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Officer who kicked Indigenous teen during arrest 'had a bad day', says NSW police boss

Officer who kicked Indigenous teen during arrest 'had a bad day', says NSW police boss

3/06/2020 2:44:00 AM

Officer who kicked Indigenous teen during arrest 'had a bad day', says NSW police boss

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says the officer filmed kicking an Indigenous teenager to the ground during an arrest in Sydney this week 'had a bad day', as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian condemns the incident.

Key points:The officer has been placed on restricted duties while the incident is investigatedThe boy's sister says the incident has left their family shaken and distraughtNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has also condemned the arrestThe incident, in which the officer kicked the 16-year-old's feet from beneath him before dumping the boy to the ground, is now the subject of an internal police investigation, to see whether excessive force was used.

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The teenager, who can't be named under NSW law, was arrested on Monday afternoon and was later treated at St Vincent's Hospital for minor injuries before being released without charge.Mr Fuller apologised to the boy and told radio station 2GB that the officer, who has been placed on restricted duties, could have handled the situation differently.

"Not for one minute am I saying the officer's actions were correct," he said."The fact that this officer doesn't have a chequered history and he has been in [the police force] for three and a half years, if the complaint is sustained against him, you would have to say he has had a bad day."

The police officer has been placed on restricted duties while the investigation takes place.(Supplied: Facebook)In the video of the incident, the teenager can be heard saying "I'll crack ya f**king jaw bro" before the officer walks over to him and restrains him.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott said he was "horrified" by the language the teenager used."I was just as disturbed about the threat from a young person to physically assault a police officer as I was with the response from the police officer," Mr Elliott said.

'We have a long way to go': BerejiklianThe teenager's sister, who cannot be named under NSW law, told triple j's Hack the footage made her angry and upset."When he came back home later that night, he was shaken up," she said.

"He was very sore this morning and he was distraught."Teenagers, they're lippy, but you don't just abuse children because they're lippy."When asked about the arrest, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian responded that "we still have a long way to go in our country".

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"What happened in the US is a good wake-up call for all of us, and I think that all of us have our hearts breaking as to what's happening in the United States," she said."And we have to ensure that we can do what we can in our own country to protect all of our citizens."

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Police shouldn’t be on the job if they are having a ‘bad day’ What about threat to break his jaw that was just as bad What a beat up. He should have been given 10 years jail for threatening a police officer He must be arrested soon. Racist action as gone so far now. Yeah the ‘threshold’ to have a bad day needs to be higher...... put him on reduced pay back at the police academy for 3 month of corrective education on probation with possible sack if found not suitable to wear the badge

Retail workers have more self restraint 🤡 Mick Fuller is a grub plain and simple. He supports his paramilitary force charging people with assault if they brush the sleeve of an officer but defends this vicous thuggery. When the NSWLabOpp become Government his head and his pension are up for grabs. FurherFuller

That teen had a worse one. Why aren’t cops oblivious to the behaviour of kids growing up in poor socio economic environments ? Rise above it, be the adult, & speak to him with authority not physical abuse. 🎵'Cause you had a bad day You're taking him down You beat up a kid just to turn it around You say you don't know You said 'he won't die' You go in the cruiser and you go for a ride You had a bad day The camera don't lie You assaulted a kid and we all know why Not a bad day🎵

Not as bad as the kid who was assaulted A bad day ? Having a bad day Not sure that will hold up in court if it was anyone else Just to add, don't think this is the first time he's used that tactic.. seemed seemlessly flawless🤔🤔 I have a lot of bad days, sometimes I'm really rude to people during them. Never kicked a child.

Micky luv bit dizzy with the pay rise,not the brightest answer mate,stand by him,or let him out to dry? Let ya get back to your shopping list,oh and please lock your car That’s an excuse!! It just makes things worse! Vile, ignorant racist thugs. Shurely there is no place in any police force, in any country with mindless racist views. There needs to be a massive clamp down re all police globally and very harsh justice for all of these decpicable mentally decfective lawless hooligans..

I think it was 'not one of the best days he has had' referring to his staff member - meaning nothing else but the exposure of him doing this made it a bad day. As if forgiven, it's not about the act just being publicly exposed that is the problem. We have a long way to go. ahhh yes i too assault indigenous children when i’m having a bad day

More over-reaction reporting. Wonder what the journo would report if that officer had done the same to an offender who had raped someone, or did an armed robbery or car jacking. The crook wasn’t complying so too bad for him !! As for everyone else, Calm the fuck down! But when workers have a “bad day” at work and abuse someone ... They get fired not excused for their actions... why do police get excused bc they have a badge and a uniform?

Fake news by the ABC Same excuse used by people who abuse their partners and children The things we can do when we are having a bad day!🤪😢 There was more than one officer. Did they all have a bad day together? Sack Fuller. If I had a bad day at work I did not go out into the street kicking people, throwing them to the ground & kneeling on them. Fuller's an idiot.

Maybe if the teen hadn't mouthed off and threatened to assault the police officer non of this would've happened. How about the teen take some responsibility for what happened?. Sooo if the secretary at the dentist whomped him with the keyboard would “I was having a bad day” fly? Would that stand up in court if a thug beat his wife?

I’ll be sure to remember next time I’m working in retail and hospitality that when a customer abuses or threatens me I can kick them I can call it “a bad day”, I bet I’ll get to keep my job 🙄🙄 Police Officer had a bad day. Take note all accused at court try that defence. Do you think it would hold up?

I was bought up on bad days at the hands of my DV father at night and bullying every day at primary school. And now I have bad days almost every day in my adult life. There is no excuse for this type of treatment to and from any human being. People and their power trips. Seriously if his back of the head hitting the concrete, that kid may have payers will pay compensation for this cops 'bad day'. Good opportunity to clear these police practices as criminal, cos power and gun takes only one incident to create a havoc

Stop fomenting division in Australia ..woops, ..I thought I was reading a 'MURDOCH' media report,... my bad If I have a bad day and kick someone who's mouthy, I get arrested for assault, but you know, protect and serve right? If I have a bad day at work, someone gets the wrong sandwich. If a cop has a bad day at work, innocent people get hurt or killed. Not an excuse.

the cop needs to be charged Sometimes I wish I could blame my violent and inappropriate behaviour on having a bad day. Unfortunately for me or fortunately for community, I have to refrain and be the better person. George Pell your a lucky man, you have been TRUMPED this year. ReignOfApril ***Sighs** bad day could lead to someone losing there life.. Police officer dont get it you are Paid Professional if you cant do the job go work fro amazon delivering packages

ReignOfApril Damn it being a POC/Black in America is the longest bad day you’ll ever have ! Suk my toes ! I'm guessing the teen he kicked thought he was having more than a bad day georgegalloway whitebrownyellowredlivesmattertoo “the sun was in my eyes” mick fuller saying the cop (and how has he still not been named) has a clean record means nothing when the record is opaque, when no cop has been charged for aboriginal deaths in custody.

If I had a bad day and kicked my child, they’d come and take her away from me. And they’d be right This should be taken to the extreme. It should be shown everywhere. It is what it is a cop abusing his power. What's the excuse? He had a bad day. Does that mean if I have a bad then I can fucķ someone up? Oh that right. I have to be a police officer to have that right.

We're all having a bad day because of this news can we kick some policemen please ? Lyme is useful for SO many things.......And hogs! Sometimes I use it in my hog pen for odor control. Yeah......lyme, and hogs. It's a good thing. What is there to investigate? He clearly assaulted him, he admits it. Charge him already? Investigation seems to be code for 'sweep it under the rug'

yeah, I think that kid's day was a bit f*cking worse Poor excuse! Imagine if every person who had a bad day decided to be physically aggressive with someone...... Young punk mouthed off he deserved it ! Kids need to show more respect towards police ambulance fire fighters etc.. end of the day they are the ones that have to clean up Murders suicides car accidents fires and witness things the average person would handle seeing!

Not quite, ABC: 'The fact that this officer doesn't have a chequered history and he has been in [the police force] for three and a half years, if the complaint is sustained against him, you would have to say he has had a bad day.'jamie86 SarahTtheWriter so thats a defence for child abuse 'kicked my kid because I lack the emotional maturity to handle life?'

'a bad day' is when you're running late, your car won't start, and the trains are delayed. 'a bad day' is not an excuse to assault someone. Then he should have a worse day and be locked up for assault Can I use that excuse? Or only cops can I've had bad days. I've overreacted to minor things. But I'm not in a position of power. If you can't handle some sassback, you shouldn't have any power over anyone. He needs to be fired.

