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New Brunswick student trip to Italy still on despite coronavirus outbreak

New Brunswick student trip to Italy still on despite coronavirus outbreak

2020-02-26 2:42:00 AM

New Brunswick student trip to Italy still on despite coronavirus outbreak

The Public Health Agency of Canada upgraded travel advisories for northern Italy on Tuesday.

Michael Flinn, the teacher chaperone for the trip, says student safety is his number one priority.“These companies are very good at keeping us out of danger and trouble and they are never going to send us to a place where they feel we are in danger,” he said.

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1:53Coronavirus outbreak: Vaccine less than 2 months away from human trialsCoronavirus outbreak: Vaccine less than 2 months away from human trialsGlobal News reached out to WorldStrides Explorica for comment but did not receive a reply.But an email sent to Flinn says the company is closely monitoring the still-developing situation and that they are carefully considering guidance from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Government of Canada travel advisory levels.

Flinn says he isn’t concerned for his own safety but does understand why some parents fear for their kids.“They are all legitimate fears, I understand their fears,” he said.Story continues below advertisement“I am not worried myself but I understand the worries that parents are expressing.”

Some tour companies are re-routing their student volunteers away from quarantined towns, allowing some to rebook travel at a later date without penalty.READ MORE:Parent wants Dartmouth High’s trip to Europe cancelled amid COVID-19 outbreakFor now, Flinn is telling his students to take extra precautions.

His only real concern is if the virus continues to spread, whether the group can get back home quickly, and whether or not they’ll face quarantine when they return.Williams said he’s well prepared and that he’ll continue to check for updated travel advisories.

“I am always going to have hand sanitizer on me and even when I am on the plane I am going to have sanitizer wipes to wipe down the seat belt and armrests,” he said. Read more: »

Brilliant! Just plain stupid That is insane. No one knows until it is too late. Don NOT be naive and STAY at home!!! PLZ! Come-on! Justin may not be able to stop a pandemic but, he's pretty confident he can stop climate-change by waving his lefthanded tax wand. 'Italy now has the highest number of COVID-19 infections outside of Asia.' They should cancel the trip. I cancelled a trip to Mexico when I was pregnant due to the Zika virus. It sucks but not worth the risk.

Montreal high school also, there due to Leave this Thursday, Yeah, no thanks, I wouldn’t travel there at this time! Sounds smart... Dumb Is that picture Chinese Sushi? How stupid is that Crazy! As a parent I would have issues with the schools decision. THANKS FROM NEW BRUNSWICK!!! that is foolish. Seems like a smart move. What could go wrong?

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Italy tries to contain virus as neighbours fear its spreadPolice manned checkpoints around quarantined towns in Italy's north on Monday as authorities sought to contain cases of COVID-19 virus that have made Italy the focal point of the outbreak in Europe and fears of its cross-border spread.

COVID-19: 10 dead in Italy as number of virus cases rises 45%Officials reported 322 confirmed cases of the virus, and 100 more than a day earlier. Have we banned travel to Canada from Italy is the real question. JustinTrudeau keep up the good work cacodemon Canada s-ame s-ex Gordon James lac Virginis sea of renewal from virgins milk metaphor. Homeland free radical photolytic homolytic intermediates chain reaction explosion. Watt you all s-aid doing for cacodemons sado-anal section rasa raga regimes Why is there a picture of asians if this is about Italy? What are you trying to say Global?

Virus in Italy affects Olympic meetings, soccer gamesThe first board meeting for the Milan-Cortina Olympics was changed to a video conference Monday as authorities sought to contain a spreading virus that has made northern Italy the focal point of the outbreak in Europe.

Italy tries to contain coronavirus outbreak as neighbours fear its spreadCivil protection officials said 219 people had tested positive for the virus in Italy — the highest number of cases outside Asia — and five people had died. A month of Liberal mismanagement and denying this, now reality is bumping into this government. As a result, the government controlled press is finally able to start releasing tidbits about the serious nature and spread of this virus. The people of this country have been duped Not 5 now 7 people had died

Northern Italy shut down as coronavirus death toll climbs to sixRising infection count gives Italy the third-largest Covid-19 outbreak in the world, after China and South Korea immediate action required