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Manitoba RCMP’s Winnipeg HQ, Dan Vandal’s office, CMHR vandalized amid protests

At least three buildings were vandalized overnight Wednesday with messages like 'Shut Down KKKanada' and 'Land Back.'

2020-02-26 6:34:00 PM

At least three Winnipeg buildings were vandalized overnight Wednesday with messages like “Shut Down KKKanada” and “Land Back.”

At least three buildings were vandalized overnight Wednesday with messages like 'Shut Down KKKanada' and 'Land Back.'

Diana Foxall/Global NewsGraffiti at the Human Rights Museum Wednesday.Diana Foxall/Global NewsNationwide rail and road blockades have been popping up for weeks as a show of support for the hereditary chiefs of theWet’suwet’en Nationin northwestern B.C. who oppose a natural gas pipeline project cutting across their traditional territory.

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In the last two days, demonstrators have set up new sites in Ontario and Quebec, including one that has affected a major commuter rail system serving a huge swath of southern Ontario.Story continues below advertisementConst. Rob Carver told 680 CJOB Wednesday they were made aware early Wednesday morning.

“We’re investigating them as linked,” said Carver, adding it speaks to the level of passion and emotion people have about the protests across the country.However, he said, it’s unfortunate that people are vandalizing public property. “I get that people are upset but I’m unsure how this action gets anyone’s message across.”

Clean up crews arrive at RCMP headquarters Wednesday morning.Malika Karim/Global NewsGlobal News has reached out to RCMP, Dan Vandal’s office and the CMHR for comment.Vandal’s office was recently the site of an office sleep-in for 11 days, where youth protesters were trying to get the minister of northern affairs to commit to their demands, which included condemning the actions of the B.C. RCMP removing Indigenous people from Wet’suwet’en territory.

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Far left craziness another jussie smolette incident The heavy must come down, this is anarchy!!!! Crazy how Tide Foundation is funding these anarchists in cooperation between Trudeau and Soros attacking govt buildings and STILL Justin enables it. Funny how that keeps happening. Oh they'd really love what would happen to them when a foreign army takes over.

This is called vandalism and nothing else. There's a reason why spray paint cans are locked up in a lot of stores in Winnipeg. Idiots. Confused, are these the alt right MSM keeps talking about? Hey Liberal media hacks is this the work of those 'alt-right' types that you people see everywhere? Racists hate Canadians.

Okay, I fully suppprt the rail blockades but this is to far. Dollars to donuts the asshats who did all this have never set foot outside the perimeter except to invade homes. They wouldn't know a pipeline from zipline. Well maybe one day these statutes will be removed for what they represent 👏🏽 bcpoli cndpoli ReconciliationIsDead WetsuwetenStrong

Media stokes far left extremism and then wonders why we have such a problem with kids becoming Marxists and joining Antifa. Kids if you want to live under a communist dictatorship, Venezuela is a nice place to champion it. I believe it is time for Canadians to rally together and “stand on guard for thee” We all know our “fearless” Prime Minister will not!

This crime stinks of communist terrorists Antifa.... Sounds like Far Left Extremists Goes to show what happens if you are too easy on a pile of lawbreakers Did this happen last week? Or did it happen later tonight?':? Integrity. Choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather then personal gain. These people are no better then what they rebel against.

When you give certain members of your society special privileges for historical deeds 300 yrs ago, instead of treating everyone as equally as a whole, you invite and condone this type of behaviour. Reverse racism is strong in this nation. They keep on antagonizing the white man.

Manitoba premier hints at possible carbon tax deal with fedsManitoba Premier Brian Pallister is hinting at a potential breakthrough with the federal government on a carbon tax. With what job do you want us to make money to pay for it? So you want to sell your sole and make a deal with devil ? That's conservatives for you. They're liberal party 2 after all

Manitoba premier hints that possible carbon tax deal with federal government could be in worksPallister is fighting the federal tax in court — as an intervener in Saskatchewan’s case before the supreme court and in Manitoba’s own Federal Court case BrianPallister you had better not be selling out on the Manitoba Conservative voter with that bloody CARBON TAX Mr!!! It’s not a tax, you slow pokes. It’s a rebate! This is how you divide and conquer...

Manitoba premier hints at possible carbon tax deal with federal governmentManitoba Premier Brian Pallister is hinting at a potential breakthrough with the federal government on a carbon tax. Deal with the devil. Why not follow Alberta and stifle the useless carbon tax? Travel the heartland of the industrial centres in China, India etc. The wake up call, how foolish our little bureaucratic carbon credit nonsense is. that's good, now only if he could work a carbon credit system for his farmers so they can earn credits from carbon sequestration per acre rather then just being exempt,this day in age a farmer needs an incentive for all the carbon they are neutralizing with biomass ...Hemp...

FBI raid Peter Nygard’s New York City headquarters in Times SquareThe FBI and New York City police have raided the Times Square headquarters of Canadian Peter Nygard's fashion house. Gee, weren't a family of sex trafficers from BC just arrested in Winnipeg ? What is it, about these Rich White Men, infatuated with sex. Sex with Young Girls Only. He’s just another Epstein. Harvey Weinstein. UGH.🤮

Tool announces surprise North American tour, 5 Canadian datesThe band will play shows in five Canadian cities: Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg. GlobalBC Awesome! Seen them every time they've played Vancouver and these guys serious rock a concert. Easily one of the best live performance artists of any day and age. BC1 sportsnetmurph

Ontario Railway Cleared For Use After Police Remove Indigenous BlockadeEastern Canada had been crippled by weeks-long solidarity protests. Note... appears that there are actually 12 new blockades this morning. They were Never Blocking Tracks. Thwy were Beside them, on Sovereign Tyendinaga Land. Forceful Displacement of Indigenous Peoples from their Own Land (As per Constitution They Hold Title), is an Act of Genocide. Pierre Trudeau was right. Indians in Canada should have had their special status revoked. It's holding them back.