He was doing his job. If only i can kick minors when i'm having a bad day 💔 Sorry, WHO had a bad day, in this situation? Nope, thats a fascist lie, because. I'm a teacher. If I had a bad day and slapped a student, I would be charged with assault and lose my teachers license. What about the teen? His day wasn’t great either 🙄 maybe he should now go and kick the shit out of a few coppers because according to Mick the dick it’s not a problem to assault people if you’re having a bad day

Oh piss off hope he dies ❤️ No, that teen had a bad. That officer's an abject failure at his job and has no business keeping it. MissMCatlady Time to stop Police investigating Police Australian States & Territories must engage Independent Legal Authorities with appropriate knowledge & experience to investigate Police behaviours Dutton, Chief Ministers, Premiers & Prime Minister must refrain

I guess the US riots rn are because that officer had a bad day too Bad day given on. What a gift. If this is what he does when he has “a bad day”, then he definitely shouldn’t be an officer. Really? Seems more like they’re racist to me I find it laughable the police boss came up with this unintelligent excuse for this officer under his charge, and believed everyone will truly accept it?! This news will age well

Our oppressed communities haven't just had a bad day, they're having a bad millennium, but I guess that doesn't even justify peaceful assembly. Un mal día, dice. Let them have a bad day of applying for unemployment Well he needs to have a bad 5 years rotting in a cell over this assault Do we really want officers with so little restraint on the streets that they resort to force when they get their feelings hurt? From a FKN youth? Really?

Maybe next time you have a bad day try a scotch and a warm bath? Well it’s not like he went through training and tests to help him do his job properly, so it’s excusable that his emotions get the best of him. These indigenous citizens that are a victim of systemic racism....far too much That’s assault. Take this man into custody before we have to demand this more forcefully.

Imagine what he does to his partner or kids when he doesn’t have people to kick around at work. Oh that's ok....all is forgiven.....not! may it be the best day of the rest of his life. Maybe he just can’t handle his job. Maybe he should quit. A police officer who cannot handle being given some lip by a teenager, shouldn't be in the job.

The cop was verbally assaulted and threatened to be hit in the jaw. Imagine if the kid said that to someone who wasn’t in a uniform? He’d of ended up in a lot worse shape than being arrested. These kids need to be taught a lesson! Indigenous or not, the child threatened to break the jaw of a law enforcement officer. The action performed by the officer is referred to as a 'leg-swipe' and is taught in the Academy. Notice how the two female officers expeditiously situated themselves in a restraining position?

All I have to say to this is no. A bad day is not an excuse for abusing your position of power. They like using that excuse after they put a civilian in hospital. Cop was having a bad day felt like taking it out on me I was walking home that's. Aggressive, interrogated on my door step. 🤦‍♂️ A bad day does not excuse that type of behaviour. No wonder people hate cops!

Thats what we call child abuse. Perhaps it was the same police investigator who cleared Angus Taylor police minister should be sacked immediately. His attitude is not reflective of community expectations. Gosh..i also have bad days all the time!! Did i kick and kill people!!! What an excuse!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Not enough ,should not happened ,the way police check the people if they are tired Wouldnt let them drive ,police should have system to check their staff if they are fit for duty, similer example like test for civil pilots Taken a little out of context . I’d like to also see a little more balance, did the youth threaten to crack the officers jaw? I agree the MMA style takedown was OTT. And swearing? Geez, any pub and golf course is an F-bomb haven.

If they think that cop had a bad day, man they will be surprised to learn that the teen did as well Hope he never experiences a “good day” ever again In other news, Police Minister is 24 Carat gobshite You probably have a bad day too If you were 'told you going to have your jaw broken' Maybe his employers could arrange for him to have even more bad days. Maybe he should get a job in customer service returns department.

this country better start smelling like bacon i swear if i hear about more deaths in custody without justice I'll shit. the genocide is still going on and it won't stop until abolition of the police. werbette i work in hospitality, if a customer yells at or threatens me i HAVE to smile & tell them to have a nice day if i want to keep my job. what part of the job description tells a cop they can slam a CHILD to the ground just bc they’ve had a bad day

I wonder what that cop does if he has a bad day at home.. Both the officer AND Mick Fuller should get the sweep. DISGUSTED. yeah, I guess assault does sit at the bad end of the bad day scale? Alongside other violent crimes. He should have at least one more, wherein he loses his job For getting caught on camera?

What was the excuse for the other officers for their assistance, is it American Style of kidding Whats there to answer to🤷🏻‍♂️ cheeky prick made a threat & was made to look stupid in front of mates, tough luck. Aust laws are getting soft if he gets done for this. Might as well have given him a round house & make the investigation well worth it.

the victim had an even worse day 😡 Not that it matters but he didn’t say he had a bad day exactly. But it’s good click bait I read it Police need some power to try and stop these scumbag teens brought up with no respect, criminals robbing, stabbing, gang bashing. If you ppl think there is no youth problem...go open ur eyes a bit talk to some police or security at shopping centres in non affluent areas of sydney

He just have to admit that he used excessive force on a young teeneger which has provoked reaction from the public. So you condone violence against women? As this teen was threatening a female officer. Gez you snowflakes sure are hypocritical. I imagine the teenager had a slightly worse day..... Looks like excessive force. But the boy was swearing at respect...whats his criminal history? Does he have a history of fighting with police? What the police did was wrong but come on kids spit at police, throw stuff at them, armed rob at 12yrs. Open ur eys 4 god sake

What need was there for that? None, none at all. Just bullies targeting someone easy in a group too. What a stand up job in protecting the citizens. I heard the Police Minister say “no one would want him to lose his job over it.” Yes I would and so should you. It’s time the history of Australia was taught in our schools, all its wars, all it’s misery and sorrow. Then we give black leaders more power, rebuild & heal

Yeah see that doesn’t sit with me, cos when I have a bad day I eat chocolate and have an anxiety nap. That cop can fuck off maybe So did the Kid. Too bad he couldn't take it out on the officer and get away with it. Please don't make excuses. When I have a bad day I go for a walk after work, have an extra wine with dinner maybe, even cry a bit I dont physically attack people I leave that for the bullies and DV perpetrators.

PhilipJohnBrow2 The kid he kicked did too, but he just used foul language. Thank you to the NSW Police force for advising of the new defence. Next time someone is charged with an assault they should plead not guilty on the basis that they are relying on the defence of “I was having a bad day” PoliceBrutality DavidElliot

Doubt if it helped the teenagers day to be a good one...... The same commissioner who just received a $90,000 pay rise whilst his officers will receive a pay cut. Earning over $650,000 per year and this is the best he can do? The cop had a bad day took to an Indigenous, An Indigenous had a bad day took to the rest of us.

Apparently he doesn’t pay much attention to international news either...🙄 Stress relief and arrest cannot be confused. Unnecessary movements cause both injuries. FFS Absolutely disgusting! Having a bad day! No way the officer was wrong! What he did was wrong but that Indigenous kid was disrespectful to law enforcement and their uniform. The kid has a foul mouth. You imagine if he has said that to some else, a fight would been occurred .

WittaTwitta Wow. I have bad days at work, but if I did anything like that, I'd have my arse handed to me on a platter. Always ask nswpolice how their day has been because 'having a bad day' is a valid excuse to slam a kids face into the footpath. Send him to America as punishment! WHEN I HAVE A BAD DAY I GO HOME, EAT, AND KEEP DOING MY WORK - I DON'T KICK SOMEONE SO HARD THEY SLAM THEIR HEAD ON THE GROUND

So actions don't have consequences. Because 'bad day' Who writes these laws? A.. A bad day? A BAD DAY? So which person in this altercation had the threatening body language? If some one threatened to break my jaw, I would strive for the upper ground decisively....Could someone pull out statistics on crime committing individuals i.e. age, sex, race, location of crimes, education levels....probably will never be published. The USA would be a good read.

If you have a brain you can tell it wasn’t racism Police our paid by public money to be their countries representatives, just like teachers, they are meant to be grown ups, responsible, have integrity, have principles, be the grown up, lead by example, yet this officer was a child acting out, NOT worthy of his given position.

How about the other officers who stood there and did nothing to stop him? Stuff like this happens all the time and not filmed. OK. So that complaint isn’t going any further 🤬 This is just pure discussting. I would have hate to have seen if it wasn't being filmed. The poor kid gave himself to the arrest only to be treated like a slice of meat. This cop should be locked up for assault. I say it like I see it and that's how it shows.

i’ve had a bad few years...yet have still not used physical force against a minor So did the police boss. Dare anyone who bags a cop to be one & do better? What’s your answer & have you applied? We all make mistakes at work! The investigation is complete and the police chief has received the report jamie86? Or he has made up a lame excuse- 'NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says the officer filmed throwing an Indigenous teenager to the ground during an arrest in Sydney this week had a bad day.'

Not as bad as the kid 🙄 Oh, okay. If people who had bad days acted like them, y’all wouldn’t stop talking about news like these. The problem? They need to keep their shitty days away from their job like EVERYONE DOES. Sorry, just not good enough delaneykingrox I'm having a bad day too. What would happen if I kick a cop?

The teen wasn’t ‘kicked’ he had his legs kicked from under him while the officer held his arms behind his back so he fell face first onto the pavement with no way to cushion his fall, did anyone at ABC watch the video? WELL! I have bad days also! But I don't go & do what that arsehole did! So? Go home and rub one out like a normal person

mrpford Maybe don’t threaten to break a cops jaw!! I want that Neanderthal dismissed from the police Force GladysB — I don’t want my taxes funding that cowardly mongrel You had a really good day recently didn't you? $89,000 bonus! You haven't even done your job because Angus Taylor still hasn't been charged!

