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Iran Plane Crash, Iran Missile

Iran plane crash: Canada’s foreign affairs minister in London to discuss response

Canada is chairing the gathering of representatives of four other countries that lost citizens in the crash -- Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and Britain.


Canada is chairing a gathering of representatives in London Thursday with four other countries that lost citizens in the Iran plane crash — Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and Britain.

Canada is chairing the gathering of representatives of four other countries that lost citizens in the crash -- Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and Britain.

“We will be sending very, very strong messages to Iran,” Garneau said of the meeting on Wednesday in Ottawa.

On Wednesday, the prime minister’s parliamentary secretary said the government was exploring options for compensating victims’ families in the interim because the international process could drag on for years.

How you can help the Canadian victims of the Iran Plane Crash

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Was not a crash As I said back when this disaster of Iran shooting down Flt 752. What to watch is the back channel between Sweden and the US and Iran. Champagne don't know diddley! Sweden is playing the major roll in this! It wasn’t a crash. Two Iranian missiles blew it out of the f*king sky. Stop parroting the Iranian/Trudeau talking points.

While the Iranian shot the plane down killing 174 civilians...Trump is also guilty for the lives lost. He too has blood on his hands as there was no imminent threat...just trying to change the narrative as new evidence submerged prior to Trump's impeachment trial... What’s to discuss. Place sanctions on Iran. And JustinTrudeau name the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Iranian and left wing Con Job going to fail and hope all are seen for the traitors they are.

Universities across Canada plan moment of silence for Iran plane crash victimsInstitutions throughout the country are planning a moment of silence at 1 p.m. EST I've seen lots of flags at half-mast. It was such a waste of innocent life.

Plane crash black boxes ‘are with Iran,’ Canada prepared to help decode: GarneauOfficials have begun their investigation into the downing of the aircraft and is ready to deploy a second team to help in decoding the black boxes, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said. *are ready Liberals need a distraction for something they did or R about to do to Canada & Canadians..Iranians fessed up & admitted to killing 58 CDNS. So begs to ask the questions why spend which will be likely millions on some keystone investigation to conclude what IS ALREADY known! Send Trudeau to Iran, he’s all in favour of getting an advance heads on what’s happening- maybe he should sober up & go himself. The sock puppet could use a dose of reality.

Iran plane crash: What is the Montreal Convention, and how will victims be compensated?As the investigation into the downing of a Ukrainian passenger aircraft continues, many questions remain unanswered, including how families of the 176 victims will be compensated. Then it can come from the Iranians.

Iran plane crash: Canada’s transport authority ‘cannot confirm’ who has the black boxes“We cannot confirm their location right now”: It's unclear which country has possession of the black boxes recovered from the downed plane. With Canada and Iran investigating this, how could anything go wrong... lmao With Trudeau, McCain and the *entirety* of Canadian mainstream media pushing Iran's false 'unintentional' narrative, the brutal regime knows they can dupe to their hearts content. In fact, they're using Trudeau speeches as they slaughter their citizens. Oops just another 'accident' eh.

Universities across Canada plan moment of silence for plane crash victimsUniversities across Canada are coming together today to honour the victims of a plane crash in Iran that left no survivors a week ago. Shot down..... this was murder Two missiles shot this Plane down the second missile 23 seconds after the first. This was a deliberate targeting! Prayers for the families and my condolences but this was targeted not a crash!

Canadian universities plan moment of silence for Iran plane crash victimsMore than a dozen universities have said they are grieving students, faculty and researchers who were among the 176 people killed last week in Iran. Are they going to demonstrate against the rogue theocratic Iranian Mullahs who terrorize the middle east and the world? Just askin'...... to Was not a crash! It was shot down by 2 Iraining missiles! Was not an accident!!!

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