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George Floyd, Black Lives Matter

Trudeau says ‘we all have a role’ in confronting racism amid George Floyd solidarity protests

'There's a lot of work that remains to be done:' Trudeau on racism, George Floyd solidarity protests.

2020-06-01 10:56:00 PM

Trudeau said he wants young Black Canadians to know he is listening and understands why many are “anxious and angry” about the continued racism and discrimination they face.

'There's a lot of work that remains to be done:' Trudeau on racism, George Floyd solidarity protests.

Several have turned violent, both from police crackdowns and from rioters vandalizing property.2:18George Floyd death: Black activist delivers powerful message to 16-year-old protester in viral videoGeorge Floyd death: Black activist delivers powerful message to 16-year-old protester in viral video

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Police in Montreal are looking at 70 cases of alleged mischief following an anti-racism protest in that city on Sunday night and have so far arrested 11 individuals.The protest condemned police brutality and called for accountability and systemic change following the death of Floyd and was peaceful until reports from police that projectiles were thrown at officers.

Police responded with pepper spray and tear gas and declared the protest illegal.Story continues below advertisementGeorge Floyd death: Police fire tear gas in Montreal to disperse crowds during solidarity protestGeorge Floyd death: Police fire tear gas in Montreal to disperse crowds during solidarity protest

Trudeau said peaceful protest is a right that must be protected but that those who try to disrupt peaceful protests with violence must be condemned.Trending StoriesVideo shows crowd of George Floyd protesters running from speeding truck“As for those who took advantage of these peaceful protests … we have to condemn those actions strongly,” he said.

“They do not represent the peaceful protesters who are standing up for very real issues. We need to make sure that peaceful protest can always happen in Canada.”He was also pressed by one journalist on whether his own history of wearing blackface and brownface gives him the “moral authority” to speak on the matter.

READ MORE:Trudeau said he still regrets those choices and has apologized for them.Story continues below advertisement“I think we all have a role to play. We’ve all seen things in our lives or done things in our lives that we need to learn from or do significantly better on,” he said.

“I will be part of that. I will continue to be an ally.”READ MORE:Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer also commented on the protests on Monday, saying he was “heartbroken by the killing of George Floyd” and calling the incident “tragic.”“We all have a responsibility to fight anti-Black racism in all forms,” he told journalists.

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“I think we have to teach the next generation of Canadians that words can hurt, words can lead to violence and we all have to do better to make sure we’re not adding to feelings of insecurity.“Every Canadian has the right to live without fear from authorities because of the colour of their skin.”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the video of Floyd’s death “chilling” and “painful.”“It was painful. It was stomach-turning,” said Singh. “When you see someone who looks like you being killed like that, it makes you feel like you have no worth, no value. It makes you angry.”

Story continues below advertisementHe said he understands that anger and has felt it himself when facing racism, and said Canadians are going to have to work “collectively” to find solutions to end racism.“We have our own issues here in Canada and we can’t shy away from the anti-black racism that exists.”

The police officers involved in Floyd’s arrest and death have since been fired.The officer seen kneeling with his knee on Floyd’s neckwith third-degree murder and manslaughter.2:24George Floyd death: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh calls video of Floyd’s death ‘chilling’

George Floyd death: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh calls video of Floyd’s death ‘chilling’ Read more: »

Good for Trudeau. About time our part black prime minister did something like this. Did he ask young black Canadians why they keep shooting each other on almost a daily basis in Toronto? Trudeau is living on a different planet than the rest of us. 🪐 And what is his role? When did start spinning issues... this so called news is becoming more and more trash like. FakeNews

His pipeline police are having a white supremacist rally at the border of a BC reserve. TrudeauBlackface This guy tops the cake with all the idiots I’ve come across …...… a country less racist than Canada. How the hell would he know? Dressing up like one doesn’t make you one. Here is your problem.

Said Mr Blackface him self FIXED & EDITED: Trudeau said he wants -------- Black --------- face. TrudeauBlackface TrudeauMustGo Trudeau wants votes. Jesus I wish that this guy would just shut up already.. what an embarrassment. Cap'n Blackface haz werdz How much do you get paid by him again Your network is a disgrace and instead of stopping this in its track you continue to promote.

We.. How can this black face wearing motherfucker even say anything about racism? Canada is not a racist country. Alright, now do Asian, Latino, Muslim etc. Psst... Show them this photo. Aka useless diatribe. Maybe he should start leaving our kids out of this and parent his own! Oh thats right Sophie won't let him now!

