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Black Lives Matter, George Floyd Death

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-Black racism protest in Ottawa

Video from the event shows Trudeau, and cabinet minister Ahmed Hussen, kneeling while surrounded by a crowd.

2020-06-05 11:30:00 PM

Trudeau took a knee in a show of solidarity with demonstrators at a rally against anti-Black racism and police brutality in Ottawa on Friday.

Video from the event shows Trudeau, and cabinet minister Ahmed Hussen, kneeling while surrounded by a crowd.

Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau asked why his government didn’t collect race-based dataCoronavirus outbreak: Trudeau asked why his government didn’t collect race-based dataTrudeau declined to say on Friday morning whether he would be present at the rally on Parliament Hill.

Three people rushed to hospital after North York shooting Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel until at least Aug. 21, sources say CTV National News: 'I made a mistake'

Trending StoriesCalgary couple stranded in India by COVID-19 pandemic killed: familyStory continues below advertisementThe protest was one of many scheduled for Canadian cities in wake of the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died after a police officer held a knee to his neck during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minn., on the U.S. Memorial Day holiday.

READ MORE:In Toronto, Police Chief Mark Saunders also took a knee during a protest held earlier on Friday. Read more: »

And suddenly social distancing no longer matters. HYPOCRITES The hilarious and remarkable irony is that with the mainstream media supporting these protests we can now fully reopen Canada!! Ok , good, thanks sunlorrie So he cancels parliament til October so to avoid question period and continues to hide out because it's dangerous so says to stay home and yet is out with thousands to protest without any social distancing to speak of? Hypocrite

Is this the person that we want as Canada PM? Please bring an election... Such a hypothetical move. Stay home, social distance. He can't go to work in HOC and his followers adoringly defend him because of Covit they too are hypocrits. This PM is all about buying votes and not a out doing good.Can't believe this is real. Shameful.

JustinTrudeau says it’s too dangerous for HOC to sit. JimWatsonOttawa says it’s too dangerous for Council to sit. But they can march in a protest. No democracy for Canadians. Oooooo Justin is soooo cool 🤮 Protesting Justin being a racist? sorta late Still trying to get past the Blackface thing, isn't he. Ah well, maybe everyone's forgotten by now.

Almost nightly we have stories of black people being shot/killed by other black people. Let me know when black lives matter to black people when it isn’t politically or socially convenient, or an election year. Anything but holding black people accountable for themselves... Cringe And hundreds, if not thousands of infections to come in the following weeks. A pretext for Ford to keep the economy shut

Bunch of granny killers. grannielivesmatter Only a half blackface today?! Time to get back to work. Clearly it's safe enough. When will parliament resume? Kneel to your masters coward So it’s too dangerous to meet in parliament but he will preen one front of hundreds of protesters? He loves to be encircled by men!

How about getting back to work JustinTrudeau. Like I say stupid is as stupid does. And he is a leader. What a joke NoKneeling applies to Canadians too. toward anyone in our country. So Trudeau should be taking the anti-racism to the level to include all races in our country, we are fighting for equality among all Canadian's not just one race.

You people make me sick.racism is unacceptable stop with the racism your not better then the blacks.and acting so stupid and yes I’m white.blacks,whits were all Gods children.theirs no place for racism and even you people These protests shouldn't be specific to just black racism, but all racism including towards white people from other races. It happens, it all needs to stop racism is not just on black people in all countries. This needs to be perfectly clear that it's not ok

cowardofthecottage What a faker If you can go to a protest, you can open parliament HYPOCRITE! A drama teacher can act. What a shock. Yeah..your key words..'knee & show'.. Beats workin anyway...lazy pricks..& and that includes his' alert for pies''d think the prick was important with a list of achievements a mile long.. Canada's embarassing joke..

his mask isnt fooling anyone sunlorrie If only he had the power to create some legislation to ensure the police were held accountable for their actions..... I get why people think politicians are being performative in this type of stuff but I do believe he is genuine in his efforts. Why did he shut down parliament again?

What a golden opportunity..........never ever let a crisis go to waste to shore up your ratings. This is powerful. The world will testify this gesture. PhotoOp Of course he did. Hes not a leader- hes a follower. There will be a day that he is finally gone and I hope will vacate with him. Yeah. Four of us killed since April. And an American is his concern.