Give the cop a pay rise . First time filmed. What hope do the rest of the officers have when their boss obviously doesn't get it? That was an outright assault on that young man. The youth just stood there and showed no physical aggression despite his youthful verbal bravado. The officer showed no emotional maturity and an eagerness to take offence, using his badge to strike. Racism.

The Police Officer like decent people has had enough! If you want to mouth off, through bad upbringing no doubt, at authority, you yourself puts yourself in harms way! We’re all sick to death of political correctness! It’s time to restore law and order on our streets! When I have a bad day, I eat chocolate. Totally unnecessary. What a twit.

If this man gets violent on ‘bad days’ then he should not be in law enforcement. I’d hate to be his kid If this is how he behaves on a bad day. So the next time I have a bad day, I can go and punch a cop in the face.... LUDICROUS !!!! Oh. In that case, all good. NothingToSeeHereFolks Shame on him. Arrest this police man and take this case to court.

If I did that to a client I would be lose my job and be charged. The same standard should apply Pretty sure threats of violence can not be described as being ‘lippy’. Nevertheless his response was disproportionate. This needs to be acknowledged and I would like to hear from the Minister and the Police Commissioner what remedies are intended to be put in place to reduce likelihood of a similar incident occurring again.

This person needs to be sacked. He also needs to face court on reckless bodily harm and assaulting a minor charges Are people seriously comparing this incident, to what happened in the US ? This is unforgivable. The man is unsuitable for his job and should be charged with assault. That's it! Pathetic and disgusting. Resign.

If he was not doing something wrong the police would not be there in the first place Oh ok all is forgiven. 🤦🏽‍♂️ I can't wait to have a bad day and beat up police and get away with it If 'having a bad day' is a justified reason for beating the shit out of people, then why tf do we need jail and justice system for Clearly the people with authority are abusing their position but you guys dont mind that because you're not the ones being abused

Awwww poor didums Wow. What sort of training do they give before letting cowboys out with a badge to roam free? This action by any of us would result in assault charges. It should be worse for this officer as he should be held to a higher standard. Teacher who slapped a child had a “bad day” Dr who stabbed a patient with a needle had a “ bad day”. Everyone has bad days. Doesn’t mean you get to throw people to the ground.

so unprofessional smh Punch your receptionist in the face if your coffee order wasn’t right...working hard or hardly working am I right? hope that cop gets to keep his iob, shouldnt lose it due to a foul mouthed wannabe gangster. Fck off. Dindu Nuffin' - Doja Kat, chill song. Monkey see monkey do ,pathetic

I wonder if the kid also “had a bad day” after getting body slammed Utter bs. If an officer cannot control his emotions he/she should not be in the police force. No worries I'll kick him in the nuts because boy I had a shit of a day! 'cause you had a bad day you're taking one down you bash a black kid just to turn it around

If I had a bad day and kicked someone while on the job I would be fired Don’t make excuses. Change the culture Commissioner. Just like the guy who bashes his wife and kids, right? ITS EXACTLY THE SAME INJUSTICE WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 17 YEAR OLD ABORIGINAL AS WHATS HAPPENING IN THE USA. A WHITE RACIST COP USES HIS POWER TO ATTACK AN UNARMED BLACK PERSON WITH INTENT TO KILL. ENOUGH WHITE SUPREMACY. ENOUGH JEWISH RUN POLITICS. ITS ALL COMING TO AN END

Omg awesome excuse I had I bad day I am now allowed to pounce someone in the face legally Hahahaha the people in this world are becoming more useless disrespectful to the public I say Hang Him remember you serve and protect get a new job I'm a truck driver. Next time I have a bad day and someone pisses me off in traffic, I guess I'm just clear to run them off the road, right?

theres protests in australia now yeh? You could literally say the same for the killer of George Floyd. “Having a bad day” is not an excuse before the law. It might explain it (it doesn’t) but it sure as hell doesn’t mitigate it. A worst day then the teen he assaulted? News: in a shocking result of the police investigating police about wether excessive force was used in teenagers arrest. Police have found that excessive use was not used.

Boo-hoo that's no excuse. Imagine the bad days he has when there are no cameras around. Plenty of bad days ahead for this thin skinned young man. He lost his cool. Cant afford people like that in the force. Well that’s okay then! No it isn’t. Let’s just hope we don’t all have bad days. Hideous leadership. Hideous policing.

I guess that’s what a $80000 Pay Ruse Buys Yah ? Hey .GladysB .theprojecttv Next time I have a bad day I'll go look for a cop who so much as look at me and I'll throw him to the ground. Is this how this works? 😡 I've been having plenty of bad days recently. Certainly haven't felt the need to kick anyone. What a disgusting response! Totally not acceptable on any level.

Nah, not good enough. my life is a series of bad days you don't see me running around beating the shit out of everyone If the police boss is quoted correctly....he has got answering to do.... it really shows the deep rooted culture of bad policing in the police setup.....john wilson I don't care if he's having a bad life. Nobody else has to suffer for it.

Fcuk off ABC. that's a deplorable headline. This guy really is worth the extra 90K isn’t he? Gee society would be in a bad place if we all had bad days and vented like this then wouldn’t it? Oh wait.... Said every man who ever beat his wife, every drunk who ever started a fight in a pub, said every Dad who beat his kid

This is some New Idea level reporting. A Bad Day! Fuck me! So there is not another cop had a bad day. Send this one smart arse cooper out to work on a cattle station for six months make him learn how to handle a bad day. Let's get on what's popular right now. This is BS bad day =donuts and black coffe after beating up a black boy ,violiting the human being is life smash to floors smash necks until he I_CANT_BREATHE blm what a world!?!?!?

'I'll break your fucken jaw'... Teenager on a good day I had one too. Looking for someone I can kick the legs out from under them... no I would call that a short we saw he lost control over a silly little comment need for that he needs to be fired. Wow. News were so happy to have something to report in Australia. Maybe they can get some hone made race riots to report on..

I know as an adult I am as sickened by a kid mouthing off as I am by a police officer kicking the legs out from under a restrained kid. They really are the same thing when you think about it. If he can’t control himself while having a bad day, he should not be in that line of work 🤨🤨🤨 ACAB AlexWodak Had a bad day? Are you f-img kidding me? Poor baby hero white privilege shitbag. Unnecessary violence. Whining about his bad day while he causes someone’s head to hit the pavement? Doubt I’d raise a finger to help him or his kind. HE is destroying the reputation of police - scum.

Get fucked. Quit. You don't get to have a bad day if you're a cop. Next time I am having a bad day, I’ll just find a police officer I can kick. Clearly it is acceptable now. What ‘had a bad day’! Get out of the police force then. ‘Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!’ The mental health system ran those types of excuses and the nurses that made them out of town before 2010. Why can’t the Police be retrained and made accountable. Old asylum style nursing was outlawed appropriately. Why can’t this happen inside the Police? Bad Day. Pfft. Cop Out!

The Policeman was just doing his job. No unwarranted level of force , no batton, no taser, no spray, no firearm used in the incident. Police need our thanks for keeping us all safe not criticism. Can we kick a cop every time we have a bad day? I'm having a bad day. Just because I can beat the shit out of a cop does that give me an excuse to? These poorly trained morons are pathetic. I was standing near a group of them recently. I'd figured out the martial moves to disarm 2 and start shooting with their own weapons.

he literally signed up to be a cop wtf fire him 'Had a bad day' I have these. None of them make me want to scream and swear at customers... They put up with too much shit! Hope the dumb kid learnt a lesson!! sad for him...when I have a bad day I open a bottle of wine, sit down with my loved ones & pets & Netflix...or...I turn to Twitter to make me laugh...auspol

Uhhh.... I’ve had some pretty bad days in my time. Never assaulted a vulnerable person while I was in a position of power though. No excuse! Gee if that's what happens on a 'BAD DAY AS YOU POLITELY PUT IT WELL HEAVEN HELP THESE PEOPLE IF YOU POLICE OFFICERS HAVE THE WORST DAY IIF ANOTHER CITIZEN DID THAT ,ON GOES THE HAND CUFFS INTO JAIL THEN COURT ,BUT YA MATE ,',HAD A BAD DAY WTF DOES THAT MEAN? auspol

Leave him alone So is this the 2020 version of 'a clip around the ear'? Assault in the process of detention then drop charges. Makes you wonder what would have happened if he'd offered any resistance. Not his kid, so he doesn't care So He needs to have a far worse one. oh yeah we've all been there, when im having a bad day due to college classes i go to the nearest minority and beat the shit out of them. its fine. its acceptable, right the fucks wrong with yall

Boo fucking hoo, as a hairdresser almost ALL my days were bad days, but if I assaulted someone on the job, I'd have been sacked. This is plain old racism. georgegalloway Pigs are all thesame Gee whizz Mr NSW POLICE BOSS THST BASTARD POLICE PFFICER WAS HAVING A 'BAD DAY 'FUCK 'A BAD DAY INDEED,how bout his police mates ,what do they do when having as you put it 'A BAD DAY GO OUT LOOK FOR A DEFENCELESS ABORIGINAL FEMALE OF MALE AND GIVE IT TO THEM REALLY REALLY ,

What an absolutely unacceptable thing to say. Disgusting. What how is this having a bad day when it is an arrest technique taught at the academy? This officer was threatened by these kids why does this kid think he is above the law to begin with? It is an offence to threaten to crack a policeman’s jaw open its harassment

Sounds like bad human resource management, or maybe selection, to me. justsaying As a public servant who regularly has bad days dealing with irritating kids, I really appreciate this guidance, now that we see what standard is apparently acceptable. Lock him up. I have bad days, but I don't slam kids into pavements!

