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Liberal candidate apologizes for saying Black constituents have ‘more love’ for Trudeau after blackface scandal

'I should have known better, and I apologize,” said Sgro.

2019-10-09 9:25:00 PM

'I should have known better, and I apologize,” said Sgro.

Judy Sgro , the Liberal candidate for Humber River-Black Creek , apologized on Wednesday for the comments she made in a Sept. 28 interview.

Exclusive: Video shows Trudeau in blackface, in third instance of racist makeupDuring the interview, she was asked to speak to the “sentiment” she’d been hearing from voters about Trudeau’s recentwhile she was out campaigning.News broke last month that the Liberal leader had worn brown- and blackface on

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at least three occasionsin the past, incidents for which Trudeau apologized.“Well, I think it’s very sad that something — first off, something that was done 20 years ago to begin with … all of us were young at one time and all of us sometimes made poor choices and did things that may not be appropriate in today’s world,” Sgro replied in the interview.

Story continues below advertisement“But let me tell you that in knocking on doors and being in the plazas and talking to people to make sure that I’m being as sensitive as I need to be, if I missed something … and those in the Black community have told me that how much more love they have for the prime minister, that he wanted to have a blackface — he took great pride in that too and it’s the media that have blown this into something that it shouldn’t be, and that they are very supportive and they’re actually looking for finding more ways that they can show how much they support and love the prime minister.”

2019 Federal Election: Trudeau addresses blackface scandal for first time in one-on-one interview2019 Federal Election: Trudeau addresses blackface scandal for first time in one-on-one interviewWhen asked about the comments on Wednesday, Sgro’s campaign team sent a written statement from the Liberal candidate.

“The comments I made on GBKM FM were insensitive. I should have known better, and I apologize,” Sgro said. Read more: »

You’re 74 years old. I think it would have been well past time for you to know better. SorryNotSorry True Liberal Fire the racist! Liberals = racists! Apologizes for telling the truth..Political correctness wins again.. Should have known? BS... she did know, she's just sorry she got called out on it. It's ok. Trudeau told some children that he's stupid for painting himself all black . That should apply to stupid Judy as well.

No more liberal apologies accepted. Was it your blindspot Judy? Or is it blackward? Should have know better and .... not lied. James999 “Should have known...” Beyond obvious. Sad stuff. Idiot Who else has said that? She lied but the apology doesn't mention that. Another Liberal cultist defends racist blackface. It backfires and she is forced to apologize. What is wrong with them? cdnpoli elxn43

Wow, the liberals a racist! Ouch...she should also apologize for being part of a party that is led by JustinTrudeau Bye Felicia! So should have Trudeau... at 30 years old! Stop making excuses for this nincompoop! How's That Hypocrisy Working Out For Ya idiotliberal RESIGN . You are nothing but a liberal bigot and the liberal party has a lot of them.

so did she lie? did she actually talk to black people who liked Trudeau more for wearing blackface... In fairness to Judy Sgro, we all know what happens to female MPs who don't show proper deference and blind loyalty to their leader, no matter what the offence. Let's hear it for our benevolent PM Talcum X PMTalcumX

What a nut case

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HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaSo yeah JudySgroMP like JustinTrudeau are pretty much international embarrassments. cdnpoli TrudeauBlackface Sorry JudySgroMP - your apology is not're a public figure and should know better. Enough of this B.S. Yer out! Canada ... You cannot make this stuff up. I am not sure how ANY Canadian can still vote for this party. Oy vey.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaThats one “very liberal” way to spin it.. This IS NOT HELPING He is not sorry for the damage he has done, but rather he is sorry he got caught. What a hypocrite.

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Liberals face tough battle over wallets in key part of Ontario that will decide Trudeau’s fateThe sprawling suburbs around Toronto the Liberals swept in 2015 are turning to the Conservatives as the cost of living soars Things must be going ok, they’re all out of BlackfaceTrudeau pins. Last paragraph in your article quotes 20 year old Emma Hamilton who is undecided on where to turn. The odds are likely she stays home on Oct 21. Emma is a bell weather. If she doesn't vote the LPC is going to fare poorly. The silver lining in that is they get to fire Trudeau. We only vote with our wallets. More money in my pocket is my sole priority. I don’t care about anything else.