Waleed Aly 'wants Australia to learn from Germany on climate change': Kenny | Sky News Australia

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says Channel Ten's The Project, 'is “unashamedly woke, pitching its program and what it calls news at the young, and presumably, the ill-informed'.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Channel Ten's The Project,” is “unashamedly woke, pitching its program and what it calls news at the young, and presumably, the ill-informed". Mr Kenny referenced a recent report by Waleed Aly where the host presented Germany “as an exemplar on climate change action and sensible, efficient energy policies”. In comparison, Australia was contrasted as a country that isn’t “doing anything” on the issue of climate change.

Mr Kenny referenced recently released reports that “shows German electricity prices are the highest of the major world economies at 34c a kilowatt hour”. He argued this is 41 per cent higher than Australia at 24 cents per kilowatt hour and 126 per cent higher than the United States. “Waleed Aly and The Project say we should be emulating the wonderful climate action success story of Germany".

Source: Energy Industry News (energyindustrynews.net)


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So who owns Channel 10? CBS ... Oh yes that's right so why would anyone expect any unbiased reporting. Plus its full of comedians, say no more. They joke about Trump but the joke is on them actually...

Waleed made us pay for plastic bags. I don't trust him.

Chris Kenny is a dribbler whose only opportunity for advancement will come if Andrew Bolt has a stroke and falls on top of Gerard Henderson killing them both

I know whose truths l would rather watch and it definitely ain't Murdoch SkyNews or Chris Kenny.

OzraeliAvi So basically like Murdoch media, just for young people rather than boomers. People in glass houses.......

Googly eyed aky a climate chanee warrior from his 5 bedroom mansion in inner city melbourne. Hasnt gone off the grid yet. Wife is a professional student

Coming from Chris Kenny UnashamedlyWank


I used to watch the project nowadays I Watch. repeats of Seinfeld not those full blown lefties

Just keep up the good work Waleed Aly

Sky channel is Murdoch, Murdoch mafia, Multinasionals and Liberals propaganda machine. Every news that comes from Sky channel is Liberals dirty propaganda. They always blame Labor. Liberals are responsible for biggest mass, corruption and destruction in Australian political hist

gtperkins Dead right ChrisKenny. That why I call itChannel Teen.

Chris Kenny is a convicted sexual predator. His opinion should be broadcast widely...in his jail cell.

jimx2460 Hey Wahleed. Go and live in Germany if you like it that much. We would all really appreciate it.

And which country does Sky News Australia want us to listen to wrt Climate Change?

That's gotta be a fair endorsement for the Project..'

It's not right wing BS like SkyNews Australia. They should learn what it's like to criticise an LNP government.

Aly is one dill!

Good to see your chief ABC correspondent branching out to covering Ten.

I get that Chris thinks 'woke' is hilarious, but considering the idea it represents is 'awakened' being 'unashamedly conscious' hardly seems the vicious put down he imagines it is.

what & Chris Kenny who? Nnot part of the real world!

Patronising AND ignorant

Climate Change hoaxxx and farce!!!!!

Itv?is puuuuuure horshit!!!!!

Oh dear.

I can't wait for the next buzzword to replace 'woke' Seriously, does anyone have an original vocabulary these days?

Let's add in the stupid as well eh...

Just more irrelevant ignorant babble from Chris Kenny. Who cares? Whats 'woke' anyway? Another PC buzzword from the anti-PC 'Right'. What happened to triggered, virtue signalling, climate alarmist, gay agenda, snowflake lefties? On different drugs today I guess.

Chris kelly one of the greatest minds of our time!!!

Waleed’s a wanker. Don’t know why anyone would listen to his one sided opinions which amount to bull shit. Germany 80% fossil fuels 7 nuclear reactors which are being fased out 2022. Power prices up with the highest in the world and will go up to accommodate renuables.

Well said Chris these ppl wud b better off watching you or Andrew Bolt or Rowan Dean when they get sick of listening to fuckwits talking out of there arses.

theprojecttv any explain?

What a tosser

i.e. buying their power from France (nuclear) and Poland (coal).

Gotta love Australians... when we're pissed off, we aren't afraid to call an idiot an idiot... usually in much more colourful language than that!