Did he say it wearing Black Face ? Come on now. We know this is nothing but more race baiting. It's what Trudeau does best. So now we pretend that non blacks have more opportunity? Now we pretend that victim status doesn't guarantee special treatment? Of course we do, saying Canadians are awful is what gets the ont. & que votes

He said what When this guy wears the black face, he doesn’t understand Did he say it in white or blackface? Blackfacetrudeau Blackface pisses on Canadians all the time. He hates every white person in Canada because he’s a biggest racist The multi millionaire trust fund baby who never held a steady job, understands the plight of our black population! Must have been all that time spent in blackface!

Definitely they should listen to this clown. GFY Racist race baiting Liberal government trying to cause a race war in Canada. Wonderful. BLACK FACE UNDERSTANDS THE BIGGEST RACIST IN CANADA UNDERSTANDS Of course PM Racist India Trip didn't give a shit when 3 of us were shot and killed in April. 10 days apart. In fact. The racist media said very little. And a bunch of wankers didn't burn down a building in our honour either.

That’s it, I will not watch or listen to Global news again. Utter bullshit. Said this guy. Seriously, THIS GUY! JustinTrudeau is a joke. RacistTrudeau Trudeau TrudeauBlackface He understand because he’s placed himself in their shoes by wearing blackface incalculable times right? This coming from a government that hands out jobs based on race

If I was a young black man, I'd be very worried about his brand of understanding. He seems to experience things very differently than the rest of us. TrudeauMustGo LiberalsMustGo BlairMustGo FreelandMustGo TrudeauWorstPM The pot(head) calling the kettle black. The most privileged of white liberal Canadians says he understands young black Canadians he wouldn't understand anyone without a trust fund and is working paycheck to paycheck, black white or green.

Thinking any of all ages as we witnessed another black man murdered dear god how do black parents explain George Floyd’s getting murdered to their children 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Is this really the man young black Canadians trust? Look at this fraud. Take a long, hard look. This man is our Prime Minister. Do you feel a sense of pride Canada?

Start with this! What a fool Would GlobalNews please ask CanadianPM JustinTrudeau to explain what this costume was exactly? And how many other times did he wear blackface and when was the last time? 🙏🇨🇦🙏 Justin calling the kettle black. You cant make his stoopidity up. Cuz Trudeau’s tried their faces! WTF!?! Will no media call out that man child on his horrendous racist hypocritical b.s.?!?! Bueller? Bueller....?

Keep pushing that division, the EnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsMedia strikes again. All of you are the racists, you are the ones always dividing people into groups because of their skin colour, religion, etc. You people are Evil Oh really...i haven't heard that. Wow really giving Trudeau's ass a good lick with this story

Hello.I would like to share with you the job of making money online at home with forex trading, this is the number one position in the world I won after many years of research. Trudeau is just another race baiting Liberal. They are legion. What a load of 💩. Racism is not a problem in Canada for a man who suppose to lead us he loves to put us down and say that where something where not.TrudeauBlackface

I So why happened with the people in Alberta. Trudeau has been racist with Albertans. He understands because he experienced firsthand the racial attitudes toward him when he dressed up in blackface, so many times he doesn’t know how many. Mimicking their behaviour based upon his interpretation was disgusting, as he realized he must do a better job in the future!

PM blackface should just stop talking Let's not forget that he once was a young black Canadian! Blackface Most corrupt prime minister in Canadian History. Where? Plus also JustinTrudeau is the Biggest race baiter in town. He plays the identity politics like a pro. Sadly the ones missing the CriticalThinking part of their brain get hooked every time.

Yes. Was that with blackface on or off? I’m confused. He knows all about the face of discrimination. TrudeauBlackface As a black man Trudeau knows the struggle first hand. Says Mr. Blackface. All lamestream media in Canada is trash! Let's talk about racist Trudeau. Trudeau is privileged white It's not just black people. What happened to the inquiry into Missing and murdered indigenous women? This country has a problem following up on Indigenous issues too. I've also heard and seen racism towards Asians. Canada is no different than any other country

And that’s the fact jack.... is this 6 photo? I forget now... Omg, the word “racism” now starts sounding like “covid-19.” Liberals are trying their brain washing tactics again. Why are they so stupid, I don’t get it. 自由党这群大傻逼都是些什么鬼? Yes, he's listening all right He’s experienced being black first hand with his TrudeauBlackface research project

Racist liberals need to deal with their issues. Calling the rest of us racists us not dealing with it. Trudeau is the racist & he & his cabinet like to play victims and project their racism on the rest of us. This no longer works, people are waking up & seeing just what racist, divisive corrupt crooks run this country, enabled by FakeNews

We are Canadian means just that, no need to define it by race or colour. Not going to let this make me afraid of my neighbours. Everyone who voted for Trudeau is complicit to racism. ... then and now. Virtue signaling cuck President of Krakozhia Not to diminish but does this mean that the kids that were sending him there school work are no longer being helped by the PM for their class studies ?