'Had a bad day' is the same language victims of domestic violence use to defend their abuser. It is not an excuse. Children throw tantrums because they don't know better. We must equip our teams with the skills needed to handle their emotions and stress Let’s see how that excuse rolls if I spit on the next cop I see. 🙄

This is a disgrace. If I fuck up at work I don't get to use the excuse 'I'm having a bad day' Bad day my arse. An ex cop friend was told on his first day of work that when on a patrol around Newtown look out for “abos and lebos” only. Racism is embedded in Police culture, that is the heart of the problem. Now watch politicians ignore that...

The Police officer and his boss showed such blatant disrespect towards indigenous people and unacceptable tolerance towards violence conducted by themselves. Disgraceful and shameful. NSW is having a very bad day, week, month, year when you have Fuller, Elliot and Berejiklian as the Police Commissioner, Police Minister and Premier respectively, not respectfully. FFS do what you are paid extraordinary amounts of money to do. NSW constituents first.

NSW police boss’s relaxed tone is just as disgusting as the police in America. What if he was having an even worse day? Would be pull his gun on the kid? Are you kidding. Get rid of him. Sack him if he cannot handle his job. The unions might cry. Well commissioner, I’ll be honest. Today’s been absolute shit. May I also be excused to kick the shit out of this officer and be let off with a slap on the wrist? I promise it’s because I’m having a bad day.

What a wanker this police boss is. This barbarian of a policeman should be charged and jailed. We will not tolerate you police running an SS style operation . We thought the days of the SS/Stazi operatives were eliminated . No so . Had a bad day, is no excuse for thuggery! Don’t become a police officer if you can’t handle your bad days. Go get therapy.

What kind of day does he think the Indigenous teen had? No excuses, and you're a bad public servant! What a coincidence! I had a bad day too! And I didn’t assault anyone, let alone a kid no matter the provocation. Then why was he out interacting with people. Bullshit stop making excuses. How many incidents was he involved in. What do the other two police officers think of his actions ask them.

He was equally 'horrified' at the teenagers language towards the policeman? The combat trained officer showed no horror nor fear from the youths words. A brutal response & assault by a weaponised thug wearing a police uniform. Police officers are trained and paid not to have professional bad days. Wow... If you can't stop yourself from abusing your authority - and children - when you're having a bad day as a cop... Should you really be a cop?

retail workers would get fired if they lashed out due to a “bad day.” Why is that an excuse for a police officer? I regularly have a bad day but I don’t assault anyone! Assaulting a minor is not a bad day ... his bad day should be experienced outside Centrelink - sack him TODAY Police Officer had hurtfeelings

I don't get what needs to be 'investigated' here? Richard_D_Boyle Officer did NOT kick the teenager. Get the facts for once ABC (you should be defunded now) He swiped his feet from under him. Not appropriate to use force when there was no physical force used against the officer And stop playing the race card - you continue your agenda to divide

omg OK so if an office has a bad day then the Police need to provide him with time out to recover from it. For his sake as well as the sake of anyone he may take it out on. Thank god, I thought he had a good day Shaken and distraught? He sounded pretty confident when he said he would crack the copper's jaw? He must've had some kind of reality check?

Nsw government the worst in history please take 3 seconds to make up a better excuse One of these cops will come across someone who can really fight one day. Remember a baton and spray and a badge doesn’t give you the right to over step the mark I don’t care how bad your day was, you never physically harm another. Not okay.

I had a stressful day and have been up since 3am for an extra early shift. I didn’t attack a kid ... flowerggukk For some of us, every day is a bad day. I don't go round kicking people. If you are a cop, you do NOT use your badge to abuse power and while cops are humans too, you do NOT get away with pulling this shit while that badge is on your chest. P.E.R.I.O.D.

A bad day, and they assault someone in their custody? Fucking hell, nswpolice. Someone that unstable has no place serving the community. Lift your bloody standards, and eliminate violent thugs from your ranks. I think he's got a lot more coming 😅 I am not ok with this. Some jobs require discipline, self-control and the management of ‘bad days’ so that they don’t lead to the harm of others. Don’t have these attributes? Not suited to the job.

Then no charge. What was the point? MaryKostakidis 'When he came back home later that night, he was shaken up,' she said. 'He was very sore this morning and he was distraught.' Holy Shit, Batman !!!!!!!!! Pathetic little man syndrome they put on the uniform and behave like god maybe they should meet him instead?

A bad day, says top cop. Shocked by teenager’s language, says Minister. WOW! This is what institutionalised racism looks like AboriginalLivesMatter You don’t get to have a bad day in policing. The bloody asshole. That’s no excuse. Would he have done that to a white kid? Not excusing the behavior of the kid. He deserved arrest. Not this way.

The teen is alleged to have said something threatening. He's just a kid - teenage boys in particular say dumb things. On the other hand the policeman is supposed to be a mature adult. Provocation is no excuse at all. Disgusting behaviour. Next time Fuller takes out Scotty’s bin he should get in it. Biggest BS ever to justify actions of brutality

Haven't these officers learnt anything? Excessive force? Good thing we don’t import other countries issues FireHim I would say the kid's day was far worse and the cop's day not nearly bad enough. About 40% of cops come home after bad days, for more information Google 'cops 40%' I would suggest he look at the comment from the neurosurgeon who outlined the potential injuries from a fall face first with no hands to brace. The last outcome on his list was death.

Do I have to be 1st person to point out? Little perky officer may have acted very differently if he wasn't trying to act like Mr. ToughGuyHero in front of the 2 female officers? Someone tell me Im being cynical or was he bragging 'took him down in front of the 2 chicks' later? 1. He tripped him over and the teen went headfirst into the concrete. Not just a kick 2. What the absolute fuck kind of excuse is that. This man should be fired. And Mick you should resign too. How the hell can the public trust the police if you defend this behavior nswpolice

Good thing he wasn’t a pilot or a surgeon. Even the kid filming new it was a mistake I’ve had some pretty crappy days and I’ve managed to not slam a kid into the cement. If having a 'bad day' results in injuries to another person, then that’s just not acceptable, especially when you can basically do what you want because you have a special authority. Being a police officer demands higher personal standards, otherwise get out of the force.

He did exactly what any officer is trained to do when threatened with violence. Should never have been stood down. This is ridiculous Hey, so, maybe if this is how you react when having a bad day, you should consider that the police force may just not be for you. George Floyd had a 'bad day'... People who saw thier homes burnt ground had a 'bad day' & are STILL having 'bad days' now without promised funds... The officer experienced what is referred to as a 'man period' & hormones got the better of him. Bad days dont turn you into He-Man.

Like Roger Rogerson had a bad day on 27 June 1981? These justifications sound eerily familiar to the way abusers explain why they aren't responsible for their behavior - 'she provoked me' and 'I was stressed/had a bad day'. Common factor - abuse of power and use of violence with almost complete immunity of consequences. Not ok 🤬

At 16 most young men are just that men, usually a bit stupid but , how much verbal and threats of violence should an officer have to put up with? We seldom get the whole story but I notice the parents instead of disciplining are all lawyered up, the new norm may god help us all. I’ve had bad days but mine have ever driven me to lay the boot into another human being. Utter BS

He didn't have a bad day, our police are badly trained, and trained to react with violence rather than community's safety. We must demand the police SERVICE remains a SERVICE. not a force Wtf? Unacceptable! This needs to be actioned So if parents beat up their children that is OK, as long as parent had a bad day? Right, ok. Good lord.

If I had a bad day and assaulted someone I would be in jail. Of course, that's always a great excuse to assault an indigenous person while protests are happening world wide about white cops assaulting POC! jchyip Oh, did someone trip him over and smash his face into the pavement for no good reason? Because that’s an actual bad day.

nswpolice Believe me this officer has done more damage to the NSW Police force than Roger Rogerson. He either needs to be sacked, resign or come out with a full and public apology and get this kid to sit down and apologise and compensate him. Trust me this is bad given the times I’ve had bad days at work, once when a customer literally tore me down during a busy holiday rush in front of everyone for forgetting extra whip and all I did was cry. This cop can go fuck himself

And another thing this kneeling on people during an arrest must stop. It must be made an outlawed manouvre. If I had a bad day I wouldn't just find the nearest aboriginal and slam them to the ground because I lost at fortnite or something. Bloody hell At any other time, he’d have been quietly reassigned with no repercussion. But he’s gonna have more than just a bad day because the country is sick of this systemic violence against Indigenous people. Elliot should go too.