Lol BBC WP and NYT reported the same about your network - falseand misleading rings a bell

The Project: woke Sky News: broke

And immigration I'll bet

Kenny is totally woke

Can’t believe people people still waste oxygen watching this drivel.


'Waleed Aly is 'unashamedly woke on climate change'' I literally cannot see anything wrong with that headline

Well if Sky News hates it, the Project must be worth watching.

Stop reporting stuff your employees say as comments from an unrelated third-party. You employ him, you endorse this shit. Pay some tax.

At SkyNews repeating what your presenters said is news. They should be called Skystuff or Skychat or Skycrazynaziantintellectualpedophilelovingbullshit

He ,ist have got muddled, the ill informed would be anyone watching Sky News, where they will only be further ill informed. lackingcredability

narelleford I’ll have to start watching it.

How are ratings going for this Ponce

German economy is going backwards at a rate of knots and green policy has massively impacted BMW precision combustion engine manufacturers, so Wahleed wants us to go the same way?

Yeah, but Kenny is the poster child for ill-informed.

Kenny is a Cnut!

unbiased shows don't rate. that is common sense. in the project's case, even biased shows don't rate.

Off topic. Anyone calling themselves a journalist & is not talking openly about the inhumane treatment & incarceration of multiple award winning journalist Assange for exposing war crimes is an imposter. No Russia. No Hack. No charges. Hang your head in shame Aussie Presstitutes

Crikey, no more of that ‘weed’ please..👎🏿😏🐰

Honestly who is stupid enough to employ this clown ChrisKenny or listen to his nonsense.

You say it as if SkyNews is an actual alternative.

Hi who even heard of Chris Kenny until his rants somehow broke through the idiot bubble. Does anyone under 75 listen to his show (what is his show?).ie the people with least to lose from ClimateBreakdown

Demonising learning now, interesting.

The Project is a lot more news than the Chris Kenny crap 💩

Lost me at Sky News...

Chris who?

Whereas Sky pitches its “news” at the foolish and biased


Polar opposites to Kenny's own program. Also worth noting, more than eleven people watch The Project.

Or even from other conservatives like Boris Netanyahu!

Really starting to sound like a scared little man.

Ok boomer

It's woke and a joke I've never watched the show as what I hear and see here makes me sick. These people do absolutely nothing for anybody outside their progressive bubble.

They've woken up alright to the fact that our climate change youngsters will be voting in the next election

Chrissy Pissy Pants

FFS what the Fuck does do.... !!! Hmmm think about it clowns 🤡

And this is exactly why younger people never watch Sky News - because you constantly insult their intelligence. Your audience is dying off - and so will you. 😄

Chris who?

Poor old Chis, he's about as useful as a car accident

Not all young are ill~informed Chris Kenny maybe look in yr own backyard before criticising others. Who watches Sky TV, anyway?

At least the young have a reason to sometimes be ill-informed; I really don’t know what Chris Kenny’s excuse is

Oxymoron a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction e.g. Sky and News.

I’ve just come back from Norway which is the most forward looking country environmentally that I’ve ever been to. Australia the most backward country environmentally. Sorry I came back.

More likely the educated and informed.

Chris who?

As opposed to the old and uninformed over at sky

And Chris Kenny is pitching his message his program to middle aged ill-informed Australians.

Says Murdoch RWNJ FakeNews propaganda service targetted to mad tin-hatters and flat-earth speculators..

And Sky is unashamedly pitching it's programs at old white people (a group of which I am a member). For me it's a fail, I love the project.

So Waleed wants Australia to buy nuclear energy from across the border too, so it can be applauded for it's green technology. Shame France isn't closer in 'that' respect.

Is he saying that if you’re not well-informed you should stay that way?

Chris Kenny

Onya!! Waleed. 🌹

Perhaps Waleed is onto to something here, don't make the mistakes that Germany made?

You can't brainwash those that have wisdom.

narelleford We could start with the goose step ?

Germany & UK are MODELS for decarbonisation without punishing the workforce!

When people like old mate Chris use the term 'woke' do they ever stop to think that they are not 'woke' so are, presumably, not au fait with current issues or ideas? I suggest Chris think about how using the word 'woke' damns him.

Chris who?