Someone yelled 'honest question ahead!' + both JustinTrudeau and HonAhmedHussen did what comes natural to all Liberals: they ducked No doubt your CMF_FMC lapdogs do the same when someone yells 'honest perspective waiting for you!' These 'demonstrators' never had it so good This is my leader Hypocrite forgot his blackface TrudeauMustGo

Wow. Where went social distancing sunlorrie He can do that but people could not have funerals for their loved ones. How do these politicians live with thenselves Trudeau bows to the Chinese, dances for the Indians and kneels for the racist BLM......what a weak and feckless fool he is. BlackfaceTrudeau BLMisRacist TrudeauMustGo

canada is in worse trouble than I thought Coward of the Cottage uses every opportunity for a photo op. Mr Blackface himself not distancing, what a poor example in this time of physical distancing. Dr Tam says it’s fine, just don’t yell !! What the hell, where are headed. So much for his preaching about social distancing. What a virtue signalling Hypocrite

It's amazing pandering has work this long Pathetic. Never show weakness to the mob. sunlorrie Disgusting. Bowing down to terrorists. Now if we can just get Scheer to TAKE A HIKE we’ll be all set! Can't work, but happy to protest. A shameful disgrace.. No. He took a knee to pander for votes. He has already clearly shown several times that he is a racist towards people of colour.

sunlorrie He had a 21second pause to make sure the cameras were rolling first. Glad he can be around 1000’s or random ppl by can’t sit in parliament to do his job Pffft. JustinTrudeau will you take a knee for “All Oppressed People” regardless of any political recourse. Pathetic!!!! This here is embarrassing. That also looks like a crowd so maybe he can do his job at hoc,,,,for once.

sunlorrie Poster boy for white privilege. If he can take a knee, and suggest Canadian police are racist, then he can sit his arse in his chair in parliament, and do his damned job!! cdnpoli TrudeauMustGo Seriously Pull the plug on that SOB In a crowd of people not practicing social distancing?!?!? Everyone around him has a white mask but in honour of the event he decided to wear a black mask

sunlorrie JustinTrudeau and how was social distancing observed. So I guess if you can be at a packed rally w/ hundreds of protesters we can expect to see you back in parliament on Monday? So our economy is open now? Good on Trudeau for attending the march and kneeling.... HOWEVER, if it's safe for him to attend a protest with thousands then its surly safe for him to sit in parliament! Get back to work!

He's a joke anyways, does not bother me cause he is useless as a leader anyways. If you can go out in a crowd of protesters - you can sit in Parliament. Time to go back to work JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh Discracful, kneeling before a terrorist group. That man will do anything to get votes. I am surprised he wasn't crying

If it's safe for him to be there then it's safe to open parliament and get his tax theiving ass back to work where responsible people can oversee his corrupt governments dealings! Blackface go home sunlorrie Only for the photo op JustinTrudeau, your not fooling anyone, as we will always remember who you really are... Truecolors justinisaracist blackface

Ya right! By this photo Parliament should be open - Borders should be open- businesses should be open. If going to work, or visiting family in another province is not allowed, yet this is, we just have rename all our activities as “protests”. So then social distancing is no longer being enforced? He does realize the irony of him being at an anti-black racism protest, with his blackface x3. 🤔

I can’t wait for his new book “Dummies guide to Pandering” Trudeau or Timothée Chalamet So much for social distancing, what a predictable hypocrite. The guys in the dark sunglasses are his private police force. Way to disrespect them. Suprised he didn't do it wearing blackface TrudeauBlackface TrumpLovingCanadians

How sweet, wearing blackface while doing his little perfomance piece that all the mouthbreathers lap up with excitement. Good grief can Canada get a real leader, before we are drowned in the sea of shame. Never forget this is the doofus trying to disarm law abiding Canadians. So much for social distancing once again do as I say and not as I JustinTrudeau

Same man that has been speaking daily to Canadians behind a podium, has shut down parliament because of COVID19 has the audacity to physically join a demonstration when he could very well have done it virtually? Absolute definition of Hypocrisy 😡 sunlorrie He can attend a protest with thousands of ppl. BUT he cannot attend parliament which is part of his job that he’s being paid for. Hmmmmmmm. Let that sink in ppl

So I guess you can’t catch the Coronavirus at a rally, eh All racists should absolutely take a knee! His terrible behavior with blackface need this apology.👍🏻 thank you JustinTrudeau Parliament is too dangerous for you eh Buddy? Thank U PM its not easy, but its good first show of solidarity -:)) I realize that Trudeau is mainly seeking votes and trying to repent for his black face pic, but as Prime Minister he should be discouraging protests during a pandemic, especially if he believes the provinces are opening too fast.

