Missing 73-year-old man last seen at Woodlands St 41, police appealing for information

Missing 73-year-old man last seen at Woodlands St 41, police appealing for information

23/1/2022 6:07:00 AM

Missing 73-year-old man last seen at Woodlands St 41, police appealing for information

Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to call the police hotline or submit information online.

Photo courtesy of Singapore Police Force.Rahmat was last seen in the vicinity of Block 437 Woodlands St 41 on Jan. 21.Those with information should come forward

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Pair of 11-year-old boys found dead in Upper Bukit Timah playground, police investigations ongoingPolice investigations ongoing. 🙏 🙏 RIP Omg..the playground itself looks like its in an unsafe place...this is really so saddening when we read it, imagine how bad it will be for their parents 💔 RIP 🙏🏽

Man, 48, arrested for alleged murder of his 11-year-old sons at Greenridge CrescentHe will be charged in court on Jan. 24. No, no. Oh my gosh! 😭 Crazy. Omg.

Police issue lookout message on man last seen at Greenridge Crescent after 2 brothers found dead on Jan. 21Update. Why so many people suddenly die? Scary My condolences to the family,it's very shocking as always that we thought it's safe...some individual have a non-stable and emotional thinking 🤔🤔🤔

Father of 11-year-old brothers found dead at Upper Bukit Timah arrested for alleged murderSINGAPORE: A 48-year-old man has been arrested for his suspected involvement in the death of his two 11-year-old sons, the police said in a news release late on Saturday (Jan 22). The police received a call for assistance by the man at a playground along Greenridge Crescent at 6.25pm on Friday. � It cld be he chickened out frm a suicide but he killed he kids instead. Ugh 🤬pls leave kids out of ur marital drama ありがとう Raising 2 autistic kids in SG is extremely stressful. Our gov should learn from Australia. They spend 20% of their gdp on social welfare. SG 5%. Australians are gracious because their gov is gracious. SG gov wants to enforce graciousness - fine those who do not return the tray.

Pair of 11-year-old boys found dead at Greenridge Crescent playground after call from father for assistance: PoliceSINGAPORE — Two 11-year-old brothers were found dead on Friday (Jan 21) night at a playground along Greenridge Crescent in Upper Bukit Timah, said the police.

Man arrested for alleged murder after 11-year-old sons found dead at Upper Bukit TimahThe siblings were found lying motionless near a playground at Greenridge Crescent on Friday evening where they were pronounced dead at the scene by a paramedic. Really sad news The father should not be charged for murder considering the incredible stress of raising 2 autistic sons, esp in Singapore where there is so little gov support. I m not here to judge him. I feel really really sorry for him. As a father, it is so difficult for him. I cannot imagine the mental stress he goes thru every day bringing up these 2 boys. We don't know the suffering he has been going thru.