Says the mouthpiece for the network that is unashamedly racist, pitching its program at what it calls ‘the quiet Australians’, and presumably, the entirely uninformed.

Fortunately have no encounter with lie news because it's where the truth goes to die , like anything from Murdoch's news Corp But hey kenny is the joke you don't need a punch line for

Sky news commentator says something negative about someone else using a baseless opinion, wow great journalism

The word “woke” comes from the African American community. It’s racist to use it this way. auspol

And if there's an expert on ill-informed, it's Chris Kenny. auspol

SkyNews ill informed rhetoric dumbs down Australia. Sky after dark preaches hate and racism.

why shouldn't there be an alternative to Sky?

OzraeliAvi If he wants that let him move to Germany

ToomeyWright Waleed is ill informed

The Project is for children. It’s “news” for ppl who want a completely one sided & editorialised vision of what’s going on in the world

Just start switching it off, like the majority of Australians have done.

If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Pretty much what I do with anything you’re on.

OzraeliAvi Walleed needs to be taken off once and for all he only wishes to push his own agenda

This is a lie.....we all know the ill-informed are the sole property of Kenny.

I like how you are reporting his sayings, and not letting him say things directly on Twitter. The same way I would not let my senile uncle drive my Tesla P90D.

As if being woke is a bad thing.

Contender this week for RWFW MikeCarlton01

Look what I found my remote control.

My 4 year old is more informed than Kenny.

Scratch a woke and there's a totalitarian underneath!

And Sky News pitch their version of “news” to older RW voters

Well, no. The ill-informed are watching Sky. And they remain ill-informed after watching.

Which one is a slave to vested interests!

The irony of Kenny accusing others of being “ill-informed” 🤣🤣🤣

Seems like woke is the new catch word of the Right.

OzraeliAvi This wanker forgot to mention that Germany has the highest power prices of the developed world and on 3 occasions the power grid didn’t have enough power supply to meet demand

Makes a change from bagging the ABC.

Better than supporting rorters and paedophiles

OzraeliAvi Facts


You scared Boomer? You sound scared.

Lol Chris Kenny

Bahahahahahaa. Better than lying to the hard right, over 70s dementia set. Lets face it, that is the core demographic of Sky News. ChrisKenny

Thats always been the case for the past 12 or more years!

I'd rather watch and listen to The Project than you're right-wing, ill-informed dribble Chris.

Chris Kenny is a fuckwit.

Like the new coal plant Germany just opened?

I wish I could get 24c kwhr rather than 36c.

Kenny the thread worm and why the LNP scatch their bum

It's time to declare that using the word 'woke' is now subsection two of Godwin's Law. TheProjectTV

Oh attacking someone other than the abc...refreshing

And Sky After Dark pitches to the elderly, and presumably, the ill-informed. They operate on the 'Mushroom Theory'- keep them in the dark & feed them...

Yesterady a Channel 9 Newspaper smh attacks a commercial rival Channel10AU in an article by Stephen Brook who worked for the Murdoch press for 15 yrs! Today it's that idiot from Sky having a go. Anyone see any dots to join? AuspolSoCorrupt

BlackBerry v IPhone

Learn from Germany? As in high Electricity prices and using neighbouring countries Nuclear power to make up the short fall of “ Renewables”?

Even Mark Latham despises Chris Kenny

Wait a minute! I thought Chris Kenny was all for free speech? Or is it just freely stupid speech?

And Sky ‘news’ channel is unashamedly bigoted, pushing its outright lies and outdated, nasty opinions on the guillible rural public who get it free to air.

Is woke the term rwfw use to describe someone who actually thinks for themself?

Great idea Waleed Aly. If Sky'news' bags it you know you are on to a good idea.

OzraeliAvi Aussie TV sux bigly

well said kenny as you can see the truth hurts these snowflakes

The Project panel of hosts are self absorbed floggs. None of that crew have a clue re running a developed country and if they did run Australia we would be a 3rd world toilet. Pie in the sky daydreaming and flavor of the day BS doesnt run a top shelf developed country.

And Norway and Finland and Costa Rica and evening the UK. Basically we are copying third world countries and our economy is following. What a surprise...

