Ourview, Extinctionrebellion

Ourview, Extinctionrebellion

Warning for Extinction protestors: Good advice for the Greens too

Warning for Extinction protestors: Good advice for the Greens too


Warning for Extinction protestors: Good advice for the Greens too

The warning from Mary Robinson to the Extinction Rebellion movement that they risk alienating the public if they do not employ smart tactics is appropriate.

The UN Special Envoy on El Nino and Climate said disruption was necessary to drive change, but that the most effective path to reform was through convincing investors and pension funds to use resources in more sustainable ways.

Forget about the wolves. Concentrate on sustainable housing, energy, transport, especially public transport, and protecting over-stretched and abused water resources. The green icing can be put on the cake when we’ve done all we can to avert looming self-inflicted disaster.

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No shit Mary. Poor sods thought twitter was real life until they met real life public sentiment 🤣

'House of Fools' - how UK papers reacted to MPs voting for Brexit deal delay - Independent.ieAFTER Saturday's newspapers offered advice on how MPs should vote on the EU Withdrawal Act, many of the UK's Sunday's papers are not impressed the advice was not followed.

Gardai appealing for help in finding missing pensioner John LockwoodGardai appealing for assistance in finding missing John Lockwood, 87, who was last seen at his Co Mayo home

Hong Kong protesters defy police ban to press ‘five main demands’Police had beefed up security measures for the unauthorised rally.

'We're not afraid of being arrested' - Hong Kong protesters defy police ban and barricade streets - Independent.ieHong Kong protesters flooded the streets again on Sunday, ignoring a police ban on the rally and setting up barricades amid tear gas and firebombs.

Protesters ignore ban to clash with police in Hong KongProtesters faced tear gas in Hong Kong today as they defied a police ban

Robinson: Climate protesters must avoid alienating publicMary Robinson, the UN Special Envoy on El Nino and Climate, praised Greta Thunberg for her stand. Where can the poor man (and woman, not to mention the children too) go to protest the bleedin cold and the wet?

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