Timeline of Wet’suwet’en solidarity protests and the dispute that sparked them

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The dispute started in December, when the B.C. Supreme Court granted Coastal GasLink an injunction to prevent construction interference.

Wet'suwet'en, Anti Pipeline Protests


The dispute started in December, when the B.C. Supreme Court granted Coastal GasLink an injunction to prevent construction interference.

A look at the dispute and rail disruptions in solidarity with the hereditary Wet'suwet'en chiefs, who are opposing the Coastal GasLink project.

COVID-19: Ontario couple on quarantined Diamond Princess say days are ‘long and boring’ Feb. 8 — Protesters in Toronto disrupt Canadian Pacific Railway traffic moving through the downtown. Feb. 9 — Kahnawake Mohawk community members south of Montreal erect a blockade on a CP rail line. READ MORE: Here's what's happening with the Wet'suwet'en protests across Canada Feb. 10 — Demonstrators in the Montreal area disrupt commuter train service on the Exo Candiac line. A shuttle bus service is in effect for affected rail stations. Feb. 11 — CN stops transport between Prince George, B.C., and Prince Rupert, B.C., because of a blockade near Hazelton, B.C. The company says it has halted more than 150 freight trains since blockades started on Feb. 6. Story continues below advertisement Feb. 12 — The Manitoba government says it may seek a court injunction to end a blockade on a rail line west of Winnipeg, but CN obtains its own court order. The RCMP also formally end enforcement operations in a region of northern B.C. that’s at the centre of the pipeline dispute. Two hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs start a constitutional challenge of fossil fuel projects, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls for demonstrators across the country to observe the rule of law. Feb. 13 — CN shuts down its operations in Eastern Canada. The railway says blockades have ended in Manitoba and may come down soon in British Columbia, but the orders of a court in Ontario have yet to be enforced and continue to be ignored. 2:06 Economic toll of the Coastal GasLink pipeline protests Economic toll of the Coastal GasLink pipeline protests Feb. 14 — A rail blockade that halted train traffic to and from the Port of Prince Rupert is lifted as First Nations leaders agree to meet with federal and provincial politicians. A date for that sit-down is to be arranged. CN spokesman Jonathan Abecassis says the blockade was removed overnight. Feb. 15 — Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says “modest progress” was made in talks with the Mohawk First Nation over a rail blockade that’s shut down train service across much of Eastern Canada. But Miller declined to say what progress was made after nine hours of meetings on Tyendinaga Mohawk territory near Belleville, Ont., saying he would deliver that message to Trudeau directly. Story continues below advertisement Feb. 16 — Trudeau cancels his planned trip to Barbados, less than 24 hours before his scheduled departure, so he can handle the protests in Canada. Meanwhile, protesters briefly shut down a busy Ontario border crossing. Feb. 17 — Trudeau convenes the Incident Response Group, an emeregency committee that meets in the event of a national crisis. © 2020 The Canadian Press Read more: Globalnews.ca

Why don’t you report that it is not the Wet’suwet’en but 5 self proclaimed hereditary chiefs 85% of the Wet’suwet’en people are in favour You need to get your facts straight. Not all the Wet'suwet'en chiefs are in 'solidarity', something that the media conveniently forgets. It is a minority of hereditary chiefs who are responsible for this boondoggle. Why they are even being given any credibility is a mystery.

They are burning rubber tires now at a protest about the environment. Time to get put the water hose. Who is speaking for the Wet'suwet'en people? Who is in charge? Hereditary elders? Elected chiefs? Sub-chiefs? Why are 20/20 bands in favor of the line, but here we are? Follow the money, not there rhetoric. And be fair, not play to Justin and his failure to act.

'Showing solidarity' is a funny way of saying 'taking over and repurposing a protest to fulfill eco terrorism and environmental concerns of white kids' VestsCanada global is run by racists who lie Solution: STOP ALL PAYMENTS TO ALL GROUPS INVOLVED. GlobalBC Why didn’t you start working on this immediately. Too little, too late. Millions of people’s lives have and are being affected by these illegal blockades and protests. Solve it Now!

