Una Healy returns to Ireland after ‘lovely few days away’ in Mallorca

Una Healy returns to Ireland after ‘lovely few days away’ in Mallorca

21/10/2021 02:30:00

Una Healy returns to Ireland after ‘lovely few days away’ in Mallorca

Una Healy has said that her “batteries are recharged” after her trip to Spain.

One user wrote: “Looking lovely Una, hope you had a beautiful time.”Video of the DayAnother said: “True beauty inside and out.”A third chimed in: “Love this picture, view is stunning.”It comes after Una celebrated her 40th birthday and her daughter Aoife Belle’s First Holy Communion on the day same last weekend.

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The nine-year-old, who is Una's first child from her marriage to ex Ben Foden, finally got to make her First Communion yesterday at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Thurles after services were delayed earlier this year due to Covid restrictions.

Una took to Instagram to share some lovely memories from the day, including a video showing off some of Aoife’s cards, her rosary beads, a missal, and a prayer candle.She then had a quick outfit change as she made her way to the capital to celebrate her 40th birthday at House Dublin on Leeson Street. headtopics.com

The musician wore a sparkly pink Nadine Merabi dress with a feather trim paired with some of her Una Healy collection heels.The birthday girl posted a photo from the evening as she posed in front of her custom pink and white balloons and cake.Captioning the photo, she wrote: “Had an absolute ball last night celebrating my birthday with so many loved ones.

“Huge thanks to @housedublin2 for hosting such a special night.” Read more: Independent.ie »

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I heard she wasn’t a great traveler…. WhispersNewsLTD beat this! Great news. Investigative journalism at its VERY VERY best. scoup 🙏🤔😴 We can all rest easy now tonight with that bit of good news. Saw her jogging in St. Anne’s Park recently. Should have sold my story to ye. Wow wow wow 😂😂 fuck me a new low for the independent 😆😆😆😂😂😂

One of my brown shoes is missing Anyone free to cover? breakingnewsie I can’t afford an actual real not care about cost holiday .. ps .. I work as a healthcare worker. Thought we might get a few quid towards one .. used up holiday days over the year taking a few random days off just to keep going .. so do I give a fuk

Not a public interest story from not a paper . Really, they should be embarrassed at how low they have gone. This is why I haven’t bought a copy of the Independent in years….!!

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Is she some relation to the wan who has a story in Her and similar rags every week? Some sort of influencer, with her own 'beauty line' called SoSueMe or SoSushi or something. Every week, some more drivel. I don't mean to be rude but... who gives a shite So? That’s big news ok Looks like the next holiday for the little people is a vicarious holiday. Yeh!

What a rag Who cares? This is truly bleeding-edge journalism -- don't me. I returned home earlier today after a few hours in ballinasloe hospital with my mam, where I watched a man on a trolley vomit blood all over himself. Please let me be headline news tomorrow? 🙄

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Can she not f****** stay there?!! What's the story here 🤣 Omg mortified for whoever wrote this article What a load of bollox😂 Chuffed MartyM_RTE BirdWatchIE Who gives a fuck This is why I cancelled an online subscription to Irish readers surely deserve better than this nonsense. Wonder what did Vogue & Roseanne do today 😂😂😂

Is there any update on this situation How was the first day or 2 back in Ireland? The comments 😶 🤣😂😂😅 NOOOS WORDY!

Irish community in mourning after sudden death of eight year old boyWill Leeson was described as a 'lovely, funny and entertaining little character', passed away suddenly on Friday, October 15. RIP.

Saturdays,I presume? Wait. Lovely! What ever did she mean? Can’t wait to read this to get to the bottom of this compliment/insult Mallorca minefield! As if anybody cared Amazing Irish journalism at it's cutting edge best right there! A true national treasure. Stop the Press Great News ffs I have to ask. How did you come by this magnificent scoop? Did the lady ring you to say she was back from holidays, or was it her publicist who got in contact to let you know? Asking for a friend, loike

I will only believe this to be true if FabrizioRomano gives us all a here we go.... Ah sur tis news for da “normal” people loike

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for christ sake come out of the fog put on your big boy pants and do some real journalism Why is this news? In other news postman delivers a letter Who gives a fuck? I was worried sick Is she yer one smuggling the drugs or was that another wan! 😝😁 Irish journalists in 2021.... 'she revealed that she has arrived home ..' Is that what passes for journalism now?

I'm delighted, I was only saying the other day that I hope Una had a lovely few days away and I hope some of our papers acknowledge that she was going to have a lovely few days away.Bless 😏

Simon Zebo makes long-awaited return as Ireland squad for autumn internationals namedSimon Zebo has been recalled to the Ireland squad for the first time since June 2017, as Andy Farrell has included uncapped Leinster duo Dan Sheehan and Ciaran Frawley for next month's Autumn Nations Series.

Massive story. Will set the alarm for 00.30 tomorrow morning again Nevertheless, delighted that UnaHealy managed to get back safe and sound. If she chirps in and tells us how the weather was, I think that piece of information alone would blow the entire article out of the water. Next up - an update on what Pat Kenny had for breakfast

Breaking News Could ye have at least padded it a bit by telling us what the weather was like in Majorca? Sometimes, it's OK not to publish. 'Buy a paper.' Game changer here lads 👀👀 Gutter journalism Thank god for that My friend Dessie is just back from ballybunion

Gizalaughnew will you be getting the column inches upon your return? How is this ‘news’ Who is UnaHealy ? Thank God. I'm going to the shops now. Maybe I'll have a cup of tea first. Is this meant to be news!!! FabrizioRomano can you confirm? Dear Jesus... The Indo v The Sun for Rag of the year

