‘We can all share the slice’ – Recording reveals Sisulu adviser discussed sharing R200m emergency tender

A recent recording reveals a top official hatching a plan with his two subordinates to siphon part of the R200m pledged to water-starved residents.

2020-06-01 07:00:00 AM

A recent recording reveals a senior “adviser” in Lindiwe Sisulu’s team hatching a plan with his two subordinates to siphon part of the R200m pledged to water-starved residents in QwaQwa

A recent recording reveals a top official hatching a plan with his two subordinates to siphon part of the R200m pledged to water-starved residents.

A recent recording reveals a top official hatching a plan with his two subordinates to siphon part of the R200m pledged to water-starved residentsAt the height of the protests that took place earlier this year in Maluti-a-Phofung municipality, in the Free State, over poor service delivery and persistent water shortages in QwaQwa, Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu pledged R200 million in emergency relief.

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However, it has since emerged that some officials in her ministerial advisory team were itching to get their hands on the funds.Although there is no evidence to suggest that any crime has been committed, a recording suggests that a senior “adviser” in Sisulu’s team was actively involved in highly questionable discussions regarding an emergency tender meant to address the water crisis in QwaQwa.

“We can all share the slice because it is a lot.”This is what Thami ka Plaatjie, chairperson of the ministerial water services advisory group, known as the national rapid-response task team [NRRTT], is heard saying in an audio recording that City Press has verified.

Plaatjie is heard telling his two subordinates, Mogomotsi Mogodiri and Lekgotla Dichoetlise, that “someone” has approached him, and that said person has 70 water tankers that can be contracted as part of Sisulu’s emergency intervention.He corrects himself, saying it is actually 700 trucks, and then says: “I had wanted that we sit down and check how many we can bring and consolidate, so that we can all share the slice, because it is a lot.”

Dichoetlise and Mogodiri ask about the number of trucks Plaatjie expects to bring to the table, starting with 10.Eventually, they agree on 15.Both subordinates say that they can bring in 16 trucks from their contacts, but Plaatjie will have to negotiate on their behalf with Mpinane Shasha, the acting chief executive of the water department’s implementing agent in the Free State, Sedibeng Water.

We can all share the slice because it is a lot.Thami ka PlaatjieThis brings the number of trucks the three can supply to 31.About 40 trucks would have been required for the emergency water plan and, according to the discussion, Sedibeng Water could then come in with its 10 trucks – taking the number envisioned in the scheme to 41.

The discussion then turns to reserving other contracts for the supply of JoJo Tanks to local people “so they do not fight us”. Yes, says Plaatjie, “let’s not be greedy”.Plaatjie, who has taken leave from work, declined to respond to questions sent to him this week, but City Press understands that the plan eventually came to naught. It is understood that there were differences between him and his subordinates, whom he no longer trusted.

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It was also common for Plaatjie and many other government officials to refer their contacts to influential people, like Shasha, who could give them business – but Plaatjie never got involved after that or even benefited, City Press heard from a source sympathetic to Plaatjie.

Read: ‘They’re malicious rumours’: Sisulu blames ANC member for her woesMogodiri and Dichoetlise confirmed the discussion but declined to comment further, including on the termination of their services in the NRRTT on Friday.In the termination letters sent to the two, copies of which City Press has seen, acting director Mbulelo Tshangana said: “This decision comes as a result of an irreparable breakdown of the trust relationship between you and the department.”

City Press reported earlier this month that Dichoetlise was suspended on two allegations: that he had proposed service providers to a water board executive – namely, Shasha; and that he had allegedly recorded telephone conversations with Sisulu.Those close to Dichoetlise say the allegations that he had proposed service providers to Shasha are incorrect. They allege that it was Shasha who had made an offer to take companies from Dichoetlise.

A voice on another audio recording, said to be that of Shasha, could be heard assuring Dichoetlise that the arrangement they had was not “fraud”, as he had asked.This week, Shasha confirmed that she met with Dichoetlise in February to discuss riots in QwaQwa – during which roads were barricaded by residents – and what could be done, as organisers of the shutdown protest were threatening to demonstrate again because Sedibeng Water was not delivering on the minister’s promises.