Ya, this guy laughed at our POTUS! Gay Castro says, 'and that's what we're gonna do.' Sleep well Canada. 😬 am640 Embarrassing.. Phew. I feel much better now

A timeline on rail disruptions by anti-pipeline protesters across CanadaProtests, and rail disruptions by people showing solidarity with the hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs opposing the Coastal GasLink project

GlobalCalgary Listening to JustinTrudeau I am amazed how out of touch he is with the current situation. He ignores the cries for solution from both indigenous and non-indigenous and says they will ‘dialogue’ some more. He doesn’t want to act in haste. Of course, it’s been going on for weeks. A R R E S THEM

Is it me, or does the PM seem disinterested in being PM since the start of 2020? Seems like he is more interested in being a foreign diplomat rather than Canada's PM solving Canadian issues! Trudeau GlobalCalgary Shut off all the money that goes to these groups. If I held people hostage I would end up going to jail.

GlobalBC Hello, where does Trudeau stand with the people who work and pay the bills? This nonsense should have been resolved and the pipelines built by now. The elected native officials have consented, what's the holdup? This idiot JustinTrudeau can't even put together one sentence GlobalCalgary So disappointed in GlobalCalgary for lying on air this morning. The chiefs approved this project. Start interviewing them to show you're an actual fair news program. If they didn't approve it, then all power to peaceful protests.

am640 Peacefully? Probably by buying this pipeline too and moving it. JustinTrudeau you look so tired! Hope you get the rest & relaxation necessary Much love, thank you for being an awesome PM!

Wet’suwet’en solidarity protesters block rail lines in VaughanThe demonstration occurred as Federal Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller met with members of the Mohawk First Nation near Belleville, Ont., where a rail blockade has entered it's 10th day. Weaponizing colonization mistakes from the past. No lessons learned. 20,000 small, sometimes competing advocacy groups in Canada The Liberal message is that they can ☑️ Block national railways ☑️ Hijack buildings ☑️ Impede roads and highways All felony acts going down with impunity right now. They're convinced people won't eventually push back

GlobalBC Military is what is needed, this BS has gone long enough. Phone calls....Bahahahaaa😆...Sockturd reminds me of that weasel coke-head guy off Die Hard. Oh my. I think it was better when he was out of country pondering. Couldn’t imagine myself sounding like this man when I speak. Just clueless.

He doesn’t understand the economy so he can’t grasp how terrible this all is. It’s been a slow boil for four years and his leadership is responsible for this. He gave license to these loonies to do this obstructing. JayJanower That might be a good idea Trudeau will just pay them out again ! It will just cost the tax payers more money, lost jobs. Higher gas, food prices. Etc.

Quick resolve would only include captain quail nuts stepping down and letting someone that doesn’t pander to society’s leaches for votes but rather puts Canada and the rule of law first, to get our country on track. It’s already too late. How are you able to “quickly” resolve it? GlobalCalgary Um Uhh um uhh um uhh.? JC get a vocabulary. Fucking embarrassing

Coastal GasLink rejects alternative route, defends path across Wet’suwet’en unceded territoryThe Globe and Mail's coverage of British Columbia. Get the latest from across the province with news and in-depth analysis. GlobeBC Exactly, do not give in to bullies! GlobeBC The only people who should have any say on this issue are the majority of Hereditary Chiefs and First Nations on the pipeline route itself and who voted overwhelmingly in its favour Not the few Hereditary Chiefs who voted against it or the self serving activists exploiting them GlobeBC The G&M seems to ignore that the Wetsuweten have approved the pipeline crossing through their territory.

Not my PM! to What’s the problem? Just throw more money at it, that usually fixes everything. 680CJOB to JustinTrudeau too late bud you lose And your Universal healthcare sucks!! Every Canadian is now entitled to three wishes Submit your three wishes to Prime Minister Sim Sim Salabim Parliament Hill Ottawa.

GlobalOkanagan BS ~ president 45 wouldn't allow this to effect people & the economy maybe for a few days not weeks / months How big of a cheque are you writing ya dink. Zero brains = zero leadership, the whole liberal party stinks. How about Trudeau resign quickly and peacefully? TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustResign Trudeau is absolutely useless.