Trudouche takes a knee for Xi!!!! Hope know we can have change Travisdhanraj So he put his RCMP security detail at risk by breaking all social distancing rules for a photo op....hmmm kinda like trump...wonder how our mainstream media will report this irresponsible behavior by our leader who will not attend the hoc to answer questions.

His version of a photo op and that’s all it was, no social distancing at all, it’s to the point of stupid now, I can protest riot and loot but don’t go get groceries, it’s just pointless now why even bother just open it up wear a mask if you want DEFIANTLY SOME CRAZY TIMES!!! if anyone is feeling down, i promise this will lift you up and MAKE YOU LAUGH 😝

Did he take the same knee he does to sexually satisfy Gerald Butts? 😂 Can stand with hundreds at a rally but can't sit in parliament. What a putz. Soooo..... can’t do the whole in person parliament thing but.... What does 'taking a knee' symbolize? What's it's purpose? Does every race do it together? Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think? PM Blackface is protesting anti-black racism. 2020 feels like some sort of clown car ride.

sunlorrie Surrounded by his security no less. Showing all of us he doesn’t find it safe to be amongst those he’s kneeling for. Mass Gatherings are OK now? JustinTrudeau CPHO_Canada COVID cdnpoli Anything for a photo op right? TrudeauBlackface is proving he can open up full Parliament now. PATHETIC Canada has to Copy and Mimic everything American never had an original thought!! FKN PATHETIC !!!!

Packed, shoulder to shoulder, no physical distancing. Liberals sure do like siding with criminals and terrorists. Is it because the Liberal govt is a criminal enterprise? That’s some sound journalism work from the goebbalsnews So JustinTrudeau ‘s totalitarian reign & shutting down government under the guise of COVID public health concerns? There. I just did your jobs for you

Why was he kneeling? Was the queen there? Skippy McBlackface on his knees where he's most happy. No wonder his wife left him. I guess it kind of shows where we are, ask forgiveness, take a knee, try to understand and get called names and told to go away. What chance do we have in solving anything? Cringe worthy fool

sunlorrie Now that he standing against police and has no faith in the police. I sure he will no longer need his security. Joe public will protect him. Doesn't he get embarrassed by his blatant begging for votes by every possible segment of society. He's not a man he's a slug. Who pulls his strings? He wants a huge majority next time so he will have the power to enact communism on us once and for all.

sunlorrie POS Blackface never misses a photo op knup9876 Yes? There he is The only one I'll take a knee for is God. TrudeauBlackface Also, lockdown is very over. No he took a knee cause he is RaceBaiting sunlorrie For seniors, another 3 months locked away from loved ones might as well be a life sentence. Does Trudeau have anything to say to those people? COVID19 cdnpoli

If he really wants to prove that he’s not racist, he should resign TrudeauBlackface It takes a lot more than a photo op... Packed so tightly together. Yum Yum, dinner is served.... ottawaprotest Trudeau has personally experienced racism while living as a black man. This is so wrong, the anti- racism rallyin Ottawa was/ is all about Trudeau..Not the cause anti-racism.

I just called my poker buddies . The lock down is over . It's party time . Thanks Trudeau for giving the go ahead . Thank you Mr. Trudeau! JustinTrudeau Trudeau would have been perfectly happy to keep his Blackface episodes a secret if he hadn't been exposed last year during the election In 2019, he still didn't think his repeated episodes of blackface were racist. That's classic racism.

sunlorrie Sigh...never misses an opportunity to make an ass of himself. TrudeauBlackface took a knee for the black man's vote he is the most selfish narcissist that had ever been the head of Canada GOAT PMJT sunlorrie So all the rules are now dead. Do what you are comfortable with.Even the Chief in Toronto did the same!

