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Singh ‘troubled’ by Bernier’s invite to leaders’ debate, calls on commissioner to reconsider

The letter comes a day after it was announced Bernier would be invited to participate in Canada's official leadership debate.

2019-09-17 11:59:00 PM

“It is wrong that Mr. Bernier be given a platform to promote an ideology of hate that spreads prejudice and disinformation,” Singh said in a letter Tuesday. elxn43 cndpoli

The letter comes a day after it was announced Bernier would be invited to participate in Canada's official leadership debate.

Story continues below “I am troubled by your decision to allow the leader of the People’s Party of Canada in the debates,” the letter reads. “It is wrong that Mr. Bernier be given a platform to promote an ideology of hate that spreads prejudice and disinformation.”

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READ MORE: Maxime Bernier invited to take part in federal election leaders’ debates The letter comes a day after it was announced Bernier would be invited to participate in Canada’s official leadership debates in October.Singh claims Bernier should not be allowed to participate in the debates because he has “courted racists to run for his party,” “frequently promotes damaging conspiracy theories” on social media and has been photographed with “far-right hate groups with neo-Nazi ties.”

“These are not the actions of a person who has earned the privilege of promoting their agenda on a national stage,” Singh wrote.WATCH: Andrew Scheer says he’s open to debate anyoneBernier was not invited to the debates when the commission sent the first invites to party leaders in August.

However, Bernier argued that not inviting him to take part was the commission’s way of excluding his party, which he says is the only one that has anything different to say.“It won’t be a real debate if I’m not there,” he told candidates and supporters at his party’s first national conference in August.

“It will be a phony discussion where they attack each other on their superficial differences.” READ MORE: Everything you need to know about the 2019 federal leaders’ debates According to the Leaders’ Debate Commission, for a federal political party to be included in the official debates, it must satisfy two of the following three criteria:

According to the press release, when the initial invitations were sent in August, the PPC satisfied only one criterion.“At that time in the electoral cycle, and with the evidence then available, the Commissioner did not consider that the PPC had a legitimate chance to elect more than one candidate,” the release reads. “The Commission indicated this was a preliminary assessment and that it would seek further information.”

WATCH: Maxime Bernier invited to participate in federal election leaders’ debatesHowever, in a news release issued Monday, Johnston said he was “satisfied that more than one candidate endorsed by the party has a reasonable chance to be elected.”“With the benefit of more recent information, I am of the view that the PPC has attracted a significant number of party members, has established a notable presence in the media and on the political landscape and, based on recent polling data, has achieved a reasonable chance of success in more than one riding,” Johnston said in the release.

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In the letter, Singh said he disagrees with Johnston’s findings, saying “most informed political analysts believe his party is unlikely to gain seats in this election.” READ MORE: Man linked to neo-Nazi group in U.S. no longer with People’s Party of Canada

Singh also urges Johnston to reconsider his decision.“Canadians deserve to hear an open political debate between different points of view,” he wrote. “They are not well served by a debate that instead needs to spend its time defending values that are already at the core of what Canadians believe.”

Global News has reached out to the PPC for comment, but has not heard back by time of publication.Speaking at an event in St. John’s, N.L., on Tuesday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he looks forward to holding Bernier to account publicly for what he says are his “intolerant views.”

READ MORE: ‘I don’t believe in mass immigration,’ Maxime Bernier says at PPC rally in Napanee, Ont.“And I certainly hope all of the leaders will do the same,” Trudeau said.At an event in Winnipeg on Tuesday, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said he will debate “anybody who is ready to be the prime minister.”

In an emailed statement from the Green Party, a spokesperson confirmed that “Ms. May said, ‘He met the criteria. I welcome him to the debate!'”— With files from Rachael D’Amore Read more: Globalnews.ca »

I'm a immigrant, I come to Canada because Canada is far more better than where I came, I integrate into its, I am not making it changes for me, I often hear a lot that many said in my country is better on this and that, so why are they come here since their country is better Prejugded happened because actions of way we behaved or done. Any country does have their own rules. For example cop has uniform, then because of one woman wear face cover or one man wear turban then the police uniform has to change to accommodate these person. Why not otherwise

Bernier put a new political party together in a short time while Singh has NDP members running for the hills or joining the greens, If they add another speaker he's afraid he'll finish laster. These are not Canadian values and it is completely undemocratic. My god how quickly you are destroying the tower that Jack Layton built. I don't agree with the PPC but I absolutely believe they should have the right to speak. Anything else is tyranny and oppression. NDP

770CHQR Singh is a freaking communist who shouldn't even be allowed to run for office in a Free Democratic country. His ultimate goal is to destroy everything Canada is suppose to stand for. The only ppl PREACHING Hate are the socialists of the ndp, greens and the socialist liberals. As far as I am concerned they are all full of shit anyway! So if he’s preaching hate and divisiveness then he won’t get too many votes anyway so may as well let him speak and waste his breathe! That’s the right thing to do regardless of whether you like his views or not!