For 'Sky News host' read 'ill-informed right wing nut job'. BoycottMurdoch unsubscribeFoxtel

I'll informed lol ...SKY & MURDOCH cornered market on stupid...now upset because young don't buy their all white BS.. and SKY demographic all over 50 and racist but this audience won't be there forever👌😎 auspol crimeminstermorrison abc730 TheProjectTV abcnews

And holland and Scandinavia. There’s no such thing as human induced climate change in those countries. The evidence is overwhelming

For a University professor WA shows a remarkable lack of commonsense.

I’m trying to find the insult in that statement. Woke is good. Informing the young is good. Helping them be less ignorant than others is good. All good then. How is this an agitating story? Should they be bigoted, decrepit and misleading? Isn’t that Sky news territory?

Chris Kenny who ?

Mummy, why is the Sky always crying?

Haha that's rich coming from Sky

You say the .theprojecttv is FakeNews when Sky News and Murdoch press is the only feed you can find climatedeniers like ChrisKenny? How many logies have you won Chris? The climatedenier spin and attack against Waleed in this segment highlights why Sky News is complicit.

Tell Chris that his employer is super woke ok with pedos

Next you’ll be saying Follow Germanys multiculturalism well that was a unmitigated disaster so no thanks Germany is not a beacon to fix our sights on its the main funder of the EU disaster of global empire building which the UK just escaped from. Germany is in social ruin.

SkyNews produces nonfactual propaganda and disinformation only. Go to Channel 10 instead.

“Australia’s 0.24cents per kWh”. Wtf? How do I get that? In SA I’m paying 0.38 cents. Maybe I should move to Germany.

Fancy pitching to the young and ill informed, rather than just ill informing the ill informed.

Anyone really watch Sky 🤔🤔💩💩🤡👎🏾👎🏽👎🏿

Kenny wants that pay check I guess.

Kenny 🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂wouldn't know😂😂😂😂he blocked me months ago, doesn't like being challenged, likes to dish out his BS though🤔🤔🤡🤡

Think C10 & Waleed have a good plan

I’d rather stick a fork down the eye of my knob than watch that show or that goose

And he's right

What a sad, little person.

Kenny would kill to have 5% of The Project's viewers. The sponsors of his show must be wondering why they bother.

Chris Kenny doesn’t have to worry. The ill-informed naturally gravitate towards the sensationalist fact-free rubbish pushed by Sky.

Guess what Chris Kenny, 'THEY' wouldn't have a clue who you are. There wouldn't be a young person in the country who watches

Germany is a disaster.

The young I know read and watch from different sources, so they have a better understanding of world events than anyone who's main viewing platform is the dog humpers channel.

Who cares what Chris Kenny says? He should go make another toilet movie. He was good at that.

Woke is just elitism masquerading as compassion.

The idea that to acknowledge the basic and clear reality of the science behind climate change is woke is just absurd. Honestly just sounds like an old person trying to use hip language and failing miserably

Rumour has it he has a large mirror in the studio so he can watch himself It also serves to double his viewer numbers as ever the cameraman no longer watches


This should have been posted with an irony alert...

Unlike Kenny who’s program is pitched at no one , watched by no one , interests no one and is fundamentally a video political masturbation by this cretin

SkyNews “is unashamedly right-wing, pitching its programs and what it calls news at the elderly, and presumably, ill-informed, science denying christians who are easily outraged.”

RodS108443078 Predictably here, all the negative posts are kill the messenger. Look at actual statistics from Germany & the picture isn’t as rosy as people make out. Energy prices are up while carbon emissions are up and their main renewable is biomass which produces electricity by combustion.

What a complete load of bullshit. It’s aimed at the non-moronic if any age. My feed is full of 40+ people commenting on it. Sky is poison.

Chris Kenny is paid to be a partisan right-wing moron the fact that he would do it for free doesn't make his rants any more relevant.

Ok boomer

My god Sky News spewing 24x7 Murdoch Right Wing Rhetoric.

Umm Kenny and sky talking heads in general prove you can be middle aged or old and uninformed, in fact you can be a whole Organisation like Sky

Go back to you dog Chris.

Chris Kenny looks like a thumb

Chris Kenny, whose only claim to fame is dogfucking

There is no one as ill-informed as a Chris Kenny viewer

Unlike Chris, who is unashamedly moronic and pitches his show to right wing idiots who have never and will never be informed.

