Rail blockades must be resolved ‘the right way,’ Indigenous Services minister says

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“These are peaceful people who want a peaceful resolution,” Marc Miller said. “And we can’t have peaceful resolutions without dialogue.”

Solidarity Protests, Bc Pipeline Protests


“These are peaceful people who want a peaceful resolution,” Marc Miller said. “And we can’t have peaceful resolutions without dialogue.”

'This is something that's fluid, and is moving on an hourly basis,' Marc Miller told The West Block . 'But we remain committed and engaged to resolve this in a peaceful way.'

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received an injunction to enter a blockade on unceded Wet’suwet’en land, and in the days following, a number of arrests were made. Since then, protests have sprung up across the country, disrupting not only rail lines but ports and bridges too. When asked if the injunctions would be enforced, Miller did not offer a direct answer, but said the situation is both “volatile and compelling” to all Canadians. READ MORE: Trudeau won’t force end to railway blockades; Scheer tells protesters to ‘check their privilege’ “And my job as a leader is the safety and security of everyone, and there are people that are feeling vulnerable,” he said. “There are women and children, men that are standing out protesting. Their safety is of utmost importance to me.” Miller said at the same time, the rule of law is “also very important.” 1:47 Indigenous Services minister says solving rail blockades must be done ‘the right way’ Indigenous Services minister says solving rail blockades must be done ‘the right way’ “And I know when things go wrong — as I know we’ve done as a nation in the past — and I think we can do things better and move forward,” he said. Story continues below advertisement Tweet This “They need to be open, honest, with no duplicity, and we need to come to some resolution that is peaceful.” Miller said that is the advice he has given to Trudeau, along with a number of other recommendations that he is “not at liberty to discuss.” READ MORE: Via Rail cancels most trains across the country as CN shuts down rails in Eastern Canada He said, though, that the proper use of police discretion and de-escalation is a “highly important part in these highly volatile situations.” “These are peaceful people who want a peaceful resolution,” he said. “And we can’t have peaceful resolutions without dialogue.” According to Miller, Canada’s m inister of Crown–Indigenous relations Carolyn Bennett will be deployed to B.C. to continue discussions with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary leadership and others. © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. Read more: Globalnews.ca

CalvinSwine905 They don’t want a peaceful resolution. They want to ignore the law and the choice of the majority of the Wet’suet’en people until they get their own way. The protesters that aren’t Wet’suet’en are supporting their own agendas, not the Wet’suet’en people Peaceful people? What a stooge. Some of these protesters are paid anarchists looking to cause trouble.

No. They want to go against the 85% of the people who support this project, and by all means necessary. Blah, blah, blah. Pathetic, paralyzed PM. He doesn't care. Just pissed he had to cancel Barbados... Resign Trudeau RESIGN! PLEASE RESIGN lloydrsmith Cue the entitled racists in 3..2..1.. These chiefs claim “hereditary” status! Since when are essentially feudal hereditary concepts accepted in our Canadian political/legal system? This is pandering to a feudal non democratic system of tyranny. Nonsense and to be disregarded as inconsistent with Canadian law!

Hahahahaha Blocking railways, disrupting ppl’s jobs and livelihoods is not a peaceful protest, it’s a form of kidnapping, holding the economy and ppl’s lives hostage. This is criminality There are no ministers with balls in this govt. Meanwhile in a lot of homes across Cdn within a week no heat or drinking water. But let's keep talking. Ont and Maritimes how are the Libs good enough for you?

Indigenous Services Minister expects ‘frank discussions’ with pipeline protesters as rail blockade continuesMinister Marc Miller meets with Mohawk community near Belleville, Ont., as protest enters its 10th day Talk is cheap Time to move people who have openly admitted their intent is to block commerce off highways and railway tracks or charge them with economic terrorism Plenty of room to protest elsewhere Supposing I was to protest the “egregious acts of the CRA” instead of paying taxes, would someone from the federal government have a frank discussion with me? The first she should do is remove all the non-native, then remove non-wetsuweten, then those that do not live on the band property.

Does anyone have confidence in this acolyte of Trudeau?! Weak leaders make for chaos! TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustResign We need a little gunboat diplomacy when thugs blockade civilian commerce without fear of reprisals. Send in the cavalry. Holy shit!!! Even the lady who says they will “make Canada pay”?

I don’t understand why peaceful people can’t protest 50 feet away from the tracks, or outside the offices etc, like the rest of the peaceful people protest. By blocking our economy etc you are alienating people from the cause, many other ways to do,this Hey how about you talk to NationalChiefs President Davle Swampy to get the truth. They had a referendum and 100% said YES! For once do some balanced journalism.