Well, he is a proven racist. sunlorrie Can we go back to work now! Him at anything anti-racism is pretty ironic sunlorrie can't attend parliament but can attend a protest with thousands of people who are not social distancing what a hypocrite No social distancing there. So Trudeau can be packed like sardines into a crowd of thousands....but we have to shut down parliament because 'COVID.'

So. We can’t have a democracy because of Covid. But we can go in the street with thousands of people. But remember. It’s for “your safety”. So much respect ✊🏿 ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻for the PM JustinTrudeau for his solidarity with this powerful movement... I am so happy to see that our leader cares and understands the relevance of this movement enough is enough BlackLivesMattertoronto blacklifematters JustinTrudeau

We need political leaders marching in protests, of course we need them to actually change policy too, but with them physically there in the middle of it, the police won't attack. sunlorrie Well they did say Antifa was showing up So, it’s not save to resume parliament but he can go to a protest? 😡 Covid is official over. Open up all business

DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. All officers must wear body cams! Oh Canada 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Hasn't he been in hiding for four months now? Worlds biggest hypocrite Are you sure he wasn't taking a knee as a result of not having a spine? Trudeau the Blackface takes a knee. He's a hypocrite and a coward. Was he kneeling on an indigenous person?

I wander how much of his own money Justin donated to help black society. This is what a leader looks like One person told him 'Go home blackface'. Look how crowded! They will spread the Rona and kill Grannie! GrannieLivesMatter ❤️🇨🇦 But I can't go to my grandfather's wake and my brother had to cancel his wedding.

silevv Oh this is rich. Covid is over!! Wooooo! Cowards surrender and take a knee. Trudeau is a coward.

COMMENTARY: On the question of Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau’s pause puzzles his criticsCOMMENTARY: Clocking in at 22 seconds, Trudeau’s remarkable hang time of dead air was heard and analyzed around the world, says MikeSmythNews. MikeSmythNews It was intelligent, professional and absolutely told more than words could. Some people need to learn how to use silence as a voice. MikeSmythNews It was an actor who forgot his lines. Trump has him shaking in his boots. MikeSmythNews If this country twice elected a man who wore blackface at least 3 times, then maybe we DO have a systemic racism problem.

Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism demonstrationPrime Minister Justin Trudeau took a knee while attending a demonstration on Parliament Hill that was organized to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Read more here: JustinTrudeau you forgot to paint your face and kneel on a banana Ppl talking smack about a blackface photo are grasping at straws, we were all young and made stupid decisions, he owned it and dealt with it. Canadians should be proud of the fact our leader stands with them in times as such instead of adding friction. Negative ppl not needed Made sure there was a good clear view too didn’t they

Trudeau, thousands march in Ottawa anti-racism protestThousands are marching through Ottawa on Friday afternoon in solidarity against police brutality following numerous instances of violence in the United States. Trudeau can do this but not sit in Parliament? 🇨🇦should be outraged that Trudeau suspended Parliament/Legislative branch of government virtually silencing the citizens in our democracy but most 🇨🇦s are ignorant of the implications of the Executive ruling by decree & committee. Wont sit in parliament, will attend a massive protest. I hate politicians attending protests, as they have the power to address what protestors want. Justin Trudeau can attend a rally amid COVID-19, and with social distancing ignored, but Parliament can’t resume full sittings, and Canadians need bury loved ones via Skype! Shameful hypocrite!

Trudeau joins anti-racism march in OttawaThousands are marching through Ottawa on Friday afternoon in solidarity against police brutality following numerous instances of violence in the United States. Awesome! At least he didn’t pose with an upside down Bible. Wow. He finally left the cottage.

Thousands demonstrate against anti-Black racism, honour George Floyd at Saskatoon rally'Something needs to happen with the civil rights in the (United States) and up here in Canada,' rally organizer Braydon Page said. Isn’t that a double negative

Pilot ‘draws’ raised fist over Nova Scotia in tribute to George FloydDimitri Neonakis flew in the pattern of a clenched fist in the air, a symbol long associated with movements against anti-Black racism. WAKE UP PEOPLE!