Secret signs Harry is ready for second baby & why he’s ‘in awe’ of big families

Secret signs Harry is ready for second baby & why he’s ‘in awe’ of big families

27/10/2020 01:45:00

Secret signs Harry is ready for second baby & why he’s ‘in awe’ of big families

WE can hardly believe it’s been 18 months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed baby Archie into the world – and if the Duke’s body language is anything to go by, the roya…

Invalid Date,WE can hardly believe it's been 18 months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed baby Archie into the world - and if the Duke's body language is anything to go by, the royal couple might be thinking about having another one soon.

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The Duke of Sussex appeared on a video call BLM activist Patrick Hutchinson fortoday and revealed he never knew unconscious bias existed until he married Meghan Markle.7Prince Harry appeared on a video call from his £11m Montecito mansion todayCredit: GQ - Conde Nast

Despite the serious topic matter, body language expert Judi James says the Duke seemed happy and relaxed during the discussion - while also making it clear the subjects resonated with him a "very personal way".Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Judi said: "Harry takes on the body language and role of interviewer at the start of this chat, leaning forward in his chair to stare into the camera to simulate eye contact, with his elbows on his thighs in a symmetric pose that suggests keen and encouraging listening and agreement.

"He even lowers his own body to lower his own signals of status, making it look like two guys chatting together."However, this all changes when Patrick tells Harry he has four children - suggesting the Duke is "in awe" of parents with big families and considering having another himself.

7The Duke discussed racial bias with BLM activist Patrick HutchinsonCredit: GQ - Conde Nast7Body language expert Judi James says this reaction suggests he's 'very happy at the idea' of becoming a father againJudi said: "Harry mistakenly thinks Patrick has two children but Patrick corrects his to inform him he has four kids. Harry’s non-verbal response is almost explosive as he drops the empathetic ‘I’m a dad too’ face and converts to an expression of almost childlike surprise, wonder and shock.

"He rocks forward before reeling back in his chair and his ‘Wow!’ and eye-stare show he is emphatically impressed and suddenly in awe of Patrick as a super-dad."Harry’s signals of shock and surprise do hint he’s not yet considered the idea of being a dad several times over, although his excited eye-smile does seem to suggest that he might be very happy at the idea and even keen to promote it.

"There are no subtle winces or fun eye-rolls to suggest jokey sympathy in the way that some dads do discussing a large family, just a look of awe and pleasure on Harry’s face here."7Prince Harry's son Archie is 18 months oldCredit: Sussex Royal

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Prince Harry famously said he'd have 'two kids maximum' last yearCredit: The Mega AgencyLast year, Prince Harry famously said he'd have "two kids maximum" while discussing the future of the planet with conservationist Jane Goodall in Meghan Markle's Forces for Change Vogue issue.

That said, Prince Harry's body language dramatically switches as Patrick discusses how hard it's been not being allowed to hug his mum and grandmother in lockdown.Describing how the Duke suddenly becomes "fidgety" and "on edge", Judi said: "Instead of nodding to share the thought of missing hugging his nan, Harry sits upright, staring ahead with no smiling or nodding that might give away clues to how he is feeling being many miles away from his own grandmother in the UK."

But Harry appears more animated again when discussing unconscious racial bias.Judi continued: "Harry again begins by interviewing Patrick for this part of the chat, asking how witnessing the protests made him feel, but Harry then looks very keen and passionate about describing his own epiphany after meeting Meghan.

7Judi says the Duke was 'on edge' when Patrick discussed how hard it had been in lockdown not being allowed to hug his family7Prince Harry was 'in awe' of parents with big familiesCredit: AP:Associated Press"His energy levels rise and his more emphatic and higher hand gestures suggest a strong desire to campaign and create change.

"His gestures include some pleading hands, a winding gesture in mid-air and then a precision pinch to imply a search for solutions to some of the problems he has been defining."Harry also signals deep regret at having had ‘no idea what it was like’ until he had been ‘living a day or a week in my wife’s shoes.’

"He sighs, raises his brows and looks to his left in this section to study his own upbringing and past, and despite steepling his thumbs in what seems to refer to the memory of the emphasis placed on status back then, his mouth shrugs and head shakes echo his theme of regret and lessons now learned.

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