Now Miller is playing Die Hard's Harry Ellis role of negotiating with Hans Gruber. If this is classified as peaceful, I can't imagine what would happen if they weren't! TrudeauWorstPM Time to take a different approach

Federal Indigenous services minister meets First Nation at rail blockadeThe federal Indigenous services minister began meetings today with representatives of the Mohawk Nation to discuss a rail blockade that has shut down rail services across Eastern Canada. Talk is cheap Time for action Time to move people off highways and railway tracks or charge them with economic terrorism There is plenty of space elsewhere to protest They love photo ops.

Let’s all bend over kiss our ass goodbye! I'm part métis and part european. Every time white people want something they call the otherside terrorists. The land is Native land. How are the natives terrorists here So a few jobs will be lost. People's history is more important Peaceful Theyre shutting down vital infrastructure hurting millions. Liberals are cowards.

Time to hold the protesters hostage... All able bodies should go surround them and starve them out. TRUDEAU AND MARC MILLER ARE OKAY WITH PEACEFUL BLOCKADES, SO, IF SOMEONE PEACEFULLY BLOCKS YOUR WAY INTO THE HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT, THAT'S OKAY WITH THEM.. FUCKING CLOWNS Some may think they are peaceful people, yet in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve in Ontario, they continue to make substantial profits from the sale of tax free gasoline from their many gas stations, and from the sale of tax free and illegal cigarettes.

The time for dialogue has passed. It’s time for the handcuffs and paddy wagons. acoyne Liberal wimp!!!! Peaceful? No they aren't. They will resort to violence the second they feel the need.

Wet’suwet’en solidarity protesters block rail lines in VaughanThe demonstration occurred as Federal Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller met with members of the Mohawk First Nation near Belleville, Ont., where a rail blockade has entered it's 10th day. Weaponizing colonization mistakes from the past. No lessons learned. 20,000 small, sometimes competing advocacy groups in Canada The Liberal message is that they can ☑️ Block national railways ☑️ Hijack buildings ☑️ Impede roads and highways All felony acts going down with impunity right now. They're convinced people won't eventually push back

🔹🔹🔹 Cork it, useless LiberalSlime. Clear the highway. The government has failed big time These are not peaceful minded at all they shut down major infrastructure what’s next they stop airport traffic by crashing planes These are acts of terrorisim don’t by terrorists ECO TERRORISTS its not citizens fault you KNOBS in Ottawa havent done your jobs. & its NOT peaceful to harm the economy & all citizens of a nation for a handful of whiners. INCOMPETENT LEADERSHIP. RESIGN.

More dialogue... More dialogue... Thats all Canadians are hearing... Canadians want action....NOW... Police ignore court ordered injunctions..... Trudeau wants more dialogue..... Order the cops in.... Backed up by the military..... Once they put up those blockades, they stopped being 'peaceful' people and became criminals.

Very well said 👏👏👏 Wasn't aware cutting railway lines and loosening bolts was considered 'peaceful' now. Interesting. Quote directly ripped off of The Economist's recent article about the war in Yemen. Good job Marc Miller. Good job Global. Tell them to remove blockades and than have dialogue. This is ridiculous.

Rail shutdowns could lead to shortages of goods, industries warn amid protestsFresh food, personal hygiene products and baby formula are among the goods that could soon run out as halted railcars in the eastern half of the country clog CN's network from coast to coast. How about chlorine? Our drinking water relies on chlorine to kill bacteria and it’s coming by rail or not coming in this case. Most cities don’t carry huge stockpiles Why is nobody also talking about the fact that companies might have to do layoffs and in fact already started How can people afford to live off of unemployment if this happens, these people have nothing to do with the government’s quarrel Freight liners? Airlifts? Smugglers?

Then get off the tracks peaceful.people ... Bring in the army. Water cannons. Be done with this horseshit!!! ITS. THEIR. TERRITORY. BS! Arrest them all! Ask them to “peacefully fukcoff!” The lethal traps they were setting on logging roads outside of Houston strongly suggest otherwise...do your effing job and clear these terrorists out...