The exclusion of any party leader from presenting his/her parties policies in a televised debate would be a slippery slope for democracy in this country. Canadians have the ability to judge for themselves what is right and what is wrong. Its nice theJagmeetSingh can take his turban off to show he's normal... But the Sikhs can't do it in conformity with Canadian laws. Isn't that nice!

I agree with Jagmeet Singh. We should not give a platform to those who promote discrimination and clearly demonstrate prejudice. More BS from the WelfareMedia Vote MaximeBernier and the peoplespca a party for ALL Canadians! PPC2019 Last time i looked... we are a demorcacy. Hey.. mr. Singh.. when you coming to your riding Did you forget us.

*eye roll* 'You're racist!' is how Singh says hello. theJagmeetSingh is the one promoting division and hate by falsely telling millions of Canadians that the peoplespca and its members hold divisive hateful views. A disgusting lie meant to censor out views and endangers our members. Retract immediately. cdnpoli

Sucks to be you Singh. Let 5he voters listen to what he says,; and then they can make up their own minds. That's how the 'system ' works. 770CHQR Nonsense, making up fake news. theJagmeetSingh Sir: I get that you don't want MaximeBernier to spread his prejudicial beliefs. However, I truly believe it would not only be undemocratic to preclude him from participating in the debates, I submit it is borderline comuninistic to exclude him.

Funny that you only mention MaximeBernier when it involves some sort of denunciation 🤡🌎 That’s the point of a debate, to hear what the candidates are proposing. If it’s hate, then don’t vote for that person. If Bernier preaches hate on the debate Canadians are not stupid and will none of it on the other hand if he brings truth Canadians will pay attention

theJagmeetSingh Not only is this fascism disgusting in itself, it's even more abhorrent that it's being put to us from liars who have called us; Deniers (by McKenna) Nazis (by Butts) Racists (by Trudeau) Islamophobes (by Khalid) un-Canadian (by Hussen) If MaximeBernier ‘s message is one of prejudice and disinformation I expect theJagmeetSingh to oppose it and uncover it. This is also a platform to destroy what is damaging. cndpoli

Commies say the darndest things. MaximeBernier has never promoted an ideology of hate or prejudice. If his ideas are so bad you ought to look forward to making him look foolish on national television. Unless you believe Canadians are too stupid to make up their own minds...

LIVE: NDP Leader Singh makes announcementNDP Leader Jagmeet Singh makes an announcement and speaks to reporters, LIVE NOW. And nobody cared Hurry up and finish, schreer needs to get ideas to make a plan NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh makes another STUPID SOCIALIST announcement on how to DESTROY Canada’s ECONOMY I shall pass and then VOTE 🗳 for the CPC on October 21/19

Jagmeet Singh wanted to ‘show an openness’ to Quebec with ad displaying him without a turbanThe NDP ad, which was voiced completely in French, aimed to gather supporters in the francophone province. Singh has long been a critic of Quebec's secularism law, Bill 21, which prevents the wearing of religious wear, including that of turbans, in positions of authority. I'm just curious, If they don't wear it, does God ban them from heaven? If so, is that a God worth worshiping? Seems odd God would have a dress code for people he gave free will to... If a 👨 came to you and said he heard a man in the sky but you couldn't, is it true? I’d wear a turban too if I had hair like that.... If u keep on wearing that u will lost u r hair

Canada election: Promises Trudeau, Scheer, Singh, May and Blanchet have madeHere are the latest cdnpoli promises from the major federal party leaders. cdnpoli elxn43 You might as well just start including MaximeBernier to your articles! People want to hear a real debate. Not a a bunch of payed off, social justice, climate alarmist propaganda leaders arguing over their inability to lead and who to blame. Canada has the greatest leader in the world !! The whole world loves and respects Trudeau the only people against Trudeau Canada and the world are the conservatives!! Well! I think AndrewScheer is keeping his promises to continue lying to Canadians! Aho! ChooseForward ScheerLies elxn43 CanadaVotes

Jagmeet Singh pledges to build 500,000 new affordable homes in 10 years Jagmeet Singh said the economy is doing well, but not for everyone, and criticized the Liberals for not spending enough on affordable housing. cdnpoli elxn43 He isn't wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tell him the economy took 4 years to fix, even while fighting a trade war. First things first. The housing will come but not if you don't ChooseForward!!! elxn43 he isn't wrong n if it weren't as tight of an election he'd get my vote but given Scheer has a real chance I refuse to throw away a vote on a 3rd party. I'm already suffering under Ford

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