Pretty sure the poor boy and his family had a worse one!! 'TO SEE WHETHER EXCESSIVE FORCE WAS USED' ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME. leg sweeping a restrained 16 year old teenager who simply said some bad words.... Holy fuck this has to be a joke. If it was reversed the teenager would be charged with assault. Will the officer be?

Hope I never have to fly with a pilot who losses it on 'a bad day.' By that standard, if I injured a minor annoying me by sweeping their feet & their head hits the ground the police & legal system would just conclude I 'had a bad day' and let me off with a verbal warning? don't minimallse it ABC He didn't kick him he swept his legs from under him making him crash to the ground face first and chipping one of his teeth which is no mean thing

Yeah that's a good excuse 👌. The officer should be made to write out 100 times as we did as kids. 'Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you.' I had a bad day yesterday too. Weirdly enough, I got through it without smashing anyone’s face into the ground. This is why we gotta shoot cops on sight

he had a bad day, but the camera doesn't lie. Everyone should record their interactions with police. Video is an independent witness and doesn’t lie. Does he need his fucking juice box? Who cares if he had a 'bad day'. Can him. Suggests to me that he doesn't have the temperament to be a police officer. Not a good one, anyway.

Men are just too emotional to be police officers, clearly Well that’s an aggressive way to show you can’t handle your emotions. Taking it out on an indigenous kid. Maybe being a cop isn’t the right job for you... Words do not cause physical injuries. No matter what the young offender said there was no excuse for the way he was assaulted. If I was him or his family I would be suing the New South Wales police force.

Kicked? He did a leg sweep and put him on the ground to effect an arrest after the 'teen' said he was going to break his jaw, which is assault. Was it justified, an internal investigation will determine that. Typical ABC trying to fuel a race war. 'The fact that this officer doesn't have a chequered history and he has been in [the police force] for three and a half years, if the complaint is sustained against him, you would have to say he has had a bad day.' Or there may not have been cameras. Once is more than unjust.

I've had lots of bad days in my life, but somehow managed not to assault anyone. GOT ME FUCKED UP!! FIRE HIS ASS Bad days don’t = kicking people that piss me off to the ground. Nobody I know would think to do what he did. Seeing others as less than you is why that cop did what he did, not a ‘bad days. Violent behaviour and pathetic excuses just show things aren’t better here than OS.

Not as bad as the boy he attacked delaneykingrox Man, he thinks his day was bad, imagine how he’d feel if he was the one who got kicked. FFS! Really? I'm not feeling so good...can I go down to the local cop shop and kick a racist in the goolies? Oh well in that case Does that mean I get to best my kids if I have a bad day and they give me lip?

Grow some fangs, auntie. Oh that's ok then. We already knew that the LNP and their mates live by different rules than the rest of us. AbdelRahmanM I’m about curb stomp a cop and just say I was having a bad day 🤷🏼‍♂️ Obviously the police were out numbered, out muscled... out brained... um.. lets see - OUT OF ORDER!

I’m sure marginalised, stigmatised, systemically oppressed indigenous teenagers stuck in the system, without any assistance, don’t even know what a bad day is! We all have ‘bad days’. Control is what is required in an adult, not melicious actions. Obviously not fit for his job. Termination is the lesson he needs to learn,and learn fast!

So having a bad day is now a reasonable excuse to do something unlawful and assault someone? I and everyone else who is supposed to obey the law will remember that. Pathetic. NSW police reading the room with aplomb Not the only one to have a bad day Maybe he can’t be trusted to have a job where he gets a gun.

Wow I work with teens every day and never once has a bad day resulted in my brutally assaulting them. Oh, so having a bad day is a plausible defense for police brutality ? He is clearly not fit for his job and should be removed from the police force if we are serious about police reform. No confidence.

don’t be shy sack him 🧚💗✨💫🌟 So if I have a bad day I can punch cops they'll be understanding? Who knew they cure for frustration was assaulting a child? He had a bad day so how does that justify violence and brutality while wearing a badge Arsehole Brought to you by the police minister that is okay to strip search minors as young as 12 😏

He used a judo move (ankle throw) to get the offender on the ground. He wasn't kicked. Typical jaundiced virtue seeking headline, fakery. The result was a consequence of being a jerk arsehole. Police shouldn't suffer cupcakes. Teachers have bad days too but don’t deal with swearing like this. If I beat someone up, was charged with assault, and went to court with “I was having a bad day” as my defence, I’d probably get laughed out of court. It’s not a defence. The Police Chief should be looking at dealing with the problem of racism & police brutality, not excusing it.

so that's an excuse❗ We ALL have bad days and are TOLD. LEAVE YOUR TROUBLES AT THE DOOR. BEFORE YOU START WORK. SACK THIS SADIST Which includes disciplinary action, suspension and dismissal. Oh, that's right, he was only a boong kid, wasn't he? That’s the excuse?! We just gonna brush it off I guess than eh lol. That was a hard slam!!! 🤦‍♂️

We need tostand up for our freedom in australia when it comes to in Justice to stop bring totured by our law makers Completely OTT. He needs to be sacked😡 Sack him too for the unmitigated hide to make excuses for police brutality. Not good enough. So, is this a reasonable legal argument? If I fronted court and told the judge, 'Just had a bad day' would the judge listen to that? From a police officer? Hmmm

nge Sack him Seriously? That's straight out of the domestic violence playbook. Is he married? Is anyone finding out if his partner/spouse is okay? At my work where I deal with the public if pushed someone into the ground face first coz I was having a bad day I’d be sacked & I’d be charged with assault! Police should be better than this regardless if they are Having a bad day!

It’s Commissioner Fuller’s response that “alarmed and sickened” me. His comments and the officer’s actions are inhumane at best. They both need a psych evaluation. PoliceBrutality AboriginalLivesMatter nswpolice pathetic and unacceptable. excuses are inappropriate. there is no just or fair reason for this cop to grossly misuse force against this boy. and every other cop present who is also complicit in his actions against this boy.

Hey nswpolice are you seeing these responses. Fire that officer and bring him up on assault charges. We all have 'bad days', but very very few of us use this as an excuse for violence and racism. Totally unacceptable. Same as excuse for his hairline? Oh he had a bad day? What a poor baby, I bet the kid he arrested and assaulted had an even worse one. That officer should grow the fuck up.

Why do Australians only come out on Street for animals and trees and all the things less important than a human being, yet when it comes to Human beings, no one gives a dam. Where are all those ExtinctionRebellion activists, aka defenders of the universe? Too scared to come out Maybe the police boss really needs to look at the training techniques taught at the academy instead of throwing hard working police under the bus when they follow their training.

FRONT LINE RESPONDERS DON'T GET TO HAVE A BAD DAY IF IT PUTS SOMEONE'S LIFE IN DANGER!! I bet his day wasn't as bad as that of the kid he catapulted into the ground. You know what happened the last time I had a bad day? I DID NOT punch anyone. Seriously? Fuck that. I don't know which is worse. The cop having a bad day or the NSW police boss giving that as a reason. Either way it doesn't look good.

When the Minister is horrified by the language being used ... normal people don't beat kids when they have a bad day Bullshit. The tweet should read unidentified foul mouth gets what he deserves after threatening officer. The police hold a lot of power. If the kid had lashed out at the officer physically he would be totally on his own. If he harmed the officer the system would destroy him. The power given police carries the responsibility to use it justly. Sack him!

So his only crime leading to the arrest was yelling at the officer? A teenager objecting to authority with a ‘verbal’ threat how rare. Dare I say it “police fragility?” Well, let him tell the judge in court and see if that excuse flies. Officer should be transferred to another station, possibly Bankstown, to see if he is able to carry out his arrest style on citizens much bigger than him.

And people say we’re not the same as the US I was having a 'bad day' once and the police arrested me for it. This c nt should be taken to remote Indigenous community and left at the mercy of the 'locals'. What a c nt!🤬 Mick Fuller knows that having a bad day is when ScottyFromMarketing gets you to take out the trash for him. auspol MickFullaShit

Imagine a Doctor / Paramedicsaying that they had a bad day. Patient died. Yea oops. The headline should be: another indigenous young man was terrorised by police. He's going to have a lot more bad days. Ok, so this isn’t an excuse. Care to offer another one? Or is that it? If so, he’s done. So can I bitch slap the next person who pisses me off and get away with it by saying I'd had a bad day?