Peaceful people do not burn legal documents advising them to stop and forcing disruption on other people’s lives. You Marc are the pro lem🤢

As economic impact of rail blockades grows, protesters say fundamental rights are at stakeRail blockades in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. are stalling the nation’s economy, warn business leaders, but protesters say the real issues are Indigenous rights and livelihoods. No they’re not. What about the rights of farmers to move their crops? What about the rights of people to travel, get to work, etc being tramped and ignored Complete and utter People dependent on railway service should start setting up blockades in front of Indigenous owned Casinos in Canada. If that happens those railway blockades will quickly end

This Minister thinks these are peaceful people? How smart is he? They are paid protestors (yes even the indigenous) who are out to harm our country & our citizens economically, financially, and they hope, physically. Grow some b***s and jail them! Peaceful people what a lie and a half! You neglected to mention how much they're getting paid and by whom. Now THAT would be reporting facts. This is just garbage, as per usual. No one's buying it.

LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder These peaceful people are just a bunch of fake Indians Apparently Miller is learning on the job at Canada’s expense. Could we get someone with actual experience please? When you are interrupting the economy of all Canadian citizens then you are holding people hostage, no one is above the law

Peacefull my ass Minister , how can someone be the head of a Ministry and be so daft at the same time ? MarcMillerVM Since when do peaceful people create illegal blockades, put others out of work, create shortages! More liberal BS! 85% of the Wet'suwet'en members voted in favor of the pipeline. Why is it so difficult for you to write about that.

Canada doesn\'t tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockadesCP24 NOW - Live and interactive, watch Toronto's Breaking News for the GTA, with CP24 Breakfast, Sports, Video, Traffic Times and Weather and more. WATCH LIVE: RCMP providing an update now on CRA telephone scam investigation

Looks like he may even scared of his shadow.. Drivel Bullshit. They are a violent people with no regard for Canadians. They can’t be trusted.cdnpoli A lot of people were and continue to be okay when Gerald Stanley shot and killed Colten Boushie supposedly 'protecting his farm' near Biggar, Saskatchewan in 2016. But indigenous people stand up to protect their land? Oh, no! We can't tolerate that!

Careful, Trudeau will shuffle cabinets again. Bullshit. I have worked amongst them. They can be as violent as anyone and more than some (most). Now who would have a problem with a peaceful resultion and peaceful dialogue. Oh, right.... the nuts on the right and the nuts on the left. Two things to check about this problem 1. History will tell us about the justice and the way that governments has treated to First Nations. 2. Review how the Canadian companies care about environment, oil and mining. So do you think that change will come?

ElizabethMay Blackface and the useless Freeland don’t want to do anything that would ruin the Groper’s seat at the UN These ‘people’ are breaking the law. Criminal codes 422 (1) e, and 423 (1) g. Do we ‘dialogue’ with everyone who breaks the law before they are arrested, or just eco-terrorists?

What planet is this man living on? Mohawks hv a history of terrorism and thuggery. Masked. Armed. Blockades. Huge smugglers of illegal tobacco and guns. If this do gooder is running negotiations we’re in big trouble. A true neophyte to this aboriginal file. so whats he going to do overturn the elected members for 5 disgruntled monarchists?

The right way. That's arresting these lawbreakers. Page 0000 of the liberal How to Lead handbook.. Ohhhh... ohhhh... What will it be!!!! 'DIALOGUE'! The new liberal_party meaningless buzzword. We'll be hearing this new one a lot, while watching the same old incompetence and inaction. TrudeauMustGo You’ve had YEARS of dialogue!

inky_mark Nah they just want a briefcase of CA$$$$H to the tribal elite Useless what evidence do you have that they want peaceful resolutions? these are professional protestors. you are a joke govt. This asshole makes it mighty hard for the Police to do their jobs, when he refers to the thugs holding up our economy as 'Peaceful People'. Wait until Cities start running out of chlorine for their water supplies, gas for the pumps, propane for heat. We'll see what folks think

Is he still drunk from Trudeau’s wedding

Why are you having a 'dialogue' with First Nations people illegally blockading rail lines in Ontario, regarding a decision made by a First Nations band 4000km away from? It's none of their business. Arrest them. MarcMillerVM The only time these corrupt Liberal parasites ever act firmly is when they seek to undermine the Wests economy. Eco fascists,Indian Industry protesters and foreign funded fifth columnists get a free hand and the Wests energy industry gets raped.cndpoli Wexit

I thought the Libs didn’t negotiate with terrorists? Anti-terrorism Act S.C. 2001, c. 41 WHEREAS acts of terrorism threaten Canada’s political institutions, the stability of the economy and the general welfare of the nation; ElizabethMay He will be doing lots of urging followed by frank discussions with lots of dialogue followed by more urging and dialogue and ending with frankness

ElizabethMay Honest to god you are stunned! Enough is enough. My 14 year old even knows that the blockades are illegal. He looked it up! We should hold off on their payments until the economy catches up after this fiasco. ElizabethMay cbc silenced him tonite..i watched and tonite superior crt judge gr gson of macdonald..stephen o'neill on cbc right now declaring our common law and wetseweten issue a grave injustice..history is being made..i cant believe cbc is publishing this..this is awesome!

