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Coronavirus, Clarice Shen

Coronavirus: Toronto nurse speaks about caring for Canada’s first COVID-19 patient

A Toronto nurse who provided care for the first person to test positive for the novel coronavirus in Canada has opened up about the experience.

2020-09-25 2:46:00 PM

A Toronto nurse who provided care for the first person to test positive for the novel coronavirus in Canada has opened up about the experience.

A Toronto nurse who provided care for the first person to test positive for the novel coronavirus in Canada has opened up about the experience.

 Updated September 25, 2020 7:43 am1:12Coronavirus: Nurse who looked after first Canadian patient with COVID-19 opens up about being on front lines Read more: »

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Meanwhile CanadianPM departed on international travel on Feb. 6th, for the 33rd African Union Summit, and in Germany on Feb. 14th for a Security Conference; by which time, there were 16 'COVID-19' cases in Germany, and, at least 5 Cases in Canada. Has MR. TRUDEAU been TESTED? FarahNasser And soon these comments will be full of remarks from all the cynics, the righteous ppl who know everything and this is my two cents, b4 you open you mouth and start your rhetoric, put the nurses and docs and healthcare workers shoes on your feet for one day then u can talk!

ShallimaMaharaj; 'Jan. 23: Shen assigned to the 56-year-old man.' 48 hours before the “presumptive” man arrived? Jan. 25, 2020: A man in his 50s arrived in Toronto from Wuhan, China, becomes the 1st “presumptive” case of the new coronavirus in Canada. Where's the rest of the story? It seems unfinished. Lots of preliminary intro stuff and then it jumps to 'he got better and his wife got sick'!

The media has to keep pushing these stories because it's important to keep the fear in people. Is she also going to tell us about the time she caught a cold🙄

Coronavirus: Canada adds 1,329 cases, 5 deaths ThursdayThat brings the national total to 148,941 cases and 9,249 deaths, with two deaths added from earlier in the week. It’s over guys. Do a story on the cdc mortality revision. I wonder how many cases of suicides, cancers, etc, happen every day in relation to the coronavirus cases reported ad nauseum. Anyone got a chart for that? COVID19

Politicians must not pressure Health Canada to approve rapid COVID-19 tests: FreelandHealth Canada says it can't provide any information about the status of any of the rapid-testing devices for COVID-19 it is reviewing. Trudeau & Co. suppressed evidence that Covid19 was airborne. Trudeau ran up a death toll of 9,274 at a rate 82 X China's death rate per million. 70% were over age 80 & 90% were over age 70. Trudeau shut down the economy! Trudeau promises more of same! Don’t know why she insists it’s a big secret when press releases are being sent out about one being tested at Edmonton international airport. why? It would be a complete game-changer. What’s the hold up? The folks who want to profit off this?

Until Canada Protects Black Lives, Race-Based COVID-19 Data Could Be A DangerDemands for its collection ignore the high risks that algorithmic racism will pose for minoritized communities.

Canada adds 1,085 new coronavirus cases as Trudeau warns of second waveThe new infections reported Wednesday bring the country's total case count to 147,612. Ya well let it roll! Corona Chinese virus will do us all in then the commies will take over Canada and JustinTrudeau will greet them with open arms! Lol JMO

Canada ‘on the brink’ of coronavirus surge, second wave underway in some regions: TrudeauBREAKING: Thanksgiving gatherings are likely already lost as many regions of the country enter the coronavirus second wave, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an address to the nation as cases spike. Sorry, Trudeau. My family is getting together for Thanksgiving and there's nothing you can do about it. They are going to illegally lock us down again and out the final nail in the coffins of the economy. Just last month Canada list over 200,000 jobs But he'll run to the cottage anyway and celebrate with his family and whoever else he pleases.

Keeping Canada, U.S. border closed may help ‘keep lid’ on coronavirus numbers: FauciIn an interview with Global News, Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why he is worried about coronavirus cases spiking in the fall. 200000 and growing JohnJBenk1 Why does globull news have more content on US political leaders than it does about Canada’s leader?