Coronavirus Q&A: What is a contact-tracing app and how does it work?

Coronavirus Q&A: What is a contact-tracing app and how does it work?

30/03/2020 05:30:00

Coronavirus Q&A: What is a contact-tracing app and how does it work?

The HSE says it is looking to introduce a ‘contract tracing’ phone app to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. But what would that look like? Would it work? And what would the downsides be?


Here's What Happened Today: SundayHSE expects coronavirus peak in two weeks, contract tracing app in the works and Trump backtracks on 'quarantine' idea. Tonight's News Fix: 10 thousand plus will die in ireland I'd say Road deaths will be higher in Ireland this year....

Coronavirus Q&A: What do the new government restrictions mean for people in Ireland?All you need to know after Leo Varadkar's announcement

Coronavirus: Italy’s death toll passes 10,000Coronavirus: French health authorities reported 319 new deaths from the coronavirus on Saturday

Out-of-work staff upskilling to help in fight against coronavirusOut-of-work staff in areas such as childcare have responded to a call to upskill in infection prevention and control to help out in hospitals and other healthcare settings during the Covid-19 crisis. Sorry read the headline, thought it was targetted at TDs.

Revealed: Government publishes list of essential workersTHE Government has published a list of essential workers who are allowed to travel to work despite the coronavirus lockdown. Brewers better be on it. So that’s just about everyone except the retired, unemployed, housewives and hairdressers. Would have been easier to publish a list of people who ARE under house arrest. Leo hasn’t a clue what he’s doing. Very slow to make decisions and has no balls whatsoever.. The sooner he’s gone the better...

Spain: 832 more people die due to Covid-19Spain's coronavirus death toll rose by 832 cases overnight to 5,690, the health ministry has revealed. This marks a new high in the daily rise in fatalities. Oh my god. And LeoVaradkar says we will be out of ICU beds in a few days with just 71 patients in ICU... this is just beginning for us. Stay home. Stay safe.