his Knuckle Sandwich team haven't stopped cranking out some of the most delightful memes on Twitter.Here are 27 of Fieri's best tweets from 2020, so far. (We obviously expect more greatness to follow as the year continues and will keep you updated.)

1. Guy's first tweet of 2020, back when people still liked fireworks Read more: Mashable »

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GuyFieri Happy Fourth of July, Guy Fieri ! Have a wonderful day. Regards, Josie Cambron 🍷🍾🙏🇺🇸

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