Indigenous land conflicts to persist unless sovereignty addressed, Wilson-Raybould saysTensions between the government and the Wet’suwet’en Nation have been escalating since Dec. 31, when British Columbia's Supreme Court granted Coastal GasLink an expanded injunction. Fine, let’s removal ALL public infrastructure and services, move all existing infrastructure off their land, and see what happens. Who wants to bet they’ll demand its put back at our expense? Sovereignty? Really? Ok then, don’t expect any Canadian programs.. If they don't want to be Canadian, then we should take away all their Canadian benefits. Including their Canadian rights. However, if they do want to be Canadian then they should be entitled to the same rights as every other Canadian. Nothing more, nothing less

Yeah right.... GlobalEdmonton After all these useless chats with the chronically unemployed and criminals , you should go to China and have a quick holiday !!! this has to be a national resolution, not just eastern ON. Since the majority of the protestors are not aboriginal it will be interesting to see what Trudope’s plan is. You better not throw the energy sector under the bus

He doesn’t enjoy conflict or resolve. He wasn’t taught properly as a child. GlobalCalgary It will move quickly as a glacier He loves this ... the decline of Canada so georgesoros can get his teeth into this country GlobalCalgary Since when do the minority rule. wet noodle politics the constant apologies, the payoffs, the special interest groups, the foreign interventions, the pandering, the left wing politics the liberal_party is a caricature, a joke, inaction speaks volumes, everyday Canadians are not a priority. TrudeauMustGo

He’s such a useless human being GlobalOkanagan Never has an answer

Indigenous Services Minister expects ‘frank discussions’ with pipeline protesters as rail blockade continuesMinister Marc Miller meets with Mohawk community near Belleville, Ont., as protest enters its 10th day Talk is cheap Time to move people who have openly admitted their intent is to block commerce off highways and railway tracks or charge them with economic terrorism Plenty of room to protest elsewhere Supposing I was to protest the “egregious acts of the CRA” instead of paying taxes, would someone from the federal government have a frank discussion with me? The first she should do is remove all the non-native, then remove non-wetsuweten, then those that do not live on the band property.

TrudeauMustGo We know how this moron resolves issues - he writes a big fat cheque. Just ask convicted terrorist Khadr. And that's exactly what this is all about; extorting more money from Ottawa. So in other words, nothing. GlobalCalgary Why isn’t he calling the blockades illegal? He’s afraid? This has been approved and ReApproved. 😱 🇨🇦 TrudeauMustGo

GlobalCalgary What was 'His Government ' doing for the last 10 days of this nonsense? davidakin Trudeau is failing. He is accommodating an illegal blockade. Whatever happened to the rule of law? globalwinnipeg Trudeau spends too much time globe trotting then working. We don't need him trying to get a place on the UN Security Counsel! Heck, we'd just be rubber-stamping US aggression or Israel crimes. (heck used in deference to Global News)

CHEXNewswatch GlobalBC could someone please ask the rcmp where the list of what laws can be openly broken? TheWestBlock Indigenous people holding the Canadian people to the fire that have no control over what they want. Shame on them they need to be professionals and get their act together JustinTrudeau

Philadelphia Phillies' Zack Wheeler downplays dispute with New York Mets' GM - TSN.caZack Wheeler wants to dial down his little dispute with his former team's general manager. The new Philadelphia right-hander has been trading barbs with New York Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen recently, adding even more intrigue after Wheeler left the Mets to sign with the rival Phillies.