Kick a cop if you’re having a bad day😎 Damn I have yet to see a service worker beat the shit out of someone on a bad day When I have a bad day I complain to my friends, I don’t kick the shit out of anyone 'Cause you had a bad day You're taking one down You sing a sad song just to turn it around You say you don't know You tell me, 'don't lie' You work at a smile, and you go for a ride You had a bad day The camera don't lie

Probably had a better day than that poor kid David Elliott should go to any worksite, or mechanical operation, to hear the language used, where swearing is as normal as breathing. Will he send the police in to deal with it? Nope. The boy had his arms folded and clearly posed no immediate threat, the police response was outrageous.

Fire him. Sounds familiar....'he murdered his wife and kids because he was pushed too far.' I call bullshit on this pathetic excuse. He should not be a police officer. I have bad days as a teacher. If they're really bad, I go home. It's better than doing something I might regret later. Not good enough. Not by a long shot.

ritualesatanum hope he has a bad fuckin life. About time these mouthy little scrotes who think they’re above the law get some comeuppance. Too many of these disrespectful cocky young thugs who think they can say and do what they want with no retribution. Can I beat my kids or my partner - or anyone - when I have a bad day? No? Against the place, is it? Then he can get stuffed with his 'bad day'...

That’s not an excuse! Yeah that's straight up abuser logic. There are just some jobs where you aren’t allowed to “have a bad day” 😔🤬 I have plenty of bad days but that doesn’t give me licence to push my wife ,bash my kid, kick the dog and abuse my neighbours. He is trained to know exactly how to handle pressure ,If his response in not proportional he should either apologise to us and his victim . If not,resign

Unacceptable response 😡 had a bad day? Imagine if that excuse was made by teachers or nurses or foster carers or sports coaches. And let the excuses roll This officer must be arrested and charged with assault. I often have bad days, but I don’t go around tripping or hitting people. Not an excuse for unacceptable behaviour by anyone, including the police.

They ‘had a bad day’. Are we supposed to go ‘oh, okay then, I get it’ and go on our day?! Having a bad day is no excuse to beat up on someone! That’s just disgusting. Oh the poor baby. My heart goes out to the poor copper. Please let me console him with this image. This is what the cop looked like after he was told he was beautiful.

They were just kids mouthing off. Maybe they were disrespectful. Typical teenage behaviour. For the police commissioner to say that was ok says a lot about that police force. Overreaction to say the least. To slam someone that kid's size onto the pavement was just not necessary. Such a reply simply adds insult to injury. Shows contempt.

Just guessing but it seems like the 16yo had a bit of a bad day too. I have bad days sometimes. They don’t result in assault aw poor fucking baby Wow!! I’ve had a bad 3 months I haven’t murdered anyone yet... So if I had a bad day, It'd be okay if I smacked a cop around... okay... whatever 🙄 No he kicked him because he knew he could get away with it.

He thinks HE had a bad day - at least he wasn't kicked and slammed down by a cop Not acceptable! nswpolice GladysB How is a trained professional so easily triggered by a lippy adolescent? School teachers live with this on a regular basis, and have the skills to de-escalate situations like this. Teachers have “bad days” too, but this would never be tolerated.

Imagine if someone did that in the ABC studios. That person would be sacked. OH DEAR, THEY NEVER LEARN HEY, i heard some dickhead named elliott, just caught him on news today, defending this cop lout, saying the cop acted as he should have, cos the teen provoked him. they never fucking learn, 400+ black deaths in cop custody here, in 2 decades. sigh.

Charge, arrest and prosecute him. The little shit threatened violence and to smash the police officers jaw and he got what he deserved. Had a bad day!!!! Well give him a good day see you later day!!! Had a bad day I have a glass of wine not smash a kids face in, but that’s just me. I would hope cops are held to a higher standard...🙄

Scum We all have bad days. When someone in a position of power uses their bad day to inflict unwarranted violence on someone else then you have oppression. Blatant display of egotistical police behaviour. This guy isn’t fit to be a cop if this is how he reacts to having a bad day. Coppers, don’t forget you are here to SERVE the public. Not to abuse us and your power.

To summarise the Police Commissioner, at every presser ever: 'Nothing to see here.' Sounds about white. Poor diddums. What kind of day does the NSW Police Commissioner (who’s just received an $87K pay rise) think the kid had? nswpol RacialViolence Australia has been having a bad day since 1788. Sound the bullshit alarm people!

I wonder how his wife and kids hide their bruises... If all it takes is someone being mouthy for this “good bloke who snapped”... Who gave the signal to the cop to do what he did? The cop gives a slight head shake, then a nod, then goes for the boy. The 'advisor' is fully responsible TOO! Is that the excuse? So this becomes a valid excuse for any assault on any person from now on? Absolutely disgraceful and a reflection of what’s wrong with our world today!!

Dog probably ate his homework more than once .Our mostly all white Police force, and media, will continue to be mostly racist until there's more diversity...a lot more, and some anti racism education to go with it the kid said to the officer I am going to break your jaw - in fairness. It was a touch heavy handed but the kid had it coming

nswpolice are you fucking kidding me? DISGRACEFUL response. 'Respect is earned not forced' when our police boss defends these actions then it's ok for everyone that has a bad day to reacte the same way.. not setting a great example. :( sad actually that we have reached this far This is an appalling answer from a police commissioner . So does he mean that when we have a bad day we can react with violence against someone else.

AFLPlayers have an excuse for dangerous tackles now, IHadABadDay. AFL auspol David Elliott must resign! DavidElliottisaChildAbuser Is this now an acceptable defence for violent crimes? Bad days are the karma which smashed you the way you cemented the kid down so you R just simply revenging from an enemy you can’t see by knocking a kid down that’s stupidity coz that Karma could be watching you calling 4 it but Kindness is the solution.

He had a bad day. .There is no excuse and that is a pathetic one peasley_mark I dunno. I’ve had bad days and managed to leave everyone’s faces in tact. BlackLivesMatter PoliceBrutality I had a bad yesterday. Had a bad one the day before, too. Managed not to assault anyone the whole time. Yeah, being born black seems to be a lifetime of really bad days, where law enforcement is concerned. Black lives matter. Stop racism.

I've had bad days; but strangely, I've never felt the urge to face plant a 16yr old kid onto concrete; if I did, I'd be in jail. Not as bad as the poor kid. He wasn’t aggressive he was “lippy” but since when does that cause physical harm? 3 high profile Caucasian police hierarchy all diverting discussion away from police brutality. And 1 unconnected gov MP chucking in his 2bobs worth & certainly not condemning the police. Good on ya abcnews And you wonder why people riot.

Sickening excuse; resign now you waist of molecules. I've had lots of bad days but I've never attempted to kill a child by slamming their heads into the footpath. His life just got A WHOLE LOT WORSE 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Steroid tests please A bad day? A bad day is getting kicked to the ground while you are handcuffed. Kicking someone to the ground while they are handcuffed is a cowardly, criminal act. That officer lost all of his authority in that one act and should be sacked at the very least.

This response is not good enough. Unless we set the expectations that police control their actions these incidents will continue. There should be a transparent and serious consequence. JusticeNow equality leadership banexcessiveforce There is a difference between spoken words or bad language and physical action or slamming a person into the ground. That what police should be trained for. To watch their own mind and emotions and don't react with violence to bad language. How about some mindfulness training?

hope he has a bad death Thinking the kid who face planted into concrete had a bad day too. '...but I'm equally concerned about others who may use this footage to inflame it and turn it into something that it's not.' No, people will use this footage to demonstrate exactly what it is. It's a racist cop assaulting a kid Convict and jail him, or you're complicit.

That's an excuse to assault somebody? Cool, let's all do it. Isn't that what alot of guys who come home and beat their wives senseless say? Surely as a baseline we can agree that having a bad day is NEVER a reason for violence? THIS COWBOY COP SHOULD BE IN JAIL NOW BAD DAY MY ARSE SHOULD BE HORSE WHIPPED

I don’t think that’s a valid excuse. I have worked in a high pressure work environment. I have not hurt a client because I was having a bad day. You just got a bonus of $87K. Fuller you do not deserve it as you are incompetent at disciplining your own staff. This kid had a worse one Bad day Had a bad day so he committed an assault? Lets just run that one by a judge.

Not good enough 😠 😡😡😡😡😡 georgegalloway That is not a kick in the accepted sense of ‘a kick’.... it is a take-down move and the instep connects with the victims ankle or lower leg. It is an alternative to the knee connecting with the side of the victims knee. Both actions are quite painful.... as intended!

kcarruthers If that's how he reacts to a 'bad day', I would hate to see what happens at home... Not as bad as the boy did eh I wonder how many journalists in Australia are paid to find stories like this today. Just to be in line with America. Australia will not take the bait. Would ‘having a bad day’ excuse any one other than a police officer for such an assault? If not it shouldn’t excuse a police officer.

Having a bad day is NO excuse for being violent, he assaulted the boy and should charged and lose his job. a bad day? We're all having a bad year mate. If I have a bad day and assault a patient I would lose my licence and be charged with assault. As would every other professional. Having a bad day is no excuse for unprofessional behaviour.