I'm going to look into this woke thing he's recommending. Thanks for the tip!

Chris Kenny trying to be cool and appeal to Waleed’s demo of young, well educated, informed people by using words like ‘woke’ instead of the just the usual mass Murdoch media propaganda informed okboomers who usually only watch his show....

FatherBob Interestingly those young are remarkably well informed as they are no longer slave to propaganda outlets like Sky, Fox etc. they fact check and mine their information with a broad net which you can’t even imagine let alone control... and that makes you frightened. Be afraid!!

FatherBob Chris Kenny calls people who don’t watch him “uninformed”... you can’t make this sh** up!

Waleed sits on a sanctimonious high chair , project is garbage bias tv

FatherBob As opposed to Sky News which is shamefully dishonest, pitching its programs and what it calls news at undoubtedly ill-informed, easily misled, perpetually outraged old white men. From paedophile apologists to climate change deniers there is nothing good about Sky News.

Chris Kenny is more coma than woke.

Stop shagging dogs

FatherBob Well no one will learn anything from Kenny except how to be an ignorant toss bag

FatherBob Thanks Chris Kenny for calling me young the new face cream is obviously working. However would like to take you to task on the ill informed. Can I suggest that you actually look at the reputable data on climate change for example the NASA site where the evidence is irrefutable

That’s definitely the pot calling the kettle ill-informed

Who’s Chris Kenny...? Oh, that one. 😂😂😂

jimx2460 The Project is a 'perpetual irritant'.

Kenny? What have they done to Kenny?

There should be free streaming of Sky to all millennial's mobile devices so they can make an informed opinion of Chris Kenny and the rest of the Sky team. auspol

Chris who?

You are not seeing it coming are you... BurnNewsCorp

In the past week Chris Kenny has attacked the ABC, the BBC & now Channel 10 & the Project. Anyone or network who expresses opposing views to Chris are wrong, according to Chris & his friends 😂🤣😂

Chris Kenny is projecting.

Gets your facts right you fool.

Always find it interesting that the biggest consumers are also the biggest climate change promoters.

are FakeNews and EnemyOfThePeople and are un-Australian. Chris Kenny, all newscorp products and sponsors should be boycotted.

How are you going as a tv presenter and channel when your big story for the night is name-calling against other presenters and channels?

Is this supposed to be an insult? Because it just makes me want to watch them!

spdeleo Tell me, what did Sky News host Chris Kenny say about the disgusting grubs Bolt and Henderson? Or is that just being too woke to ask

Right wing commentator has his knickers in a knot over left wing commentator. Duh. You never see anyone on the project using their platform to go after Skynews. Why bother the Skynews audience are the walking dead.

'Woke', that's exactly the sort of narrative I expect from trashy, right wing Sky 'journos'

But then again Sky news defends pedophiles.

auspol says Kenny and the at night ghouls are 'unashamedly ignorant, pitching its program and what it calls news at the stupid, gullible and presumably, the ill-informed'

Rather than the old and definitely uninformed like the murdochracy ?

The dumbest group in our society as a whole are young people! Little wonder they like The Project and are pitched to by them.

What does a dogman knows 🤣

I love how right wing snowflakes are so easily triggered by the opinion of a tv show host. The same right wing snowflakes that advocate free speech. Clearly, you can have free speech if you agree with them.

Poor Kenny: projection at the Project. Laughable really.

leading the world in telling other channels how crap they are...🤣

Shocking Show watch the Project once that was enough..

Sky News thinks that one of their wankers bagging another TV show is news.


Speaking of I’ll informed- how are News Corps profits? BoycottMurdoch

And a terrorist sympathizer to boot

Prefer we learnt what valued added manufacturing and production meant

I’ve heard of this guy. Seems threatened by unapologetic ‘woke’ types, as though their leftness somehow balances out the hysterical rightness that Sky promotes. Arse-clowns at both ends of the spectrum.

Happy to be woke if it might, just might, prevent my extinction.

News you can’t trust Opinions you should ignore

LMFAO Murdoch has been brainwashing conservative sheep with his rags they call newspapers for decades. 7 and 9 are shareholders in Sky and all are conservative bias in there news and talking heads . Every popular talk back radio is Conservative , can the left have one show ?

