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Broken 30yearslater, Broken

She spent 4 years in a men’s prison — how Canada often ignores complexities in trans violence

The conversations — and even the statistics — around gender-based violence often ignore people who are trans or non-binary, despite the fact they live with a heightened risk.

2020-02-17 3:25:00 PM

For four years, Moka Dawkins lived as a transgender woman in a men's prison. There, she says she endured transphobic aggressions from both guards and inmates. broken30yearslater

The conversations — and even the statistics — around gender-based violence often ignore people who are trans or non-binary, despite the fact they live with a heightened risk.

surrounding transgender inmates as among the “most progressive in North America.” They now include an inmate’s right to be housed by preference or self-identified gender.Dawkins says the discrimination continued as her case worked its way through the courts. She felt her experiences as a black, trans sex worker were ignored or overlooked. Dawkins’ lawyers asked to bring in an expert to help the jury understand the prevalence of violence against trans people, especially those who engage in sex work, but the

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.Story continues below advertisementJustice Robert Clark acknowledged that the report was “important from a sociological standpoint” but ruled it “irrelevant” to the jury, who were tasked with deciding who initiated the violence and whether Dawkins’ reaction was proportionate.

The judge acknowledged that Foster sought out Dawkins because she was transgender and conflict only arose when she wouldn’t have sex with him.READ MORE:B.C. transgender inmate wins right to change prisonsMonica Forrester with Maggie’s, the Toronto-based sex workers’ rights organization, says that’s dismissive of trans realities.

“Trans people are a sexualized community. A lot of trans people are targeted because they’re sexualized. Some people seek out trans people out of desire, but some of them know they can do things to trans women and get away with it,” she said.“Because he sought her out and it was sexual, that doesn’t mean they’re not violent.”

Watching Dawkins deal with the justice system — courts and prison — and public scrutiny as a trans woman was new for lawyer Jennifer Penman. She believes trans people who find themselves in trouble with the law likely deny their identities out of fear.

“They’re afraid of violence — emotional, verbal, physical abuse — while in custody. And then how they’re potentially going to be treated in court, whether they’re going to get a fair trial, whether there’s going to be prejudice against them through the system, through the jury.”

Story continues below advertisement‘An experience like no other’ —finding love and intimacy as a trans personDawkins was granted credit to her sentence for her experience as a woman in a men’s prison.She is currently facing charges pertaining to sexual assault and uttering threats relating to two prison incidents in 2019, to which she intends to plead not guilty.

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She says she can’t talk about the allegations, although she has filed a human rights complaint against the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General. A spokesperson for the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario confirmed Dawkins is the complainant and said the case has yet to be heard.

***If Dawkins is certain about anything these days, it’s that education is key to preventing other people from having to go through what she did — the violence and blatant dismissal of her identity and work.The public, the police, the courts and the correctional system are behind the times, she says, and these systems need to adapt, understand and learn how to interact with trans and non-binary folks as well as sex workers. It’s why she was so excited to get a job helping people just like her.

Dawkins is hopeful for her future.Whatever comes next, she’s determined to move on from the pain of the last four years.Story continues below advertisement“It doesn’t matter how you identify. If you’re biologically born or spiritually born a woman, you’re a woman at the end of the day. You know yourself,” she says.

“Change is going to come. It is going to come.” Read more: »

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Did you commit a crime? Then you do the time. She’s is still a he ...biologically ... so Now do a story on all the woman afraid in the women's prison because so many male inmates are being transferred into their prison because they claim to be females. Even though they are in prison for rape and murder.

Why did she only get 4 years for murder. Please google Karen White to find out what happens when we pander to feelings . That makes me livid Violent offenders should be in prisons for violent offenders. Women generally aren't. This person should never have been in a minimum security facility, aka a women's prison. If women commit a violent offense then house them appropriately, not minimum. Sorry.

She was in a men's prison because she is a man. What he doesn't know is that woman inmates are pretty much violent too, + manipulative If all it took for a male to get sent to a female prison is to identify as female, there would be a lot of male rapists suddenly identifying as female 🤦‍♂️ I’d want to be in a woman’s prison too if I were doing time.

How about you cover the traumas that vulnerable natal women are enduring in prisons where males are allowed to self ID as women only to prey on and victimize them further. Maybe cover that story. -more MSM bias. Bill C16 is allowing the erosion of women’s sex-based protections. Biological men are self-identifying as women & gaining access to women’s change rooms, prisons, shelters,& sports. And women & girls are expected to step aside, be nice, & let them. BS!

Wow the virulent transphobia, homophobia and just plain bigotry in these comments. Must be CPC supporters home of the racists, rednecks and generic bigots. 😅 Maybe obey the law and you wouldn’t be in prison. Now we are being told by our convicts how to run the prison. Like our welfare cases telling you how to run our country lol

Its a dude !!!!!! Liberal media making criminals into victims. We live in a f**ked up world It is what it is! 🤷‍♀️ Trudeau will order the building of prisons for the transgendered. No worries. Male in prison for males gets harrassed by other males. Who gives a shit, why is this news? For simpletons and journalist who cant do their jobs. There is a reason we dont put men in prison that is to protect real women from being abused again.

So a man dressed up as a wo-person is locked up in a man's prison. Sounds about right. Man spends four years in men's prison, what a story! Stay outta prison you wouldn’t have that trouble mental disorder Why does msm continue to support the delusional Hilarious -Trans phobia will go away when the word 'trans' goes away -Live as a man or woman and drop 'trans' from who you are -Stop insisting on rights that extend beyond being a man or woman -Stop being a caricature -Stop blaming your failures on others. Change your behaviour.

globalnews when are you going to a news report on the late Dr John Money who started this gender identity/trans movement? BREAKING: Man breaks the law. Man ends up in men's prison. Moral of the story: Don't break the law, dumba*s. There is only 2, no more, no less Criminal endured hardship in jail? Good!

Over 60% of murder victims are male. Over 90% of workplace deaths are men. Most suicides are men. STOP ViolenceAgainstWomen Maybe not end up on prison in the first place ? Okay, let’s allow every person convicted of a crime to choose what system they enter, male or female. The rambling article breaks down to the question of how to decide who can be classified as a male or female inmate and how to keep that population safe.

Boo hooo 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 tell Justin he will give 10 million for your suffering “I was misgendered all the time. They did it purposely. To them, it was all just a joke.” Hahahaha it’s because it is. You need help dude. a prison is likely the woest place for a trans person to be... good advise if you are transgender....stay out of prison.

You don’t spend four years in prison for unpaid parking tickets. Jail is not meant to be years spent at the equivalent of an “all inclusive” Four Seasons. You shouldn’t have to fear for your safety, but consider who you are in there with. Not exactly avocado toast, woke boys. The crap the msm feeds people these days is incredible. Murdered some guy NBD. The real tragedy here is this person had to spend time in a jail determined by what was between the legs. SMH

so spent 4 years in a men's prison Why is she upset? The best way to avoid this problem is to not get a years long prison sentence.

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