Ryanair gets ‘abysmally low’ rating for delays in paying refunds

The airline has dismissed the survey, carried out by a British magazine, as ‘fake news’

14/01/2021 00:01:00

The airline has dismissed the survey, carried out by a British magazine, as ‘fake news’

RYANAIR has dismissed as “fake news” a survey that rated it and Virgin Atlantic the worst airlines for customer service by people who tried to get a refund after their flight was cancelled.

Huge numbers of flights were cancelled last year due to the virus crisis, leaving people fighting for refunds which they are entitled to receive within seven days of cancellation.A European Union directive means the refunds should be paid within a week. However, this does not apply where travellers decide not to fly.

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Last November, Ryanair confirmed that people in Ireland who booked tickets through travel agents, or so-called screenscraper websites, were being given refunds by cheques drawn on a ­German bank.While the cheques will be honoured by Irish banks, consumers could incur significant costs lodging them to their accounts.

The UK survey found that a third of respondents who had a flight cancelled by Ryanair or Virgin Atlantic waited more than three months for their refund.None of the Ryanair passengers surveyed received their refund within the legal time frame.The survey found that a quarter of Ryanair passengers were left frustrated by its initial policy of automatically issuing credit notes rather than cash refunds. headtopics.com

Asked to comment on theWhich? Travelsurvey, Ryanair said: “This is just fake news (and more fake surveys) fromWhich?, who repeatedly make false claims about Ryanair.”The Commission for Aviation Regulation, which has a mandate to protect airline consumers, said it cannot comment on specific airlines, when asked about the survey that rated Ryanair poorly on paying refunds.

The commission reminded people that if a passenger does not receive a satisfactory response from the airline, or no response, within six weeks of making their complaint, they can escalate the matter to the Commission for Aviation Regulation on www.flightrights.ie – this covers flights that were meant to depart from Ireland.

The aviation regulator has repeatedly said that anyone whose flight was cancelled as a result of Covid-19 is entitled to a refund.It said customers could accept a voucher when offered, but they are within their rights to opt for a refund. Read more: Independent.ie »

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I fly with Ryanair on average 15-20 times a year from Ireland, I have yet to meet a bad member of staff onboard a plane. I can count on one hand the late arrivals, pre c19 one cancelled flight. Follow the rules you sign for and there’s no issues I was told I wouldn’t get a refund at all for a flight cancelled in March. How can they justify this at all?

Another bully Irene48 They said refunds within 7 days. Three months later....Not a bean.