Woke - adjective, alert to injustice in society, especially racism. Seems ok to be “woke” based on its definition.

The Project is ABC Lite

Every time you quote him I'm genuinely surprised that you employ Chris Kenny.

Chris who?


You mean there's other countries in the world doing things better than Australia? Why wasn't I told? Please explain...

Well we better get nuclear up and going then and be like Germany. DOOMERS!

Who’s a jealous little media organisation then ? 🤢

What we need to learn from Germany is from their immigration policy. A disaster for ethnic Germans.

As opposed to Kenny's show which is more 'joke' than 'woke'...

This article is really poorly written & then there's the lack of context where no mention is made of wage levels.

And who exactly is Chris Kenny? Seems like an uneducated Right Wing dinosaur.

These dinosaurs like that word 'woke' for some reason don't they

Shame paid to deceive Aly theprojecttv Voters smarter than 'ponderous poseurs' of 'political media class' 1/7/19 ' newscomauHQ ABCPolitics SBSNews MomentsAU 9NewsAUS 7NewsAustralia 10NewsFirst australian Newsweek GuardianAus

Nonsense merchant rants nonsense. This isn't news.

I actually find this akmost impossible to believe. This guy lives under a rock, obviously.

When Kenny says ‘woke’

Well, Chris is obviously exactly correct

This is story, why? Chris gets how many viewers? 1, 2 thousand? Yawn.....

markbjardine There’s something sad about a woke Muslim.

He's a wanker of the highest kimd

'What it calls news'... pretty rich coming from ... the trash bag of news outlets.

Chris Kenny, clutching his pearls again 🙄

You may not like Chris Kenny and his comments but he is pretty much on the money. The Project really is a propaganda platform for the left leaning, presented by some of the most self opinionated quasi journalists on TV. No debate - it’s either Waleed/Lisa’s way or go!

So it is “woke” to be be aware of the science. It is not right for the young to be concerned with the very real threat to their future and listening to every relevant science institution and university in the world is uninformed. Sky news are corrupts climate criminals.

Sky has the old and the I'll informed covered. So what do you expect?

Why doesn't Waleed move over there and lap it up if it's so fantastic?

Oh sky pushing the climate denial narrative again, surprise surprise

Yeh well most of Australia wants Wally to go live in Germany & forget about us!

Germany = hypocrite. Das Auto

Can someone explain 'young', 'audience' and 'shame' to Chris?

sky after dark unashamedly pitches what it calls 'news' at the old and presumably uninformed

When will these idiots realise that woke is a compliment? It is the opposite of being pig ignorant about the things happening around you. Thanks Chris.

Whereas Sky pitches itself at old bigoted white men, a vanishing demographic.

Care Factor = Zero

⚠️ ThisisNotJournalism

oz_jacko Hahaha and how to trash your country with immigration !

Chris Kenny is Dork

Chris Kenny wouldn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘woke.’

You even made Waleed laugh

That's the difference between Waleed and Kenny, Waleed is intelligent, well educated and informed, Kenny isn't.

So the ABC can relax for a minute now Sky are going after ten because they have different opinions to the clowns on Sky.

Wally is a lunatic left activist clown. rabidgreenlunaticleftcircus

First Henderson, now Kenny. Has SkyNews laced the water bubbler?

Pretty sure my electricity rates are 33c after tax anyway. Perhaps Mr Kenny is confusing them with his controlled load power.

Well he’s certainly well acquainted with the ill-informed!

Well I'm neither

I want him to shut up

Chris Kenny is an expert on being ill-informed, that's for sure.

That shit hole

and what's wrong with that Sky News is unashamedly backward looking ClimateChange Deniers auspol

Kenny’s the Last One who should be casting stones. He’s only got about 10 viewers on a Good night. And they’re probably Relatives.

RobCoyte Once they watch the project they are no longer uninformed, they are then misinformed.

Umm I live in Germany. 3 bed home. Electric lights and cook top only. A$490 per month not quarter, per month Is that what you want? Energy poverty is a real thing for some.

'THE PROJECT' Is that a new brand of toilet paper?

I love the theprojecttv Unlike the hate filled commentators on Sky, it is so refreshing to watch. I'll be 65 in 4 weeks!

Chris Kenny is right. This program is very biased.

