More spies operating inside Australian than at the height of the Cold War: ASIO | Sky News Australia

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The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has uncovered a sleeper agent running a spy ring inside Australia with the organisation revealing there are more foreign agents operating in Australian than at the height of the Cold War.

ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess has said the organisation uncovered a sleeper agent who has been providing logistical and financial support for foreign agents engaged in intelligence missions.

The Courier-Mail's Damien Tomlinson told Sky News host Peter Gleeson Australia’s biggest asset as far as international security is concerned has been “our general location ... it’s just too hard to do things here”. “It sounds like our blessed run has come to an end”. Image: News Corp Australia


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It doesnt surprise me. Pls identify and make it known for the public to be able to identify and inform the authorities of suspicious characters.

With 2 million Chinese in the country is it any wonder?

lynlinking Perhaps the PM need look no further than his back bench.

And why’s that? Because Peter Dutton’s diverted so many resources into punishing poor brown people, who aren’t a threat to anyone. Hasn’t got the brains to take espionage seriously

couchycraig basically anyone who works for Murdoch to start with...any member of his IPA ...n then there's the Chinese..

Imagine there being more people around now compared to 50 years ago. How's it possible, baffling, just baffling 🤔😐🙄🙄

How many sleeper cells here lots every two years they say we have spies ..pleasevthis is not news ..More shot news every country has spies every country ..France England America Australia China Indonesia.. Please no more old news

Who needs spies when we've got so many traitors?

lynlinking Yes, they’re in the picture.

I don't know why the spies bother. Labor greens are already onside and most Australian politicians don't have the steel to fight anything tougher than a Wagu steak

Another benefit from FTAs and open borders, thanks, you incompetent politicians.

Here we go, some other piece of legislation that’ll have to be brought in as a matter of national security. Legislation that’ll somehow have a direct effect on our human rights.

Must be budget time, obviously angling for funding and greater access to personal data of Aust citizens. Ought to be denied, privacy matters. Greens PaulineHansonOz RealBobKatter

fransi1803 😂😂😂😂😂😂 If the foreign ’spies’ are searching our government for ‘intelligence’ they’re going to be very disappointed. My guess is they’ll miss their KPI’s at their next spy work appraisal & be categorised as ‘needs development’. What a sucky assignment for a spy 🕵️‍♀️ auspol

And you are surprised?

What’s the news in this? Every country worth its salt has spies in other countries— the only difference tends to be scale. What do you think ASIS does in foreign countries?



The Chinese government continues to lie, and today they are trying to mislead the public, that they are innocent, and that the virus of Corona is not man-made !!! Indeed, the virus of corona is not made by a person, but by a Chinese demon.

Yes, the US


I guess Sky doesn't know the meaning of the term 'sleeper agent' but keep going, I'm all ears.

AusAntiLeft Let me guess, Chinese. Stop selling out Australia to China! Climate change isn't our biggest threat it's having the country sold from under us!

Is the lady between the two gentleman a suspect😂

Zali Steggals, Getup! & the Greens? Seems plausible if not obvious

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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