Action launched against 3 more Toronto doctors for COVID-19 misconduct |

2022-01-29 12:53:00 AM

One of the doctors is Ira Bernstein, a family physician who is allegedly linked to a telehealth service offering ivermectin to Ontarians

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One of the doctors is Ira Bernstein, a family physician who is allegedly linked to a telehealth service offering ivermectin to Ontarians

An investigation has been launched into a Toronto doctor and two more have had further restrictions imposed on their licences due to alleged COVID -19-related misconduct.

 Updated January 28, 2022 4:52 pm2:14Ontario doctor banned from prescribing ivermectin now director of company offering drug


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DISGUSTING of your organization to spread this misinformation about a good man trying to save the lives of his patients. Shame on you! Dr. Bernstein will be recognized as a hero. Reuters latest on how Ivermectin effeciveness against covid and omicron. Ivermectin works apparently. So let the doctors use ALL KNOWN MEDICINE to treat the virus. The College of Physicians cpso_ca There are alternatives to Covid -19 vaccines which are HARMFUL & DEADLY. Facts speak for themselves: these vaccines have caused INJURY & DEATH

am640 Very nice Ash_Stewart_ Great article, well done. CKWS_TV 👏👏👏 I hope we have some great lawyers stepping up to assist these Doctors and I want to see these hearings live and hope there are experts witnesses Dewormers are sometimes actually used to clear out parasites in humans...? Disturbing if a doctor actually uses it for a virus.

Wow! Your station is the worst LIARS reporting of ALL! It's interesting how unfeeling you reported doctors & nurses losing their careers. What if this make you guys lose yours? What if we feel so betrayed we go anywhere to watch News but you? Think of that next time you LIE AM980News Now do Dr. Moore

‘Freedom Rally’ convoy of truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates rolls through Toronto ThursdayFollow LIVE: ‘Freedom Rally’ convoy of truckers are protesting COVID -19 vaccine mandate s as they roll through Toronto today. The latest here: Wow! Just look at all those rig...pickup trucks, SUVs and sedans. 🙄 FluTruxKlan Quite the echo in this chamber irresponsible, I believe

Scientific Community: We don't have a clear idea as to why most people's immunization system can fight off the COVID virus, and some don't. Dr. Ira Bernstein: Aha! Then it must be Ivermectin that does the trick! Ivermectin has been used successfully for decades. AM980News Sad. Canada is short on doctors as it is. This isn’t a free country

Providing false exemptions aside did they cause anyone to become sick with ivermectin? How is it misconduct if it saves lives? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Boston man denied heart transplant because he’s not vaccinated against COVID-19 - National | Globalnews.caD.J. Ferguson has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation — an irregular and often rapid heart rhythm — and has concerns about the side effects of the COVID -19 vaccine. And this happens with people who smoke for cancer treatments, and joint replacement, people who drink for transplants, and people who are obese for all surgery. get used to it. I have atrial fibrillation, three covid shots, and no side effects. Don't make problems where none exist.

England lifts COVID-19 restrictions as Omicron threat recedesMost coronavirus restrictions including mandatory face masks were lifted in England on Thursday, after Britain's government said its vaccine booster rollout successfully reduced serious illness and COVID -19 hospitalizations. Pls tell you boss Mr Trudeau to do the same.

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Omicron COVID-19 cases appear to have peaked — but ‘prudence’ still vital: Tam | Globalnews.caCanada's top doctor says she's waiting the Omicron wave to end for more data about levels of immunity and the impact on hospitalizations. Why the black out of the truckers rally? I suppose your pharmaceutical overlords would not approve See needs to be stripped of her job and left out in the cold. But there’s a new Convoy variant that your daddy Trudeau was exposed to, and needs to self isolate even after 3 shots? When will he get his 4th does to protect the people around him?

Trudeau says he's isolating after exposure to COVID-19 | CBC NewsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's isolating for five days after he was exposed to COVID -19. How convenient A fool for the whole world to see Lmao of course knowing the huge amount of people coming down the highway&despite their traumatic yr some first nations r joining this freedom convoy,so unifying run& hide Trudeau but u need to resign

Posted January 28, 2022 4:49 pm   Updated January 28, 2022 4:52 pm 2:14 Ontario doctor banned from prescribing ivermectin now director of company offering drug An Ontario doctor, barred from prescribing ivermectin to treat COVID-19, has launched a telehealth service offering the unapproved treatment.Article was updated 8 mins ago JOIN THE CONVERSATION Truckers with the “Freedom Rally” will make their way through the GTA’s main roadways Thursday.Copy article link Copy link A Boston hospital is defending itself after a man’s family claimed he was denied a new heart for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 , saying most transplant programs around the country set similar requirements to improve patients’ chances of survival.From Thursday, face coverings are no longer required by law anywhere in England, and a legal requirement for COVID passes for entry into nightclubs and other large venues has been scrapped.

As Jamie Mauracher reports, a Global News investigation has uncovered that he is exploiting a loophole, and experts say it shows the cracks in a system that's supposed to protect patients. . Follow live rolling coverage on Thursday.