Coronavirus, Anna Odonoghue

Coronavirus, Anna Odonoghue

Call for stronger Garda powers to tackle lockdown house parties

Call for stronger Garda powers to tackle lockdown house parties

03/06/2020 09:15:00

Call for stronger Garda powers to tackle lockdown house parties

Emergency legislation is being urgently demanded to help gardaí tackle lockdown house parties amid fears they could trigger a new wave of Covid-19 cases.

Health Minister Simon Harris said people should be doing everything possible to protect each other.“I know the weather has been good, I know we are all missing normal life, but the harder we work now, the easier it will be for Government to make the decision to move to the next phase,” he said.

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I have seen the pictures of packed beaches and heard the stories of house parties. We have come too far to throw our progress away.Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said personal responsibility is the only thing which will keep the public safe in this pandemic.

“While gardaí will play their part they are relying on the general public to act responsibly,” he said.In Cork, residents’ spokesperson Catherine Clancy said their ‘reclaim the neighbourhood’ campaign has highlighted an issue affecting many communities nationally.

“Pubs can’t open, restaurants can’t open, we can’t have the Leaving Certificate examinations, yet there are up to 50 people gathering at some of those house parties in our community,” she said, adding that the Government needs to urgently introduce emergency legislation to strengthen Garda powers to deal with such situations, and consider fines for landlords who do nothing to prevent the gatherings.

READ MOREDepartment of Health quizzed on infection risks of bus and air travelResidents staged their first vigil on Sunday after a spate of ‘Magaluf or J1-style’ house parties. They accused young people involved of “giving two fingers to the community” and of putting people at risk of contracting Covid-19.

They said those who have moved into the area in recent weeks have no business being there because UCC is closed, and that some involved were using their €350 Covid-19 payments to move into student accommodation for the summer because their foreign travel or holiday plans had been cancelled.

Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin said gardaí have contacted a number of the landlords and that warnings have been relayed to tenants that there will be serious implications for tenancy agreements if gardaí are called to the properties again.

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He appealed to the young people involved to behave responsibly.“They have to respect the rights of their neighbours who are permanently resident in these areas,” he said. “Many are elderly with genuine health concerns.”Meanwhile, trainee solicitor Sarah McNulty, of Cantillons, said any significant interference with the peaceful enjoyment of your home is a serious matter and those affected can seek a “DIY-style” restraining order against those responsible through the District Court under Section 108 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992.

“If the noise nuisance is coming from a particular house normally let to students, it is probably best to make the complaint against the owner of the house as well,” she said.The inclusion of a landlord in the court proceedings reminds them of their legal responsibilities to their neighbours and of the possibility of legal liability for compensation and damages if the nuisance is allowed to recur, said Ms McNulty.

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This should have been done from the outset, too late now to start thinking about it. All the Karen's out complaining that people are enjoying the summer😂 NORTH KOREA. BUT SUPER WOKE LIBERALS CAN PROTEST POLICE BRUTALITY IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS. DISGRACE They don't enforce the laws they have , people dying alone , 10 at a funeral of a loved one , limited range of travel, all for what ? How are house parties evil but virtue signalling marches about a murder in another country is a ok ? This country is truly F 'D.

Joke right ? Thousands march in Dublin and Leo applauds them. Then again, Leo ignored the rules himself a few weeks back.

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