Chinese company given green light to take over iconic Australian dairy brands | Sky News Australia

A Chinese company is bidding for, and could soon take over, some of Australia’s major dairy brands after the ACCC announced it would not stand in the way of a $600 million bid.


A Chinese company is bidding for, and could soon take over, some of Australia’s major dairy brands after the ACCC announced it would not stand in the way of a $600 million bid.

A Chinese company is bidding for, and could soon take over, some of Australia’s major dairy brands after the ACCC announced it would not stand in the way of a $600 million bid. \n\nThe international company ‘China Mengniu’ is hoping to take ownership of ‘Lion Dairy and Drinks’, which includes iconic brands such as Dairy Farmers.\n\nMengniu Dairy also completed a $1.5 billion takeover in December of infant formula company Bellamy’s.\n\nThe Foreign Investment Review Board is facing pressure from independent MP Andrew Wilkie to reject the Chinese diary giant’s bid.\n

A Chinese company is bidding for, and could soon take over, some of Australia’s major dairy brands after the ACCC announced it would not stand in the way of a $600 million bid. The international company ‘China Mengniu’ is hoping to take ownership of ‘Lion Dairy and Drinks’, which includes iconic brands such as Dairy Farmers. Mengniu Dairy also completed a $1.5 billion takeover in December of infant formula company Bellamy’s. The Foreign Investment Review Board is facing pressure from independent MP Andrew Wilkie to reject the Chinese diary giant’s bid.

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This wrong! We can see how theses foreign companies especially China operate which I believe is not in accordance with Australian values. GREAT NEWS LOLO WHY DONT THE GOVERMENT JUST SELL OF AUSTRALIA COMPLETELY..WE WON THE WAR BUT SOLD OUT COUNTRY. Way to go scomo just sell Aussie away. Question: who owned LD&D before Mengniu Dairy?

PaulineHansonOz Ffs, So when is Mandarin language going to be compulsory in schools. We kow tow to the more than ever now. PaulineHansonOz You will never get anything back from.the Chinese ffs wake up Government and the greedy assholes continue to sell off parts of Australia. This virus could be our only saviour

The love of money ACCC is the root of all evil. Communists buying from capitalists?🤡🌏 Another great decision of the Morrison sell off Australia Government 🙁

'I want to leave and be with my husband': Uyghur woman responds to Chinese diplomat's commentsA Uyghur woman responds to comments made by a Chinese diplomat on Q+A that she and her Australian son prefer to live in Xinjiang instead of Australia. Stop pushing your fascist nato/US govts WW3 agenda against China and Russia That's how evil CCP is Therefore, we must stand up against CCPChina and StandwithUyghurs No she doesn't want to go back to the hellhole.

The ACCC is an absolute DISGRACE! This should NEVER be allowed to happen 😡😡 ACCC = Australian Chinese Communist Caretakers 😡😡😡 They may as well, Local Councils are making it hard with inflated Rates charges & sending us to the wall. Anyway the milk company is already overseas owned. ScottMorrisonMP LiberalAus STOP this sale. From here on overseas countries should only be allowed to lease never buy Australian companies that affect Australians such as the meat, dairy & our natural resources. auspol

Australia is being sod down the drain day by day the Chinese are allowed to buy any part of Australia but we are not allowed to buy any thing in china Australia will be the new china in years to come Scott Morrison's plan is to sell Australia to the Chineses they won't have to bother about climates Change They are exporting all our LNG natural gas and not even being taxed THe LNP even believe aged pensioners are a burden on Australia's economy According to Peter Costello

Find out brands and boycot Shame on the government! Terrible! Chinese Comm govern. has no ethics or morals! Those poor animals What happened to Australian owned! Australia for sale, just like it used to be in America.. Globalist takeover! ScottMorrisonMP MRobertsQLD RealMarkLatham Stop this now! Our food supply is in danger