Tragic show especially due to this fool.

Proud to be woke but I don’t watch TV. That’s what woke people do. They don’t watch propaganda especially sky news

As opposed to Sky News, who pitch their lies at the senile.

What's chris Kenny's formal education?

Better than fakenews from your propaganda

Old woof spends a lot of time watching a b c and Chanel 10 maybe he dislikes sky

People still wondering who Chris Kenny is and why anyone thinks his opinion is worth listening to

Well if the almighty Waleed said it, well ok then lets follow Germany. What would we do without his words of wisdom.

It’s a refusal to grow up. Its hard. You have to think about what you say and that’s after deep consideration. Avoid the temptation of looking at things through rose tinted classes. Take account of the long term target. The project is made up of children that need spanking

I'd never watch this guy, but he sounds like the grossest form of gossip.

AStrongerOZ ThisisNotJournalism

So, what, it's better to be asleep? Sky News is getting more and more hysterically insane. Grow up.

He'd recognise ill-informed wouldn't he?

Woke means “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”. How is that a bad thing?

Chris Kenny whah, whah, blah. FFS! Just can it! Nick off, retire! Nobody cares what you have to say.

Chris Kenny, what do you mean by ’ill informed’? Where is your supporting evidence? .,,,Or is this just the ravings of a mad man?

Tell him to move there

Your getting pathetic at this, attempting to bullshit your way into the youths mindset. Bernie will win, and win again in November. scottyfromsportsmarketing will loose and badly as the USA will be back on track and the test will follow as good little lap dogs.

I don’t watch either show but if someone referred to me as Woke I’d be pretty happy. At least I’m paying attention

We all know what and WHO has changed the climate in Germany and it has nothing to do with weather.

The Project is accomodating an audience of whom many have no interest in facts. Let them go...

And your viewers are definitely asleep. Go figure...

Poor little Chris😣😣😣

Perhaps he’d like us to learn from Germanys about the final solution also .germany is becoming a basket case with the idiots in charge

Isn’t Kenny preaching I’ll informed bullshitery to the handful of wankers that actually watch him.

Spoiled little doomers watch that crap and with no education about their own history they are very easily taken for a ride

unlike Sky, which pitches to the old and prejudiced?

Now, the even MORE ill informed😁

10s done. The Project is done. No one watches it. Not anyone that can have independent thought anyway. So who cares? Let them have there little lefty wokey show.

Nobody uses the term woke, Sky. Seriously, grow up.

Because Chris is so *well* informed

Seriously I don’t give a 💩 what Chris Kenny thinks.

Chris Kenny saying someone is uninformed. Rupert come on old man. That's so funny 😂.

Why then, does kenny get 10% of their ratings and his market share is dwindling?

As opposed to Sky viewers, who are asleep at the wheel because they are so seriously ill-informed by your ClimateCrisis disinformation network...