There is obviously no amount of dialogue that will satisfy theses people. Every level of law has determined there has been adequate dialogue as do those indigenous groups along the pipeline route and have supported it. The “protestors” are nothing but ideological anarchists. So Canada will be shut down until these long-standing issues are resolved,how many weeks or months

Wrong! They don’t give a damn about me I’m going to be unemployed by the middle of the week thanks a lot They are frakin eco tard terrorists and there is nothing peaceful about what they are doing, arrest, imprison immediately.. Unelected officials acting like terrorists are peaceful? MarcMillerVM needs to act, not talk.

Paid protestors ! No they aren't, no they don't. Meanwhile Canadian economy is going down, and JustinTrudeau is going to Bahamas . Who voted liberal_party last election? Are you happy? Peaceful people don’t infringe on the rights of others ... the only reason they are not removed is because of the threat of violence. That is not peaceful. We have unprincipled idiot in power in Ottawa.

The definition of the right way changes depending on who you talk to

COWARDS -- COWARDS Verbal diarrhea. Yeah just a thought if your country cannot secure its own railways, you shouldn't be on a security council. Thanks. Can I quote you when I decide to be civilly disobedient and destroy the country’s economy? Ok so yes we agree Yes it needs to be Peaceful,but these People need to Wakeup as they need to know what this pipeline Means for their whole Community.

When you are illegally blocking trains and road ways preventing people from making a living and feeding their families, it is no longer peaceful The time for dialogue is over. They're no longer peaceful. They're ignoring court orders and they're blocking railroads. This is the time for arrests. These people don't even know what they are protesting! Peaceful resolution is a stupid thing to say.

Get off the tracks! There ended peacefully! Is this peaceful?

FakeNews socialism FakePM idiotboy These aren’t peaceful “people”... they’re eco-terrorists crippling a country. Arrest them!! Nevermind “dialogue”!! Peaceful people starting a serious conflict. Keep fucking around and you will build no barrier to entry for the next shutdown. We will continually be held hostage. This needs to stop.

Nope. Too late for that. They crossed the line by blocking roadways and railways. Send in the military. Miller's actions give licence to every unhappy group to hold Canada hostage. Yeah, smart. Let’s see how the dialogue goes when the heat goes off, and there’s no food at the supermarket Enough with Liberal dialogue...its all bullshit. Time for action!

Very peaceful, please ask the Deputy PM. MercedesGlobal Have you lost your mind.Nothing peaceful about forcibly shutting down a country.

These people are not peaceful. They are domestic terroists. acoyne Fill your boots son! Where’s JustinTrudeau ? And we won’t get a solution without a leader We shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists. These people are liberal paid for terrorists... This minister is the idiot drinking buddy of the PM who’s Trudeau foundation is funded by Tides and Tides is paying these econuts to shutdown the country... Personally shut the whole country down the east can starve u voted for it.

Peaceful people? Nice try. Time to stop all funds and see if they can live without it. lisakirbie Ok guys, vent it all out, breathe and then try and think. There are thousands more natives and supporters in the country and tens of thousands of km of railroad track. Fight these few and more will take their place, fight them and more. To 'win' by fighting we all lose!

Are the ALL lying Sacs? Aladdin Watch 2020 Seamus O' Captain 2.0 Splaining How Deliverology's Gonna Take Time Pathetic 🤡👀🧔🥔 TotalClownShow ✈️🌴🧦😜 Team Train Wreck! 🤡 2.0 TrudeauJr PeterPanPM MagicKingdom

Peaceful my a$$. We want a government with some goddamn backbone. People, this is what happens when you vote for the liberal_party the activists and anarchists take over. ShutCanadaDown Except most of the protestors are not indigenous and are using this as a means to try and impose their radical Marxist view of the world on Canadians. The hereditary chiefs have no more right to create laws, then The Queen. The Band Councils are legal spokesmen of the community

They are economic terrorists. They are not peaceful. They are costing people income and jobs. They should be treated as any other terrorist organizations. wetsuwetencangofuckthemselves To solve it the ”right way”, if it is an indigenous issue, remove all non-indigenous by police force. The non-indigenous are in fact committing cultural appropriation by participating in protests. By the govt not arresting non-indigenous, the govt supports cultural appropriation.