This is the real crisis facing Australia 🇦🇺 Where’s the outrage 🤔 Australia's reliance on Chinese investment continues. What happens when China slows down? I suspect the Caronavirus lockdown can't be good for the country's output. Maybe they should change their name to ACCP

Coronavirus fears wipe billions from Australian shares | Sky News AustraliaThe ASX is draped in red as coronavirus fears wipe tens of billions of dollars in value from Australian shares.\n\nLocal stocks fell to a seven-week low as the market drop extended to 2.2 percent and benchmark ASX 200 was trading 137 points lower. \n\nExperts said the situation was not hopeless and drops could provide good buying opportunities in the right businesses.\n\nThere are expectations the government will intervene and cut rates in March or April. \n\nImage: AP The media have succeeded in their fear mongering. Touche and they are becoming the tool of their own undoing as media shares and profits are sliding fastest as companies stop advertising with them It’s actually fitting considering central banks were in such denial about the melt up they were causing.

Liberals and nationals selling our county China controlling milk supply is Australia is ridiculous. They will control milk price to our farmers Geopolitics_Emp Shame They are buying it of a Japanese company 💩oz 🤠🤠, 💩youse a sufferin☹️here's💰💰ta prop ya's up👌 interest free😁Remember😏We got ya🍑now..☎︎💩Wadda ya mean broke😳.👂What's that O/S💩Yeah do it👏.👂The🤠🤠🥱Don't worry🙄All good👍.😚Oi 🤠🤠 Problem🤠🤠 gotta foreclose🥺🤠🤠Stupidity✅💯outa💯 ACCC 🖕em a bit more🧐

Not good AusAntiLeft When it’s gone, it’s gone..... Well you lot are the government cheer squad, what can you do to stop this? You own them FFS looks like money beats national security ScottMorrisonMP HOW DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? 😡 Traitors LiberalAus if you keep F’ing up the basics you deserve to loose big at the next election! auspol

Weinstein taken to hospital, hours after being convicted of rape | Sky News AustraliaDisgraced Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is in hospital complaining of chest pains, after he was found guilty of third degree rape and criminal sexual assault.\n\nWeinstein was due to be taken to the notorious Rikers Island jail, but instead was diverted to hospital for treatment in a secure unit at New York's Bellevue Hospital. \n\nWeinstein's lawyer said her client has been suffering heart palpitations.\n\nThe 67-year-old is awaiting sentencing but could face up to 29 years behind bars. \n\nImage: Getty He'l get a tough time in prison. The other convicts won't take kindly to producers of unrealistic prison movies Clinton strikes again. Weinstein did not kill himself. Just getting in early!

CPC ...Aussie CPA 💩poor aussie industry y'all suffering☹️ here's some $💰 ta prop ya up interest free😁...💩 wadda ya mean we broke😳.....👂what's that O/S 💩Yeah do it👏 The industry🤔don't worry all good👍Oi poor aussie industry time to foreclose sorry🥺 How Many More Times Must This Happen🧐 PaulineHansonOz Fine, but i wont buy milk anymore

It’s a security issue 'This will get Scott & Josh back in the black again' 🇦🇺 Easy..I won't be buying anything communist owned.. These products for example. It's about time our spineless government stood up and defended our country against the UN propaganda machine!!! How do their off$hore accounts look. We all no bribes are prevalent in Chnse culture (labor shud know). We also know the dismantling of our food security isn’t in the public interest. So why was this sale approved?

ScottMorrisonMP LiberalAus Stop selling us out. We Australians have had enough!! Communist China already own our largest water source, largest dairy, largest cattle, baby formula, ports etc! I believe both LNP & Labor have been infiltrated by communist China! Another traitorous decision by our political elites-both elected& gravytrain bureaucrats. We need a public demonst’n to put the Govt in their place.They keep Doing this to us coz we let them get away with it. The sheeple get firedup & then it goes down memoryhole-no consequences.