Vogue Williams obviously not taking their calls at the moment 🙄 Seriously, who cares, good for her and all…. But why is this news 🤣 What a scoop well done lads, will she play herself in the movie? 452 points required to study journalism at DCU. I just had a shite should I send in photos great scoop for you

BREAKING: Woman returns from holidays. Fantastic news The lady that served me a takeaway coffee yesterday mentioned she was going on holiday today... maybe you could have that as tomorrow's headline?... you're welcome! 😊 All those years studying Journalism are really paying off with this article 🙄

Who gives a flying f*ck? Fixed it. Did she go for a few random days or just Saturdays, cough. Great piece by the way, hopefully she'll be on the late late to tell us more Barry_J_Murphy BREAKING NEWS And this is newsworthy?🤦🏻‍♂️ This Waterford Whispers or the Indo I guess the Indo no longer has an editor in the newsroom asking 'Why is this news?'

Is this news? Thank God, I was getting worried..

This is a story 🙄🙄🙄🙄 This is journalism at its worst. The indo is only good for toilet paper. Good god, this most be a wind up or some internal messing at the paper…. Woman returns from holiday exclusive Oh. Do you have a quota of tweets you have to hit? How is this a story 🙄 Pulitzer Prize level of journalism right there. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Next in this thriller: Una makes her own breakfast after a great night's sleep. Really

Big deal, Slow news day ffs Well isn’t that fuckin great news altogether now. Oh that's fantastic news , been up all night waiting for the update . Thank you so much ,my life feels worthwhile now .. That’s it, I have to unfollow the indo! Snooze not news! Why is this news I hope to get a take away this evening!

Who cares ? We are all delighted to hear that news. We'll done Una.. Thanks for updating us. Did you manage to find out if she got us any sweets from duty free? Very very happy for her…

GUBU this breaking news could bring down a government Hello Irish Indo, I woke up today and went to work. So what🙄 Amazing news day made How the f**k is this headline news? Very important news… 🤦‍♂️ How is this actually news. There should be penalties for every ridiculous thing published. Omg Independent are you serious? Who cares. I think there's alot more pressing news you could report on. I just had a pee if anyone's interested!!!

Wonder how long they went to college to write that “headline”.

Ah jaysus wtf my mate Vanessa is just back from Lanzarote... It's headlines like these that get me through my day, fantastic news. Woman enjoys holiday This is not news has become a red top That's such a Father Ted headline 😂 Kill me And then 😖 Headline news..!?🙄

Was there anything in the Budget about a tax for the funding of this important journalism. We can’t risk losing this🧐 I’m sure Una is sound but 0 fucks given on this one I’m afraid. I found a fiver once. This is the most Father Ted headline ever! Wow that's mad lads. Story of the year so far 👍 Now you know why I don’t buy the Indo rag

I went into lidl yesterday to get one of the toasters in the special buys this week. Turned out the special buy toasters come out on THURSDAY not Wednesday. Wheres my article indo? Wow when did this story break? Some scoop for the Indo. This is defo one for LateLateShow

Pulitzer Prize piece. Reuters and CNN had this story hours ago - you need to up your game Independent This is News? Ahh! Bless her! Not news I know no one cares but it 5:55am I’m just after waking up to get ready for work. I’ve a 5 minute window to check my phone and see what’s going on and this is the first thing I see.......

Thank you ,so happy for all involved, should of told me in advance ,I could of picked up some fresh bread and milk for the poor mites OMG!!!!!!!!!! 😱 Top journalism lads 👏👏👏👏 This is huge!..

Is she on only fans Went straight to the comments when I saw that headline 🤷‍♂️ I suspect, worryingly, that more than one person was involved in deciding it was a good idea to post this. This was actually hysterical -as are the comments. The inclusion of the first holy communion and accoutrements including rosary beads, missal, and prayer candle made the story for me.

Dare I ask , how is this national news ? This is not newsworthy. Obviously arranged photo and news item paid up front as is the norm ,. Intense 😯 Well I’m delighted to hear that, next Paddington Bear gets a train too honey land… Reason 842 why people no longer buy newspapers. Haha why, Tune in next week for Una Healy and her trip to the shop.

Omg. what load of shite you report on!! Meanwhile in the real world ...Covid, unemployment, homelessness, direct provision, hospital overcrowding, cervical cancer screening, pyrite, mica, suicide prevention....So UnaHealy how was your lovely few days away in Mallorca? And? Good for her I’m sure she’s wrecked…. 💩💩

Covid compliant rte.ie lols. Jokes Incredible journalism 👏 I’ll not sleep tonight! Bet even Úna Healy is scundered this article went beyond a seconds thought. 😳 Who cares? Oh feic off una.

Adoptit heeeealy Wonder did she fly Venga Airways😂 Ah lovely 🙂 I hope VIP do an article on it and share some photos 😑 Big bucket required, to puke in. What a load of rubbish Complete nonsense🙄 No doubt to a 'lovely cup of tea' VelvetyMole What? I only clicked expecting there was some reason she was away and this was reported. She had a holiday? That’s the story? 😂😂

Menorca is better...ups Who really cares anyway 🤣🤣🤣

What is actually wrong with the people who are interested in this Must have been a slow news day Tell us more! Neasa Cumiskey’s career doesn’t seem to be going as well as hoped So fcukin' what.....bogroll rag of a paper....🧻🚽💩 Who is this person Thats absolutely fancastic news, fair play, great piece of journalism,keep it up

Who is she ? I returned home with the kids this evening after searching Galway city for Halloween costumes. I got them, eventually. THIS is what counts as news? Big news

Incredible news 👍👍 Is this news ? Who Gives a Toss Good to hear 👍👍