That tells us that the police boss is not suitable for his job either. Both them need to go. It needs to be made worse. He needs to be sacked, charged, tried, jailed and then sued for compensation. THEN it will have been a bad day. FayeEcklar Poor little guy was having a rough one If you can’t not assault people when you’re having a bad day, we definitely shouldn’t employ you as a cop, whom we give WEAPONS

I want to see this officer sacked and charged with assault. someone that can do this to a teenager just because he's 'having a bad day' should not be parto of the police. he will never make the people feel protected. Nobody is speaking of the other police officer(s?) in attendance, the one who held his legs, hearing him cry in pain is complicit. This mob mentality must cease, the standard you walk past..

If that's the NSW police bosses excuse, he needs to resign. Pathetic, Not good enough. The cops actions were unnecessary excessive force. The teenager had a much worse day. Okay then he should be fired. Because if that’s how he reacts having a bad day then he shouldn’t be a fucking cop. In other words - he felt a strong emotion but couldn't deal with it appropriately or productively, so he assaulted a teenager. Police training should include how to cope with having a 'bad day' and big emotions.

Good day or bad day makes no difference. Ask yourself would he have done the leg sweep to a verbally disrespectful 'Karen' ? Oh. Well that's all right then. Having a bad day and carries a gun... Good mix 'I was just as disturbed about the threat from a young person to physically assault a police officer as I was with the response from the police officer' WTAF.

Blackfella bashing! It has been curing stress and anxiety in White Aussies since 1788! The comments from nswpolice show how deep & immovable this thread of prejudice runs within the middle class. Racial bias is a problem with YOU. Not them. YOU need to address this. All u corporate 'journalists' will be lined up w/ fascist police soon

Everyone has bad days but I don't see others kicking legs out from under people ! auspol This is great news I have major depressive disorder, have been unemployed for nearly 2 years & am trying to kickstart a long overdue marital separation...nearly every day is a bad day. Who do I get to kick? Is it the same person every day or do I kick someone different every day?

Keep that energy when he goes postal on his family 🤞🏾 oh the poor fucking baby had a bad day? well that makes it ok to inflict grevious bodily harm on a teenager then! Can we assume his week got worse because he was sacked? Course not. He’s probably been invited to join Dutton’s Blackshirts. BS!!! In my defence, I was feeling a little grumbly

I have always put the NSW Police far above the rest. Dropped down a few notches. I hope they pay for the kids dental work. Being affected by words in this day and age is just cowardice. Far out. This is probably why they don't think domestic violence issues are important. 'he had a bad day' I bet the teen’s day wasn’t so flash either.

Abuse of power! Send him to some cultural awareness training and anger management.... paid by himself of course. Too bad To forcibly take a person into your custody or care you should have to be the most responsible and emotionally stable people in society, not the least. Is an ok excuse for Child Abuse is it?Child Abuse from those who are supposed to be trusted by the community to be called for help! FFS .. Enough! If you’re saying it’s ok for an Officer of the Law can get away with this BS “due to a bad day” then by that logic so can any abuser.

kcarruthers Mickfuller should get real, this is a disgusting story. We all had a bad day yet we managed not to be violent to a child When I have a bad day I simply pop on a moisturising face mask and play some Skyrim, I recommend it If i had a 'bad day', i don't think it'd be ok for me to take people out in a violent amd aggressive manner, especially at work!

'had a bad day'? HadABadDay Slam a 16 year old ..smashing his head into concrete. Yeah, we all do that when we have had a bad day. Sack Him Auspol Boo fucking hoo.....many people have many bad days without resorting to kicking someone Not as bad as the Indigenous teen!🤬 Oh well that’s ok then. Carry on

So is that any reason or anyway to treat people. He maybe another rouge cop amongst a group of police men an women you do a wonderful job. SACK him Every second day I have is a bad day and I’ve never kicked a kid read the room. POLICE TRAINING MANUAL How to manage a bad day Find some poor bastard & make their day a sh.t load worse than yours!

This is how they protect themselves before they protect us. I had a bad day yesterday, PTSD demons all day, but I didn’t body slam my children, or anyone else. You can have a bad day and still do your job without deliberately harming anyone. Having normal human emotions that you can’t process or deal with and making people around you suffer as a result is 101 WMP.

So we can leg sweep cops to the ground and 'I'm just having a bad day' will be accepted as an excuse? These people are too stupid to be helped. A bad day?! Seriously, NSW Police boss ought to resign, effective immediately. What is this Bullshit ? You call this “news”? What a Joke So if we have a bad day, we can just brutalise kids? I'm not feeling too good about covid and race riots, can I burn a police car? I don't think so, NSW Police 🤮

More like a bad few centuries by police enforcement I reckon. undermining law and order every chance they get.. what does think a police member should do when someone threatens to break their jaw? If this is how you handle a bad day, you don't deserve to put on the uniform. Professions entitled to a BAD DAY! Golfer, Musician, Actor, Athlete, Circus Performer, Dancer, Politicians?, Police Commissioners (apparently) Professions ACCOUNTABLE even on BAD DAYS Pilots, Doctors, Judges, Nurses, Drivers (train, truck), & POLICE! auspol

So what I’m seeing is that if you have a bad day and you’re a cop you can act however you want but every other member of society would face consequences? Next time I'm having a bad day, I'll go kick a police officer. Clearly he’s unfit as he can’t control his emotions. So having a bad day now justifies assault.... I DON’T THINK SO

That kind of excuse makes it worse. There's no excuse for abuse. So if I have a bad day ...can I knock a kid off his feet and risk him hitting his head the wrong way & sustaining permanent damage? I wouldn't feel safe without our police force but that guy needs to be suspended and re-trained? Really “the officer restrained him.” You can’t keep repeating their lies. We see you, we hear you. TellTheTruth

FFS!!!! This is not ok When I have a bad day at work I'm still not allowed to kick people I was also having a bad day and yet I didn’t assault any teenagers ! Disgusting. That kid had a worse day. Least we forget what Dutton did Cops need to realise: We need these kids, happy and healthy. 'We need them' Sorry, to the boy and his family 💔

He is obviously not suited to his job (both the officer and the NSW police boss really). Weed these people out now before they kill someone. Had a bad day even in context is underplaying what happened. If you don't address these issues seriously then it can become systemic until one day years down the track this officer ends up with a knee on someone's neck.

Maybe Pooh just needed to faceplant someone.. PoliceBrutality BadDay NSWPOL Defund/Privatise their ABC now! Too many killers out here Fired, then charged with grievous assault. Nothing less. Also prospective cops need psychological assessment, seems like the bar reflects the pay, it's set very low. A classic bullshit excuse.

He's equally as troubled by a mouthy smartass teen, and a cop who threw a teen onto his face on a brick sidewalk. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE. Nothing about those 2 things is 'equal'! He should be ashamed of his comments and his contribution to abuse of Aboriginal people in custody. Doesn’t matter. It does not excuse his behaviour. He should be reprimanded.

political_alert If you're sick - don't go to work Maybe someone who can't control his emotions should think of a different line of work... 🤷🏽‍♀️ Inexcusable! NSW Police boss should remain professional simply take FULL responsibility for his officer's conduct and spare everyone of this sentimentality. Yes, police officers are people too, but they have a Code of Conduct to follow and should be held to much higher scrutiny than civilians

Imagine using that in any other profession. political_alert Bullshit he had a bad day. He’s a fascist. When I have a bad day from chronic pain I cry and gnash my teeth and wish I was dead not fuck up some teenagers because they are black. He and the two cops with him need to get charged and kicked off the force. auspol

Wow. Is that a thing is it.. have a bad day swipe the legs from under a kid. Most people a bad day is getting shit on by a seagul or reversing into a pole... pathetic abc. We all have bad days . But it doesn’t result in a kid being thrown to the ground!!! No he is a bad police officer with a bad ‘ culture ‘ ingrained in his mind . The only ‘ good ‘ is he finally got caught out!

The CC needs to understand that people are sick to death of these mealy mouthed platitudes. It doesn’t work. If you cannot just condemn inappropriate behaviour by one of your own, get out and let someone in who will. I get that they have bad days, police need to do better at showing us what a bad day means to them but no matter what a bad day does not make what this officer did to this child ok.

Oh that’s ok then. So every exhausted parent who’s had a bad day and comes home to reactive kids gets a leave pass for violent behaviour? Upon reading the article, I'm compelled to note: That's... not exactly what he said. The context of 'had a bad day' has been removed and a false natural inference created for 'click bait'. I'd more expect that from the Daily Telegraph than the ABC.

I order takeout and binge watch Netflix on my bad days. Fuck you. Y'know, if I had a bad day at work and assaulted a minor, I'd get my ass fired and charged. Welfare check for the officers wife and kids? His dog? Not as bad as the kid who was assaulted Well if he 'had a bad day' that has to make being a thug ok. 'NSW Police boss' Is this same person that has been given an extra 80K+ of tax payers money?

Investigate Biden assist criminal Antifa destroying USA Fair call. Whenever I have a bad day at work I usually kick the shit out of someone on the way home. We've all done it . . . I had a bad day. So I can throw a punch at a cheeky teenager? I can kick the legs out from a mouthy child? Must do better there, NSW police.