Shasha said she did not remember talking about fraud, and denied any wrongdoing.Sedibeng board members fired - again This week, Sisulu again fired members of the Sedibeng board.This is the second time she has done so, after previously withdrawing a decision to fire them last month, saying the initial decision had been miscommunicated.

At least seven of the nine remaining Sedibeng board members, whose term of office was due to end in 2023, received letters terminating their services on Thursday night, just before 8pm – at about the same time candidates for the new interim board received invitations for their inauguration via a virtual conference, held on Friday at 2pm.

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The axed board members have enlisted the services of Waks Silent Attorneys, based in Klerksdorp in the North West.On Thursday night, their lawyers wrote a letter to Sisulu, warning her that their clients would be taking the decision to court for a review, according to a copy of the letter, seen by City Press.

At a meeting with Tshangana on April 29, according to those in attendance, the board heard that, although the decision would not have had legal implications on the work that had already been concluded by the board, the termination letters were withdrawn

SourcesIn the copies of the termination letters signed by Sisulu, all seven board members are thanked for their services “as chairperson of the Sedibeng Water board”, which critics say was evidence that Sisulu rushed the decision.In April, Sisulu wanted to remove the board members, saying their appointment by former minister Gugile Nkwinti last year “was not rectified [sic] by the fifth Cabinet, hence I have decided to start the process of appointing a new board for Sedibeng Water afresh”.

At a meeting with Tshangana on April 29, according to those in attendance, the board heard that, although the decision would not have had legal implications on the work that had already been concluded by the board, the termination letters were withdrawn.

City Press has learnt that the board of Lepelle Northern Water in Limpopo is also challenging its dissolution.A media briefing has been scheduled for tomorrow in this regard.TALK TO USWhat do you make of the notion that many government officials refer their contacts to influential people?

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burna2020 Shocking! There may be honour among thieves, but there's none in politicians I am tired with issues reported about Blacks as if we can't lead. Where are we with Jooste of Steinhoff and Tevor Hoole of KPMG as well as Eskom R5 billion theft..... ronewa_sit some things Will never Change. I strongly believe that a COCKROACH can never birth a BEE, a COCKROACH gives birth to cockroaches. And no matter how a COCKROACH looks compared to a BEE, there is no way it can produce HONEY to make NECTAR. Ni do mpfarela, luambo lwa tshidinda lwu touvha malofhani, ndo mama lwone

It's a pattern,the funds are stolen and a bogus investigation follows,no prosecutions,no accountability and it ends there, and the criminals know damn well nothing will happen,life goes on Did that come as a surprise, unless you are not from South Africa,here corruption is enacted by statute hence no one prosecuted, that's how things are in our country,they will pretend to be investigating until other state funds are stolen and then pretend to investigate again

Any response from GovernmentZA Revolting. I can imagine this advisor saying Sisonka sethu esi, masabelane ngaso ukuba niyasifuna *in Azenathi's voice. This corrupt ass is still a minister Kudos to Min. LindiweSisuluSA for urgently instituting these investigations to get rid of corrupt personalities like Thami ka Plaajie from her dept. Very inspiring, considering that she's been at the DWS helm for just under 13 months now. Excellent, decisive and resolute!

you people are disgusting. Why put lindiwe's face Why are you then making her the center of this,? Share the recording! We wanna hear it! Didn’t Juju say in parliament that the media cabal is coming for her soon? 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️ How many were you? LindiweSisuluSA mama? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 well, imagine what is currently going on with the R500billion Covid19SA money? Comrades are working that balance to R0-00! AldrinSampear

Please share the audio. I don’t take this seriously The real question is what Lindiwe will do? Stench like this can stay in the air for a very long time unless the source is permanently removed and discarded. Wallowing in the cooky jar. 😳😳😳 Walter looking down with pride This prima donna must go! The squeaky clean now has dirt! Well done journalists, she tole you to do her job! Now, you have! myanc and corruption and money! So much for the poor!