Did he say it while wearing Blackfacetrudeau I know a good city to begin with. diversity is my strength If you are listeninggood, but what are you doing about it. The article on The National tonight was appalling, we can implement immediate actions. Review all police racism and shootings against our black population, create in class education for students, we are better than this.

work all the same, we have blood flowing through our veins, we have hearts that pump it, we have feelings, we are all unique in our own ways, we are all human unless you do something that disturbs that flow like killing another human. We have ignorant and racist people as part of the population, but they certainly don't make up the whole of the country so we need to not be taking on the problems of another country as if they are our own. I don't see color or difference because our insides

a divide in one of the most peaceful countries on the planet when it comes to racism. I have worked for many people who were way above me in ranks, they were my bosses and were paid equally for it. They weren't white!!! So who really has the problem You have a role to play in fixing dysfunctional neighbourhoods that breed crime. Some good minds need to put a LOT of effort into this.

This is not the time to be going back in time to an era in another countries history, not the Canadians history. Canada is already still living with the troubles our ancestors did to the aboriginals. We don't need more stuff to deal with that is only creating whether it be all sorts of colors, racial features, etc. and white people are the minority in both the States and Canada in this age. Canada has always fought for peace, please don't make problems in our country when they are in some others!!!

they are seeing racism to? I can certainly say there are many different colored people where I live and we all live pretty decently together without any inequality or racism toward any of us. For the love of God, Canada is made up of more nationalities What discrimination are they facing? Canada has been the most welcoming and liberal thinking country being of mixed decent from many countries, to many religions, to many races, to all types of humans who live in Canada as a whole. I don't understand where

When he is done the racism issues...Because Canadians are the most racist population on the planet...Can he adress the Canadian taxpayers anxiety and angriness on how he is handling his PM role.. Trudeau knows black culture because he was black three times before!! Experience counts everybody!! BS. The things that make you go 🤔

Maybe someday Trudeau will thank blacks for their donations like he thanked indigenous people. I wonder how the black community feels about a leader who dressed up in a black face costume? Trudeau should resign. He is a disgrace. I'm sure he understands. VirtueSignalle6 Fake news. VirtueSignalle6 Young black men need to get him and whip his ass.

They just keep pushing and pushing this narrative. Ffs VirtueSignalle6 I would be embarrassed ... Mr Trudeau and Global are a joke Just 1 more example of TrudeauBlackface when the mask slips off: Canada has little racism Ku Klux Justin the blackface boy. Is there any canard these crypto fascist Liberals will not tell to grovel for minority votes?cndpoli

Captain blackface has spoken You media hacks TrudeauBlackface Liberals are still racist, as this is proof of what they do behind closed doors. TrudeauNotFitForOffice Fixed it for ya. I have never done black face. Have you?! Did he wear his turban or his black face? Who is the person that is advising him to make these statements about racism in Canada? Do they not realize that he admitted to wearing blackface at least three times that he remembers? This is beyond hypocritical!

He wore blackface 3 times *blackface Like he can talk. “We’ve got your back” JustinTrudeau Did he say it in blackface? Global news - bought & paid for by the Liberal party of Canada with your tax dollars. TrudeauBlackface FakeNewsMedia DefundGlobal Coming from a boy stuck in a man’s body who has dressed numerous times in black face even up to the age of almost 30, really not interested in his hypocrisy. He’s a petulant little boy nothing more nothing less.Silver spoon fed baby

And he even disguises himself as a black person by putting black makeup all over his face ... such a good righteous prime minister; so thoughtful! Meanwhile he kicks out journalists that he doesn’t like. Because he will not discriminate. Says Blackfacetrudeau Global news running cover and mansplaining how wonderful and thoughtful our PM is, even though he has worn blackface on multiple occasions.

You know what I had something super on point to say against him and how racist he is but..... You know what right now isn’t the time. RIP George Floyd JustinTrudeau.... And like to dress up like them. Yes, we all have a role to play. You painted your face black on numerous occasions and sometimes as a joke for laughs ? So please you’re the last person that should be reaching out to young black Canadians

He can understand them because he paints his body black and tries to act out the stero typical actions racists like him think blacks act like. This from 'Black Face'...a bit hypocritical don't you think. Well the only racists out there are red. Racism they face from cops ? If you know there is a problem I would start to do something constructive about it. Listening is not enough. And tell us what you are doing.

