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George Floyd, Black Lives Matter

Meghan Markle delivers emotional speech about George Floyd: ‘His life mattered’

She opened up about her memory of the riots following the 1992 beating of Rodney King.

2020-06-04 6:24:00 PM

“I realized the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing, because George Floyd ’s life mattered.'

She opened up about her memory of the riots following the 1992 beating of Rodney King.

, expressed her nervousness that her words would be “picked apart,” but said silence is worse.“I realized the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing, because George Floyd’s life mattered,” she said on Wednesday.Story continues below advertisementGeorge Floyd death — Derek Chauvin charges upped, all 4 officers now facing charges

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The duchess, who is biracial, opened up about her memory of the riots in her hometown after police officers were acquitted in the videotaped beating of Rodney King in 1992.“I remember the curfew, and I remember rushing back home and on that drive home, seeing ash fall from the sky and smelling the smoke and seeing the smoke billow out of buildings and seeing people run out of buildings, carrying bags and looting,” she said.

“And I remember seeing men in the back of a van holding guns and rifles, and I remember pulling up to the house and seeing the tree that had always been there, completely charred. And those memories don’t go away.″During the six-minute address, Markle also touched on a time when she was volunteering and her teacher told her: “Always remember to put other’s needs above your own fears.”

2:32George Floyd protests continue and new charges laid in investigationGeorge Floyd protests continue and new charges laid in investigationShe continued by expressing her wish that the graduates were starting their young lives in a better world, but encouraged them to look at the positives coming out of the peaceful protesting.

Trending StoriesGeorge Floyd tested positive for coronavirus, full autopsy report revealsStory continues below advertisement“That has stuck with me throughout my entire life and I have thought about it more in the last week than ever before,” she said. “I am so sorry that you have to grow up in a world where this is still present.”

“I know sometimes people say, ‘How many times do we need to rebuild?’″ she continued. “Well, you know what? We are going to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild until it is rebuilt. Because when the foundation is broken, so are we.”Markle and Prince Harry made the decision to step away from the Royal Family in March, moving their lives to California. Part of their move involved cutting ties with the British tabloid media that have picked apart Markle and her relationship since the couple were first publicly paired together in 2016.


😍😍😍😍😍 GlobalDurham Wrong. Saying the wrong thing is much worse than saying nothing. Irrelevant No, in your particular case we prefer you say nothing. Really. MeghanMarkle Ya but the life of the black cops that have died during the riot lives didn’t matter. Died in service protecting there communities

CKWS_TV You fucked Prince Harry and the Royals over badly...don't care what you have to say... GlobalBC Someone call the WAHmbulance 🚑 on the Haters here. If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all. A mental note for ya whiners. She volunteers and helps. ‘nuff said. Slim line between self-promotion/self-indulgence and actual care and/or concern. Unless you were investing money and your personal time into this cause before, guess which side you’re on? psychoticbehaviour

Stop glorifying a man that held a gun to a pregnant womans stomach. Its disgraceful and shows how little liberals actually care about violent crimes in the long run.. Globalnews EnemyOfThePeople NObody actually gives a flying Fuq what Meghan has to say!!! GlobalEdmonton Oh shut up Meghan GlobalNational Who cares what this homewrecker has to say She is attractive and thats about it which isn't much of an accomplishment as it requires you just to be born. She ruined the royal family even though I could care less about them. Still doesn't change that she ruined their family.

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Ok Nazi. How about the innocent lives lost due to cross fire caused byblack on black violence in Chicago, do those lives matter? She is not relevant. Only seeking attention to try and be relevant. An attention seeking troll that has nothing good to offer the on going issues facing the world. All lives matter. Will you kiss every color people's boots?

You would not like what i would say. Trump might leave Insurrection Act on the table! George Floyd was the spark to ignite 40 mil unemployed, kids starving & no rent $. Trump needs to start creating massive jobs like a new huge military city-base in SE Alaska etc so people can sign up & get paid in $ vs. more riots.

His life did matter, but this wasn't racial profiling . It was a diverse team of white, black, and Asian, these were just pieces of shit committing murder. Now the country is destroyed because the msm told them it was racism and there homes , lives and safety don't matter ❤️BlackLivesMatter does anyone think that the thugs and criminals rioting, looting, burning, beating and killing give a shit about what she says ? lol ... give your head a shake snowflakes

Floyd was a drug addict and a career criminal, a violent one, who spent most of his adult life in and out of prison. His death scene was gruesome but please do not paint him as a saint. KensingtonRoyal wow she is desperate to be in the public eye. Lol. That’s exactly what our Prime Minister did. Meghan's speech was eloquent and heart felt. Felt her sadness for the past and her hope for the future. The determination to do right & be the change she wants to see in the world.'You are going to have empathy for those who don't see the world through the same lens as you do'💙

‘His life mattered’: Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, delivers heartfelt speech on George FloydIt’s the first time Meghan has spoken about Floyd’s death — following criticism over her and Harry’s silence Who dis? Who ? Black Lives Matter Megan Merkle does not

Meghan Markle Talks About Being 'Personally Affected By Racism' In Resurfaced VideoThe Duchess of Sussex also spoke about hearing someone call her mother, Doria Ragland, the 'n-word.' Hubby is a Nazi.

‘His life mattered’: Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, delivers heartfelt speech on George FloydIt’s the first time Meghan has spoken about Floyd’s death — following criticism over her and Harry’s silence Who dis? Who ? Black Lives Matter Megan Merkle does not

Seth Rogen's F-Bomb Destruction Of Black Lives Matter Foes Is DivineThe 'Long Shot' actor posted a Black Lives Matter sign on Instagram amid the George Floyd protests and gave a four-letter send-off to anyone who disagrees. Wrong side of history Just one more celebrity with an inflated sense of self-worth ... and promoted by the left-leaning MSM. No matter how just the protest is, the creation of victims is unjustifiable.

George Floyd’s 6-Year-Old Says Her Dad 'Changed The World’Floyd's friend, NBA star Stephen Jackson, shared an emotional clip of young Gianna. My thoughts exactly. His life and death accomplished the purpose he was created for. He is with his creator who received him as a good and faithful servant. His daughter knows. We must be like a child to understand...

George Floyd death: Derek Chauvin charges upped, all 4 officers are now facing charges George Floyd , an unarmed Black man, died after pleading for his life as a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest. This is no longer justice. We are simply appeasing the mod. If this happens it will be the fall of justice. Sorry but Chauvin is walking, no way they can prove second degree, should have stuck with third and it would’ve been a slam dunk Sad. Nothing would've happened with the Aubrey case if the people were not outraged. Nothing would've happened here again if the people we're not outraged. Maybe, hopefully... One day.. we'll get it right. ✊🇨🇦