Water departments is one of the most corrupt in government and its seems to be a new way to steal money. People must forget about getting running water in their houses because the preference by looters is to rather have trucks deliver to jojo tanks. ANC is now going to run the country on Pension funds. -100% return on investment of our funds.

Have they been fired yet? MaxduPreez No! Surely not! In Lindiwe's department? No, never! There must be some mistake. Ah, it goes on and on and on... how come SA does not mobilize against all the corruption and mismanagement going on for how long now? No, majority waiting for elections to endorse anc AGAIN and AGAIN? Whose TAxES do majority think is being wasted

I will NOT be surprised if this is true, anc government and corruption goes together. MaxduPreez Treason! MaxduPreez No surprises there The 'Qwaqwians' will never be at peace with the water crisis. Andries Tatane tried & lost his life to the cops. I'm very worried. Stenches of this composition do not go away for a long time.

CoruscaKhaya Please post the recording Then the politicians blame ‘apartheid’ for the lack of water in Qwa Qwa!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 These ANC kleptomaniacs been stealing the peoples water money for Years!!! Lodged a complaint with PP in Dec on prior years looting disaster funds.They must ALL rot in hell!! CoruscaKhaya All contacts signed during lockdown must investigated in all government departments imidieatley

How government works 101 This is outrageous and deeply disturbing !LindiweSisuluSA SAgovnews SAPoliceService - the audacity to make such a remark regarding R200M for water infrastructure smacks BANG ! Is this the general narrative of officials ? Extremely disgusting ! drtlaleng How stupid does this woman think we are, she's busy blowing her own trumpet🎶🎷about cleaning house while every South African who's worth his salt knows she's just creating a diversion, throwing a shiny object to say look over here NOT over there, when her boyz r busy at work!🙇‍♀️

So u Lindiwe ungenakuphi NHLAKANHLANHLA Lindiwe Sisulu always embroiled in corruption. you need to resign. there's no place in our government anymore for thieves and liars. well done for great reporting again. Where there’s smoke there’s fire 🔥 firepower66 Eaters.💁 DebDon1 LindiweSisuluSA time to start wearing a kopdoek like the rest. You're all equally corrupt..

Maybe LindiweSisuluSA can answer to this.. she is a part of the cANCer team of thieves.. LindiweSisuluSA please address this madness How can you be so evil hearted ? a product from the ANCovid Looters, which will never change, NO ethics, always speak with no truth in prove, one attitude I speak you listen, 58m South Africans are not you descendants, family, not related, you are not God nor the prime law maker of SA, No respect to/for citizens

This ANC is so corrupt that they will even deny the citizens vital water needs. They are the scum of society. To many advisers in that department, too much money is being wasted IFC_org BBCWorld WHO EU_Commission eu_eeas AusGov NewZealandGov EnglandGov MoodysInvSvc stat_world questCNN MinPres NEDemocracy

The solution for South Africans across RSA is simple: stop voting ANC!!! I am sure that the NPA and Hawks are still investigating my only hope is that a forensic investigation goes back 15 years, that there is a paper trail for all the funds, what was accomplished where and at what cost? CyrilRamaphosa LindiweSisuluSA you guys just sit and watch as your deployees continue to strip our people of all their dignity; it was the parcels, we’ve also seen the terrible quality of the masks being sent to schools and even now with the water? WaterCome on man! 🚮💔

Not at all surprised. We still don't have running water in some areas, even after the minister visited in Feb.

Sisulu adviser discussed sharing contractsWhen Minister Lindiwe Sisulu pledged R200 million in emergency relief meant to address the water crisis in QwaQwa, little did she know that some officials in her ministerial advisory team were itching to get their hands on the funds - a recording suggests Arrest them taking back our country Well, I expected no less. At every level of the private and public sector is corruption. We need the justice system to set an example urgently.

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