Thank you JustinTrudeau such a difference to the orange numpty and his cowardly actions. That’s rich coming from him. What a two faced idiot. 🧑🏻👨🏿 Fuk that guy. Worst PM ever. TrudeauMustGo Bullshit. It's not a race thing. It's a people against the government thing. Government divides the people with racebaiting among other things. When the LEO murdered that man it wasn't about the skin color of either man. LEO's will mess with anybody they want. No accountability.

Racism must be stopped ! Black man to black man you ment ......oh wait..... Oh that’s rich.....please..... He hears ya !Blackfacetrudeau TrudeauBlackface handsomehitler The biggest threat to black north Americans are white liberals including global news Is that why TrudeauBlackface dyed his hair extremely black or is he just going through a mid life crisis?

As a thrice black man he has felt the pain of discrimination. Remember Skippy Mcfugnuts experiences life differently than others. Viva the Looterution! Just the young ones? What about Asians getting beat up? Any concern for them JustinTrudeau ? I can literally hear the fabric of Canada shredding under JustinTrudeau leadership. Canadians deserve to have the support of their own Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau’s own actions have shown he’s been a huge bigot when it suits him. TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice

Says Blackface Nobody takes blackfacetrudeau serious. He's a racist! Want to end racism here's how Was that to-Day-O?🙄 Hypocrite. Can Mr. Trudeau understand Some crazy extreme people just use the racial problem as excuse to abuse the violence and destroy the law and order of the society? Ya, ask him if the same applies to Indigenous people as well. Funny how he says there’s no room for racism in our country..yet he perpetuates the same lack of respect that his father had for FirstNations Canada NotRacist WeReekofIt

TrudeauBlackface Cowardinthecottage Was he wearing blackface when he said it? Give the guy a break, he * is* half Cuban.😂 Yahh right!!!! Racism is systemic, Canada's genocidal regime serves as the catapult for society's racist culture. It was designed to keep the indigenous down. It has reached a point where white supremacy became the norm. You can't address racism reaching out to just one ethnicity.

Where? In Canada? Give me a fucking break. We are the MOST welcoming and inclusive country in the world. Did Blackface address the issue of young black Canadians shooting each other on almost a daily bases in Toronto? 😉 Will he put the cucumber back in his pants for it? Thank you 👏👏❤️❤️ We do all have a role PMJT. It starts with no doing racist things, .. like dressing up as Blackface (x2). I'd personally rather listen to someone who did not have a silver spoon from birth. Jagmeet Singh, who is otherwise useless, has things to say on this subject.

lambert_pp Yes .... young Black Canadians would like to tell you straight to your BlackFace what bothers them. It might be you! Trudeau lies! He the worst hypocrite. He makes fun of everyone! He loves Soros(nazi), so does freeland(granddaughter of nazi). All involved with Clinton’s YA right,Mr Kettle!

Really GlobalNews Show them this picture and then they can all sit down and talk. Not only is he listening ... he’s literally been in their shoes no less than three times (that he recalls). Trudeau and his media cohorts should be apologizing for fuelling the flames of racism which has caused all the mayhem that has blacks & most people anxious and angry. I've never felt the need for a gun in my life until now.

This has happened under your watch TrudeauBlackFace . Conservatives caught you trying to get your Dictatorship. Scamdemic didn't get you complete control Stir the 'racist pot', unleash Antifa, paid protesters , now you will call for Marshall Law!!! We are F^&ked He “understands” could this elitist trust fund baby ever understand?

I've been here a long time. Never seen me a Klansman yet. Why What happened in Canada? Tell David Duke Light that only the Klan believes him. I'm sure they're hanging on his every word while they trash his hometown The vast majority of racists reside in QC. That’s no secret. Black face Trudope won’t allow us to talk about that though. TrudeauBlackface

Desmond Cole, a young, black journalist and author just called Trudeau the PRINCE OF BLACKFACE. How appropriate. PrinceofBlackface Can we get some specifics on the systemic racism black Canadians face? So, what have you done to eliminate racism in the DOJ or in Canada? Weren’t all the reporters on the plane with you white? What about the lack of Black ministers? What have you done to ensure judges being appointed have not engaged in & do not engage in racism?

