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Winter in a pandemic: How cold air could make the coronavirus spread more easily

'Winter is coming.'

2020-09-25 1:56:00 PM

'Winter is coming.'

The summer months are officially behind us, and the dip in temperature has been met with a spike in coronavirus cases across Canada.

cases across Canada.Some parts of Canada are already experiencing a second wave, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday. But will the coronavirus grow even more rampant during the winter months, just as other respiratory illnesses do?Read more:

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Canada ‘on the brink’ of coronavirus surge, second wave underway in some regions, Trudeau says“As the weather cools down, this means the coronavirus may actually stay in the air longer,” said Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto.

As the virus leaves your body, the cold air helps preserve it and keep it alive longer, Furness explained.“That’s one of the reasons we have the flu season in the colder months.”Tweet ThisStory continues below advertisementRespiratory infections, such as coronaviruses, are spread by droplets that are released when a person coughs or sneezes, according to

the Public Health Agency of Canada.Timothy Sly, an epidemiologist with Ryerson University’s school of public health, explained that we don’t exhale the virus particles. The virus is inside droplets of various sizes.1:47Coronavirus: WHO warns of COVID-19 momentum as winter, influenza season looms in north

Coronavirus: WHO warns of COVID-19 momentum as winter, influenza season looms in northWhen the air is dry, which is typical during the winter months, the moisture in the droplets evaporates, “possibly within seconds,” leaving the nucleus of the droplet — containing the virus — to float in the air, he said.

This means the droplets are smaller and lighter than they would be with humid weather, meaning they could spread farther.[Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates]Another reason the spread of the coronavirus could be worse in cold temperature is that our mucous membrane dries out in cold weather, making it much harder for the nose to filter pathogens, Furness said. When airways dry out, it allows the virus to have easier access to the body.

Story continues below advertisement“All of these contribute to ideal conditions for respiratory viruses in the winter,” Furness said.But this does not mean it will happen with COVID-19 specifically, Sly warned.Trending StoriesToronto Blue Jays beat New York Yankees 4-1 to lock up post-season berth

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Because the Northern Hemisphere hasn’t been through a full winter with the coronavirus pandemic yet, it is really “speculation” at the moment, he said.But he added it’s still important that people practise safe distancing and wearing masks, even when outside during the winter months.

“It’s still the best way to prevent infection,” Sly said.Read more:Of course, there are other reasons for viruses to spread during the winter months.Story continues below advertisementaccording to CNBC.“People are travelling more, they are going back to work, schools are reopening — these are all factors that are going to increase the risk of community transmission and further transmission.

“As we approach the flu season and the winter months, there are additional factors that will conflate and add even more to that level of risk,” she said, saying more people are likely to congregate indoors and in more crowded settings.Studies look into COVID-19 and cold temperature


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Trudeau dangles national childcare system in throne speech with few hints of fiscal restraintBREAKING: Trudeau is promising a national childcare and early education system as the coronavirus pandemic continues to batter gender equality gains by forcing Canadian women out of the workforce to care for children. What about men who have children and have list their jobs? Now do Quebec. They have childcare paid by the rest of Canada. Maybe, just maybe, some Canadian women would enjoy being 'out of the workforce'.

Coronavirus hits more schools amid growing fears of pandemic's second waveMore than 400 schools in Quebec and another 153 in Ontario are reporting at least one case of coronavirus disease. Canada has 37.817 million people, to date, 9,232 have died of the virus or 0.02441percent of the population… yet its rulers locked it down and inflicted untold economic havoc on its citizens. Fake, because of more fake testing

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