And gohd knows what crap they will put in it!! I don't trust communists 😡

More spies operating inside Australian than at the height of the Cold War: ASIO | Sky News AustraliaThe Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has uncovered a sleeper agent running a spy ring inside Australia with the organisation revealing there are more foreign agents operating in Australian than at the height of the Cold War.\n\nASIO Director-General Mike Burgess has said the organisation uncovered a sleeper agent who has been providing logistical and financial support for foreign agents engaged in intelligence missions.\n\nThe Courier-Mail's Damien Tomlinson told Sky News host Peter Gleeson Australia’s biggest asset as far as international security is concerned has been “our general location ... it’s just too hard to do things here”.\n\n“It sounds like our blessed run has come to an end”.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Zali Steggals, Getup! & the Greens? Seems plausible if not obvious I guess Sky doesn't know the meaning of the term 'sleeper agent' but keep going, I'm all ears. AusAntiLeft Let me guess, Chinese. Stop selling out Australia to China! Climate change isn't our biggest threat it's having the country sold from under us!

PaulineHansonOz PaulineHansonOz - Australia needs you to stop this from happening. Australia will soon belong to China if we don't start doing something now. Meh 🤷🏼‍♀️ vegan plantbased We are so stupid. How many countries in the history of the world have handed over their heart and soul and land to another country with such willingness as Australia has to China? It is incomprehensible.

Wtf . We keep selling everything off shore . We soon won’t have nothing to sell and then what PaulineHansonOz Wow the price of viral warfare Ridiculous and scary at the same time! Another virus..... No. Please no. The ship has sailed already. Most big farms, packing sheds, juice factories and catering businesses already belong to Asia. People just don’t know it.

Australia has 'on more than one occasion' deported spies: Peter Dutton | Sky News AustraliaHome Affairs Minister Peter Dutton confirms foreign spies have been deported for operating inside Australia and says, “we’ll continue to do it”.\n\nASIO announced it uncovered a sleeper agent running a spy ring inside Australia and revealed there are more foreign agents operating in Australian than at the height of the Cold War.\n\nMr Dutton also confirmed the foreign countries of origin of these spies.\n\n“We are talking about China, we’re talking about Russia, we’re talking about Iran, and we’re talking about other nations,” he said.\n\nThe home affairs minister told Sky News host Paul Murray, Australia is a “a target for foreign interference,” highlighting how in some cases “secrets (were) stolen from law firms representing Australian firms” in negotiations with foreign countries.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Shouldn't even be here if your doing your job properly. I thought those three baboons outside RPA today looked like they were up to something..... What about Liu

The FIRB must stop this. This is exactly the way our politicians have let us down over the last 30 years. Enough. Stop selling Australia to the Chinese Communists. Disgraceful Well we may as well sell the lot This should not be allowed NO! Someone stop this from happening. Enough is enough. We are having this country sold right in front of us all.

Pollies & ACCC need to stop the sell-off of Aussie primary products! Soon Australia would have sold off everything! STOP THIS PLEASE. PaulineHansonOz Some of the companies that are being acquired involve Dairy Farmers. Be sure to buy Norco or Maleny milk to support our locals the best we can. Wake up now. The MSM lies a lot.

Somebody’s getting paid A bit too late to be saying that. It’s been foreign owned since 2005.

Australia will 'likely' have further coronavirus outbreaks | Sky News AustraliaHealth Minister Greg Hunt says the Australian government has 'lifted our travel advisory for northern Italy' due to the increased number of cases there and across Europe. \n\nMr Hunt said 'we know that new cases have been reported in Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and an unconfirmed report which we are seeking advice on of Brazil being included”.\n\nChief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy told the media the “major concern” currently is the “international situation” and the “number of countries outside of China making it more likely that we will have further outbreaks in Australia”.\n\n“We are still contained in Australia, and we have no community transmission of this virus in Australia – so there is no reason to change anything you do, wear masks, or behave in a way that is different from normal,” he said. \n

I can feel a boycott coming on Your government is doing this as advised by the UN. Wake up you and your families are about to starve to death when they crash the economy. Coronavirus milk Which Dairy Brands are you talking about? What use is the ACCC? Why can’t AUSSIE super funds invest here? Keep our milk and farm families AUSSIE to the core!!!!! Piss weak ACCC btw....!