I have bad days too. I don't kick people. Fuck this snowflake. He needs to get a job where he won't hurt people. The kid said he would 'crack your f*king jaw bro' to a cop. Where is the respect? The takedown was over the top but it was in response to a smartmouthed juvinile who threatened to seriously injure a police officer. Even the guy with the camera knew that wasnt going to end well!

Everyone can have a bad day but most do not go around kicking and injuring people . Was the teen having a 'bad day' too? Shame on the brainless police. FFS! The guy gave the officer a mouth full. He was asked to turn. My impression is that the force used was what the officer had been trained for. Kicked? More like tripped

Look, that’s a bit out of context and sensationalist. He apologised and he’s going to get a lot of right wing lunatics and shock jocks saying he shouldn’t have said sorry. For I think the only time in my life, I’ll say good on the police commissioner for apologising. Bad day? A bad day? Oy.. fire his ass.

May he have nothing but bad days to come Oh FFS. MarieCo92176893 Sure, but did he have training to deal with that? Does he know the law & limits to his behaviour? Did he want to be a police man to be able to assault kids when he’s having a bas day? Unacceptable comment from a commissioner. pathetic fire him too

They’ll surely need to riot over this. That’s alright then!! Having a bad day let’s kick the s__t out of some kid. Yes - being constantly abused by people will make you a bit cranky. jennineak Cool. I’m having a bad day, might go kick a cops feet out from under him. If the cop sincerely apologised to the kid and the public, I think (or hope), it could be an awakening If it’s deep seeded racism, then he’ll be caught again, and he should be sacked! I’d give him a chance, but maybe that’s another issue; soft lefties vs hard righties

Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Racism is so Australian, when you get caught being violently racist you can just say: 'Can't you all take a joke maaate, i'm just having a bad day.' It would appear that the scourge of American police brutality has well and truly arrived in Australia. Police recruiting standards is at an all-time low with many of those selected showing distinct signs of psychological disorder and covert racism.

Only two group's now what a bad day really is. POLICE AND CAB DRIVERS ON A FRIDAY SATURDAY NIGHT. With that attitude, if he was having a bad day, he shouldn’t be in the police force. Diddums. Restricted duties! Charge him with assault. Set an example. Bad day....this is not what needs to be said. Illcrackyourfuckingjawbro TheirABC

If they are under 18, that's child abuse. I do hope they loose their working with children check. We all have bad days, but it doesn't mean we kick kids!! The officer is in a position of power which means he should have more self control. Fan those flames TheirABC You wont be happy unless you see riots here too auspol

Oh that’s fine we all have days where we smash kids faces into the ground totally understandable 'I am an angry racist, please don't upset me on a bad day.' Not a bad day! It is what it is...racism Gonna have an even worse day soon How many have to die before something positive is done? The treatment of our First Nations is to our eternal shame until we change. We make me sick!!

Had a bad day! He should not be in the police force if he resorts to assault on an innocent person just because he’s having a bad day! Imagine if that had been a criminal!! And then the police minister says the boy's language shocked him just as much as what the officer did in retaliation! Do none of these people in positions of power actually think before they speak?

So was the kid I have a bad day everyday! time to take it oit on this Cop... bring it on Ill take you and Raptor on. 'I just had a bad day, okay.' - Martin Bryant . no reporter asked davidElliott, who hid from questions behind anecdotes, homilies, WHEN nswpolice standards committee review will deliver it's findings. Pretty basic folks. who, what, where, when nswpol nitv Channel10AU 9NewsAUS smh

What the actual fuck? Had a bad day? Come on!! Illegal and racism are different things Well, that comfortably elevates culpability to ‘boss level’. If the boss says it’s ok ... He deserves to have a very bad day. Instead of playing this down. And saying “ I'm equally concerned about others who may ... inflame it and turn it into something that it's not,' is appalling. It’s clear as day this is excessive force. JUST CONDEMN IT.

Guess who had an even worse day? With all the events happening over in America right now, he decided it would be a good time to do this, did he? The sort of shit that happens all of the time. Explaining this crap away as 'a bad day' doesn't fix it. vgagnani Hate to be his wife after he's had a bad day Not as bad a day as the kid he assaulted however

so as someone had a bad day that gives him the right to assault someone, bullshit nswpolice So, if we have a bad day it’s ok to kick a kid? We’d get done for kicking a dog. Moron. What a joke he looked like he was enjoying the moment noway looked like having a bad moment I really think there needs to be a process in place to ensure nobody capable of doing this is allowed into the police force in the first place. Then training. Only when satisfied with the results should the new police officer be allowed on the streets.

A bad day!! Is he kidding SMH Excuses. In other words, the officer is not remorseful for his outrageous behaviour. Great PR He needs to stop talking. He's digging a massive hole! The officer showed no restraint at all. If a cop can't show restraint to a bad mouthing teen then he's in the wrong career We all have those and pretty sure I haven’t misused my position to inflict physical and mental harm on another. stopmakingexcuses

Stop trying to incite race riots You know who else had a bad day? THAT POOR KID HE ASSAULTED Stop giving free passes to authoritarian racist shits A bad day cause he wasn't allowed to strip search a teenager at a festival and had to body slam one instead? I was bullied by 5 indigenous kids, who stole $15.00 and pushed me into the ground. I wish that wonderful policeman was around then !!!

'Had a bad day' see how that fly's in court. I had a bad day yesterday as well 😔😭 I think I’ll use my power and go slam a 17 year old kids face into the ground Sickening for a senior official to actually come out and say that. In these circumstances. 😲 WTF! I understand that. I often kick children when grumpy. Does he have a dog? I hope not.

Poor dear! Fair enough, I like to smash kids faces into cement when i've had a bad day too. Were they having a bad day too? NO JUSTICE NO PEACE Had a bad day? He freaking assaulted a kid, pushed him down on his face. He should be fired and then charged with assault. Sorry officer I killed my husband because I had a bad day? FFS.

Poor thing Awwww that so sad. Not. Fire this piece of shit Seems David Elliott may be part of the problem and should be put on leave until he is also investigated for encouraging or inciting this kind of action by police officers 'had a bad day' makes it ok then? If he was having a bad day, why the hell was he even permitted to be on duty?

Are you kidding

Video of Indigenous teen being slammed into the ground by NSW police prompts internal investigationNSW police have launched an internal investigation into the arrest of an Indigenous teenager in Sydney after a widely-circulated video appeared to show an officer slamming the 17-year-old boy into the ground. 👍 we’ll see what happens to the cop for his abuse of power Get to it before the protests tomorrow chopchop And the police station to call is 92654144

NSW Police officer on restricted duties after incident with Aboriginal teenA NSW Police officer has been put on restricted duties after a video emerged on social media of him appearing to trip and handcuff an Aboriginal teenager in Surry Hills . Australia is sure feeling left out lol. He assaulted that kid. Assault is a crime. If he was white the same thing would have happened but you wouldn't care.

Twice the workload but 'anything to be open': restrictions ease across NSWPubs, clubs and restaurants are now allowed to seat up to 50 patrons, as COVID-19 restrictions ease across NSW. For some businesses, however, reopening is not without its challenges Not signing anything, not downloading anything and if you don’t accept cash not coming. Consider yourselves lucky you don't have AnnastaciaMP as your Premier. So let’s make everyone who goes to a business all touch the same object (pen) just to make sure infection spread is maximised.

NRL expects NSW government to stand by stadium dealARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys believes NRL fans will have the best technology and experience if it is granted its wish to refurbish four suburban grounds in Sydney | Can we pump some money into soccer 'football' Australia is falling behind a sport that is a world sport. Campbelltown Stadium revamp for mfcbulls & WestsTigers There's nothing stopping the NRL from getting it by paying for it itself. But l think we've already hit peak technology with cardboard cutouts instead of a crowd.

'Fairy tale' for problem gamblers over as NSW turns pokies back onThere are concerns that gambling addicts who were forced to take a break from poker machines will be lured back as NSW reopens gaming venues. Keep these evil machines turned off. Let there be a silver lining somewhere in the dark clouds. People sit way too close together in these places GladysB. They tend to be smokers and not so well to start with. Pokie venues are clusters waiting to happen.

NSW easing of restrictions 'a gamechanger' | Sky News AustraliaThe Australian Hotels Association’s John Green says Monday’s easing of restrictions in New South Wales “will be a gamechanger” to the hospitality industry.\n\nFrom Monday New South Wales venues can serve 50 customers.\n\nRestrictions on weddings, funerals and church services will also ease in New South Wales from this week, with up to 20 permitted.\n\n“To have 10 patrons in a venue that takes 800 to 1,000 is quite difficult,” Mr Green told Sky News, referring to previous restrictions in the state.\n\n“But when you’re talking about 50 patrons it means we can start to get our staff back into employment.\n\n“Our members tell us it will be about 44,000 (staff) from this week back into employment.”\n\nImage: Getty\n