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Terrorism suspect linked to beheadings of 2 Canadians, others arrested in Philippines

Terrorism suspect linked to beheadings of 2 Canadians, others arrested in Philippines

2020-08-14 7:52:00 AM

Terrorism suspect linked to beheadings of 2 Canadians, others arrested in Philippines

Anduljihad Susukan is the highest-ranking commander of the small but brutal Abu Sayyaf group to be taken into custody so far this year.

officials said Friday.Philippine National Police chief Gen. Archie Gamboa said Thursday night that Abu Sayyaf commander Anduljihad Susukan gave up after negotiations with police in southern Davao city, where he was served warrants for at least 23 cases of murder, 6 for attempted murder and 5 for kidnapping.

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Read more:A growing number of Canadian victims of overseas terrorism, but little support for themHe is the highest-ranking commander of the small but brutal Abu Sayyaf group to be taken into custody so far this year. The military has been waging a years-long offensive against the Abu Sayyaf, which has been blacklisted by the United States and the Philippines as a terrorist organization for past bombings, ransom kidnappings and beheadings. Many of its gunmen, mostly peasants and desperately poor villagers, have aligned themselves with the Islamic State group.

Story continues below advertisementSecurity officials have blamed Susukan and his men for playing a role in cross-border kidnappings of tourists and other victims from the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo island, including a Malaysian citizen, who was beheaded by the militants in 2015 in their jungle base in southern Sulu province on the day when Malaysia’s then-Prime Minister Najib Razak arrived in Manila to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

1:49Families of Canadians beheaded by terrorists demanding policy changesFamilies of Canadians beheaded by terrorists demanding policy changesSusukan also helped finance the kidnappings in the south of two Canadian men, who were separately beheaded in Sulu in 2016 after the militants failed to get a huge ransom. Another Abu Sayyaf militant, Ben Yadah, murdered the two Canadians and remains at large, a military officer said.

Trending StoriesMeteor shower alert: How to watch the 2020 Perseids at their peakSusukan surrendered to a Muslim rebel chief after the accidental explosion of his M203 rifle grenade in a gunbattle with troops in Sulu severed his left arm. Military officials had believed he was killed but later learned he was in the custody of Nur Misuari, who leads an armed group which signed a 1996 peace deal with the government.

Story continues below advertisementMisuari flew from Jolo to Davao city on a private plane with a few companions that included Susukan on Sunday, sparking speculation he may be planning to present the terror suspect to President Rodrigo Duterte.Read more:

Militant who beheaded two Canadians still on the loose and investigators may have uncovered whyDuterte has been staying in his hometown in Davao city, where Misuari also has a home. Although the president has appointed Misuari as a special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Muslim rebel chief has not been clearly authorized to hold talks with suspected terrorists.

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“His giving himself up to Mr. Misuari is not the surrender contemplated under the law and does not make him immune from arrest,” military spokesman Maj. Gen. Edgard Arevalo said of Susukan in a statement.Under a murky arrangement, Misuari and his rebel force have been allowed to keep their weapons in Sulu and outlying provinces under the 1996 Muslim autonomy deal in the south, homeland of minority Muslims in the largely Roman Catholic nation.

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Diversity is our strength wth!! this is goin to sound bad lol but now that hes caught.. behead that mtf AZZ...like who does THAT? savages... no wonder y people hate most.... lol i do Canadian Government should ban all visitors from the Philippines going into Canada until they find and arrest / kill the suspects.. But Trudeau wouldn't do that, he relies on immigrationn votes.. Zero back bone for Canadians.

How much should Justin pay them? and reversed .. outright war .. unreversed .forgotten in 48hrs. At least the PHL government will make sure these terrorists will never do this again. 💉⚰️ 😎👍 Burn it at the stake. 🔥 hopefully Mr Duterte will take good care of him before justin pretty socks finds a way to bring him to canada

The two kidnapped Canadians got beheaded when our Canadian gov't failed to pay the ransom demanded. Careful now, JustinTrudeau will want to bring him here if he hears about this.

Top militant linked to beheadings of two Canadians surrenders in Philippines Abu Sayyaf commander gave up after gun battle with troops, negotiations with police

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