Sack the ACCC. Who have these people the right to threaten our food security? Isn't the company already Japanese owned? Why is no one upset with the seller?! AustralianLabor LiberalAus The_Nationals

tyrelle123 NO! DO NOT ALLOW THIS!!!!! PaulineHansonOz No way China poisoned their people with melamine that’s why the buy so much baby formula. China have no stringent testing on production. Why is the ACCC so blinded Australia is becoming a vassal state of China... That's a mis print,its $600 billion take over bid!

PaulineHansonOz Cmon Scott Morrison - now is the time to stand up What else is new... fucking cowards. What the hell is wrong with these people that they 1. Barstardise industries and so 2. make way for foreign companies to come in and buy them. Shame. Shame. Shame! 🤬 Stop selling Australia Dear ACCC, would China allow us to take over their agriculture companies? That's the only question that should be asked and if the answer is no (it is) then it shouldn't happen based on that ALONE.

PaulineHansonOz New Australian Prime Minister Mr Who flung sheet. Why is Australia selling every thing to the Chinese? ChinaVirusSesungguhnya ChinaCoronaVirus auspol Australia CrimeMinisterMorrison Chinese coronavirusaustralia

Can we just sell them Parliament and be done with it? I can't wait to get my social credit score up. Why not let China take the last 2% which they don't already own. I cannot believe how Australia has sold it self to China. All members of parliament and the ACCC need to be investigated. Australia must come back under the Constitution 1901. No foreign ownership, period!

This is not good for Australians! AussieDe China buying up all of Oz. What could possibly go wrong? Disgrace keep our own dairies for God sake selling everything AusAntiLeft Simple treason. PaulineHansonOz Neo-liberal globalisation undermines Australian national sovereignty and is ecologically unsustainable. Food security is integral to EcologicalSustainability and Australian food production must remain in Australian ownership as a matter of national security.

I am an Australian and I object! ScottMorrisonMP acccgovau $600m is peanuts. It’s like $0.50 per Chinese citizen, to protect their supply of milk forever and fuck up ours. C’mon acccgovau don’t sell us out. We are the consumers you are supposed to protect. You’re selling us out for $0.50!!!!

PaulineHansonOz i for one, welcome our new chinese overlords PaulineHansonOz Is Australia working to self destruct or something What does ACCC stand for? Australians for Chinese Communist Control? ScottMorrisonMP JoshFrydenberg PaulineHansonOz RealMarkLatham Yep the same company that bought Bellamys (Baby formula, foods etc) That free trade agreement working out for someone eh? How many farms, ports, dairies etc have been bought by the Chinese on the coalitions watch? Astounding.

FFS!Whats Wrong with the ACCC? How can this Not be harmful to Australia? And where are Australian investors who see what an Outstanding investment this is. On the Doorstep of the Huge SE Asian markets. How DUMB are Australian investors. CCP is not our friend. Government has to stop this. We need to decouple from China.

Thanks to Coles and Woolworths driving dairy farmers broke, well now they will have to deal with the Chinese, good luck!

This is just ridiculous Yeah? You cookers wanted a free market - enjoy the consequences. Bye bye australia. Do we even own Australia anymore? I dont buy dairy farmers any more havent for a few years now I support our local brand Tilba Milk I dont support Chinese anything If I can help it auspol How good is the free market!

Thank god, Aussie farmers can't seem to keep dairies open They’re not desperate for resources are they? Not only buying the milk but technology also. Cue outrage from bogans that in no way has to do with racism in 3... 2... 1...

Those at the ABC 'aren't used to hearing frank, mainstream assessments' | Sky News Australia

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