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Greens' new 'climate trigger' bill will force 'climate change assessment' onto big projects | Sky News AustraliaGreens Senator Sarah Hanson Young says her new private member’s bill which will be introduced to parliament on Monday will enforce a “climate trigger” into Australia’s environmental laws.\n\nThe bill will aim to ensure large, potentially environmentally damaging projects such as oil drillings and the building of new mines will have to undergo an environmental assessment to ascertain their effects on climate change.\n\nMs Hanson-Young told Sky News host Sharri Markson none of the current environment laws and assessments “include the impact on climate change” of such projects and in fact “don't allow for big projects … to be assessed before they’re given a ‘green tick of approval’”.\n\nLiberal Senator Zed Seselja said the Greens “rarely think about … what the actual impacts are on jobs (or) what the impact is on the economy” for such actions on climate change.\n\nImage: Getty Tuesday I know what I’d like to “trigger” and it’s not climate. sarahinthesen8 Sarah you are the only gutsy one , keep on rockin please , Cheers Sue
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Liberal MP Craig Kelly backs Advance Australia's climate change resources in classroomsMr Kelly said he 'absolutely' supported the right-wing activist group in its attempt to distribute resources to primary school children. michaelkoziol Good! It is ridiculous and dishonest to dismiss them because they’re not “objective” when schools literally push climate cult religious dogma on our kids. These would actually bring some objective facts back into the school room and we should ban all climate cult propaganda. michaelkoziol The link with CO2 was published as early as the 1950s so I guess they have the decade they want to go back to right. michaelkoziol First thing, CraigKellyMP is an idiot. I think we can all accept that. The bigger point of this story is that our Education Minister, DanTehanWannon isn't willing to comment on a push for a new curriculum item in our schools!?!? That's his job! Auspol ClimateEmergency
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Labor's 'reckless' climate policy is not one of a 'party of government' | Sky News AustraliaLiberal Senator Zed Seselja says Labor’s 2050 net zero emissions target is the type of policy to be expected from a “minor party like the Greens, but not a party who claims to be a party of government”.\n\nIn contrast to Labor’s “reckless” policy announcement, the Liberal Party have opted against an emissions target beyond 2030, but instead have argued for a renewed focus on technology regarding climate policy.\n\n“We will set out our policies which will include a focus on technology,” he said.\n\nMr Seselja told Sky News host Sharri Markson you cannot “lead a nation in this policy area with just aspirational targets” which could have “very significant economic impacts”.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Boris Johnson is doing it in the UK 🤔 Shuts some people up while clearly not creating any action or even appropriately addressing the problem? Sounds like government to me 2050 is like bare minimum dedication and its still got the toads losing their shit lmao
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'Opportunistic use of bushfires by climate alarmists' fails to cut through | Sky News AustraliaA recent Newspoll has found most Australians – 56 per cent – believe the main cause of the recent devastating bushfires was hazard reduction with 35 per cent saying it was due to climate change.\n\nThe Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner told Sky News host Gemma Tognini the “opportunistic use of these bushfires by climate alarmists” has failed to convince people of the effects of climate change on disasters like the bushfires.\n\n“I think it’s turned a lot of people off the broader cause,” Mr Rozner said.\n\nImage: Getty\n 🤷‍♂️ 'most Australians' are suddenly experts of Bushfires? So hazard reduction was the cause? Sky on the ball as usual. What Crap.
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Albanese 'has to maintain the fear' for his 'climate gamble to pay off' | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Rowan Dean says Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has “rolled the dice on the ultimate political gamble,” following the announcement of Labor’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050.\n\nMr Dean said the Labor leader “has tied his future and the future of the once proud Labor Party, not to economic prosperity, not to helping the disadvantaged, not to improving the health of the elderly and the poor”. \n\n“Not to raising the education standards of our schools so that those being born today can look forward to competing and beating those overseas kids who are desperate to steal their jobs, no, not one of those things”. \n\nInstead, Mr Dean said, “Albo has tied the future of the Labor Party to the weather”. \n\n“Bizarrely, for years the left has been adamant that climate and the weather are two very separate things … not anymore”. \n\nMr Dean said in order for this “gamble” to “pay-off” for Labor, Mr Albanese has to “maintain the fear” over climate change and emissions.\n AlboMP What fear of climate change or fear of Albo? I don't fear either. He got to stop thinking the voters are mugs and will fall for this bs a second time. AlboMP That’s not a dice. That’s jumping off the cliff. AlboMP this is like bob hawke's 'by 1990 no Australian child will live in poverty' Stupid unachievable out there statements, but Albo your no Bob Hawke. Substance please not fluffy land garbage. auspol
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Coronavirus impact has caused 'deep concern' for Australia's economy | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Sharri Markson says there is “deep concern about how the Australian economy can handle this hit,” as the lasting impacts of the deadly coronavirus threat continue to impact Australia's tourism sector. \n\nMs Sharri noted the Commonwealth Bank recently downgraded its GDP forecast by 0.4 per cent for this calendar year, with the reported drop in projection apparently attributed mostly to the impact of the coronavirus. \n\nThere are concerns “just how bad this is going to get” and how the Australian economy will react, Ms Markson said. \n\nIt comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison “ruled out any compensation for the education or tourism sectors,” according to the Sky News host. \n\nImage: Getty Australia, opt for Health, Safety & Justice, not for RMB! SharriMarkson Chinese tourism to Australia has very little value add. The Chinese tour operators have vertically integrated. Flights, transits, restaurants, hotels, tours are all owned by the Chinese. Australians don't benefit. SharriMarkson Just an excuse for no surplus.
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