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Spikes and hot spots in Japan and India as world looks to flatten Covid-19 curve

Spikes and hot spots in Japan and India as world looks to flatten Covid-19 curve

09/04/2020 10:23:00

Spikes and hot spots in Japan and India as world looks to flatten Covid-19 curve

The advance of the pandemic is taking place at different paces in different countries.

Thursday, April 09, 2020 - 08:10 AMCoronavirus infections are spiking in Japan and creating hot spots in India’s congested cities just as the US and some of the hardest-hit European countries are considering when to start easing restrictions that have helped curb their outbreaks of the disease.

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Japan reported more than 500 new cases for the first time Thursday, a worrisome rise since it has the world’s oldest population and Covid-19 can be especially serious in the elderly.Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency, but not a lockdown, in Tokyo and six other prefectures earlier this week.

Companies in the world’s third-largest economy have been slow to embrace working from home, and many commuters were on Tokyo’s streets as usual.A man wearing face mask to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus walks through deserted Nakamise alley in Asakusa, Tokyo (Koji Sasahara/AP)

India, whose 1.3 billion people are under a lockdown until next week, has sealed dozens of hot spots in and around the capital, and will supply residents with food and medicine while not allowing them to leave.The number of confirmed cases exceeds 5,000, with 166 deaths, according to India’s health ministry.

Meanwhile, deaths, hospital stays and new infections have been levelling off in places like Italy and Spain, which together have more than 30,000 deaths.Even New York has seen encouraging signs amid the gloom.At the same time, politicians and health officials warn that the crisis is far from over and a catastrophic second wave could hit if countries let down their guard too soon.

“We are flattening the curve because we are rigorous about social distancing,” New York state governor Andrew Cuomo said.“But it’s not a time to be complacent. It’s not a time to do anything different than we’ve been doing.”READ MORENearly third of UK nurseries still charging fees despite Covid-19 closures – survey

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has climbed to about 1.5 million worldwide, with nearly 90,000 deaths, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University.The true numbers are almost certainly much higher, because of limited testing, different rules for counting the dead and concealment by some governments.

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An officer checks the quality as Jammu and Kashmir police personnel make face masks and personal protective gear (Channi Anand/AP)The US has by far the most confirmed cases, with over 430,000 people infected.New York state on Wednesday recorded its highest one-day increase in deaths, 779, for an overall death toll of almost 6,300, more than 40% of the US total of around 15,000.

“The bad news is actually terrible,” Mr Cuomo said.Still, the governor said hospital admissions are decreasing and many of those now dying fell ill in the outbreak’s earlier stages.In a sign of how much the virus has affected air travel, the number of Americans getting on airplanes sank to a level not seen since the 1950s, the dawn of the jet age.

The Transportation Security Administration screened fewer than 100,000 people on Tuesday, a drop of 95% from a year ago.Dr Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top infectious-diseases expert, said the Trump administration has been working on plans to eventually reopen the country amid evidence that social distancing is working to stop the virus’s spread.

But he said it was not time to scale back such measures: “Keep your foot on the accelerator because this is what is going to get us through this”, he said at Wednesday’s White House briefing.Vice President Mike Pence warned that Philadelphia was emerging as a potential hot spot.

Washington, D.C., Louisiana, Chicago, Detroit and Colorado were also seeing worsening outbreaks.Mr Pence said he would speak to leaders in African American communities who are concerned about disproportionate impacts from the virus.The best way to stop the spread of

is to stay home. It will save lives. I want to protect my mother, Matilda. Read more: Irish Examiner »

Japan declares state of emergencyPrime Minister Shinzo Abe said he planned to keep the state of emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures in place for a month.

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Over 75,000 deaths worldwide, no new deaths in ChinaAs the National Public Health Emergency Team meets to discuss restrictions and childcare supports, FergalBowers reports on the latest. | Follow live updates: I watched every plane and wished I could go home. I still do. Bígí slán, gach duine. Wait till Friday and bet you anything they give us more restrictions....... this lockdown is really getting to me .... after today im done with the news for a while my head can't handle it anymore I’m guessing a 1 week extension, and if the number of new cases start falling from this weekend onwards, it’ll be 2 weeks

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