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Coronavirus: Canada’s COVID-19 death toll surpasses 100

As of Tuesday, Canada's COVID-19 death toll now sits at 101 while confirmed cases have now reached at least 8,579.

2020-04-01 1:55:00 AM

BREAKING : Canada’s death toll from the novel coronavirus has now surpassed 100 following an announcement of five more deaths in B.C.

As of Tuesday, Canada's COVID-19 death toll now sits at 101 while confirmed cases have now reached at least 8,579.

Updated March 31, 2020 6:52 pm2:50Coronavirus around the world: March 31, 2020WATCH ABOVE: Coronavirus around the world: March 31, 2020 Read more: »

embensad Why are news outlets refusing to report on the gag order on Canada's front lines nurses? The nurses are gaged (as per their Union) from talking to the media or posting on social media about the reality of the covid situation especially the PPE shortage. Cover up. GlobalEdmonton A whole 100!!!! The flu, alcoholism and opioids just shrug...

Even one death from this outbreak is reprehensible and tragic!!! Layman’s such as I were calling for the government to shut down air travel in early February ( which was even late )!!! This is on our government, the WHO and China! Piss on them all! Did they try the malaria drug that has been approved by the US FDA?

GlobalRegina Maybe that's why the gov of Sask is not testing & isolating Residents & Workers in long-term care facilities, Residents are expected to die anyways, but Workers? & the Official Opposition in Sask is asking for signatures on a Petition, little pathetic don't ya think? GlobalBC With the shortage of ventilators does anyone think CPAP machines would help people in this crisis?

770CHQR A teeny tiny difference: there’s flu vaccines that help protect the population, provided people can/will get the shot. No such vaccines for Coronavirus, meaning a much larger percentage of the population will get it. While its unfortunate. It is only 100. In a population of 37 million. That's good news. Our healthcare system and our governments are all working together. This is going 'alright' all things worldwide considered.

BC1 RIP GlobalRegina Expected if you dont close canada , you will see 1000 or more soon.

Coronavirus: Air Canada to lay off 15,000 workers over COVID-19 spread, memo saysThe move follows the airline's struggle over closed borders and the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Makes sense. Not many flights. Oh, still coming in from China to Canada unscreened but for a few questions.

Coronavirus: Australia reports sustained slowdown in COVID-19 infection rateHealth Minister Greg Hunt reported there were about 4,400 coronavirus cases nationally, with the rate of growth in new infections slowing from 25-30 per cent a week ago to an average of 9 per cent over the past three days. Yeah the fire before hand! I’m sure Australia wasn’t taking chances! Maybe has to do with the fact Italy is only testing those with the most severe cases and Australia testing more... doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! Plus the average age of those who died in Italy was 80! 23000 died in Italy in 2015 from the regular flu! Context! Leadership can douse fires of all types in the driest and most dire circumstances. Dumbshit can start fires in the rain at the bottom of a lake.

Coronavirus: Guelph Longo’s employee tests positive for COVID-19Longo's said the employee's last shift at their Guelph location on Clair Road was on March 24.

Alberta records third COVID-19 death, announces 40 more casesThe province of Alberta announced on Sunday that a third person has died from COVID-19 . Hear that everyone? 3 whole deaths. The province on average sees about 450+ deaths per WEEK from a variety of causes, but this virus is what you need to FEAR! Stay afraid while they tally and announce every. single. case. and pump it through your TV CONSTANTLY. This reflects action taken 2 weeks ago. Well done. Double down. We are calling on the Government of Canada to support International students during this crisis. Please sign and share this petition.

Why Germany's low COVID-19 death rate might be a mirage | CBC NewsGermany has the fifth most COVID-19 cases in the world, but one of the lowest fatality rates. Aggressive testing has helped authorities identify and isolate cases. But as the disease spreads there are fears that deaths will soon skyrocket. News Japanese government will never request gambling industry called Pachinko shut down even if they expose lots of customers in coronavirus risk. The reason is just because politicians depend on the donations from the industry which owned by Japanese mafia. News High number of testing = lower death rate. This is simple math!

Peel Public Health reports first death linked to COVID-19A Brampton man in his 70s is believed to be the first resident of Peel Region to die after becoming infected with COVID-19 , public health officials confirmed Tuesday.