630CHED 'Quickly and Peacefully' does he not know it's now over 2 weeks and Via Rail is shut down across Canada and CNR limited in Eastern Canada. The Canadian economy and farmers across Canada are suffering. DO something ACT like a leader. stepdown resign TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustGo Thats it TrudeauMustGo

Someone needs to identify as the real Prime minister already and put Zoolander out 770CHQR There's stupid....then there's Trudeau Quit talking and DO IT!!! AM980News What a joke he is haha NL Dwight Ball stepped down and now its your turn JustinTrudeau Resign 630CHED TrudeauMustResign GlobalSaskatoon

JayJanower If he really wanted to resolve the situation quickly he would have been back in the country a week ago instead of gallivanting around wasting tax $s. And he shld take steps to get rid of the radicals that are blocking the railways lines - majority aren't even indigenous people! AM980News “We’re close to a resolution “

Angel_Eyes828 LOL. Sure they will. GlobalEdmonton Bullshit they are blocking trains and roads so that a crime ! So put them in jail and stop talking ! They broke the law ! davidakin Pussy. Arrest all trespassers. Not only putting their lives in danger but also the traincrews and general public. hey PM, here is some help from your Dad, no not castro,

Quickly..was last week. 😡 Well quickly has already passed... I hope the economy gets shut down. GlobalCalgary They need to go block airports, so we won’t get any coronavirus no more 😂

Talk talk talk - that's all JustinTrudeau ever does. 😡 ya well anytime now!! There are hospitals out there that need supplies GlobalEdmonton Give reserve land to them let them run it as their own nation take away citizenship and watch them make reserves even fucking worse than they already are. CKNW I wonder how long it will take?

Elect a clown expect a circus Anyone who stands behind a sign that says 'SHUT ALBERTA and CANADA DOWN! they are TERRORIST should be in Locked Up for TREASON ! Hey Justin!! How about doing your job instead of giving my tax dollars away!! Maybe ask the rest of Canada and not just quebecistan!!!😡 Probably the quickest way forward to resolve this crisis of his own making is for this POS to resign immediately.

ford had to stop him from going on more trips abroad and stay home to take care of canada

JustinTrudeau Quickly...you have got to be fck'ing kidding! There is no quick fix to ending the Canadian Apartheid and silencing the millions of RACIST MUPPETS out there! Wetsuweten WetsuwetenSolidarity GlobalRegina So full of shit. Ship named 'Quickly' sailed,what do we have left?😂🤔 Just watch me!

GlobalNational Canada’s GDP and reputation is taking a huge hit every minute this goes on. This will be the biggest disruption and embarrassment in Canada’s history. Sad! This is exactly why boy trudeau always crosses his legs...no balls! PM JT 🇨🇦 do it NOW the protesters are causing too much havoc.

GlobalBC he says that he can not tell the rcmp what to do. he can tell the military. He turned chicken again,bring in trump and Russia.

Translation, I don't have a clue what to do next. Well ‘quickly’ has passed us by already JustinTrudeau AM900CHML Zoolander, for those who don't have the intellectual depth to count, it's been eleven days and counting. Libtards. Quickly?! 🙄🙄 Bla, bla, bla Trudeau is useless. He should be impeached. Now. The whole country is being hijacked and screwed over less then a few hundred felons. Because of that 35 million have to suffer. Trudeau, do something. And not talk nice nice. It doesn’t work.

GlobalBC All fluff Shut all the cell towers down in the areas of the blockades. Once these “protesters” can no longer access Instagram they’ll scatter as if a gun went off. FuckWetsuwenStrong Sounds like he is concentrating his efforts on train tracks and not pipelines... So what’s everyone learning from this Oh that’s it if you don’t get your way disrupt the country till you do 🙄 imagine trying to pull this shit in other countries.

GlobalBC At leart your dad had balls. When the country was in peril in 70s in Quebec. He brought in martial law. These acts with blockades are the same thing. Time to think of the country and the economy. So not doing anything. Go back to your vacation. Your useless and meaningless “crisis” mtg for the cameras is over. This Country you “govern” is so annoying isn’t it!

It won't be quickly if it's peacefully!! Define “quickly” !? It’s already dragged on way too long! FakeNews Network.....🤨 davidakin Inftrastructure, transit, roads, inflation, food, taxes, this bullshit. How can people not realize that they're destroying it all intentionally? The serious incident response team is political speak for were not gonna do anything, just talk. Trudeau should just have continued with his Caribbean trip, he is useless here. trudeaunotready

He needs to resign Wear a costume next time

GlobalCalgary The east should be so proud they voted him in again. Maybe all of us should break the law. It won’t be enforced anyways JustinTrudeau Could the PM please define “quickly “ for the Canadian public? davidakin Jr Should listen to your daddy’s P.E.T advice GlobalCalgary Very liberal answer Perhaps a blockade should be set up outside the reserves to keep people out

GlobalBC Cut off their welfare cheques CKNW Anyone else fed up with Justin Beardeau already We are doomed CKNW Easy peesy pull the RCMP out cancel the pipeline deal. Settled.