Canada's Very Own Idiot Clown Boy! 🎈😜 He's Listening Kids MagicKingdom PeterPanPM 🤡🧦🤡🧦🤡🧦 Maybe he should resign since he wore Blackface so many times - and even at age 29. If anyone thinks anarchy is the answer. Remember this, the purge goes both ways. WTF is he talking about? Can anyone provide me with any systematic racist scenarios in Canada? I was pretty sure we have laws in place to protect against this type of shit? CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG PLEASE

What's with the 'we'? This man wore blackface more times than he can recall! Is he attempting to downplay his behaviour by painting Canada as a nation of racists? Is anyone actually buying what this clown is selling? Trudeau should know he was a main contributor to Racisim. For several years. You would think by 29 he would grow up but nope!

Then Mr Blackface should confront his own past and step down! Black and brown people need to be heard. We all need to listen. There's a reason we have 2 ears and 1 mouth Trudeau made up a crazy excuse for *his TrudeauBlackface racism, acts most Canadians wouldn't even contemplate. Even his loyal fan Rosie Barton couldn't go along with his excuse for repeated, racist conduct. BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Maybe Trudeau should stop talking and actually do something. He and other politicians talk too much and make big promises when the shit hits the fan, then go MIA when things calm down. Stop listening and fucking do something about it. Being outraged and cheering from the sidelines isn't accomplishing shit. White people need to get out and hold racist white people accountable. Things are going to have to get uncomfortable before we can see change.

If anyone believes this guy who has his own agenda, who doesn’t even like white European Christians in Canada, who reportedly is Islamist himself- then you should migrate He's personally responsible for 300% more racism than they can expect to experience in their lifetime Look at Chicago and see your future with border jumpers and Trudopes mass immigration.

Lip service at its best! The one & only thing he’s good at! Gaslighting comes as second nature to this guy This is like watching someone trying to change their socks with both feet in their mouth. Really? is complicit with JustinTrudeau's racism. He’s listening... To be honest let’s start by taking responsibility for our actions! Why should I care for a society that does not want me Day by day I’m forced into the economy I’m going back to South America.

He must have suffered racism when he wore blackface. No one should take seriously anything TrudeauBlackface has to say about racism. If Black Canadians want to know how Trudeau will listen to him, look at how he treats FN. That’ll tell you all you need to know. Imagine thinking Trudeau has moral authority when it comes to racism against black people.....

This guy shouldn’t says anything about racism please. Get someone else to talk for the PM. Justin should know what it feels like to be black Omg seriously, listening till when? The next costume party when he puts on the blackface again? If any of them are stupid enough to believe JustinTrudeau the biggest racist in Canada then they deserve what they get voting for him!

White taxpayers and veterans can get bent i guess Turdeau felt the same discrimination

NFL releases statement regarding death of George Floyd - Sportsnet.caThe NFL released a statement on Saturday regarding the death of George Floyd , who was killed earlier this week in Minneapolis. NFL that's rich, coming from the league that blacklisted Kap because of his peaceful protesting of this exact thing. NFL Ahem. Colin Kaepernick. NFL Weak like the commissioner

‘Unacceptable’: Video shows NYPD officer shoving George Floyd protester to the groundDounya Zayer says she's recovering from a concussion after she was shoved by a police officer while protesting the death of George Floyd , a Black man who was killed during an arrest. 'protester' 'news' Going to get very nasty on the left pushing this BS insanity...this is not a protest. Sad all around. NO winners here,

Truck drives through crowd in Florida protesting death of George FloydPolice say a pickup truck drove through a crowd of protesters in Florida's capital, causing people to run screaming out of the way as the vehicle stopped and started. Conservatism kills. Good.. Get a convoy against the terrorists Complements of Derek Chauvin

Fox News reporter attacked, chased by George Floyd protesters outside White HouseFox's Leland Vittert was rattled following the Washington attack he said was clearly targeted at his news organization. teehee Alt Left Savages. 'fake news' 🙃

Officials worry George Floyd protests could cause new coronavirus outbreaksHealth experts fear that silent carriers of the virus who have no symptoms could unwittingly infect others at gatherings with people packed cheek to jowl and cheering and jeering, many without masks. Not 'could' more like 'will'. also known as 'building herd immunity' Here comes that second wave they talked about

George Floyd protesters target Confederate monuments in multiple U.S. citiesProtesters demonstrating against the death of George Floyd , a handcuffed Black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed his knee on his neck, targeted Confederate monuments in multiple cities. According to the latest Science all these protestors and rioters will be dead in 3 weeks. covid19 It’s about time the damn things came down. Rioters...