If these protestors know the police are not coming there is no way this is getting resolved anytime soon. They are emboldened big time now! I say arrest them all and hand them criminal records for life! That may change there thought process! Don’t be a putz. What the hell is wrong with these so-called leaders? Get moving forward and do your job! Isn’t that what liberals promised - moving forward? What exactly are you going to talk about that’s going to resolve this issue sooner than later? Canadians want this resolved now.

🤡🤡🤡🤡 This the guy that made knock knock?! Thought he died A peaceful anarchy.

What is Miller saying, that court injunctions should not be upheld? Then he is saying rule of law is conditional? Seriously, What on earth is Miller saying? MercedesGlobal A fool to be kind. We have no time. These are thugs and eco-terrorists not to mention spoiled little brats that want EVERYTHING they want. Do your frigging job MarcMillerVM and clear them out and get the country working.

If the Mohawks are peaceful, you should have been able to take down the barricade and continue your discussion. That didn't happen so ... So do you talk too? Ejected chiefs? Hereditary chiefs? The great creator in the sky or the the water buffalo chief? So far the reaction to protesters had been peaceful but cannot say that of postesters own actions.

acoyne Ah yes, more dialogue is what Canada needs. Much more. MercedesGlobal What a complete clown acoyne The only voices the media doesn't provide a platform are pro-pipeline 1st nations people.

Or just enforce the fucking law and work it out in an office like civilized people acoyne Garbage Tear gas, rubber bullets, sonic disrupters, microwave pain projection, mass arrests, civil lawsuits targeting the “charities” paying the illegal protesters. Problem solved. cdnpoli Lies . Unbelievable that a nation as strong as Canada elected a government so weak- this is quickly becoming a bad joke.

Peaceful conversations have been happening for far too long. Let the adults rule now. What’s it going to take, civil war? Enough already, we’re not Egypt ffs. The whole problem is resolved by insisting that Coastal implements the more environmentally friendly route that the hereditary chiefs have accepted. MarcMillerVM

Yes your right , THEN DO IT . All frickin talk , all the right answers , but , NO ACTION . Typical government bullshit......

MercedesGlobal Who are 'these people' and who are you talking to: the aboriginals, the eco terrorists, the foreigners, the band chiefs, the hereditary elders? Fuck dialogue, we need action right now. Canadian jobs at risk. When the east runs out of food and propane I'm sure something will be done. So everyone has rights in this country except Canadians.

Dialogue=$$$$ paid to FN. it’s not if it’s how much MercedesGlobal White guy with blond hair as the indigenous minister. Funny. Not. Time for this government to fall. It has completely abdicated its responsibility on this situation and is now calling blantantly lawbreaking behaviour peaceful? MercedesGlobal He seems so out of it. Is he just a shallow loyalty appointment? Looks utterly terrified. Seems so. Is this our best warrior? Don't expect your propane any time soon, Atlantic. Don't look at me, you voted them in! Thanks a lot, 'what a fine mess you've gotten us into'!

Reminds me of the Civil Rights movement when buses & other businesses were shut down. People were screaming then to have law enforcement bring them down. Most of the violence was caused by the law & civilians who were against their cause. MercedesGlobal All pandering is going to do is make more ppl break the law. Insanity

Then do it!!! Lol! Now thats funny!

Water cannons please. These anarchists have already declared war. Get the cheque book out again.... They are Anarchists who are holding us to ransom to get us to meet their demands. 😠 Give THEM a taste of 'Ransomness'. Cut off their electricity and water. 😬🧐 THEN, They might 'dialogue '!🤔 I hope he is right, but I think it is wishful thinking..

no they are mostly paid to protest Screw that. RCMP needs to act now. If they do not than the silent masses will. They the real shit storm will start These 'peaceful people' will shut down the economy, are not above acts of vandalism and use force to prevent people from going about their lives. So much for 'peaceful people'.

What is this pothead smokin'? This minister really cares🙏🏼 Go negotiate with bin Laden

What's peaceful about this situation? So the government is going to sit back and watch until something violent happens? Somebody needs to die before our leaderless government has a reason to act? Does Canada have to go 'France' before our government does it's job? This is absolutely correct! Not to mention the fact that this pipeline is slated to run through Wet’suwet’en tribal land. Why? It is not government land. They can’t just do whatever the hell they want. Go around, it’s that simple!

Just clear them out Peaceful people don't try and shut down an entire country. Who are paying these clowns? FollowTheMoney

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