JustinTrudeau actions speak louder than words. Pretend that resolving this dilemna you created would result in a UNSC vanity seat so you can muster up the necessary commitment and effort. GlobalCalgary Is the incident response team new? GlobalNational Trudeau you and your liberals have handed over Canada to radicals and you are the only one to blame

GlobalEdmonton When the going gets tough, Justine calls a meeting to apologize. He uhh may as well go to the uhh Caribbean since he uhh will always be part of the uhh problem rather than the uhh solution. GlobalCalgary Why dont they block the airports? davidakin Justin should recall the constitutional conference (s35 1982) where his dad failed 2 reach an agreement on the meaning of Aboriginal & Treaty Rights. Justin should gather all the historic treaty parties w the primary goal of renouncing COLONIAL UNILATERALISM once & for all!🤔

davidakin The GOV takes too much the CORPORATION'S too much we can't save the world on our dime from.foodbanks and shelters. Time to force provinces to meet the national min standards on poverty on feds pay the balance end institutional abuse Have a national referendum CKNW So this is what it’s like to live in a protestocracy.

CKNW Difficult position for the PM but this is where leadership needs to be shown.Sit down with the indigenous leaders and inform them the way to move forward is to compromise like 99% of the other parties have including over 20 other indigenous bands.People need to work. AM980News Such a buffoon

I’m working on the situation with my team. So I can look at a flight attendant cross eyed and get thrown off a plane and arrested, but I can stop the economy and people’s lives...and nothing. Alrighty then... GlobalRegina Timmies or fancy ones this time? He’s such a clown Come on poosie, get them the fu k off the railways

$OROS So he met with the protesters to give them their cheques. Now they can import more protesters to halt the economy. Going as planned in Fancy Socks eyes. This government is nothing but talk. My thoughts: Justin Trudeau has ceded the right to govern to thugs and ignorant, uninformed, so-called activists.

👎 What happened to having your resident astronaut pass the buck? Finally feeling the heat there Trudy?

'HI, HOW ARE YOU '? 'Hi, HOW ARE YOU '? 'HI, HOW ARE YOU '? 'HI, HOW ARE YOU '? 'HI, HOW ARE YOU '? 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 Get those fuckers off the tracks , they have no right to stop people from getting to work or to stop essential goods from being transported, when will they stop, they are pissing of the people whose support they should be garnering, what do they do for a living anyway, govt asst

Canada’s carbon tax increasing April 1 despite coronavirus economic crunch

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Canadians stuck in India told to pay $2,900 for special flight home

Shenzhen bans eating dogs, cats in post-coronavirus first for China

COVID-19 deaths reported by local public health units nearly double what Ontario is reporting

Eight residents of Scarborough long-term care home have now died following COVID-19 outbreak at facility

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Canada’s carbon tax increasing April 1 despite coronavirus economic crunch 2 infants are now believed to have died from coronavirus in the U.S. Clerk kicks Asian doctor out of U.S. gas station, citing ‘coronavirus prevention’ policy Canadians stuck in India told to pay $2,900 for special flight home Shenzhen bans eating dogs, cats in post-coronavirus first for China COVID-19 deaths reported by local public health units nearly double what Ontario is reporting Eight residents of Scarborough long-term care home have now died following COVID-19 outbreak at facility Can I go for a drive during a global pandemic? Hajdu says Canada 'likely did not have enough' protective equipment stockpiled Coronavirus: Canada’s COVID-19 death toll surpasses 100 Premier doesn't want to cause 'panic' by releasing province's COVID-19 models Coronavirus outbreak is the world’s worst crisis since Second World War: UN chief